/r/longboarding's Daily General Thread - Feb 04, 2020

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I was given a set of scrubbed 76mm 77a (pink) seismic defcon hotspots. Anyone know how they slide? Are they hoppy or smooth? Its snowing here so cant really go test them out.
I find them to slide fairly smooth, while lasting a long time. They're a wheel that you need to go fast on to feel good, though.
Defcon has a really sharp hookup in my experience, but the slides themselves are nice
More longboard dancing steps?
What other purely dancing (no freestyle/aerial things like pivot, shuvit, kick flip, tiger claw, etc) moves are there to learn?
Hans Wouters has some on the swift step, twist step, and others. They’re a little advanced but they work. Are there any other dancing moves to be learned?
Google Studies in Longboard Dancing for a bunch of variations and step diagrams
The lookback
Does anyone else's front (load bearing) knee hurt after a couple months of riding?
I started riding a few months ago, and I was doing OK for a fair bit, but now the knee that I put all my weight on while my other leg is pushing has started to hurt quite a damn bit all the time. Is this something that happens to everyone or is it a sign of bad form on my part?
If you're pushing long distances you should def learn to push switch. Cycling is a good way to build up leg muscles without putting too much stress on knees.
Skating is not great for your body, especially ankles and knees. It's like unnatural one sided kind of harsh movements.
Stretch whenever you remember through the day.
Skate hills to give your knee a bit of a rest while still getting exercise walking up.
Anyone ever used
Cinetic wheels come on some cheaper completes like Long Island for example. Some of the wheels come stoneground and some of the completes have caliber trucks which tells me they're not complete trash. They probably won't be the worst for the price, you should give them a try and report back.
They have all the hallmarks of China trash
evening boys and girls. i've got a pair or calibre 10" 44 degree trucks and am looking for some advice on some new bushings. i'm a light guy coming in at 60kg and tend to do some light downhill but mostly slides / freeride. if you've got any recommendations i'd be happy to hear it. stay safe and wear a helmet.
depends on your ankles strengths and preference. me personally, i like low rebound urethane for me 87a bs/81a rs venom sounds good for your weight perhaps even softer. remember that the bs bushings shouldnt compress too much! also you could try riot bushings i really like them too
I wanna say 81 barrel/78 freeride in venom HPF. Maybe even 85 barrel/81 freeride HPF
87a freeride, 85abarrel bushing or 81a bushing on top.
I've really been enjoying super soft and supportive shaped bushings boardside, since they're pretty easy to control with how much turn they actually give you.
Try a 78a Venom Freeride boardside and an 81a Venom Barrel roadside. This might sound soft, but going softer with wide bushings like Freerides is necessary. Looser trucks are also far easier to learn slides on.
I know this is going to be opinions, but what have you found to be the best skate shoe?
For long distance: Xero Shoes
For any other skate dicipline I've had good luck with Footprint and Globe. They both have removable insoles so you can put in others you might prefer, unlike the classic vans.
downhill - dunk high
For downhill I've found leather high tops to be my go to. I've liked Adidas Hoops, Adidas Raleigh Neo, Nike Sweet Classic High, Leather PF Flyers, FiveTen Line King, Adidas Hardcourt.
I love mids. lakai, emerica, adidas have all been good to me.
I miss my Brooklyn workshop mids. RIP
They lasted me about 2 years of solid skating/ foot braking and I finally wore thru the sole.
Van's Kyle Walker pros
General rule of thumb, “skate shoes” made of canvas will rip fast if it comes in contact with griptape and pavement. Suedes break in the best and give the best board feel in my experience, and I’ve skated in suede, canvas, leather, and other woven fabrics over the years.
Adidas Suciu pro model. I’ve been hard-pressed to find a shoe that felt as much like a glove as this. So much board feel and great wear patterns, especially after a fair amount of street and park skating.
Whatever protects your ankles (both supports them and prevents them getting ground off during a fall) and has a durable sole. Etnies Marana is nice as it uses tire rubber for the sole. But any comfy high-top should do. Then when that wears down eventually slap a brake sole on there.
Roger Bros brake sole on anything
Ever since that lady ran over my foot i will always always skate in steel toes.
Vans with a grip sole work best for me. They break in easy, the vulcanized sole has a ton of flexibility allowing for great board feel. The hi-tops offer nice ankle support. But the sole wears quickly without a grip/breaksole. They also don't offer much protection if you fall over - the canvas isn't that abrasive resistant.
Noob here.
2. Also, came across the Cinetic Crop wheels..can't see any reviews of them. Are they any good?
You're in the UK? SLIDE PERFECT!!! Affordable, and slide ... perfect
Looking to setup otang kegels on a dinghy tomorrow - does anyone know if the clearance is enough lol
You’d need to basically ad a shit ton of riser you’ll be fine....
Ya bro just add 14" risers
Probably isn't but just send it bro.
Well, I don't think you'll get wheelbite... since you won't even be able to put them on
With sidewinder’s you’ll be fine
Good luck i got stock wheelbite
currently have a 40in switchblade. Find it abit too long and hardly have any hills near me to try sliding.
Looking for a shorter carving/easy sliding board. Any recommendation?
Pantheon Trip or the Landyahtz Drop are nice the Pantheon is super easy to slide due to it's low ride and short wheelbase. It is also hella fun to carve on.
I feel like moving to a 24 ish WB. Will be better for cruising, but you’ll also be able to slide it. If you’re really feeling brave you can go to a 20” WB but slides are a lil harder and snappier
Well a carving board should be flexy while a sliding board shouldn't so... I'm gonna recommend the Earthwing Team 33, out some tkps and small slidy wheels in there and you can carve and slide pretty well.
I can really recommend the Drop Carve for cruising and carving. I feel like that board is insanely underrated
Looking for good wheels for my new downhill longboard. Also ones that are great for learning to slide on please
How you described it had me thinking more freeride than DH. Snakes or hoots are your answer.
At first I'd def get slide wheels. You're not gonna need dh wheels for some time. So I'd recommend Powell Snakes or Remember Optimos
Funnest, best sliding wheels ever are PP snakes
Two difficult things to find a middle ground for.
Orangatang Kegels are good downhill wheels you can learn to slide on, but sit really tall so are difficult for beginners to slide well.
Remember Savannah slammas slide easy and are great for learning, but aren't very good DH wheels.
Had my first freeride session in months yesterday, felt so good to get back out and start trying some of the new gear accumulated over the winter months. Proscrito felt great, one of my favorite examples of w concave yet. Neighbor leaving home rolled down the window and asked us where we longboarders had been the past few months.
Took the Comet Cruiser up to 40mph on a curvy local run. Took a lot of ankle strength but it stayed stable! It can do anything as is out of the box!
It's amazing and beyond stoked to rip it up this year!
Pantheon Ember is what you crave
im nearly certian the dude chopped it and that was not a deck you could just buy.
look at gbomb/subsonic/rocket for a pumping deck
rolling tree and comet have cool cruisers also
anything on
for a short cruiser i would reccomend a pantheon ember with 87.5a speed vents from
hopefully this helped some then so yeah
those are both good for that then so yeah
Not many manufacturers make anything above penny board but below nickelboard size, much less Rayne Mini (24”) size. The only remotely similar size deck with a full-width platform would be the Eggboard, but at 19” it’s quite small.
If you want a kicktail and don’t mind thinner - 121c Rover is 22” while Hi5ber has a 25” kicktail cruiser called the Hunnit
If you’re insistent on something remotely like the Rayne mini, I’m sure there are boards that you could buy cheap and chop, with the benefit of getting to pick between larger decks’ variety of concave/rocker etc.
Re posting this because I didn’t catch yesterday’s DGT at the beginning.
Bustin Yoface 34.5 vs Comet Shred 35 for techsliding? Thoughts from anyone who has owned a Yoface, I already have a Shred but would consider maybe selling it if the Yoface could be a better tech slider. Thanks!
All I'll say is I love my comet shred 35 for freeriding and hitting streets, but I don't tech tho
Yoface wheel wells and concave were weirdly intense in my opinion. Sold mine off pretty much immediately.
Which bearings should I get with my Amazon-bought pin tail?
Bones Swiss Ceramics!
Edit: Was only attempting to play along with the original poster. I do not condone Bones Swiss Ceramics in any way shape or form.
Always zealous
Pantheon Gaia or Zenit marble 35, which is the better freeride board?
I know a dude with both and pretty sure he rides both for different things but is favoring the Gaia for freeride. Depends how you set it up, wheels and trucks matter. Don't think there's a wrong deck choice from those 2
I’d personally like a 35 as an all around cruise/freeride, though the Gaia also seems cool
Personally I'd grab the Gaia because it has a smaller width (personal preference) and it has crescent drops instead of linear on the Marble.
The gaia is great. Check my post history so I'm not always spamming about how much I love this dang board.
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Wait....I think I just discovered the secret to dh.
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