Warren opposes universal conceal carry law even with federal licensing.

Warren opposes guns. Period.
She's fine with guns as long as they're guarding her.
She opposes self-defense, apparently.
She opposes citizens having guns. She supports sending people armed with guns to take them from the citizens.
She's not about regulating gun ownership, she's about stopping it.
Here is a personal experience that supports that.
So I called her campaign. To ask about her incredibly high proposed ammunition and gun taxes.
I said I generally supported her, which is true, I just don’t support all her positions, most of her positions on guns being an example.
I asked how making ammunition more expensive would deter crime. I said that I didn’t think robbers or mass shooters or criminals in general would choose not to commit crimes just because it was more expensive to get a gun or fill their magazines with ammo.
The campaign staffer told me that those taxes weren’t aimed specifically at criminals but at ALL GUN OWNERS.
The idea was to make having guns so expensive that people would stop buying them altogether and therefore the number of guns in the country would decrease and that would make everyone safer.
I shit you not.
Those proposed laws seem blatantly unconstitutional to me in theory especially given that explanation of their intent. How are they any different from a poll tax?
I of course went on to point out that laws like that would only make guns inaccessible to the law abiding poor and lower middle class.
And that they would make practice shooting prohibitively expensive for everyone except the very wealthy. She wants a 50% tax on ammo in case you didn’t already know.
That would make it more expensive for law enforcement officers and security professionals and legal CCW permit holders and all law abiding gun owners to practice with their weapons.
I told them that I assumed that her campaign was in favor of gun licensing and competency tests for CCW permits and taking steps to reduce accidental shootings. Making it too expensive for law abiding gun owners to practice shooting would work against all of that.
Of course it was like talking to a wall.
I support and am voting for Bernie FYI.
Welcome to Democrats! Are you new?
How to lose elections 101:
Don't support constitutional rights.
I give her points for her honesty and take away twice as many for it as well. Even if that is her intention, she has about zero chance of pulling it off, and it just costs her shitloads of votes. Mine being one of them, and I like a lot of things about her. Of course I lost all my guns in a boating accident , so what do I care anyway?
They don't care about winning at all. They care about pushing the agenda. The status quo still lets them do that as the 'opposition' party. The DNC likes the status quo.
States with unconditional laws should have them repealed/overturned, but the federal carry law is a violation of states' rights. Some state regulations are constitutional, and it should be up to the states to pass those laws as their citizens see fit.
The last line says her supporters cheer. Why does this always get brought up like we're in fantasyland?
"Easiest way for a Democratic primary candidate to lose the election is supporting gun control"
I'm sorry, that looks a bit backwards, where was I the last few years when Democrats raised money and held rallies to gain gun rights? I seem to remember the opposite.
I seem to remember Vermont based Bernie consistently bring up his state's hunting background and policies while losing the primaries. I seem to remember multiple school shootings occuring during the current administration, it seemed the left was more than happy to blame a lack of gun control each time on the current president. I seem to remember the March For Our Lives protest occur with support from the population and Democrat leaders.
Any pro gun rights stance is going to guarantee that candidate loses in the primaries. Especially with such a vague question gun owners don't 100% agree on either. Why, oh why, do posts pretend if Dems flip a 180 from the party they'd guarantee success?
Universal conceal and carry isnt a constitutional right
Gun violence is a very complex issue. I wish candidates would treat it that way instead of acting as if blanket bans and other things that look good to gun haters are going to solve the issue.
Agreed. It’s almost as if, say, gun violence is intertwined with socio-economic and cultural complexities that plague this country due to our unique history.
But it’s not about finding solutions. A lot of these folks, even on the left (though far less so than the right it seems), seem to perpetuate the Culture War to keep the working and middle classes in this country divided.
God forbid rural and urban poors become a unified political force. Let us all clutch our pearls in unison at the thought....
Not to be purely contrarian, but blanket bans and de facto disarmament would eventually stop gun violence.
It’s not my preferred method, but let’s not pretend that it would not be effective.
Will I be voting for her? No.
Who then?
Good. Don't fall for the "blue no matter who" bullshit. Nothing but folks intellectually and morally incapable of recognizing the biggest sin of 2016 wasn't that Republicans voted for their at least professed populist candidate, but that after Clinton and the DNC in broad daylight stabbed their own in the back, people still showed up and gave her the popular vote. And some people have the audacity to wonder how we've got the lineup we've got.
I mean what a fucking bargaining chip. I know it's a full year before the election, and maybe I should wait until I'm in the actual voting booth on election day to forsake my integrity and any moral standing while choosing not to use my vote as any amount of leverage to hold you accountable. Still, my obviously superior ethics compel me to let you know that I'll vote for you no matter how shit you are, Mr. Politician. :') Of course you won't need to earn my vote in the meantime. But if it's one thing I know, it's that nobody will get fed up with you and protest vote someone even worse than Trump next time.
Will she give up her armed security? No.
As a New Hampshire citizen I say screw Warren also to note that's a New Hampshire flag in the background.
As a comrade from the granite state, i too say screw Warren.
Welp, there's a no vote for me.
Does that mean she will work to revoke LEOSA laws that give police\leo's (active and retired) special powers to carry basically wherever the fuck they like...
No ... oh okay ... I didn't think so.
Some people are more equal than others i suppose.
She might. LEOSA is the work of Republicans in Congress and the White House.
Can we get an actual source on this? There doesn't seem to be anything openly accessible online and the fact that she is standing in front of a New Hampshire state flag adds to the fishiness.
Sure. Video is in this tweet.
NH is a heavy campaigning state. Why would that make it fishy?
For all the Bernie supporters: he's just as bad. He supports confiscation, red flag laws, and multiple attacks on scary black rifles.
This is the problem I have. I try to not be a single issue voter but I’m having a hard time overlooking the gun issue. It seems like they want to ban guns because they see the guns themselves as the issue. Watching the first debates and the grandstanding that essentially took place made me concerned. My other concern is there is no talk about getting to the root cause of gun violence and a corrective action we can take against it.
They'd nothing wrong with being a single-issue voter. I am: I never vote for someone who wants to restrict any of my constitutional rights. IDGAF if literally Jesus Christ is running for office, if he wants to restrict a single constitutional right, I'd vote for someone else.
The conundrum for me is the left wants to blanket ban guns and the right is acting in a way where I may need my gun. I will not be killed for being gay without taking those responsible with me.
Don’t be a single issue voter. The 2nd amendment exists and the current Supreme Court will uphold it.
They don't want to fix gun violence, they want a ban.
After about 5 minutes of internet searching with various search terms, I haven't found anything that can confirm this. I'd like to see a source if anyone has one.
Edit: did yet another search and unless the video is fake, that's how it went down.
Video here
Listen you fools it's simple. You don't need a gun, all you need is to hire a personal security detail and allow them to use guns for you. If you don't have money for that just call the police because they are always the answer to your situation.
/s of course
I want to vote for a Dem.
Bernie or something.
We can't really even count on Bernie to protect our rights. He's perhaps the least-bad, but he's still bad. Don't vote for bad.
This is why I, a lifelong Democrat, will probably hold my nose and vote Republican in November.
There's no logical reason for that stance. Am I missing something? What's the usual talking point?
That seems to be going around. :/
How many armed security guards were around her when she said that? Good for I, but not for thy. Or however that goes lol
I really dont understand why it is such an ordeal for someone to carry. Especially, those that have been through training and shoot regularly. It makes us safer.
She just says what she thinks her "base" wants to hear. Doesn't understand that trying to make a base out of woke people is like the frog and the scorpion fable.
So by extension of this what's the rationale in having off duty law enforcement carry?
Total throw away response for the benefit of people who would support her anyway.
Fuckin Karen
Are we shocked? There are no Dem politicians that want us armed.
I genuinely don't get what her platform is. I'm not the most informed on politics but every time I see her speak I just feel like she's so out of touch. Like she doesn't actually have her own opinions and just wants to echo whatever gets the most votes.
She's the only candidate that has longform white papers on her plans and policies. Visit her site and read what she has to say if you're interested in learning something.. or just keep repeating what you've heard.
Though Bernie has my vote, I gotta say that Warren does have plans at least. With that said, she lately shifted her demeanor regarding medicare for all, with it now being "an option" rather than the standard. So, some of the information she put out is clearly not relevant anymore.
She’s just like all the rest.
Explain to me how she's like all those members of the Senate refusing to hear evidence that the POTUS is a traitor?
Are there any Dems that do support it? Donald Trump was against it or it would have been enacted in the 2017-2018 session.
LEOs are almost always exempt from gun laws. Something tells me they'd duck the tax, too
Can I talk you into looking in to Andrew Yang?
For those of you that are interested in the full context, and not just seeking a dopamine hit from a meme:
I think that the context she gives to her answer is important. She says that doesn't believe in making sweeping changes to existing laws.. only small changes that can be analyzed and supported through data.
It's kinda sad that we've got a bunch of "liberal gun owners" here that are expecting any Democratic presidential hopeful to answer that question with a "yes". We're here precisely because we disagree with the national platform's take on guns.. but expecting a top candidate to risk their position by saying anything pro-gun is pure fantasy. Stop coming into this sub and claiming that you aren't voting for X candidate because of a meme.. we know you're just here to push an agenda.
Ok. How about the clear data that conceal carry permit holders are incredibly law-abiding?
Hell, the antigun side started a website called "Conceal Carry Killers" to argue that they are dangerous. You know what that site lists? About 900 murders committed by people with carry permits in over 10 years. Which comes out to a homicide rate of well below 1 per 100,000. Their website inadvertently proved people with carry permits are over 5x less likely to commit homicide than the general populace.
Or how about the fact that we now have over 15 million Americans carrying and the "wild west" predictions did not materialize? Crime kept falling.
The data is there. Opposing licensed carry is just like her opposition to nuclear power plants. Anti-science and based in party dogma.
Also, how is she against "Sweeping changes" but wants Medicare for All? Isn't that a sweeping change? That's a very Buttigieg thing to say for someone who portrays herself as the most left person running, aside from Bernie.
Yeah I don't get this sub. I joined thinking it was one thing, but after a month or two I've concluded the name is a trick.
In some ways he objectively was better than Obama, namely, his reluctance to feed into more wars.
He still does it, but less so than Bush and Obama.
Warren gets a big no from me.
And no one is surprised.
Still voting for her. What am I supposed to do, vote GOP? Yeah fucking right.
I will be voting against Anyone who isn’t Pro 2A, which means my vote will cancel out your non-pro 2A vote. Sorry but we need All our guns for the coming civil war.
I don't get this 'mono thematic' fixation of pro gun activists. Yes, most ban or control or outright denial ideas are stupid and need to be objected. But who wouldn't trade a gun for a better country? If 'loosing guns' would mean healthcare, schooling, social security, a future for all and your kinds and grandchildren, wouldn't one trade?
If owning a gun is all that counts for making a political decision, GOP and NRA lobby will always win. Welcome to tanking a country just to keep a pistol.
God, she’s everything loathsome... Wealthy. Self-righteous. Elitist. Authoritarian. Pushes anti-white identity politics (despite lying about being Native American, for which the woke crowd has miraculously forgiven her).
At this point, I’m glad she’s anti-2A because at least it means she won’t get elected.
Reminds me of trudeau in Canada. After being outed for blackface, everyone wanted to forgive and downplay it. Had it happened to the opposition, they would’ve buried them.
I’m so sick of having two garbage parties.
Then ignore all the maga shills in here and help the rest of us actual liberals vote Republicans out of office, then we can focus on fixing one garbage party instead of two.
I wonder how she would respond if an interviewer or someone asked her if she would like her security detail disarmed.
American politicians don't want to take away all guns. They only want the common people disarmed in order to advance the political agendas of the ruling class. Warren would be more than happy to implement a law that effectively disarmed citizens, but when it comes to her own protection or the working arms of her political agenda - the military and police - they should be armed to the teeth.
Fuck statism, fuck Warren, and fuck the ruling class.
Brace for 2nd term boys and girls! This is how to not defeat the current potus.
I'll still vote for her. I hope she doesn't get her way on guns tho.
Yall are turning this into a SHES COMING TO TAKE YOUR GUNS! it's about universal conceal and carry. I'm actually 100% ok with no universal conceal carry until all conceal n carry people have to pass the same background checks and all have the same training. Mom mom lives in Oklahoma n recently got her conceal n carry, she got it because shes never had a felony, that's it, that's all they required. My mom couldn't hit the side of a barn and is dementia loopy as shit. Now shes carrying a pink gun my dad bought her.
The question specifically asks about universal carry with federal licensing and background check. Not constitutional carry. Still not enough for her.
This is on top of her wanting to ban "Assault weapons", raise taxes on guns and ammo, and a number of other restrictions.
Honestly, that's good. Some people shouldn't be allowed to carry - their actions create a stigma against carrying in general that's counterproductive.
Also, I'm not a single issue voter. Gun rights are important but you can't exercise the second amendment if you die first from lack of health care.
The point is she'd oppose it even with mandatory federal licensing.
She isn't against "some people" carrying, she is against all non-cops carrying. Period. Just like every other Democrat running for President.
Once gun rights are gone, you never get them back. But sure, let them go for the promise of some free shit.
Or if you give your democracy away to a bunch of Republicans.
Those people, wouldn't they be weeded out? It says 'licensed and checked by the government'
I doubt it matters. She might make it to the top three, but you know they're going to shove Biden down our throats.
Ugh, god damn it. I love her on economic policies, particularly going after big social media companies and banks. This is a damn shame.
She is done
Fuck this Republican bitch. She is a chameleon. She will say or do anything that will get her into the spotlight.
Yikes. She’s too polarizing as a “democrat.”
I’ve been reading further into Andrew Yang’s gun policies and I’ve enjoyed his idea of tiered system that leaves conceal/carry up to the states. I believe pairing mental health into health care, as he proposes, will assist greatly in avoiding many gun related tragedies. This is the way, instead of banning everything in sight.
As President, I will...
“Own a license for a year before you can move to the next tier”
“Ban high capacity magazines”
Yeah that’s gunna be a no from me man.
Only thing I like about Warren's gun violence plan is the community intervention program.
Otherwise it's throwing a bunch of restrictions on the wall hoping something will stick.
i mean, some people dont deserve or shouldnt have guns. So no, giving the permit to anybody who pays for it is not a good idea. Little bit of common sense here folks.
Pays for it, and passes a background check...