Colorado School Suspends 17-Year-Old After She Posted a Non-Threatening Gun Photo With Her Older Brother

Gotta say the text and the image send very different messages.
Yeah, I'm not sure I'd use "non-threatening" to describe it.
Very non threatening, very cool
its cringey but i dont see any threats there. Her vet brother and her were wearing scarves even the article say the military uses sometimes, doing an admittedly cringy pose. If they were inciting violence sure but im not seeing that,
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I’m fairly conservative, pro2A (this is one of my favorite subs):
I agree completely, there is nothing appropriate about this photo. A picture at the range with appropriate safety gear would’ve been a non-issue.
They're being a little dishonest here because posing with guns in front of a Confederate flag with faces covered and middle fingers extended isn't exactly the innocent pre-range-day selfie they're wanting to paint it as.
Thank God I'm not the only one. Was afraid to click on the link to read comments.
So you are saying dressing your kids up as terrorists and posing with firearms isn't responsible behavior? Next you'll be saying going trick or treating with a mock suicide vest isn't just good clean fun.
I've been a gun owner for a while and I recently turned 21 and bought my first pistol and I'm really wary about posting anything with me and guns online. I'm not saying the school was right, it's fucked up, but this type of thing is why I think social media posts posing with guns can have a huge negative impact on your life.
I would highly advise against posting anything firearm related online nowadays. Theres too much hate and toxicity on the internet. Plus you wouldn't want to ever have it used against you. That's why I stopped posting and quit FB, snap and all the others.
Why do I feel like a lot of people would be arguing the opposite direction on both sides of this if the caption had been, "Praise Allah."
Face wrapped up, middle finger up, and a Confederate flag as the back drop...I have seen enough. Should the school have suspended her. No, probably just going to radicalize her. That said, play stupid games win stupid prizes.
So she's being punished because of other peoples' dumb actions? What a fucking sad world we live in.
This is the fucked up world we live in, where somehow it's totally reasonable for parents to absurdly overreact to a completely reasonable post about responsible gun use and ownership, while the victim of that punishment is now receiving death threats.
Is that picture above and her text the piece in in question?
Cuz if it is.. gonna have to say I can at least sense the issue with it.
I think the most fucked up thing is that she is getting death threats and hate mail, yet those students and parents sending that shit are not getting suspended? The fuck...
A lot of people kept their kids home from school in the 1960s, when they let “the coloreds” come to white schools.
Soooo ... suspend black kids?
The school she goes to is in one of the best districts in Colorado, I also went to Cherry Creek myself. THe actual school she is in is for students that have been kicked out of the "normal district" schools, this is a remediation learning school, a "last chance resort school" if you will. Makes me wonder what she did in her past to be enrolled into Endeavor Academy? Drugs, fighting?
Most of the graduates go directly into military (from the about Endeavor Academy).
Leave it to a school board to throw any and all intelligence out the window when guns are mentioned. The actual impediment to the school's ability to educate is the parents not sending their children to school because one of the students at that school decided to post a couple pictures. If anyone should be prosecuted, it's those parents.
Of course, in a decent world, nobody would give two fucks about the picture in the first place.
As explanation, the Cherry Creek school district is very well to do and doesn't shock me in the least.
You don't think the threats have more to do with that flag in the background? The girl is in Colorado. That is a little bit north of the Mason-Dixon line. I am not advocating for anyone getting death threats. But, I can honestly say that if I posted pictures of me in front of a Confederate flag while holding a gun and it wasn't part of a civil war reenactment I might have to explain my actions to my boss at work.
And thus a school shooter is born
Kid: principal, which way to the rest room?
Principal: (points towards rest rooms)
Kid: (reports principal for making finger gun in response to simple question)
My defense would be:
They were finger Nerf guns.
Ehhhhhhh... I'd say that's crossing a line
This the kind of thing that could end up in the Supreme Court.
My personal opinion is taking photos with your guns and posting them on social media is extremely dumb and short sighted.
I agree, but I believe people have the right to be dumb and short sighted
I dream of a day when posting photos of your guns is treated like an ordinary hobby.
I’m reminded of the fact that the Australian Olympic Committee sent home two of its swim team athletes and shamed them ... because they were at a gun store and took a photo holding up a couple of guns.
I’m reminded of the fact that at that very same time, the Australian Olympic Committee was supporting their shooting teams, which competed in those very same games.
Perhaps if those Olympic shooting competitors had posed in a swimming pool .. they would have been degraded and shamed by their committee? I somehow doubt it.
I find it all odd. It seems gun grabbers are trying to let their propensity towards freakoutery rule over us all. That we have to bow to their pearl-clutching strategy of manipulating society.
Hiding our guns and never taking about them for fear that anti-gunners would come and take them away for decades is exactly why we got in this situation in such a short time period.
If we hide our gun culture from the rest of the US - we will lose the war for the 2nd Amendment.
We post our guns here all the time.
Les Baer Custom TRS 1911
Is Reddit not social media?
It's not (just) about guns.
One thing is posting a photo of you with a gun winning a medal at a shooting competition.
Another thing is posting a photo of you with a gun that has 14/88 all over it, in a ski mask, in front of a swastika, flipping people off. Or with an AK, in front of ISIS flag, with raised finger.
Both are ok as far as First Amendment goes, but I would not hold anything against a school if it decides to react in the latter case.
Based on the text that accompanied the photo, I don't see how this warrants a school suspension. At the very least, it has nothing to do with the girl's school. It's not her fault that other parents kept their kids home from school, and it was clearly never the girl's intention to do so.
The Confederate flag is cringy at best, racist at worst. Where I grew up it was pretty common to see trucks driving around with this flag on the back. Doesn't mean it's right, but I was also never under the impression that these people were going to shoot up a school.
By the school's own policy:
They have no leg to stand on in this case. Their reasoning for suspending the girl based on "repeatedly interfering with education" is incredibly shaky.
Send law enforcement to the house, fine. Speak with the parents, speak with the kid, fine. We do need to do our due diligence here. But suspend the girl for something completely unrelated to school? Imo, not fine.
So, just to reiterate...
There's an incredible amount of dipshittery going on here, especially given the tendency toward right wingers to go and shoot things up these days. While I wish guns were more normalized, this seems like a good (metaphorical, if you will) shoot by the school. No one blinked an eye at
Y'all might remember that shit.
And for the "Muh Freedom of Speech" freedom fighters, no one took her freedom of speech. She was completely allowed to dress up like a racist spree-killer with her dipshit brother and post that shit on social media.
And the school was free to impose consequences on her for being a moron without the common sense god gave a sea-cucumber.
And fuck anyone who flies the traitor's flag.
Thank you for coming to my Toad Talk.
The school was not free to impose consequences on here, thats the point of freedom of speech, is that the state (the school in this case) is not free to impose consequences on you for speech
I actually think you don't understand what free speech is, so I'm going to make a point
If the government can enact 'consequences' for your speech like say, 'jail', then that speech is not 'free'
Apparently not, considering representatives of the state officially punished her for it.
-Person post picture to public snapchat, -Person is flipping off the viewer of the snapchat, viewer probably meaning all of the other students who view her snapchat -person is pointing to a symbol of white supremacy and violence. -person is holding a weapon, implying that they have the means to carry out a threat -person i covering their face with a garment that is a symbol of terrorist organizations and war fighters in this context and also muslims but at the moment she is not a muslim, as far as i read, and is not attempting to show solidarity with peaceful muslims.
This is a threat, with the means to carry it out.
The problem i have with it is that now she is receiving death threats they are letting her go back to school. This could make her radicalization worse and endanger her, which in turn could give justification in her mind to commit an act of violence. Its throwing hot oil and water together and waiting to be burned.
Mask, confederate flag, and guns. What could be the problem with a masked teenager that flaunts the banner of defeated racist slavers (also a popular neo nazi symbol just like the Rhodesian flag) and displays her guns talking about defending her rights? Get real.
This isn’t some girl with an AR posing on campus, she knew what she was doing with the symbolism. Her brother in the Army should have taught her about the prizes available for playing stupid games. BTW he could also get at least an article 15 out of this bullshit if he’s on active duty, depending on the command.
I mean, she has the right to free speech. I don't care how offensive, or inconvenient to the school's anti-gun agenda it is, even hate speech is protected free speech.
She may not have done anything illegal, but this isn't what I would call responsible gun ownership. Guns aren't props to be used in inflammatory and edgy social media posts. Post all you want shooting at the range, but I wouldn't want my kids posting nonsense like this. It sends the wrong message and I can at least understand why the school reacted like they did.
Her brother is an army vet and yet poses with a Confederate flag...did they not teach him any military history? That's the flag of traitors.
Looks like you get to choose: 1A or 2A, but not both?
No man, if she wasn't in a school she could post all the photos she wants with her firearms talking about how much she hates people that aren't white. Unfortunately, because schools keep getting shot up by angsty white kids they take angsty white kid behaviour pretty seriously these days.
But guns are evil and the confederate flag is also evil, and holding evil things makes you evil. So she's double evil.
I mean with all these amendments its so difficult to keep track of what is what, surely the government will help us by slimming the field down.
That traitor's flag flown by a vet is quite distasteful.
The kids whose parents kept them home from school should be suspended for skipping school.
Thats not on the kids though, why should they be punished because of their parents?
Why isn’t this comment at the bottom? Are there worse comments? I’ll check.
This thread is depressing as hell. Wear the wrong clothes (furrin!) and flip off the camera, same as every teenager and suddenly everyone "understands" why the school suspended her?
Even in my boonies town in the 1970s, which had more than its share of violence, this would have gotten a few tut tuts, not a suspension.
Probably the combo of guns + racist-treasonous-loser confederate flag is what got the suspension, I could see that being seen as threatening for some people given today's socio-political climate.
Take away the rebel rag and I see no problems.
How many times did your school get shot up?
I do not get how this is even legal. This is a violation of her first amendment rights and might also fall under a second amendment violation too. What she does OUTSIDE of school property is up to her. This just opens the school up to a lawsuit. I do not casre what the handbook says, it does not give the school the right to violate the constitution. Just like the school rules can not make murder legal.
I hope I hear the follow-up and hear how much she can get from the school district. it is sad it hurts the teachers and taxpayers, but sadly the school made their bad, time to lay in it.
"Non-threatening" while wrapped in a headscarf and with a Confederate flag in the back. Were I a school, I'd suspend her too, just to send that point home: "Don't be such a fucking dumbass"
Did he take the picture on school grounds? No he didn't
The school board argues that they suspended the child because other parents stopped sending their kids to school. These parents did this because the kids saw pictures on the internet. How is the school infringeing on the first child's freedom of speech and right to bear arms?
Well, the school is run by the government so they are bound by the constitution which includes the first amendment freedom of speech.
Just like the police are not allowed to arrest someone because they insulted the president or any other elected official, the school is just as bound to the first amendment. Private schools are not, but this is a public school meaning their rules can not supersede the constation as much as they dislike it.
Definitely arguably threatening. At the very least dumb and cringey.
TBF, if "being dumb and cringey" was grounds for suspension, there wouldn't be any students in the high school. They're teenagers after all.
There's no way this is a threat legally, Bradenburg standard shoots it down so fucking fast.
I love this sub. So many differing opinions. They would all be deleted and banned in a conservative sub.
Confederate flag and Middle East scarves and middle finger is no from me dawg.
On the one hand, the school overreacted. Then again, Cherry Creek High School doesn't have a stick up their ass; They have the whole goddamned forest.
On the other hand, she's a member of Centennial Gun Club, so fuck her.
Yeah. . . That pic definitely doesn’t appear non-threatening. . . Faces covered with middle eastern scarves, confederate flag in the background, flipping off the camera, and including guns in the picture. . . I can definitely see where the concern comes from, suspension worthy, probably not, but definitely at least detention or trip to the guidance counselor to talk about having better judgement. . . But if she has done stuff like this before and been talked to about it than there really is no sympathy. . .
It seems like they did everything they could, short of a overt threat, to make this photo as likely as possible to draw a negative reaction.
Confederate flag? Check.
Flipping off the camera? Check.
Shemagh, hiding face? Check.
To me this is no different than Cop Block setting up something to try and cause a reaction they want. Well, she got the reaction she had to have expected.
Okay. It is pretty obvious that most of the commenters here not only didn't read the article they didn't even look at the picture.
I’m not surprised. I graduated highschool in 2007 and, even though I lived in a rural area, my school tried enacting a camouflage ban. They claimed that it was threatening to other students because of its association with firearms. It didn’t work. I guess they couldn’t justify suspending a third of the student population for such an arbitrary reason.
"Non-Threatening" Confederate scum.
Yep, she had the chance to actually make a case for her 2A right but instead just looks like trash.
This guy. This guy right the fuck here. He's both smart and has excellent taste. And if this person happens to be a woman, than she is both smart and has excellent taste.
It's a real stretch to call that picture non threatening. Granted they're not threatening anyone in specific. That said the school suspending someone for doing something not involving the school or its students is unacceptable,
Whether or not it was intended, posing in front of a Confederate flag holding a gun with your face covered while flipping off the camera is not a non-threatening photo. It's probably a good time for this high school student to learn that lesson.
Given the content of the photo, I'm okay with this. At bare minimum, this shows an extreme lack of foresight and thought... which are not things I like hearing associated with gun ownership.
I wouldn't call this photo "non-threatening." It's in a gray area. If you're a person of color, you could very well feel threatened by a photo like this in light of recent acts of domestic terrorism by far-right types.
They're dressed more like Islamic terrorists.
Well, take away the Confederate flag; take away the "flying bird" and take away the faces hidden by the face wraps, then maybe this wouldn't be so threatening.
Hopefully this family will take the punishment as a positive learning experience; because they are just feeding the stereotype of what an "American Gun Owner" looks like and this is why our rights are being threatened.
Yeah, having your faces covered with head scarves, the middle finger and a gun does not present as innocent as a newborn lamb.
Click on this link and met with this thumbnail. GTFO OP lol
So white people getting mad about white people freaking out about a status quo that white people created for fear-mongering for, you guessed it. White people!
weapons people are a people
and we are being oppressed
until we recognize that, we will only be half of what we could be
With masks? She should have been expelled.
Then she could have sued for more money