Lebanese Journalist Nadim Koteich Refuses to Label Israel an "Enemy"

Why did he say “neither do I” ? :P
It’s Nishan. He’s always trying too hard.
here's the correct title: Lebanese Journalist Nadim Koteich Refuses to prove his patriotism to anybody.
and im pretty sure the majority of u people missed the point, akid israel 3adow la ilo bas lama ts2alo sou2al m2ayar mtl hyda msh 7a yred
Patriotism shouldn't be synonymous with hating Israel. You can be a patriot and not buy the anti-Israel narrative, especially when it comes from Iranian proxies.
Its really ironic that The Pro iranians are okay that their country are controlled by Iran itself.
Those evil fuckers running free clinics and picking up garbage. Reddit never disapoints.
eh ma3o 7a2, sar l mowaten l lebnene bass yekhla2 bado shhedet mileed w shhede wataneye min hizballah inou howe mano 3ameel hahaha
What a hero to speak his mind. Hezbollah mentality: If you don't support Hezbollah-Iran-Khomaini, you are a traitor and you support Israel.
Honestly he’s not wrong. Forcing people to call the people of another nation the “enemy” is nothing short of an attempt to brainwash. I object to Israel because of human rights violations and previous occupation in Lebanon, but why label Israel “the enemy” and not Syria? And calling Hezbollah an Iranian occupation effort is a very accurate way of putting it.
You could make that argument, but you'd need to qualify it. The Hezbollah militants and supporters themselves aren't an occupation, unless you think one third of our population are Iranian infiltrators.
but the syrian regime is shia, so its okay! we judge if someone is a friend or enemy to the nation based on religion.
No matter how you look at it israel has done nobody good literally.
That man is not afraid of anything, it seems. Stay strong.
he is she3i, shia aren't afraid of anything
PSA to stay away from MEMRI, those guys have an agenda and that’s why the crazy clips on
from this evil biased Wikipedia link
I was worried I'd click on this post and find people saying: "kiss e5to 3ameel sahyoone" and all that. Pleasantly surprised there was none of that. There's hope for Lebanon yet.
So lebanese are not allowed to think Israel are our enemy? A country that have occupied us and bombed civilians, other than that they fly into our airspace every day. But they are not the enemy right? 🤡
Kamil lvideo ayre bhek title
the comments here seem to be: yeah he is right, Israel is not an enemy.
I am not going to start a debate. if it is not obvious to you that Israel is the enemy, trying to change your mind is futile.
I have a question though: was Israel an enemy then stopped being that. or it was never an enemy?
false, people are manly saying that we don't like to be tested every day by someone who is siding with 2 other enemy of Lebanon
I think he didn't answer the question because he found it insulting that just because he doesn't support hizbollah/Iran that means his patriotism is questioned and automatically he is considered a 3ameel. at least i think thats what he felt the question implied.
Kiss ikhit hizb alla, awsakh hizb bil 3alam. Bikhawwin kill shakhes 3ando raki tani.
We all still remember shukran sooriyya in 2005 after invading us for 30 years. Why not also shukran Israel in 2000?
Because hizb khiryeh are hyppocrites.
a3sabak my brother
Sourya ma3rouf laysh fetit w tol3it w law sourya Ken 2il Israeli 3emil Beirut mosta3mara la 2ilo, w ma fi ni2ash bi ha 2il 7aki. Nayiik
I fucking hate Memri TV's fucking israeli propaganda. He's right, both Iran and Israel are ennemies but it's just awesome that he refuses to play the "traitor" game.
Lebanon definitely has a set of enemies.
Bad water in the water pipes, or no water pipes.
Low water pressure.
Inadequate or no electricity.
Rip offs in wireless and broadband.
Streets that flood instead of normal storm drainage.
Streets full of trash.
Polluted and trashed beaches and shorelines.
Forests that are trashed by inadequate pruning, clearance, brush clearance, and controlled burns.
Angry, unhappy, judgemental neighbors.
Those are the enemies of
Discouraged young people that try to emigrate for economic reasons -- to places that either are dangerous -- France , Turkey, and the UAE, -- or don't want them -- (the UK).
Ok we disarm Hezbollah and in 20-30 years when Israel runs out of land for settlements they move into Lebanon, ok
And in 100 years Russia having annexed all of Europe moves into Lebanon but we call the A team...
The only reason Israel can do what it does in Palestine is because Palestine is not part of the in and doesn't have true border.
Israel receives weapons and money because it is popular for American to do that. America and Israel have to fight "clean wars" because they are a democracy Israel could invade Lebanon and all of Palestine with or without Hizballah in roughly a week. All you need to do is kill everyone I mean children woman man kids just throw some napalm and do a quick genocide. The reason they do not do that is that they have to pretend to be ethical and it is too costly to do that clean war
Lol why are you so mad at him?
I've yet to hear a single reason as to why israel is our enemy
There you go:
There you go:
I remember being a kid chilling at home. The phone rang, and when i picked it up it was an automated message in arabic by the israeli army saying that our government at the time ( I think it was Emile Lahoud) was conspiring against us. Well they weren't wrong since he was a puppet but that's psychological welfare, the same kind they used to drive away the israelite community living in Lebanon.
I live in France now and if you see the meddling of israeli politics in the polotcal landscape, it's actually scary. When you hear an ex prime minister pledging an oath to Israel, there's a problem:
And when criticizing zionism becomes antisemitic, there's a real problem:
Anyways, I don't understand the point of your post. As long as we're not standing on our feet as a sovereign and stable country, Israel, Iran, Syria, the Us and the Saudi should be considered as ennemies as they have high interests in this country that go against the needs of the Lebanese citizens. You think it doesn't comfort Israel knowing that all the middle east is fucked up except for their country? All the tourists that used to go to Beirut now go to Tel Aviv, all the investments in the region are made there, with startups and technological companies that are booming.
On top of that, a lot of Israeli are racists and ignorant, the right and the right wing uses mass propaganda to scare the israeli from arabs, the same way Hezbollah uses America to scare us.
Anyway, I hope this answers your question.