D.C. police will no longer handcuff children under 12

It happens all the time:
Hol up. So they were handcuffing children under 12?
It's baffling how atrocious our police force is
Not only were they handcuffing children under 12, they were handcuffing them when there was no danger to the child or the public:
(Or their policy hasn't really changed)
When they commit crimes, yeah.
They’ll shoot them instead.
Video shows officer shoot an unarmed 16-year-old [in the back of the head] as he runs away. Police say it was justified
Really disturbing that this guidance needs to be put out in the first place.
To be fair, I've seen a 7 year old break a womans collar bone while they were trying to restrain them. I am 100% for not handcuffing children, but some of these kids, Idk what the answer is.
Great. So now they’re just going to shoot them?
Only if they're black.
Indeed! They'll just taser and duct tape....
idk man, Ive seen 11 yr olds come at ppl with knives
and fuck man, my cousin was robbed by a 14 yr old with an AK in Mexico, i feel like it should be case by case
How are they gonna know kids are under 12 before doing it ?
Good. If I can’t handcuff my own kids when they’re out of control then they can deal too.
Some 12 year old kids are bigger and more violent. If the police has to ask them to freeze and show their IDs before handcuffing them, they probably run far away already.
Running away isn't an act of violence.
Yay? That’s like saying DC police will no longer kick puppies. Why the fuck are they kicking them to begin with?
Really disturbing that this guidance needs to be put out in the first place.
They were doing what now?!
You don’t think that a new internal policy from a large, prominent United States city’s police department isn’t going to affect the law in anyway?
yup, nothing to do with law here.
how people are detained and interact with police power, despite being handled administratively as opposed to judicially, is extremely relevant to the legal field. That's like saying the SEC promulgating new regulations or investigative priorities doesn't affect securities law.
I took a class in law school called Police Practices. got me a CALI for that one too.
If you can't control a kid 12 or under without cuffs, you're either too weak, or too out of shape, aka fat, to be a cop.
Time for DC to double the police force (again) so they can go high-low on rowdy 12 year olds.