Post Honeymoon Phase: Whats your opinion of the game now?

I just want to find out what other people's thoughts are on the game now that the honeymoon phase has passed and everyone has a better understanding of what the game truly offers.

hello large hand of time? HELLOOOOOOOO???
this, absolutely this. I have all the mats to 80 -> 100 my Theria, yet NO LARGE HAND OF TIME TO 60-80 MY ZEKUS
Similar to me, but in my case dragoneyes won't drop at all... and i'm guilty of a couple of refreshes to save myself a week of waiting...
Where are you supposed to farm these from?
Just wait until you have to farm rainbow crystal clusters for the secret moves... They are basically non existent
I have like 3 of those, obviously since I don't need them right now. Gimme the damn God Sealing Stone already.
other way around for me. Got a metric ton of both large hand of time and dragon. Missing god-sealing stone to finish Lilah (but its okay).
Perfect side game for me as well.
Would love an auto-repeat function and better AI though. It sucks when you load up your Zekus with devastating spells and he just fucking autoattacks until he dies in Blaze Garden.
It was all right during the story and even a little after the story. I'm no macro-er, I'm not even terribly hardcore, but now content has dried up. And once that happened, and the game became "run events you can't auto until you cry" it lost its luster pretty fast.
The problem is best summed up as: "There just isn't much going on."
That, combined with a lack of basic QoL (quick play and auto-repeat and battle speed settings), makes me wonder just how much AIDIS wants me to play their game.
That's why I'm not yet sure I'll continue.
I'm with you on the time gated transcendence dungeon. That needs a change I'd rather it be a small chance then a guaranteed on normal dungeons. I'd at least be able to re-spam in hopes of getting it throughout the week instead of a finite chance on the weekends.
I entirely agree with this feedback..
I am seriously considering to just uninstall the game and be done with it. Not because of it's over-predatory Gacha rates/system, but simply ...."there just isn't much going on".
Stale gameplay, stale events and fights. AI is too random to actually plan a strategy. Combat is kinda of horrendous in the way everything happens on the same grid.
Combat is the biggest beef for me, or worst offender. This game would've benefited immensely from a turn based system like FF Tactics / Alchemy Code.
The fact that a character runs to an enemy , and stands on the same Line Grid as it, just to cast a spell, is ridiculous.
Not having full control of your Party, is ridiculous.
Not having Spell/skill queueing system/chain system, is ridiculous.
Not having auto-repeat on such a grindy game, is ridiculous.
The game does little to promote or reward the usage of your(my) time when I have it open.
And then the Grind.
I've had a massive discussion about it on this sub, so I won't repeat it. But the grind is absolutely stupid and atrocious at the moment.
There's lots of charm here. The game is adorable. It's just to bland and barebones to make a difference in a world where gachas live or die by what they give you for your time.
They should've worked on better animations for specials, or even have arks represented on the battlefield ( i.e : if you have skyship/pirate ship equipped, have it randomly show up and do something . Fire those cannon's . Whatever).
I find myself playing the game like a farm simulator, but with ORBs.
Not looking good, unless they had interesting or original stuff soonish
Great game but it has two major flaws.
Some said future events will have a lot more free gems or something, which I hope. But if I knew how bad it would be I would have definitely kept my gems.
Upvote for mentioning MapleStory grind. I remember the 6-10%exp per hour grind from level 60-70 and it was brutal.
The orb system is what really turns me off the most. It'd be one thing if it was simply just 5 battles for 5 hrs, but the game has a 2-3 orb system instead of just singles, so instead of it just being a difficulty thing, you just get RNG drops and only 12-8 attempts a day. You can't really get these mats anywhere else and while it can always drop 1 on Nightmare, you still have a decent size list of mats, which could literally prevent you from getting something as simple as 2 mats for quite awhile. Second week of grinding it and I still haven't see a 2nd sacred stone for Dyne. Week late
Infinite attempts is nice, but everything else is decreased and bloated at the same time, so while you could, for my example, do all of FFBEs content is a relatively short amount of time but are gated by NRG, you tend to get a good amount of mats in that time, while this one is like "One lvl 80 node? Like 10 hrs." Could be fixed a bit with Auto repeat, since our only function at the moment is pressing start, but drop rate increase wouldn't be that horrible either.
Games fun though when you need to actually take control and plan things out, though not a huge fan of bosses being weak for most of their fight, for them to just then spam their Ultimate attack and go from like 100 damage at most to everyone to a complete wipe.
Probably gonna quit if there is no way to auto-grind allowed. But I agree with you for the most part.
Man, this game REALLY needs an Auto-Repeat button...
I don't want to rely on third-party methods to do something so simple.
Same. Grinding events, character levels, skills, mats, etc takes a long time. I can't sustain it without an auto function.
Login rewards are extremely weak and mostly pointless Grind for enhance materials 5-6* is terrible No point in grinding events past the 70k mark is a weak design Event orb design is terrible No auto repeat is bs, macroing is definitely encouraged AI needs a big rework
Energy system is great Standard grind and unit XP grind feels rewarding to me Conquest system feels fine as well if a little bit expensive Gameplay is fun Unit stories are a nice thing to have Monsters being actual units is kind of cool Little things like world chests, ark story and hidden items in their pictures show there is some love for the little things
I like the game but I think the grind is a bit too crazy,that's coming from an epic seven player. The lack auto(I know it has auto but it's so bad that I don't count it) really drives me away from playing it daily. I love the art and atmosphere of the game I just wish the auto combat was good.
I'm definitely in agreement about LC being best as a side-game. If you have to have those upgrades right now, Last Cloudia can be a nasty grind-fest. But as a side-game, the time-gated and grind parts are less of a drawback.
Gameplay and spritework are very nice
Ark system is very interesting and reminds me of many great systems I loved from RPGs
Meaningful/Rewarding progression through skill boards and Ark skill learning
Game feels like an actual game and not just a skinner box copy paste gacha
Overall SSR rate is quite high
Game is quite F2P friendly
Banner rate-up is so low as to be pointless. You may as well just pull on the generic gacha banner for all the difference it will make.
Dupe rate is so high because on-bannter rates are so low, dupes are virtually a complete miss in this game and very unrewarding.
Their event and orb system is absolute trash. This 5 orb, 1/hr system where you just grind out event currency is the absolute lowest form of event. It generates all the excitement of a paint-drying tournament. My largest concern is that this event system is the key method to keeping people interested in playing the game and it their absolute weakest part of the game.
Minor gripe, but sick of the free/paid gem distinction and absolutely stupid that some of the purchased gems are considered "free" bonus. If you paid for them, they're not fucking free gems.
They should make the grind less luck based and more time based. I wouldn't mind farming a lot if it meant there is a guarantee to get a certain material.
It really is just timed based when you can repeat ad infinitum.
I think they really need an option where you can disable your characters using magic by themselves, it's really sad when a mage uses the wrong spell/casts magic at a mob with 5% hp/doesn't heal until you're down to 100 hp and you end up dying before the cast, and so on.
I'd like to not have to sit on my character channeling a spell too, too many times I want to cast different things but I have to wait or the spell doesn't go off.
yeah this sucks and definitely took me afew tries to figure out wtf was going on when i just assumed i cast a spell then switch character is such an intuitive thing to do i cannot fathom why this was cancelling my actions/spells.
The work around is to switch unit first then click on cast spell and go back to the guy u were previously controlling to cast his spells while controlling another unit. Very counter intuitive and the first thing i'd like them to fix even above how stupid the AI can be on auto play
I’m still having as much fun as day 1. Problem that happens is that people rush to clear all content as fast as possible and then are stuck figuring out what to do. It seems content and banners come out every 2 weeks based of JP schedule, so we should have a new banner and either event, story, or both coming next week. Game is still new, even JP is only 6 months old, so they are still figuring out their roadmap.
As for Secret of Mana, we’re getting it, I have no doubt. It’s a very popular property worldwide, and will make money for all parties involved. No way both companies say no to all that money. Honestly, the SoM collab is what drew a lot of people to this game in general.
It’s my main game, having quit ffbe recently. I like the fact that I can just login if I don’t want to play, collect orbs, send friend gifts, and log back out if I want. There’s no daily missions to try to soak up my time if I’m not feeling it. I can also upgrade an ark really quick if my tanks are full too.
i'm the same. i really have been taking my time with this game. yes i consider it my main. have i had days where i barely log into it due to playing something else or life...definitely. but thats the nice part, its early enough to not need to rush, pvp isn't a big deal for me so im not contending anyone or catching up to anything. if anything the only thing i feel i need to honestly catch up on is having a good leveled support character for other people.
lets not forget that we might get a limited Unit banner in the next month or 2 like ELIZA and such as she is a fire mage Meta. least that would fill the gap before SoM Banner Comes. they gotta make money somehow.
I'm still really loving stuff like the art, the world and the characters. I love the little things things like the chests hidden around the map and in the arks, and the unlockable monsters having their own stories. It's all very beautiful and charming! The main story was great too while it lasted. I'd love a more frequent update schedule to catch up with JP, but I'm aware I grind quite a lot and I'm very ahead of the curve.
My biggest complaint is probably how strong magic is, and the nature of the screen-freezing spells in what's supposed to be action-RPG gameplay. When I manually control Sevia, it feels like I get to play for about 3 seconds most times before having to watch a spell animation, be it my own team's or the enemy's. This was probably my least favorite thing about the old Mana/Seiken Densetsu and Star Ocean games too, despite how much I love them. Also, the bosses in this game mostly seem to have the same trick so far - super strong screen-freezing AoE spells that they often love to spam at low HP.
As others have mentioned, a way to replay fights automatically without breaking the rules would be absolutely amazing. I haven't had too much trouble just pressing replay every couple minutes, but I'd love it if I could just set it and forget it when I'm just farming stuff. Another QoL thing I wish they'd add is more toggle options for how the AI works, but I understand why it is how it is.
Anyway, I'm planning on sticking with this game for quite some time. Looking forward to additional story content and future events since I've heard they're supposed to be better than this first one we got! Oh, and it's awesome that the team has listened to feedback and is planning on adding the Japanese voices. :D
100% agree!
Perfect side game agreed. Login once or twice a day and I'll always progress a little in something. if I can multipull once every couple weeks (while saving up for limited banners!!!) I'm fine - longer, and I'm unsure.
This game has surpassed all of my expectations and has also surpassed Epic 7 as my main game
Stopped playing after a week. The grind for upgrade materials is too long, as well as xp and lack of auto repeat. And whenever you get a new character you have to learn every single Ark again. Fuck that.
It's the closest gacha to having a fully fleshed out battle system. A very good story mode. PvP will drag it down sadly as it always does in gachas. Makes the Metas just to big of a deal. Hell 99.9 of the other gachas out there are just auto trash. That alone holds it as the only one I currently play. The grind is no different then any other gacha, and coming from Epic 7 it's not even that bad really. While I do enjoy how much you can invest into a unit it also sucks pulling a new one knowing it will be an insane amount of time to make them useful.
Magic to physical DPS is beyond poorly designed. It's very obvious no balance testing was done at all here. I like using physical units, but my god they are just tiers below a spell caster except maybe on some bosses that can be CC'd.
The Ark system is great, as it makes any tier pulls useful. This is a huge one, NO DUPES NEEDED. Holy hell is the dupe trend in gachas just vile, player punishing bullshit. Yes getting a dupe can suck, but its spades better then pulling a unit that is useless without 5 or more copies.
Ya, the two things for me on this would be with the units and combat discussion. For the units, it's mostly on the dupes that I always dislike, but that is due to the fact it isn't that huge of an increase for what you really lost out in. Since we're gonna have plenty of time waiting around, a dupe is only worth like 3 and 2/3rd days, like I can literally come back every 20 hrs and do nothing to contribute to it and still get souls, which is why I won't complain as much for arks, because arks require you to actually do battles for a chance to increase it, so that 5% there goes a bit more then 30 souls.
The physical aspect of this game is mostly a fault of the AI system. Even at their worst, you can usually force the mage to use spells, which only requires targeting or none if it's all screen. With melee, ya gotta waddle over to the target, turn off all the auto so their animation doesn't get in the way, babysit all their actions since they do like 1 skill every 10 seconds, AAs feel similar in wait between attacks, they swap off injured targets to run full screen to do nothing important. Like I know people brag about Pirate fest, which is great if you go out of your way to manually all your units who have it, but the AI isn't gonna do anything really with that. It really just needs an adjustment, which as of this moment, I'd suggest changing whatever the coding is doing to make units swap off their target or cancel out your orders for specific targets.
The no dupes is a blessing and a curse. The dupes that you get every time is so pointless kinda feel sad looking at my ether go up but matters so little.
The grind is REAL.
Everyone is talking about how good the sprite work is but is no one going to mention how good most of the music is?And how great most of the boss battle themes are.
Music is the strongest part of the game lol. Reminds me of Octopath Traveler.
production quality is absolutely amazing, not alot of mobile gachas bother VA'ing cutscenes out side of occasional mumbles at the beginning of a line.
Action base game plays amazingly, arts and sprite look fantastic and alot of attention to detail, definitely head and shoulders above your run of the mill cash out asap gacha game.
the game is very F2P friendly if u let it be, while catering for both casual/hardcore alike. I like the "Stamina" system in this game but it costs too much to "refresh"
despite the level of quality i am less likely to spend money on this game compared to other gachas because
Dupes are also disgustingly under-rewarding, 30 souls/5% ether is an absolute joke, ironic that i rather not even see a red pull than for it to be a dupe.
The AI is terrible, u need to be like 20+ level above the content ur trying to farm if u go arkless+auto. Even if ur manual your AI team is still dumb as hell.
Game needs more info on the skills/spells, seriously not even telling me which is the most damaging skill out of the 3 a character has and what attribute it scales off of? its almost 2020 ffs.
Minor Grips
Materials are too hard to farm, yes i know its incentive to get players to spend resources on refreshing daily dungeons and many games do similar things but still, not even having a place to farm red clusters outside of daily dungeons once a week is a little ridiculous.
Imo "time saving" is incentive enough for majority of the player base to spend premium currency on materials, u gotta at least give hardcore players an out, light of the world been weekend only with such low drop rate and red cluster only available 1 day a week is way too few.
Overall still a solid 8/10 for me and i'll probably stick with it, wont be spending untill they give us step ups hopefully before SoM collab
Perfect side, nailed it.
I just got into Another Eden (which I tried like 2 years ago?) and DAMN it's polished, so much content holy F. Feels like legit ps2 rpg era = best era for rpgs.
I stopped playing a few days ago, didn’t uninstall, just haven’t logged in. The minuscule drop rate of larger gems on the daily dungeons is really what made me lose interest - it’s discouraging to me to be time gated for a week, then get barely anything I need to upgrade characters.
Otherwise, I’ve completed mostly everything else and have a pretty strong team. So I don’t have much of a reason to log in for extended periods outside of farming. I too have been saving gems for the potential SoM collab, but not pulling hasn’t bothered me much.
You know that Crystal Clusters become available on later events right? This so called "halloween" event only had a weak shop because it was the very first event created...
But most of the things that ppl are so desperate about and complaining about grind become available on later events and they are realistically the best way to get them since the drop rate on normal stages is like.... 0,4% for Purple Crystal Cluster?
With macroing its one of my favorite gatcha games atm. Without macroing I'd likely only open the game once or twice a day and have it as a side game.
This game really needs an auto repeat function, considering how much you have to grind to get heroes leveled up. That one feature would make the game much better for me. To me the game actually discourages you from getting lots of heroes as the material requirements to level up each one is very high, so its better to just focus on a few of them.
You know that Crystal Clusters become available on later events right? This so called "halloween" event only had a weak shop because it was the very first event created...
But most of the things that ppl are so desperate about and complaining about grind become available on later events and they are realistically the best way to get them since the drop rate on normal stages is like.... 0,4% for Purple Crystal Cluster?
Besides lack of content which is totally understandable for "hard core" gamers playing a newly released game, the one thing id change is allowing all dungeons to be open on the weekend. With work and school I can maybe fit in 3 dungeon runs per day on weekdays. Besides that, great side game.
I'm a hardcore player and grinder. I feel like the amount of release content was more than fine. This event is garbage though. There is no way this can maintain my interest if future events are just going to be 1orb/hr currency grinds.
Up until now Langrisser Mobile was the grindiest game I've played but this one just dethroned it. At least with Langrisser M, you had a guild store and the events that gave you a ton of time saving resources. Here the event gave you barely enough high crystals to fill out maybe 2-3 skill tree nodes. And of course we all know how atrocious the drop rates already are outside of the daily dungeons. Also don't like how the fucking gold dungeon takes up three damn days.
There's no need to expand my frends list here as I literally only have 30 friends in spite of all the FR I send because everyone wants a lvl 60+ Dyne not my wack ass lvl 45 Shin.
The skill cost limit is kind of a pain in the ass but that'll come easier as I collect more souls. Blaze Garden was a hell of a lot harder than it needed to be on normal mode and that held me back from opening up the second conquer node for a week while I grinded more crystals to improve my skill trees.
Overall I still like the game but I was wrong in thinking this would replace Langrisser or Opera Omnia as my main.
You've worked on a mage, right? At least Zekus? Mages are very high in demand due to slaughtering anything that isn't a tough boss. You'll get tons of friends with a mage.
Also I feel you on a personal level about Shin. My Shin is pretty garbage even at 60. He requires massive amounts of investment to become good.
The only thing I'd really like to see more of is dev communication. I don't really see any communication from the team about their plans for the future of the game. I know it hasn't been released for long, but radio silence this early on sends up red flags for me that I'm trying to ignore because I'm enthralled with this game.
Granted, I don't check social media often, so there may be some there, but I would hope they'd add some kind of in game news.
This game play like a dumb down Star Ocean game . Pretty meh . I wish i can sacrifice this game to revive SOA
SOA died too fast, my dude. I miss it.
I love how a lot of the people are comparing this game to ffbe in the commentary. From someone that has came to ffbe, and spent thousands, that game is on a power creep into oblivion. LC is refreshing, while grindy, and the implantation of the orb system is smart. Choose wisely between ark upgrade or macro'n nodes... I feel like it puts your progression more in your hands. My only hope is they come out with more banners / story soon ( which I have a feeling they will ). As a gatcha game, this is probably 1 of the least predatory games I've played ( at least atm ) seeing how all content can be cleared with f2p units ( something that's near impossible with games like ffbe that is p2w ). I have high hope's for this game hopefully it won't be a let down!
Well ya, they still want to make money, which is hilarious, because they throw out crap banners in FFBE that people pass on because they don't do a slight powercreep on all banners, they'll just throw out garbage fodder to block up the 5* units.
But the concepts in that game do work decently. I know people rejoice about not having dailies in this game, but I mean if I'm actually paying full attention to it, takes like what, half hour to blow through FFBE content to get around 100 lapis a day (Excluding factor I'm using doing all available content, so Item world, Raid, Arena, time could vary a little.)? This games dailies aren't really pulling much weight and while people say this game doesn't have such a system, if you care at all about the friend point system, at cap you can have up to 80-90 friends you can use at 15+ to 5+. You don't have to use them, but you also don't have to do any dailies in FFBE and you'd be at the same point you are in this game really. Always have a choice to not do it is an option. This one just lacks any potential item is all with no daily.
Also, the orb system is kind of smart because no one is mentioning the bigger overall issue with the system. Due to the 2-3 orbs necessary to do the events, you'll always be at a weird position of 1/5 or 2/5 and have to wait an hr, which if ya decide to leave, makes it easier for overlapping gems. While I'd love like 10 orbs or something, 6 would have made perfect sense, since you can just cap out and be done with your battles in one go, do your 2-3 fights, walk away. Instead its, do 1 fight wait an hour or 2 fights wait an hr, so you'll probably just cap out again and never really use that one without using ingame currency without waiting purposely for it.
Went hard with this game at first, but now there's not a whole lot to do. Hopefully we get lots of events to spice it up
I am a bored of repeating grinds in the events, the story is fun and challenging without a friend unit tho.
I have best units and arks yet I am not playing much, also got Lukiel but didn't have fun putting her in my party as a useless no damage unit for the exp.
I love having to press many buttons and manually getting involved.
Is the game going to have lots of it in the future?
I still hate mindless grinding.
While I've played since the first week, I'm not even close to the high levels of others, all my characters are still in the 40-45 level range.. so I guess i'm taking it slow. Finally done all the story given and now just.. doing stuff I guess. Raising my orb limit, getting zell, raising soul spot levels, etc. Hopefully the next event will be a bit better, I am over 70k points with all the stuff in the shop bought, so no reason to continue.
i like the progression system (with blue and red orbs). i dont like how stingy they are with the premium currency. once you finished the story there is pretty much no gems to gain (beside unit-lvling and ark-lvling).
I love the art, music, menus... But repeating the same levels over and over just for a small change of get a item is not my kind of game, I prefer the low RNG to stay in the gacha. Probably gonna quit soon.
That gacha price is really one of the lowest in the market. Don't see how you can complaina bout that if you're comparing to other gachas.
I’m really enjoying the game. Jumped in day one and have had some great luck with my F2P pulls. I love the art style and I actually kinda’ like the general grind. Because I finished the story on normal and hard, so the only thing left is to jump in for mats. The rates are pretty shit (can’t get a second Sacred Gem for the LIFE of me), but I’m also not in a huge rush to max out everyone. I am just signing in two to three times per day, collecting my soul spots, using up my orbs, and hooking up my friend’s list. It’s perfect as a side game, which I really appreciate.
My only real complaint is the total lack of a source for crystals now that I’ve finished hard. I guess there’s some to be had by leveling up units and arks in their libraries, but that’s really not convenient and not nearly consistent enough. Outside of paying money, I have no clue when I’ll be back up to 3k for a pull.
I am not finished with content yet in the game. I'm only up to Lanzelia and have some characters that have broken level 20 and only Dyne has broken 40 (I really like Dyne.)
My big complaint about the game is the companion AI. I find it annoying to do events and do story stages because I tire of my companions using their MP poorly. As I said, I'm in Lanzelia so I'm dealing with a lot of Ice-resistant enemies. I typically control Robin because I like to control the juggling. I constantly have Dyne using blizzard instead of Meteor Rain. Sure, I could un-equip Blizzard and prevent this, but I feel like the AI should be smart enough to not use a spell that enemies are resistant to over a spell they're WEAK to.
Mages are OP. Game balance is screwed.
Wish event gems went to 10 instead of 5.
5*+ materials are ridiculous to get.
Not a fan of daily dungeon gating. Should give 1 key per week.
I don't really play it anymore. I like gacha games with more characters, not less. Might delete it soon...
Dead game in a few months just like JP. Theres no content
The game is beautiful, however too slowly paced for my liking.
I’m loving it as a side game. Only criticism I have is on banner pulls, imo the rate ups for banner units and arks are almost nonexistent. There should be a greater chance to pull those units and arks compared to other ssr’s in the pool. I’ve pulled I think 5-6 ssr’s overall thru banner summons and not once got the banner unit or ark.
Too grindy with no automaton. Hard to see me continuing despite loving a lot about the game.
I agree with most people here. I play LC from day 1 with the intention of it being a side game and still have fun to this day. Sure my Dyne may not be fully leveled yet. But im having fun using him. Though an auto repeat would be nice.
I still love this game. I think the initial hype is gone for me but I still look forward to logging on every day. Some of the current ark rewards are a tad lack luster but otherwise I like the idea of arks being a means of getting good passives and abilities. Character drop rates are interestingly low, but I still managed to get shin and Leena (luck?) So it's. It all that bad. I actually like that even some characters are better than others, they're all still technically viable. It's very grindy which I am and am not a fan of, just due to the time sink of it but that's to be expected especially with it being so new. The battle system is fucking GOOD. Love that a gacha game actually let's you directly control a character. Overall, I'd give this game a 7.5-8/10. I'm looking forward to seeing where this game goes
This game is pretty grindy and will always be grindy unless they add an easier way to lvl units etc, but I guess that's part of it's charm and downfall. But you can play this game at your own pace which is nice. In all, I'm still enjoying the game. Now that I'm at I guess, "end game", I can focus my attention on other units if I wish to (monsters).
They should raise drop rate, give skip tickets for 3 starred stages and allow to auto repeat a given stage. Other than that, everything is best for me.
Its a beautiful game, The ark system reminds me ffix. Very f2p friendly. Will be my side game. But there's some problems that can really be discouraging. First is the % of the dropping chance, 0.20% for one cluster fragments sucks. It would be ok if the event dungeon had a good drop chance for high lvl mats. Second is the enormous time you need to upgrade a unit, Yes you can play non-stop for learning ark skills and leveling your unit, but this still a gacha and a mobile game, i have zero reasons to chase a new unit because it would take so long to reach the stage that im right now and it wouldnt change much, only if The unit is a huge powercreep, which is conected with my third reason. I have 0 reasons to pull in any mage banner, all mages seems The same. Zekus is such a strong unit, even if he is the lowest int base in the game. 40%+ ice damage, fast casting, high break damage, and a ult that increases 40% int/str, zekus is a really godly unit, which is really good because he is a free unit, but my point is, why should I pull for mages in the game if all are the same? Righ now is just spam t2/t3 spells for clearing the wave. I wish mages had more identity, like soldiers and Knights have. Shin is a single target nuker, sevia is a selfsutaint high dps u got the idea, right? Im saving tickets for dark Robin and gems for som collab. Dark Robin because i will have all The arks i already learnt on normal Robin, and som because it have a powercreep unit.
I am still having a ton of fun, I played a lot of FFBE, SO on ps2, and FF6 in particular so this one kinda just fits and is hard for me to get bored right now. This game really needs auto-farm, at this point my hand hurts.
I love it! My favorite part is the battle system. I just hope steady events come. Otherwise it could get stale.
I'm a sucker for a game with a solid storyline, dialogue, and graphics. I also like to study as inefficently as possible, so I have LC running on my phone and E7 on an emulator while I'm working. I play FFBE whenever I'm not studying or at the gym (kinda incentivises me to work in some cardio).
I think the orb mechanics are fantastic because if I don't open the game as often I don't feel like I'm missing out when I hit max. I'll just spend any excess on upgrading arks or storage and come back to it later.
Anyway, it's a great side/background game for me. I think the true test as a student is seeing how it will fare during the holiday season when I have more time on my hands. Due to the nature of the orb mechanic alone, I think I'll be holding onto this game for a while.
I just comple chapter 1 and man, fighting gods and their minions really bring back the rpg feels. I still think the way they present the story is top tier compare to many other gacha games. I can ignore the grind as long as I am able to complete the story..
-Fun story, enjoyable characters.
-Art is killer.
-Fairly F2P friendly since units can learn almost any skill.
-Gems are damn slow after story clear.
-Drop rates. Every game has shitty drop rates.
It's a good side game like you said. I play it while I do other things to farm, and manual only as needed.
i realize this game has no daily quest crystal for post game players only login bonus and new events kinda unrewarding for players who usually plays the game cause if im already post game and decent units i just log in and give fp points then do events and thats it
Will likely stick with it till the end unless story/event updates take abnormally long.
Absolutely love this game still. Love building up my characters and tuning them however I want.
My only two gripes which other people have mentioned in this thread:
I am by no means close to getting all of the possible earnable gems so far and in my anecdotal experience I am only missing out on maybe 2 "key" SSR arks right now but if I don't pull them with the gems I earn I honestly don't think I'll stand a chance in obtaining some of the arks unless they add a way to obtain them or I pay up in the current state of the game.
there is 0 must have SSRs giving current content. the gem drought will get better confirmed by many people, supposedly we will get about 3k gems per event in the future. but the rates are bad for obtaining what u "want" each banner, i think alot of people who are complaining about gems have the wrong idea about this game, i dont know what games they've played in the past but blowing 30k gems on the first 3 banner less than a month in is just stupidity, no game will give you enough free currency to sustain that kind of habit
In all honesty I was about to quit, but then I pulled Skyship yesterday, so I guess I got to give it another go.
I’m still at the beginning aka 3-4 Star stages, but I played Grand Summoners somewhere for between a year and 2, so it completely dried me out. With Last Cloudia being so similar I just could never get into the game.
Unit progression feels solid. The lore and world building is immense and one we very rarely get to see in a mobile gacha game. The graphics and sound design are top notch. And unit building is absolutely flexible which helps with the game's balance that somewhat manages to favor the game's F2P scene.
Overall, I really like the game. It is charming and it knows what it wants to be. Its similar to launch/first year King's Raid and/or Epic Seven. Polished, balanced and a breath of fresh air in the genre. Definitely off to a very good start.
However the game's grind does rub me off wrong slightly. It is autoable and
LC is a wonderful side game in my opinion. Until they ramp up the events and the rewards on offer, it'll stay that way. The massive grind right now is enough to buy the devs time until the next major update as not too many players are at the end yet I bet. I hope they don't repeat Grand Summoner's dead scene.
Agree, perfect side game. I literally keep it running on the side on my iPad just grinding away stages
My only real gripes with the game are the shitty AI and the somewhat low amount of content
I love it, i hate the ai tho
The only thing I'm missing is content. I guess events will be held twice a month? Too bad they only added one battle on the second week. Hopefully it'll change in the future!
I need a few things to make me love this game;
-Auto-Repeat -More ways to gain Gems (daily challenges maybe?) -Another way to get high end evolution mats, even if it’s at a low rate midweek -Smarter AI for Auto battle
It was mostly pretty fun to play through normal difficulty, although at a certain point most of the stages just become “cast blizzard/galaxy 3 times then tornado storm.” I really like the world map and the little side quests, and all the little discoverable things. The art style is top notch IMO. The story characters being viable is nice, and the ways skills work probably won’t change.
The main problem the game has for me is that it’s designed for macroing, and I don’t really want to run an emulator in the background all the time for a mobile game. I might at some point but it’s not really appealing, and they’re doing the FFBE thing where they don’t say it’s allowed but don’t say it’s banned anyway. The alternative — having it running on your phone for hours a day and tapping the screen a few times every minute — is even less appealing.
The gacha isn’t that bad despite the low rates, since it’s mostly irrelevant — sort of like Another Eden. You could max out TMRs (for ridiculous sums) but even most of those are pretty marginal. You don’t really get new characters often, but even when you do you can’t really train more than 3 at once, and even bringing one up to match a level 50 party looks like a pretty painful endeavour — again, it seems like the game was designed for macros.
I’d like them to add an offline auto system, that would make it a much better side game.
Game gives me everything except my much needed god-sealing stone and ancient alchemy for some reason
Definitely one of the mobile games I'm sticking with, along with Fate Grand Order and Another Eden. I was looking for a game to replace Fire Emblem Heroes and Grand Chase after I quit them because they became awful and very p2w oriented.
I really enjoy the story quite a lot and I've been a big fan of JRPGs so it's easily my kinda thing. I know many others aren't into the grind but it's something I'm cool with. So far it seems pretty f2p friendly which is very important to me. As of now I don't plan on spending money as you really don't have to summon much in order to play the game but maybe I'll change my mind in the future?
I do wish the game had an auto repeat function and that we could have the option to switch to Japanese audio (kinda tired of ThIS SHouLD dO It lol). I don't know what to feel about PVP coming in as I'm generally not a fan of PVP content. I also want better gacha luck because I recently went through 9 multis with only 2 SSR that were off focus rip ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ
Pretty good, but also pretty grindy.
I loved FFBE, but I found about the game too late and had already lost way too much stuff.
Now I have the opportunity to play a similar game from the start.
I also like the fact that it's the exact opposite of Fate/Grand Order when it comes to how much time you can play everyday. FGO it a game of patience, you dump your 138 stamina in 3 battles and have to wait hours.
Here I can finally play as much as I want.
It's the perfect combination. Now I have 2 games that I like and they don't compete for my attention because they have different styles.
It's pretty good. Waiting for actual global before I invest anything, though.
Now that I've finished the story and the event, I'm just grinding for a half hour a day if that and logging off, which is great. I don't want to spend my whole day grinding, and I know future events will give me the materials I need, so I don't feel too pressured to get everyone to 80. Perfectly happy at 43 where I am now. Slow and steady is definitely the way to go (unless you're macroing, in which case you're all set).
state of the game?
macro overnight, do customization in the day.
progress is all grind gated so just...macro away
IMO honeymoon doesn't necessarily end when you finish content. It can last even after that. Honeymoon is over when you start acknowledging a game's issues.
And now that the honeymoon is over for me, I don't see me playing this much longer. It takes way too long to build a character, and this will be particularly true for new units the further we get into the game, Between the leveling, the skilling up, the skill trees and the enhancements, it takes forever to raise a new unit to the level of your main team which in turn keeps getting new skills from new arks. So you are pretty much stuck with your main team.
The amount of grinding is way over the top for my taste, and getting no dragons eyes after 6 days of trasc gate farming killed my honeymoon phase.
I got there a bit faster, since I absolutely hate the required Grind to even get to 50+.
And then the game keeps dropping stuff on you without giving you any hand outs or encourage F2P to keep going.
Also, as you stated, building characters is an EXTREME PAIN. Getting a character should be EXCITING . not a "AWww we go again".
Game is failing to hit the right notes for me. I will grind this event a bit, just to see how Bad it is, and if it turns out to be PLAIN bad, I'll just uninstall.
I hate the limited tries for an Event. It's like you don't want people to enjoy new content, even if they're done with the Hard mode.
I love the art style and character/ark designs but the game feels like a major grind. This would be fine if I weren't playing other games as well, so as of now it's kind of on the back burner. I'm waiting for the collab banner before exhausting my stash and determining whether or not to continue.
I like the core of the game, but at the moment it doesn't really have much to do if you don't want to grind materials etc.
What I'd like to know is how the hell some of the people in my friends list are already 80+. I'm struggling to get my Lilah up in her 60s...
Been a hot discussion ever since the game launched.
I am enjoying the game, but I feel that the grind is a bit much. I get that our character roster is quite small, but I feel like I almost don't want any more units, because it will take a significant amount of time to get them to where they can be usable.
Really grindy almost to a sadistic level compared to most Gacha. It’s taken me since launch of nonstop grinding during the daytime in auto mode to reach near lv 80. This will need to be done again to level any additional units, which is a bit daunting. Because there isn’t any really or truly difficult content to worry about, it doesn’t feel very necessary to put that much time in, yet.
Leveling pots even the max tier ones barely put a dent in your exp post 50, and they’re EXTREMELY RARE, even the minimum exp pots I have gotten maybe 10 to drop total. Altogether they won’t even get you from level 40-41. I can see this getting extremely tedious if content comes out later down the road that demands a specific build or unit and we aren’t prepared for it and need to find a way to quickly level a unit we’ve sidelined.
F2P gem income is non existent. This is one of the driest games post-content I’ve ever seen. Once you farm out the whole story on easy and hard, your natural gem income goes to absolute zero. This could be extremely off-putting to non spenders, since tickets can’t go to any main feature banners either. There isn’t any daily missions which reward a daily (even if minimal) rate of gem income for players to stash for a banner they adore later on. The past event gave us around 200 gems in total, and that was launched 2 weeks ago.
I’ve been sitting at 2900 gems pretty much since I beat hard
I've come to this understanding as well.
Even during launch, the hand outs were....terrible.
Even with the new Event for Melza, there's pretty much nothing. You get a couple tickets ( one GSSR ticket ) but...that's it? Maybe I got it wrong, but shouldn't each event give you at least enough for 1 multi ? Feels depressing not getting enough to pull anything, unless you just fork out the cash.
Trash on-banner rates. You are like...5x more likely to get an off-banner unit than an on-banner one, for Arks I think the disparity is even greater. I don't have the patience to deal with such a sloppily implement gacha, so it's on to the next game for me.
If the gameplay loop was a little better I might stick around, but it's not.
Only cell phone game I play. Perfect time waster. Characters are enjoyable. Story isnt bad. Like the awakening grid. Can play is all day or just log in for friend points/dailies if I want.
Of course, I would never pick a gacha game to keep me happy with content. That would be a stupid desire on my part. These games exist for the thrill of the pull and luck/money flexing, which I'm completely fine with. If I wanted content, I'd cycle through snes/ps1 RPGs on an emulator.
IMO the game is ass. Was looking at the bundles prices and I was like wtf is this bullshit $80. The rates are pretty trash too and it looks like a failed attempt at trying to copy Ffbe and brave frontier
I too hate overly priced packs/offers or simply absurd offerings.
It's like the game just wants the whales or GTFO.
Dokkan Battle understood this and even today they dropped a new "subscription" service that is quite friendly to those who don't want to spend much.
This game? I looked at the shop and thought "LOL NO".
I love the art style, but everything else feels so bad and outdated and slow and the only reason I still auto it on emu while I play other games is because I have some very good pulls and it doesn’t require any attention. I would have dropped it on day2 or 3 if I couldn’t auto it on emu.
Everything ppl already mentioned here is exactly my though.
Auto repeat and 2x or 3x battle should be implemented by now. Already on the verge of quiting as the beautiful sprites and nice designs are wearing off.
Gems in this game are so rare, almost have to be bought. No pulls just grind.
"no pulls just grind" after spending 30k on 3 banners less than a month in. Tell me which game u've been playing that they provide enough free currency to sustain that kind of compulsive pulling habit, maybe i can join