Predicted Banner Schedule (until end of June)

Obvious disclaimer that our banner release schedule is not guaranteed to follow this exactly. The YYH equipment banner isn't shown on here but we can expect it either next week where there is a gap or in the following weeks.
I wonder if the Landius/Bozel gets pushed up, so they can do equipment in between the character banners.
I'm happy to see Listell is coming back, as I feel like she's almost necessary in PvP. However, as a f2p player, I can't help but wonder how I'll keep up, haha.
Yeah from mid-January we will now have 2 banners running side-by-side permanently. If you started at/near launch you can probably keep up with the focus banners but I think some of the newer players are really gonna have to play it smart with their resources.
Is there seriously no focus with Shelf? I'm super unlucky in trying to get the (cursed) twins. :(
I saw a :( so heres an :) hope your day is good
Nope no Shelf focus. She appeared on one with Angelina and Cherie quite a while back but she only appears on a couple of rate-ups in the future.
I'm also salty about this.
I should mention that the Spacetime Essence item is available on Rate-up (2 char) banners as well.
That is something I am quite happy about. I am thinking of building Shelfaniel for my Apex box and by the time the Shelf/Yulia banner comes around my Yulia will be 6* so I have the option of fast-tracking my Shelf to 6* if I decide I want to at that time.
How many times can u exchange for rate up banners?
Somebody's excited for aLUSTriel
And we do not speak of Si**a
F2P voucher hoarding schedule:
Bozel event got a rerun on Global. You're not still playing at that time?
I'm F2P and have them all except Tiaris and Jugler so I will pull for Yuyu
Thanks for making this. Always helpful.
You are welcome. I was secretly hoping somebody else would get off their lazy butt to do it but alas the task fell to me.
YYH characters worth rolling for?
Yusuke and Hiei are both extremely good but are generally limited to PvP. If you are want to be seriously competitive in Apex you would want to pick up Yusuke at the very least and ideally Hiei as well but that is a little too idealistic for F2P players, especially since it hasn't been that long since Yulia and almost every single player pulled for her.
You can also definitely pull for a single copy of any of them just as collector's items for use in GW. I know there are a huge number of fans of the anime who have been saving for these guys. I decided to watch it in preparation for the collab and I was pleasantly surprised.
My understanding is they are good for PVP
Yusuke good, Hiei good. Yusuke especially noteworthy because of Time faction buff if you want that flex in your box.
Toguro decent in a vacuum, but he's sort of just a worse Leon in many cases.
Kurama good in a vacuum, but fixed immune is so common in PvP it ruins his niche.
Renne.. is.. finally.. back
Looking forward to the that G&L banner to finish out my hero collection. I have the Halloween skin waiting for them to!
Had been wondering if you can get a skin for a hero you don't have yet.
What’s prime Jessica’s deal?
If I'm not mistaken it's the version from the 3ds games, shes pretty good from what I've heard. Long range attacks/ aoes
First time I've seen that Angelina banner, and I have Lanford and Listell already too.
Yeah the old banner schedule ended right before that banner was released so a lot of people were freaking out that Angelina was gonna be so hard to get.
Who is the most must have among the new units pve-wise?
Btw, isn't the mystery knight just Emily in disguise ?
Anyone know if we are going to get the new juggler skin via lotto anytime soon. It's been in the game for awhile now.
It's an event skin for the performing arts/fireworks event that was run on CN. There were 5 skins in total released around the same time.
We could expect Jugler's macho lotto when that event runs. For January it is highly likely that aLUSTriel's macho lotto will be brought forward as it ties in with the current secret realm event so I think the earliest we can expect Jugler is February after YYH leaves.
thank you!
i love you :D
Will Collab Banner also have the space time exchange?
Hmm.. I'm not certain. I don't think new unit banners have exchange available. I think it's only returning units so my assumption would be no. Maybe try asking in the Daily Questions Megathread for some confirmation.
Is this banner down there :
Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight
Deedlit/Ashram is the Lodoss War banner. Should debut on the 7th May.
Oh look. A guaranteed Tiaris and Luna for me, by next year since I'm on SEA. HAHAHAHA
A 6* Tiaris parked next to your tank just destroys so much of the PvE content. It was a real boon to my enjoyment of the game.
Yay I'm so excited for the collab!
Yay! I've been wanting this new chart for a while now. Thanks a lot! Do you have the high-quality version perchance? This one is a bit blurry when close-up.
This was a side-effect of my sources for the banner art. I didn't rip any of the game assets myself, only compiled them so the request would have to be forwarded to someone else.
Is this schedule based on speculation or you got it from some definitive source?
Banner schedules are always speculative. The only official source we have to go by are the official patch notes posted by Zlong but we only get them week-by-week. The assumption is that we will get new banners in the same order and at the same rate as they were originally released on the Chinese server. There has been a little rearranging of the banners for this month as the Christmas event was held back so that it could be given to Global at Christmas. This is what we can reasonably assume to be the reason for not getting YYH on schedule (no overlapping secret realm events). It stands to reason that YYH part 1 will debut on 16th January as Kurama and Yusuke have Echo skins and the current EoL ends on the 15th. It stands to reason that any new collabs or collab reruns may be shifted around slightly to accomodate the events calendar in the same way but we will have a better idea closer to the time.
Link to HD chart?
This is as good as it gets. Only a few of the banners' art were direct rips from the game, the others were all second-hand. I could make a higher quality version at a higher resolution at some point but I don't know if I will do that in the near future as I have other projects I am working on.
NOOOO i wish i grinded for bozel in the last event that would've been a guaranteed landius
Imo its a rate up banner with Bozel, so Landius is no guaranteed.
But there is another banner with Landius, Yulia, Juggler.
I think the schedule for June is wrong, it should be something like that :
You are not accounting for Zerida/Clarett there unless you intend for that banner to drop alongside Lodoss War equipment which would break the sequence of one new banner coming and going every week for 4 full months at that point. 4th June should be too early for EoL refresh I think. Isn't it normally the second Thursday of every month that we get a new EoL? Of course my reasoning there would suggest that Deedlit/Ashram should in fact be delayed but eh. We will know closer to the time. What we can say with relative certainty is that we should get all of these banners in the future in roughly the same order so people can budget their summons effectively. Thanks for the feedback and I will make a note of it for when I update the schedule :)