Not having sex with your girlfriend can be domestic abuse according to feminists

Isn't this exactly what the incels preach?
Legbeards are just female Incels.
Feminist and incels are two sides of the same coin
If you pay attention to what the article is actually saying, they're talking about using the lack of sex as a punishment. Its the difference of saying "I'm not in the mood to have sex" versus saying "You don't deserve sex with me because of _______".
In one scenario, you're just not feeling it, but the other scenario is you're dangling it in front of someone out of spite. The former situation is a much healthier version than the first. Both genders are guilty of this, I'm not sure why the article is focusing on men being the abuser in this situation.
I'm not saying that people should have sex if don't want to, but using sex as a tool to manipulate another person is generally frowned upon.
No, because incels don't have girlfriends
We've come full circle
Wait, so when women withhold intimacy from that abuse too?
It's very misogynistic of you to assume that
Guess every married man is a victim of abuse.
Nah. It's just "routine"
I would 100% argue it's abuse in both directions. It's insane to me that people don't recognize how harmful withholding sex is. If you get married, you're obligated to fulfill your partners needs. Period. This goes both ways.
This post is actually a joke. The first one I've seen here where I completely agree with the narrative of the OP and basically nobody in the comments. You guys are contributing to the mental abuse of men and women.
Rape if you do; raped if you don't want to.
Schrodinger's rape.
Threse are the same people who would say that a man expecting sex after a date is basically rape.
Basically rape?
No, to feminists that is rape. You're supposed to pay up and then go home.
Something tells me if a man reported this, he'd get nowhere.
We really, really need to push back against women's hate.
Some would even say that it's greyscale rape to demand sex.
Something tells me that a woman who reported this wouldn't get anywhere, either.
i feel like this is missing the bigger picture. This was titled " Withholding Intimacy Can Be Abusive, Too; Another type of sexual abuse includes using sex to taunt, control a victim"
For one, sex and intimacy can be 2 different things. This was about a man using sex to emotional manipulate his girlfriend. Instead of raping her her made her feel unworthy of intimacy.
Ya'll should read the whole thing, because what this jerk did was abuse. Also, stop using feminist to define women who you think are irrational and controlling.
Yeah. It's obvious that what the article's talking about is the "withholding to make a point" part.
If that's not manipulation I don't know what is.
And while the whole "You're not getting any of this if you don't do X" thing from women to men is played out in media as a joke, if you're in a relationship where your partner, whatever gender they are, is withholding sex as a manipulation tactic you're in a damaged relationship.
Did anyone actually read the article? It says that withholding sex to get someone to do something is abuse. OPs title is very misleading
Not entirely convinced that would be abuse, either. Scummy, probably. Ethically across the line, yes. Abuse is a strong word that keeps getting diluted with bullshit like this.
Yeah but probaly the number of woman playing these kind of game is 20 times higher, never heard anyone complain about that.
Shhh, the bitter MRAs are having a pout.
Between this and the World Health Org saying that being single is a disability... what the fuck is wrong with these groups.
We need to have monthly orgy nights where all bets are off. You walk into designated community center and bam, someone’s willing to get you off.
That's one way to give a large amount of people STDs.
This pleases Slaanesh
Well, there is that retirement community in Florida. The one where the vast majority have herpes and they parade naked in the streets. That's just off the top of my head. I'm quite sure there are dozens, if not hundreds, of pervy communities that cater to such.
I'm pretty sure emotionally blackmailing your partner into sex is actually abusive. If people not fucking me was abuse I'd have died of trauma long ago
Feminism is about controlling men
This article told the story of actual abuse. You all know that from actually reading it, right?
Of course they didn’t
It's not "not having sex with your partner". Did you even read it? It's about withholding sex and using it to manipulate your partner. Both men and women are guilty of this, but the article is trying to bring to light the fact that men can actually be the manipulators with this tactic, instead of always being the victim with it because "men are always horny and women are frigid bitches".
Women do this all the damn time, but your rags never at any point gave a shit about it. When it's women withholding sex from men, the word of the day is "entitlement". You're not entitled to a woman's body. A relationship doesn't equate to consent. Sometimes, if we're lucky, we'll be told that we just have a different libido than our significant other, and if it's a deal-breaker, we should respectfully cut it off. What your crowd has never suggested, is that women withholding sex from men is abuse, even when it's clearly been in the context of sex being held over our heads as a reward or motivator for desired behaviour.
Just admit you hate men. Christ, I'll take the TERFs over you fuckers any day. At least they're honest. Fuck off, feminist. Fuck off forever.
How do you differentiate between "not having sex" and "withholding sex". And what stipulates "manipulating"?
It's actually good that anything is highlighting this issue. It's one men usually complain about so this article might actually register with some of the women reading and deter them from doing these things as they're learning about women as a victim of it rather than dismissing it because it's "just" a man complaining.
To the eternal victim, that seeks constant victim hood status, literally everything you do is an offense in some way.
I mean... Manipulation IS kind of abusive. There's quite a difference between having a low sexual libido and actually using sex as a weapon to get what you want from someone. That isn't a gendered tactic, either... Both men and women do this (I'd be tempted to argue that women do it more often than men), and it's always wrong.
So I guess after getting out of the spy game Michael Weston transitioned and started writing feminism articles?
"When youre unfucked youve got nothing.
No orgasms, not intimacy, no relationship history. You're stuck without whatever guy dumped you..."
I see this as an absolute win
Yet if we get sex even when they slightly maybe were not 100% on board its rape.
If you flip it around, the feminists would say it's not a woman's job to have sex with her husband. You just can't win with these people.
Very dangerous to have a girlfriend in 2019.
Mfw in 10 yrs its considered rape to not give the fat girl a chance or consideration as a partner
This doesn't belong here. If you read more than just the tittle you can see it's talking about how sex can be used as a tool to manipulate someone. Such as only being intimate with them if they conform to what the abuser expects and does what he/she/they want.
having sex is rape, nott having sex is domestic abuse
and yet men are shamed for not having a girlfriend ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Well there's a lot of perfectly sane girls out there too
Title is misleading, the story outlined in the article is more about using sex as a manipulation tactic to get her to do what he wanted, which still counts as an abusive relationship. Similar to the trope in most every popular sitcom but with the roles reversed. By that I mean the wife or girlfriend is the one putting sex on a pedestal and using it to manipulate the husband or boyfriend. Society is just numb to that one. Still a problem though
No it's not you limp faggot lmao. It's preaching fulfilling the needs of the partner you chose and not mentally abusing them.