Yo! Im Violent J, ASK ME ANYTHING!

So Sorry you guys but I have to go talk to my mom, she just called and told me something important came up so I have to handle this. I sincerely love all you ninjas. Thank you for checkin in with me, I appreciate each and every one of you ninjas and thank you for your support. I'll tell me mom y'all said hi, lets just hope she don't have anything stale to tell me. Im sure she don't though.
I only answered 2 questions, what an asshole. I'm sorry for that. Plus it took me like 2 hours to answer them because I type like a retarded sloth
All good man, come back sometime!
All sloths are retarded sloths, but not all retards are sloths
Hey. Sloth life is best life!
The cool thing is, we aren’t going anywhere. We’ll be here!
Okay serious question. Why did you and shaggy decide to make a second deck of joker cards?
I remember when bang pow boom was going to be released it was going to be a "side attraction" similar to The tempest and not necessarily a new joker's card.
This needs to be answered instead of all the softballs.
I just finished the behind the paint book (amazing book man) and heard somewhere you're making a second part. Is that true and if so are there any updates on the next behind the paint book? Much clown love from Washington
Will ICP ever return to the Howard Stern Show? Them clips are classic!
Does anybody have any questions for a ninja?
Yo! Joe! As the lead Mod here, and Juggalo for close to 25 yearsnow, thank you SO much for deciding to do an AMA here for us!! You and JJ the shit for doing this for us today!!!
My question: Can we get a HINT on the name of the next card!?
What gets Faygo stains out of clothes?
I gave you a best of 4 dvd set of all ICPs wrestling matches a few years ago do you remember that if so what did you think?
Any chance the gathering ever returns to Hogrock? They still do the biker rally every year. Also why did the gathering leave Legend valley?
What’s your favorite ICP record if you had to choose one?
If they made a movie about Insane Clown Posse who would you want to play you and Shaggy?
The duke of the wicked!!!!!!!
What’s the word on Insane Clown Posse potentiality going into the WWE Hall of Fame and if so who would you like to induct you? Plus, when WWE comes to Detroit are you welcomed backstage and stuff?
First off let me say that I think its incredibly unbelievably remarkably awesome that so many ninjas campain and patition (spelling skills immaculate) to get ICP into the WWE Hall Of Fame. it's one of the most flattering fuckin things to ever happen to us. The ninjas pushing for that to happen have seriouslky touched my heart. I dont mean to sound like a fruit cake but Im seriously touched bu the thought that so many ninjas would care enough to go out of there way and actually try to get us into that freshness. It just totrally floors me each and every time I hear about ninjas efforts to get us inducted. Here comes the stailness, now before I say anything to discurraging just keep in mind how many times Ive been wrong about shit in the past. Im always constantly wrong. now having said that I have to admit that I dont think we'll ever be inducted into the WWE HOF. There just a little bit to stale. I could go into a long ass freeflow of reasons why but theres really know reason to PLUS one thing that is fresh about the WWE and Vince McMahon is even though there is about 657 reasons why they would never induct us, the simple fact is sometime Vince does things just because everybody expects him not to. Sometimes Vince breaks his own rules simply because he can. So I guess you never know right? I personally just dont think it will ever happen. Im so proud of having been there and so so so greatful for all the Juggalos trying to get us inducted and I should definatly realize that if anybody could ever get us inducted it would be the Juggalos because they can do anything. Thats it Ill leave the subject alone. Its just so fuckin awesome that Juggalos want to see us in there I cant even imagion how awesome that would be, If we were going in I guess I would want Vampiro to induct us. Joey and I had so much fuckin fun with him in WCW. I Miss him so much. Either Vamp or The Rude Boy would be great. I dont know Ill shut up about wrestling. Oh wait there was one more question somebody wanted to know...
Somebody wanted to know if ICP went to see WWE in Detroit would they let us back stage. I dont know if the WWE would let us back there officially because we've honestly never tried, but I can tell you that a whole lot of todays superstars are down with the clown! Many have either wrestled at The Gathering on there way up in JCW at some point. Im friends with Paige's fine ass and when WWE comes to town I always call her up and she hooks me and my kids up with bomb ass tickets, sometimes even front row, ringside status, which is beyond awesome. Dont get ,me wrong if I could I would respectfully knock her boots from here to El Salvadore but I dont think shes into pasty white, fat, gumpy clowns who cant stop looking at her ass every chance they get. Im also proud to say that a while back we went to a WWE show in Detroit and afterwards we hit up a tittie bar with Luke Gallows, Braun Strowman and some of the other guys and we had a bomb ass night togeather, Its just really dope to be respected by todays generation of stars. Im not saying all of them respect us but a nuff of them do to make Joey and I two happy ass proud mother fuckers. We aint met them all but pretty much every single one we've met has showed us mad love. Chris Jericho came up to the office and interviewed us for his podcast and that was a huge honer. I got mad famous wrestlers in my contacts, Im one of the boys, The Boogieman's my boy. We eat worms. Ok
Sup J!! What are some of your favorite tours you’ve been on and your favorite cities to play?
What’s your favorite food joint in the D?
Was there ever a time in your life where you and shaggy didn’t believe in God or have you always identified yourself as Christian
Did you guys like your food on the set of “in yo face!” Music video? I catered it ;)
How is your relationship with Mike E. Clark and Mike P these days?
Also how do you feel about Twiztid doing Lotus and Rydas shit?
Where the fuck is Mike E Clark
Why isn’t Rozz Dyliams aka Dylan Ross signed to Psychopathic Records? That ninja always shows love and he even has the Jeckel brothers candle tatted on his neck, Honestly with Rozz we wouldn’t have Lil Peep.
What you know about sex?
What was it like working with Three 6 back in the day and will there ever be another Killjoy Club record??
What is your favorite song that you guys haven't made or helped on?
and on the flip side
What is your favorite song you've worked on?
What do you think of the Juggalo youtubers like ChildsplayNinja and Blue Boy?
Do you like traveling outside of North America?
Is it true you had sex with Pamela Anderson
What is your least favorite flavor of Faygo?
Shaggy says in the hidden track after "When I Get Out" Arctic Sun "so you threw it away cause it TASTE LIKE SHIT!" I wonder if J agrees. Haha
What was the falling out with KG (Kevin Gill) all about or was it just homies going separate ways?
What was the first origination of Juggalo Day?
For the songs that made it onto The Wraith: Shangri-La, how many of those songs were ideas that you had been holding onto specifically for the 6th?
I gave you a best of 4 dvd set of all ICPs wrestling matches a few years ago do you remember that if so what did you think?
Can you release any details about the upcoming DCG Con? I heard 2020 will have one in store!
I love finding concert footage of ICP, I have well over 200. Do you guy have past gatherings recorded concerts or JCW, will those ever be released? Also what happen with bloodymania2&3?
After seeing how everything has unfurled and continues to grow after everything y'all have done and seen, is there anything you'd change, or is there any advice you wish you could've given your younger self to maybe make things easier on you?
How do scrubs adapt to the non scrub society? When will u be performing in columbus oh? Will we see a new sv album? How do you feel about the rydas and lotus twizzler is trying to do? Thanks for your time ninja now i want me chilto!!!!
You’ve said you’re not really political in the past but, recently you’ve dabbled in the political world with the March. You’ve done plenty of turkey give aways in the past. It’s all good but, with today’s bullshit, we need ninjas out to vote now more than ever. Fuck sides or affiliation, we just need fools go rep and flex what makes us American — Our right to vote and be free.
Would you ever consider some shit like using your tourbus to bring ninjas to polls and shit? Particularly in the D where many ninjas got the bone and can’t even get to the polls.
You have a unique ability to motivate ninjas who wouldnt normally participate here. No endorsing someone, just get fools out and end up with your ass on some YouTube viral shit because you rolled up to the polls with 2 tour buses full of juggalos
Is there any update on the bloody brothers and loony goons? You mention at last yr gathering that ice will be releasing action figures are those co in out?
Hey J, I was just talking to your son on here earlier, small world.
Did yall get a Nintendo Switch yet and if not what on earth are yall waiting for?
Shit I'm late as fuck and I can't think of a good question so GOOD VIBES and keep shinin my man!! mcl to yall from the friendly witch at hallowicked <3
Ah I missed it.. well here's a question anyways. When did you first paint your face and why?
My question is - Does the orgin story of the dark carnival have any connections to the old ass Ray Bradbury novel "Something Wicked This Way Comes" or the Disney movie adaptation of it in the late 80's? I used to watch the movie alot as a kid growing up just always felt a connection there for some reason...... MMFCL to ya Joe 4L
Dear Violent J - I am an old school Juggalo that has been down since I went to a Riddlebox promo here in Dallas, Texas. I attended the first 6 gatherings and even a few Hallowicked shows. Then something terrible happened. I was diagnosed with cancer and had to start doing chemotherapy and radiation treatments - not to mention having to go into surgeries. I have not been able to travel like I used to and/or attend going to any shows. Its a sad day for a juggalo - not only because of the sickness but because of the 'family' problems. I have been sick for quite a while now but Im still alive and I am thankful for that. my question is - Could everyone please just stop the division and come back together? I would really like to see Psychopathic Rydas and Dark Lotus again even though it would very painful to get to the show. Is there any chance that will happen before this disease takes me out? I really would like to see the family reunite before I die. Please take the time to answer my question even if its not the answer Im looking for. Lotsa Love to ya J. - The One Legged Juggalo.
EDIT - Sorry im so late with this, but I have been really sick.
I just read your question and wanted to send you some clown love from a lette in VA
Will we ever see icp with a live band?
I asked JJ this but what's your current take on the "beef" with twiztid. I would kill to see a real lotus, or rydas set or another American Psycho tour again. I know it seems like the divide is just getting larger, but I want to see juggalo unity again like it once was.
What was the first thought in your mind when you first seen Ouija Macc?
I really enjoyed Blahzay Roze any chance she could return to Psychopathic as a signed act?
Do you know your Win/Loss record as a professional wrestler throughout your entire career?
I’m just gonna ask the hard questions! What is your favorite color?
Do you watch All Elite Wrestling and if so what do you think of the current NXT vs AEW wrestling war going on at the moment.
I love finding concert footage of ICP, I have well over 200. Do you guy have past gatherings recorded concerts or JCW, will those ever be released? Also what happen with bloodymania2&3?
I asked this in the last ama, but what are you guys up too? I see shaggy and ouija hanging out but like I haven't seen lyte since his album dropped, I heard hoodoo is working on something with MNE and abks first album in 10 years dropped on native world. Are you guys trying to work a family angle still? Or is it just a group of guys who are at the top?
How you go from having 0 weight on y a, to growin huge, to havin no weight again in just a matter of years? Not shit talkin, genuniely curious
You guys should host a Juggalo Game Night man. Have JJ stream on Twitch or something and play like some Mario Kart or even something crazy like those Jackbox party games. Put a room code out and you can have hundreds of ninjas take part. Shit would get out of control real fast. Think about it!
What was the hardest album for ICP to record and why?
If you could change the world as you see fit, what changes would you make? What would be the perfect world in your mind? Much love and respect to you ♡ Whoop Whoop ♡♡ -a random Juggalette
If you had to time travel for one day to anywhere, where would to time travel to?
I'd kill for a Juggalo video game. I know we got Backyard Wrestling but I mean something really tailored to Juggalos. Any chance ever? I feel like I know the answer but I think it would be dope. I mean we got board games and card games and Quest for Shangri La is fresh as fuck but an ICP/Juggalo video game? That would rock.
Are you guys ever gonna come to Vancouver BC Canada for a gathering?
I host a juggalo podcast called
Feel free to email me at
For what it's worth, I think your interview with Faygoluvers is the best inside look at your career that I've ever seen! I was disappointed in the Adam22 interview though, but only because I feel he was disingenuous about being a fan and it showed.
What kind of freshness can we look forward too at ballers on a boat?
Who is in your Mount Rushmore of Pro Wrestling?
As a car guy and a juggalo, i have always wondered if you have a collection of cars. If so, whats your favorite out of the collection? If not, whats your favorite kinda ride in general?
Is it true that you're back like a vertebra?
What’s your holy grail item.The one thing you’ve kept over the years that means the most(psy related)I thought maybe that sealed vinyl COC at the Gotj auction but it sold.
This is probably gonna get buried but, have you guys considered pressing the sideshow's on standard non-picture disc vinyl? Beverly Kills is my favorite release, and id fucking kill to have it on black vinyl, or like blood splatter vinyl or some shit like that
Can you tell ya dad to get vinyl done up of all his older albums please champ :)
Here’s a question, Violent J. Well, first, let me introduce myself. I am a young listener of yours, 13, but why I say YOUNG is because I started listening to you when I was about 5. My father in particular loves your music and I found it pretty cool. Since then your music has stuck with me through my whole life. Here’s my question, what inspired you to get into music writing and the music business in general? And how do you think I can get involved in it? Thankyou for listening, hope to hear back:)
Have you ever been on a date with someone that has no clue ICP was a thing? If so what happened?
Do you know who joe is?
I have some fucking insane awesome ass ideas I would kill for a chance to pitch them to y'all family! Hook me up with a trip to Detroit for that Black Friday event VIP style and y'all can have first dibs at picking my brain, and then reward me as you see fit! Maybe give me a job or something homies! I'm just tired of being a nobody still out here! Some of these ideas I had since school daze but I can't find the right people to bring this stuff to life! I suck at normal life crap but I swear I will do whatever it takes out here to make something of myself yet!! MCL been down since 97' Whoop Whoop
Hey J. My name is Melanie. I met you a couple years ago when you were hanging out at Bandidos in Richmond, VA one night. We discussed that I was going to school to be a big time promoter and you told me that you were proud of me and to hit you up when I graduate because you wanted me to promote for you. Do you remember this? If yes, I graduated and am ready to have the honor of promoting for you.
Another Big Money Hu$tlas ever?
I've been trying for years to find where the intro to Boogie Woogie Wu came from. Can you please tell me so I can finally sleep at night?
What ever happened to the song 1967 that was planned for Fearless Fred Fury? Was it renamed to something else or completely scrapped? And will the original version of Get Clowned ever be released?
The only thing I’d like to say, if you see this. Is thank you- for everything, thank you. Thanks for getting me through high school. Thanks for inspiring me to find some self worth, and thanks for inspiring me to get out of that abusive relationship. The music you guys make is proof that the world isn’t all bad after all. Thank you
What did you think of Twiztid’s recent Generation Nightmare album? I personally thought it sucked ass
Any chance you and Shaggy start a podcast? You guys are just seriously hilarious
Are y’all gonna release a new Soopa Villainz album in the near future? Ricochet was pure fire, we need more!!
ICP Little rock? Will it EVER happen?
When you first started throwing faygo (so much faygo!) at shows, how did the event staff deal with it? Did they have any clue what they were in for? Why did they even allow you to return?
This is JJ, not J
He’s on his account (confirmed on IG)
It seems J has acquired JJ's phone and taken over? lol
What are your thoughts on Woosta aka Worcester mass ?
Wicked cold. That lobstah isn’t too far though! LEGALIZE OIL PENS AGAIN!
Wow.... You have a lot of questions already.. My three are,
-Will you come back to Canada, Ontario so you can take my concert virginity?
-If I see you live in concert would it be considered rude or nice if I show up in matching face paint?
-And why are you so handsome?
Are you planning on doing a behind the paint book part 2 (2003-present)? I fkn loved loved that book and the audio too
I want to see a pic of Violent J shirtless and I AIN’T GONNA DIE TILL I GET IT!!!
What’s good duke? I’m the ninja that tried to give you a yin yang chain in Dallas tx on the Milenko Tour! My question: what music did you listen to that inspired the music for that track crystal ball from BIZZAR? That jam is so tight and unique in how it evolves.
How many times did you say panties on that closing song from Fearless Fred Fury? Lol
Do you intend to come back up to Canada?
I know your Ontario street team can’t wait to get out there and promote it!
Did Rob talk to you about Camp Liqatwat’s Pants off Dance off?! Would you be willing to host it?
Is there a song you made that you don’t like? Any song in the huge discography of Insane Clown Posse where you look at like “Damn that song was stale”?
Can you still hang upside down from a basketball net like you could back in the day?
(According to Shaggy on that episode of Danny’s House)
Have you ever met Guy Fieri in person? Do you see the resemblance?
Pizza with pineapple! Hell Yes or Fuck No!
Do you get tired of hearing about fuckin’ magnets? How do they work or is it apart of the great ICP legacy?
I’ve seen some artwork floating around about a puppet master with orange and red color being teased as the next Joker’s card? Who is that?