The difference between Jellyfin and PLEX

After about a day's use of both. Not to mention the amount of DNS requests being blocked by Pi-hole.
In the process of migrating to Jellyfin and it's perfect for having a simple media library manager and for streaming to local devices. No bloat. No unnecessary logins or internet connection required.
I have, however, encountered quite a number of crashes, and also have a lot of feature requests and quality of life suggestions as we've been become accustomed to with PLEX.
Very telling picture. You should cross post it to
Wut? JF is pretty stable crash wise. What OS, what install method, and what hardware (aka, Pi/ARM or x86_64)?
Ive had no crashes whatsoever with jellyfin. If you look in their sub it seems pretty unusual with that type of problem also..
You mean to say that plex is stable and... works? Because my experience with plex has been one big shiny turd
Over the past week Plex took the top spot in my pihole. Prior to the last update my Amazon FireTV Cube was the top spot by a couple hundred thousand requests per week. Since Plex's latest update it blew past the FireTV Cube. I've resorted to adding entries directly in my Plex server host file as the DNS requests were starting to impact my aging switch.
I’m new to this whole world. I’m currently a Plex user but I’m not a diehard or anything.
Can someone tell me more about the DNS requests? What should I know about it if I’m going to have a media server and Plex/Jellyfin to watch it on?
The difference is apps. I'll hop on over to Jellyfin as soon as there are apps for all of the following platforms (these are just the Top 10 currently hitting my servers):
Of those, the following exist already:
Of the remaining ones, these are in development with varying stages of completeness:
For the non-Apple TVs (Vizio, Tizen, and Samsung) we are actively working on improving the quality of the web UI on Smart TVs in preparation for some Smart TV releases (first will be WebOS). It's noticeably better going by the users that have been reporting progress to us.
And finally, for tvOS we have some rumblings in the background now that iOS is out. Development hasn't started, but research has.
Jellyfin works on Android, Chrome and Firefox. If you save the Jellyfin web app to your homepage on iOS, it works well. If the Jellyfin React client gets off the ground, it would cover a native iOS and tvOS app, and would make a Tizen client easy to get up and running. If you use the Jellyfin Kodi app, you can connect to the Kodi app available for Tizen and other platforms.
I'm not sure what "Samsung" on your list means, they make a lot of things.
Well, what do you expect? A free service has to make money somehow!
Oh wait, the free one is the one that isn't spying on you, and tracking the shit out of you with hundreds of ads and tracking links?
This isn’t sarcasm, this is the truth.
Used to like Plex, but the shift in direction, the changes to the UI (that were not needed), the adding of shit no one asked for or wanted (TIdal, etc), plus the fact that it would randomly hoover up all the ram available, and bring the machine to it's knees for no good damn reason, turned me off. Every time i think they may have fixed the memory leak, or whatever it was using over 4GB of ram for nothing, it would be fine for a bit, then do it again. forcing me to hard reboot just to get it to respond. So no, it can fuck off. Jellyfin works fine, and does what i need, without ruining my machine
I think we need a stickied new post regarding the reasons people are deciding to ditch PLEX and looking elsewhere. Yours being a good example and not too dissimilar to mine.
This type of comment (from your Plex sub post) is so completely mind blowing to me:
Fear mongering about nothing.... are you fucking kidding me. Plex is collecting absolutely everything about everyone's library and absolutely everything about everyone's media consumption habits. They have 0 reason to collect this information especially in an identifiable manner other than to use it for profit. Which means it's malicious toward the user. This isn't fear mongering. It's literally the truth about something currently happening.
I just find it performs so much better.
I didn't think I could steer away from Plex, but I did. The only thing I miss is the auto scanning of libraries, which I do not believe are available on Ubuntu server (to be fair I haven't looked that deeply into it. I will probably just make an API call and have it scan every so often.
There’s a built in Scheduled Task for scanning the library. You can use that if you want :-)
I know
They might be able to help you some with it.
I use it with a HDHomeRun and Schedules Direct. I tried a couple different ways of getting local guide listings, then just gave up and went with Schedules Direct
I think you need hdhomerun and xteve but i could be wrong. I'm excited for jf to get kinks worked out.
I know the uBlock icon, but what are those other three?
One is noscript, I don’t know the other one.
Was that or the local site?
The local one.
Sorry to hijack the post, any news about iOS clients? Last time I checked I literally could not access it.
Last I heard was in here -
You need to sign up in Testflight to be able to access the beta iOS client
I’m running the beta of the iOS app and it is functional, but a bit rough around the edges. Devs are working their asses off, and I’m pretty happy. I’m running Jellyfin for myself full time, The wife and family are still on Plex. You may use the previous statement to judge how far along the project is.
I would move to Jellyfin, I tried it and liked it.
But their isn't enough client support, theres no Plex Autoscan and I had a few issues with metadata
I think it needs a bit more baking in the oven. Maybe a few months to a year?
What do you mean by Plex autoscan?
I'd love to use Jellyfin but as an Apple house, no TvOS client makes me cry.
cries in bloated Plex