Dear Diary, Jackpot.

AWESOME i just built my first machine with it, i love it. Yeah dont listen to the amd people ENJOY!
Leave him alone , it's his money. He can buy what ever he wants. I switched from 2700x to a 9700k after 15 months because I only game now. I wanted that extra fps. Also I only game at 1080p.
Exactly this. The comments criticising people for buying the 9900K remind me that a lot of the users are probably around 12 years old.
Imagine thinking that the 9900K is a bad purchase.
Came for a good laugh, wasn't disappointed.
Looks at all the sarcastic/triggered comments Funny and kind of sad how this subreddit has devolved since Ryzen 3000's launch...
I miss the old
too late.
What jackpot, it's a blue engram ffs.
I understood that reference!
I have a feeling the 10th gen i9 CPU's won't be that much better with two extra cores (the 10th gen i9's apparently do not have iGPUs).
i7-10th gen will probably be the new king for awhile as they will basically be an i9-9900k.
(edited to make a prior comment more clear)
It'll certainly be great for years. How many years is unclear.
We're just coming off the long no-competition stretch where the Core i7-2700k was legitimately a good gaming processor for something like 8 years. Four cores and 8 threads was top of the line for mainstream processors until 2017 with Coffee Lake and Ryzen, and even now there's only a few games that really need more than that. Core gens 3-8 had performance improvements, but the cumulative effect over six years wasn't even a reliable factor of two.
We're not seeing the same thing happening again at 8/16. Mainstream motherboards can already handle 10/20 and 16/32 CPUs. Next year's not going to push things too hard since Intel doesn't seem prepared to hit 7nm and AMD's just going to hold at their current core counts and push IPC with Zen 4, but we're likely to see another major core jump in 2021. We're also going to have DDR5 and PCIe 5 by then.
It's entirely likely that by 2022 the 9900K will feel like the 3770K does today: Not a bad CPU, but short on cores and using an old memory standard.
I remember people saying that about the 7700k.
what have you done
YOu shOuLd HaVe gOtTeN a 2600x for PrICe pEr PeRfOrmAnCe
Nah man shoulda just gotten a threadripper 3970x to dominate games like task manager resource monitor and cinebench!
Hahaha not gonna lie I’m already getting that in my discord chats lol
Yeah people should just let other people spend their money they way they want. If people don't want to buy an AMD CPU then that's their decision to make.
No what you’re supposed to do is upgrade your computer every 8 months. I went from a 1600 to a 2600 now I’m on a 3600. Thank god AMD let’s me do this. Don’t really know where I would be in life if I bought a 8700k two years ago. God bless.
Edit: Big thanks to those that understood this was a shitpost. Is a cool that AMD lets you upgrade from a 1600 to a 3950x? Sure. But let’s be honest. The person who bought the 1600 is on a budget and realistically won’t have the financial freedom to afford a $750 CPU. Backwards compatibility is a meme that only makes sense on AMD chips because they knew it would take multiple refreshes to get close to Intel. By the time the high end 3 series chips become affordable, new tech will be out which will make them look silly. Just be a normal person and buy a PC for 3-5+ years and then upgrade the whole lot in one go.
Nice strawman
You are right. It was the best choice! Who cares about security and shit when you can have a super cheap space heater?
Price per performance is such a bad way to buy.
Find out what you need to achieve and buy the product that does that ...
If he needs 165FPS on ultra at 1080p Then why buy X because it's price per performance is better than Y if it won't get him 165 ultra on 1080
Even if it cost $1.00
nobody says that
If it's free i'd take it though.
Whats so jackpot about it?
He had to win a jackpot first to pay for it.
Nice. Welcome to the gang.
Congrats. The 9900k is a beast.
Got one last week as well
The i9 still is yes best for gaming. Quick question what are your “workloads” Just gaming?
Like your new heater.
What CPU did you have previously?
i5 8500 it um “fell” off the back of a truck
So it clocks well?
I am also curious about that, last pure K models seems to do not have great oc room
Dear diary, Hurting Wallet.
Maybe for you...
I just built me new system around it and while I don't regret the purchase, goddamn if overclocking it and cooling it isn't hard. I'm currently using a Noctua NH-D14 but I've purchased parts off AliExpress for a custom loop, since I can't keep temps under mid 90s.
Also I don't understand many of my motherboard's oc settings (Aorus Z390 Master), especially the VRM ones.
Vcore and multiplier is basically all you need, enable mce, disable c-states. On f10 that is.
just upgraded from a 9900k to a 9900ks merry Christmas to me
Enjoy the 3% difference
I hope it’s the silicon lottery my boy push it to the limit
And intel is the best for gaming and the z490 boards coming soon
So, how well does it OC?
Won’t know till after Xmas! Still need to get a better cooler
Go you man, any over clock yet to test the silicon lottery?
Not yet, waiting till after Xmas to snag a better cooler for it. Right now I just have a Hyper 12 Evo cooler master and the i9 deserves better lol 😂
Now the question is if you hit the silicon lottery jackpot.
Stay tuned after Xmas! 😂
It's as if you are holding an infinity stone. Moar powa!
It does bring a smile to my face
that pentagon thing for a box..
You meant dodecahedron, surely.
Other example spinoffs of some comments on here ...
Needs a stock car that will do 13 seconds in the quarter mile
Buys 2018 Audi Q5
User says dude, you could have gotten a Jeep Grand Cherokee for half that price ...
Yes, but also never achieve his goal
Say no to brand loyalty.