Old but, thought it deserved a spot here.

and since you're posting it here too, i'll mirror my comment here as well
the backstory is that it's from a short film. evidently the kid's reaction is legit, but it's still staged.
if you want to waste time digging it up, here's a thing i found
Thank you. I was going to ask what this was from, since it's clearly staged.
Thank you for the thing you found as I am lazy.
Thanks! The aspect ratio, the framing, the angle of the shot... I was thinking “this HAS to be from a short film.”
Oof then that guy must have felt real guilty
big up the reddit PI’s of the world
That little shit got what he deserved
Fuck that kid. Dad should have pulled out.
They should have poured it on the parent...
I agree, no control over their child. I don't know the story behind this, but it seems the parent encouraged it.
its staged
That's exactly what I thought.
It’s fake
Why not both?
Nope, guy was right. Someone had to discipline that kid. Now he is terrible at disciplining, so he did wait twice.
Parents fault for sure. I would've apologized for having a dumbass son. I would also take away his cart and put back the stuff.
Should the adult have poured the milk onto the child? No.
Should the child have repeatedly hit the woman using the cart? No.
Should the parent be standing there not doing anything? No.
Trouble is, the woman only reacted because of the child's behaviour and the child only has that behaviour because of the parent's lack of reaction. So, you're right - it's the parent's fault
I have had a kid in a pram kicking me as i was trying to help the parent with their shopping. I politely said to the kid "hey, watch where your kicking" in the way you talk to babies in a cute oh you kinda way. Got told by the parent aggressively that i was in the kids way..... Why parents cant just tell off their children i will never understand.
Is this staged?
the backstory is that it's from a short film. evidently the kid's reaction is legit, but it's still staged.
if you want to waste time digging it up, here's a thing i found
As a parent, I'm horrified to think that anyone would let a stranger treat their kid this way.
I'd have had that milk open and been pouring it on my kid the first time he rammed that poor dude.
It was staged, don't worry.
Found out from comments it’s a scripted thing, but bruh if some kid hit me in the leg and the parent didn’t do shit about then I would fucking punt that kid
It doesn’t matter if it was scripted, the child still didn’t understand and cried legitimately. It’s child abuse.
Control your fucking kids
It’s staged
Kid needs the wooden spoon
That mother should've stopped him doing that. If she talks shits to him, he should pour the milk on her too.
I’d have moved aside so the kid did a face plant. I love kids but not when parents allow them to pull shit like this, staged or not.
Good, the kid deserved that
He should have poured it on the mom!!
I don't if it's staged or not, the kid deserved it
Little shit, shit parent as well
This seems fake... what kind of parent would let their child antagonize a stranger like that? And then just watch as he slowly opens a bottle of milk and pours it on the kid? Also, once he has milk poured on him he’s crying, and she just picks him up and walks away. I don’t know a mom that wouldn’t slap the shit out of that guy; regardless of whether or not their kid deserved it that’s uncalled for. Also, what kinda guy would actually do that to a kid? (I actually find that the easiest part to believe, bc people are assholes, but still...) Also, last but not least, why the hell was someone recording at that exact moment at the perfect angle focused on the kid? 🤔
EDIT: I now see the OP’s comment explaining that it is staged... but now I typed out this long comment... LOL, just ignore me I guess!
A long time ago, my neighbor's kids were rowdy and problematic. My neighbor was cool though, but probably not the best at disciplining kids.
Her kids were several years younger than me and I was in 6th grade; me and all the neighborhood kids were outside playing, and I don't know how it started but one of her kids picked a fight with me and then ran home. I was confused but was like, "okay problem solved." But no, the kid comes back with an open water bottle and throws cold water all over me.
I was so pissed that I picked up the kid, threw her into the ground, and she started crying. Not my best moment. The other neighbors were like wtf and sent me home but her own mom didn't even yell at me; she picked up the kid and said, "Hey, that's what you get. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."
Why was the parent letting the child do that she must have not given a fuck
he should have uppercutted that little brat. The mom too
This must be the first time I’ve been hunting for the volume control. I should downvote for that but it’s too funny.
Posted this from a shitty phone, wouldn't let me convert to gif. I'm hurtin too
I have a family member that parents this way and the. When I do things like the guy in this video they get mad at me and start a big fight.
Why are videos of small annoying children so satisfying?
Wish there was sound so we could hear that amazing parenting
Fair enough
He didn't have to be so fucking aggressive. Yeet the kid
This happened to me in a Sam's club, except I was too young and scared to do anything, mostly because the parents saw and were laughing about it.
And that's incident #1456 that I think of when I'm trying to sleep at night and suddenly remember things that make me angry even though they happened over ten years ago.
Sounds like the toddler won over your bitch ass
Everyone liked that
I think mom needs a spanking too.
Karen should teach her crotch goblin how to behave.
I'll be honest id have done the same thing in a real situation.
i know that it’s staged but that stranger could’ve pulled out the flip flop
Boss move, love it!
That's the dad, you can tell they're both assholes.
I love this, in any possible way
Totally awesome.
This scene scene was discribed to me ( in the context that there friend lived through this event) by some German that I work with.... These German are part of this congregation that forbid watching any for of motion picture.... Lol busted.
Reminds me of one of Bill Burrs jokes
This is something you can’t only watch once, Awesome
I would’ve played along and parents are not at fault when clearly the kid is being the annoying one.
Oh, I've seen
I know its weird to reply to a 4 month old comment on a 5 month old video but I need to thank you- I've been looking for this fucking video for almost a year and I can now finally rest.
Didnt expect to find it in the comments section of a kid getting milk poured on his head, but I guess it's as good a place as any.
He is just a kid man come on
Stupid mother should be slapping her kid
I know the kid had it coming to him but i kinda think dumping that on him is a bit much.
Then she has the gall to try and divorce me and take our son?
Fuck you kid.
Mother's just completely fucking checked out
Nice short film. I really hope these days parents see this. Crappy kids 'cause parents are a**holes.
It's...it's staged...easy tiger
That was very satisfying to watch as someone who can't stand children.
i pity your existence.
Little shit deserved it lol
Stupid Fucking baby if that was me I would beat the fucking liquid out of that fucking child Jesus fuck I’m filled with such rage just fuckign thinking about him and his smug little fucking face fuck
I sense anger in your tone...And I like it.
It's staged you psycho.
All I see is a 20-something acting less mature than a toddler
Tbf, it’s from a film. So at least it’s not fully real.
What a fucking arsehole
Yeah that mom was the one who deserved it
I don’t know why but I feel really sorry for the kid.
this isn’t instant karma, it’s immature adults lashing out on children whose behaviour is a result of their parents shitty parenting skills. if anyone honestly believes that the child should be punished is fucked, sure he’s being annoying but the best way to fix that is positive reinforcement of good behaviour and explaining why the bad behaviour is wrong
Your ignorance should be pitied...
Lmfao!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
I can't believe the milk - welding adult is seen as being in the wrong. What was the alternative? How do you think people learn in the real world?
At that age, through their parents.
He was a kid, and the Guy was a fool.
Crotch goblins
He had to learn the hard way
Ignorant cunt.
Those skinny legs looked like it would have broke
If their dumbass parents aren’t going to do anything about it, if has to be taught somehow.
I dunno. Kid won’t forget that lesson and will probably never clip an ankle again.
Don't punish the kid, he doesn't know any better. Punish the parent instead
He knows better now...
Well he knows now. If the parent won't teach them then someone else will