A rapist's plans to kidnap a girl don't go aswell as he thought it would

That's the same guy there was vid just recently of a dude in all red suit getup trying to kidnap a kid off the subway looks just like him.
Edit: Found the vid I saw
What the hell is wrong with the dude she was with?
If you were going to do something like this, why would you wear all bright red?
How he grabs her and just sits on the bench after like nothing happened was fucking disturbing
That video was hard to watch especially when the guy gets up repeatedly asking who as he sits right in front of his face
How is this guy not in jail? I’m dumbfounded
Don't help just film?
Maybe the guys saw that YouTube video, recognized him and decided to teach him a lesson?
Looks exactly like him minus the facial swelling from getting his face kicked in
Yeah this beating comes after that video by guys who found him according to
Yep, way to go IronFox1288, same guy, why is this man not in jail or under the ground?
That’s the exact same dude. Someone needs to drop this guy before he really gets away with something terrible.
Yo it IS the same guy damn!!
So, are these videos on the same day or something?
Actual vid:
That looks like the same guy
Good detective work!
Yeah I also saw that video and it’s him. He was caught according to my sources
Good eye IronFox. That was the same guy
It’d really really suck to be someone innocent who just happens to look like him. Though his reaction to all this does kinda indicate it’s the right guy.
well he said “i was just trying to help her” and “it wasn’t even like that” which indicates that he’s admitting to being the guy but trying to explain why he did what he did. if it was the wrong guy entirely there’d probably be a lot more of him saying it wasn’t even him at all
That's the problem with vigilante justice, it's so easy to make a mistake especially when people are outraged.
This is the same guy.
That's what I thought up until he said "it wasn't like that"
There’s another vid of the guy trying to kidnap a different girl That's the same guy.
New Yorkers get accused a lot of ignoring people getting beat up in public ect.. but damn when they do step in they don't fuck around.
In the video of the guy snatching the girl, the dude filming just sits there and almost lets the door close. The girl actually had to save herself. Good to see justice being served though.
Yeah they let him walk away without any serious injuries. Hardcore.
Goo news is he was handcuffed to a hospital table, hopefully he’s in jail.
Looks like he got off of their block
The boys in Rikers miss their kids and when this POS ends up there, they are going to have a whole lotta fun with him.
Other people are saying there's another video. I haven't seen anything about this. Can someone post a link please?
Someone sent it now
Is there a video of him getting caught in the act?
Edit nvm this one is better. Too many idiots in the first one
They were way too nice
He’s gonna get more in jail.
homeboy behind the cam sounds like BIG.
he notorious now
Dang he had his pants down. Ready
There's no justice like street justice.
If it was real street justice, there wouldn't be a video. They would have found his corpse in a dumpster and nobody would have seen a thing.
YEAAAA my homeboy kicking the creep while wearing Tim🅱️s
Gotta look fresh when you're stomping kidnappers!
Destroy him
If he's still able to walk, you didn't punch him hard enough
taking it easy on him. I've seen a lot worse done to someone for a lot less.
Well done !
You ain’t from New York if you don’t have a pair of Timbs
Eh...where the fuck are the cops to arrest him? Even after that beating he's getting off way way way too lightly they should've put his nuts in a blender
Street Justice is so satisfying.
How have cops not picked this POS up yet?? Looks like he's going to keep trying this. That's so fuccen crazy!!
they have
He seems to have the ability to become invisible. Her brother couldn't see him even though he was literally sitting in front of him
Maybe he'll think twice before attempting that again!!..dumbass
Is that caveman Sam from trailer park boys?
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Why isnt the guy in red getting beat up, judging buy the other video the guy in black did nothing?
They just beating the fuck out of this dude
I didn’t really see his face in the other vid so if I’m confused I do apologise
Youknow its NY cuz they got timbs
You shouldn't hurt him or attack him just detain him that's not ok to hurt soneone even if they do something line this
I would be kicking him harder. Dude got what was coming to him.
The should of stripped him of his clothes
Yeah,that old school justice
You didn’t have hime thrown in prison? I mean pedophiles do great behind bars?
Good thing he brought those timbs
lol I never knew there was a followup to this--Wow, this ugly pos's face just got even uglier
Hope this happens to all this MF around the planet. An angry mob kicking the shit out of them. Good for the people who stepped up.
it’s nyc subway what are your honest expectations?
I like a follow up vid and this did not disappoint.
After seeing the vid of him trying to grab the girl he should have been beaten to death. This is what needs to happen in more neighborhoods, deal out some real justice.
They didn't hit him enough. He got up.
Should’ve stoned that sick fuck
Don’t think this is instant, but who is counting?
keep him down waiting the police to arrive. dont kill him
Hahaha eat it asshole
( Y ) Shame
He's lucky it was not India or Brazil. The neighbor hood women would have beaten and castrated him. They the guys would have burned him alive. In case you were inclined to think these guys went hard on him.
If he did do what is claimed then he got what he deserved however this is also assault so they're lucky they didn't "call the cops".
Wouldn't he have been arrested for attempted kidnapping?
The guy is probably going to play victim and say some right wing bs
why do americans feel compelled to inject politics into everything? give it as fuckin rest christ
Does he have to repeat everything 20 times?
They delt with him the right fuckin way
Splendid job
Papa franku wanting that ass you knaw whadim sayin
haha, yes, die trash
Sure it wasn't the butt cheeks?
Was the guy being hit the pedo?
Where is the original post?
Why does this restore my faith in humanity? Oh right people defended the girl.
That grunt at 0:18 was so satisfying
Get nae naed
heres an interesting story
This guy seems mentally disturbed (see his other videos). I don't believe he was trying to rape because he knew there was no way he was getting the women off that station, he's just fucking deluded and needs to be locked up and treated.
Can't say I disagree with the beating since there is that small chance he had rape in mind, regardless to the obvious failed plan he had in mind at the time.
He does seem mentally disturbed tbh
Fuck due process?
Dear lord please never show up for jury duty.... unless I'm on trial.
He might have different clothes, but it’s the same guy.
I’d suggest that the two videos dont follow each other immediately.
Because we all live in Stardew Valley, where no one ever changes clothes.
Ever heard of an outfit change
This looks A LOT like the guy in red from the other video, for sure
Im in pure disgust.
I know this guy is awful, but what do you guys think about vigilante justice like this? Should he get this or should we just send him to jail?
The vast majority of the time vigilante justice is bogus, though exceptions exist like when people are in imminent danger and stuff like that when somebody HAS to step in to save/help people.
We see law enforcement fuck up often enough(trained professionals) that I would never trust a random member of the general public to do whats right(well intentioned and right are two different things).
Overall I am not a fan. I think vigilante justice is most of the time barbaric and wrong, really just satiating the public's blood lust but doesn't actually do much of anything.
It's part of the local street vernacular in some urban areas, particularly among black men.
Only if you class being black as a disability.
When one is in "go-mode" words can just start pouring out. Just picture all those white dudes in fights who say "wassup bitch? C'mon! Wassup huh? Wassup bitch?"
Where is the proof he did it... He deserves it if he did... But all i see is black guys beating a white man.
Groo gone bad.
Here’s a video of the same guy getting caught in the act and nobody does anything to try and stop him
he picks up a girl off the subway, literally, picks her up and carries her OFF the subway
when you forcibly take someone into another room against their will or without their consent - thats the definition of kidnapping - so seeing as how it was all caught on tape, pretty cut and dry - the dude kidnapped some girl off the subway.
Why are u being downvoted for asking a legit question. I was wondering the same. Its not like were defending him but i want a back story is all god
And that is america's ass
I don't believe beating him will stop his ''cravings''
Killing him might
Why are u being downvoted for saying something truthful
Watch this:
Extremely creepy/scary Basically a young girl and older man are sleeping on the subway when this dude starts tapping the young girls foot, IMO he notices that the person she is with is unresponsive and they both seem high on hard drugs by the way they react. Then it looks like he takes his shot and grabs the girl picks her up and takes her outside the subway car. He then sits down and pretends nothing happened.
That's my problem here. I am 100% trusting their claims, which is all you can do when you run into a mob of some sort.
This is mob mentality at its worst. No one knows what the details were. It could have been his daughter’s best friend for all we know? I’m not completely defending him but people don’t know the full story.
Yeah he totally picked up his daughter's best friend on the Subway and carried her away into an empty train station for a perfectly innocent reason. That makes sense.
/S obviously
Yeah I think he got mental health issues. He don't seem all there.
This is definitely assault, even if arguably deserved.
Doesn't appear anyone there was wearing steel toe boots or knew how to throw a kick. Dude wouldn't have been getting up otherwise, and that's how it should have ended.
Do bad they in America and can't finish the job
u kinda weird doe
Can't believe the response to a potential rapist in either video is so lame. He should have been beaten to death, not let go.. people are so fucking shit.
Potential rapist should have been beaten to death. Good thing you don’t make the laws. Stupid motherfucker
Listen to all these Jamals saying “call da cops” I thought only whites did that.
well in this one he's pretty battered, he clearly has some swelling in his face
Well he did say it's not like that, I was trying to help her. That pretty much indicates it was him. I thought the same at first, as he was in red before. But when he said that, he just admitted guilt.
I'm pretty sure its the exact same person. the shape is the same, the color is the same. the expression is the same. he's dressed considerably different - but its pretty easy to tell this is the same guy
Why tf did they keep kicking him, geez
Because if the story is true, he deserved it. Along many worse things. It was brave of them to stand up for their moral code even when faced with the law.
Did mommy call the cops?