This is so stupid. What kind of family does this to their daughter?

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I live close to this person and I’m pretty sure I’ve met the parents. If They are who I think they are they’re total assholes. She’s a sweetheart too. Fucked up she has to put up with that shit.
Edit: oh shit that’s my gym! That’s how I know her
I love free pickup!
Good fucking riddance. Those kinda people will never be happy with anything you do
It says how much weight she lost, but I think she’s lost hundreds more than that with how her family is acting! Ridiculous!
It’s probably hard but I totally agree. It sounds like she won’t be weighed down by a garbage “family” anymore either.
Weight loss jealosy is a real thing. Her parents and family are probably narcissists who can't handle that their verbal punching bag now has rock hard abs
Probably never expected her to lose weight, they thought that she would be lazy just like them
They can't handle that their verbal punching bag can use them as real punching bags
Yep, jealousy written all over it..
Some of my family stopped talking to me because I talked about losing a bunch of weight too much for their liking. Lol. Some of us are better off without these types of people in our lives.
Yeah, My wife's friends all left her when she lost weight. I'm not surprised, though. They were toxic as fuck, and she really couldn't see it until she began to have some success, and then the queen bee turned on her. Good riddance, really.
It also wouldn't surprise me if her family is also overweight, but not as overweight as she used to be. They could talk down to her and feel better about themselves because they're not as fat as her. Now she's probably smaller than them and they never thought she would be.
My family is all overweight (myself included sadly). Everyone eats what they want when they want even if it's a whole bag of chips in one sitting. I have a young daughter who I'm doing my very best to make sure she forms healthy eating habits and stays at a healthy weight. I get so much pushback from my family about it and they keep calling her skinny (she is 50th percentile for her age, she isn't skinny). No one bats an eye at my niece though who is half my daughter's age and weighs more than her (she also has a very round belly).
I don't know how to handle these kind of people. Being overweight is the status quo and being healthy is an issue.
Sounds like she’s better off without them and their negativity.
This is nuts and the definition of toxicity. This poor girl was so affected by the opinion of her family that she worked hard to get healthy and was rewarded by bitterness. I hope she’s doing ok.
A lot of obese people come from obese families. It's likely she's much thinner and fatter then they once were. Even their comments when she was overweight were largely innapropriate and downright rude - they were likely projecting their own fears onto her. Now that she's thin, they continue to take out their own insecurities on her, only now it's through jealously and attempts to sabatoge her through more negative comments.
Fuck the family that abused her, it's terrible that people will try to shame you for not fitting their "healthy" figure.
"I wanted someone to make fun of so I felt better, not for you to actually lose weight!"
I've had this weight loss jealously with my Mom. She was morbidly obese - I'm thinking v well over 350 lbs. I was at my heaviest 330 lbs. I dropped over 100 lbs & she was calling me "gaunt" after a while, telling me not to lose too much weight. She was also giving me greif about my hair and how I dressed at time too.
Yes. I lost about 35kg and my mom is forcing me to eat every other thing and says I'm ugly. Now I'm on average weight.
Well hey, good job on the weight loss, and I'm proud of you!
This. Came from an overweight family and was constantly called out by them for being overweight, lost it, and now i’m constantly hearing how i’m too small.
That's awesome! I lost 60 pounds last year and my family pretty much treats me like shit now because of it. The main reason is because my aunt had her stomach stapled or some shit like that a couple years ago and instead of losing weight, she gained an extra 100 because she has no fucking self control. So, yeah, that's my fault apparently for being able to lose weight on my own without medical intervention.
Fuck their criticism, nice job, it's a huge accomplishment.
My grandmother thinks my cousin’s wife is anorexic because of her weight loss. She had gastric band surgery to control her PCOS and is now at a normal weight.
go you!
How DARE you prove to them that they lack the will power to lose weight, that it is their fault and not nAtUrE
I was 250 pounds. I lost 30. Got accused of anorexia while still being well over weight.
Bro just get healthy and maybe lean and fit as fuck to fuck with them. Congratulations on your achievements!
Hey great job losing weight!!!
I’ve been struggling with weight issues for the past 5 years. When ever I start exercising (Monday-Friday) I have a good time but after a month it seems like a chore and after a few more weeks I give up and stop exercising.
Good job on the weight loss. I only lost 35 (from 215) and everyone tells me I look too skinny and I shouldn't lose any more. Of course these same people didnt think I needed to lose weight at 215. My doctor thinks I could still stand to lose another 10.
My wife experiences the same thing after losing like 10lbs
Yeah I am overweight although only by 15 lbs, yet my family says I am waaay to skinny and try to get me to eat more and even push unhealthy food on me, most of which I dont even like (sweet shit makes me sick thx IBS)
But I am currently trying to lose weight and its annoying constantly having my parents egging me on.
I initially read this as you currently weigh 115 lb and have 26 more to lose and got a little worried 😂 but congrats, that’s amazing!
Just remember, your did it for you and what everyone else thinks doesn’t really matter. That being said congratulations and I bet you’ll reach your goals and beyond!
Not my family, but someone legit started a rumor at work that I have cancer because I've lost a significant amount of weight (107 lbs). Can't wait to get out of a hospital and away from all that shit.
I lost 31 lbs and still have 12 more to lose and my parents are really supportive! I never realized it wasn't common! They are the one that made me realize I gained a lot of weight. They helped me getting back on track before it became really hard to lose it! They help me to prep me meals and move more!
My mom is fighting overweight since she is in her 20s she didn't want that to happen to me! She is always struggling to lose weight and regain it really fast.
You did a really good job! 115lbs by yourself it's amazing!
Just think about YOUR health. Feeling good in yoir body is part of your health too. If you are hapoy with yourself, it's all that matters. Very good job for your weight loss man.
Good for you! As long as your doctor says you are at a healthy weight, you’re not too skinny! Don’t listen to your family. Obesity is a big problem across the world and can be really bad for you. I once saw a toe that was taken off of a morbidly obese person because it lost all circulation and was basically dead. It was their second toe, and it was significantly larger than my big toe. Also, same day (I was in a pathology office and I got to watch the assistant pathologist, the person who cuts everything up for the slides and/or records why XYZ had to be removed, working. Wanna do that probably, still deciding my life lol) I also saw a gallbladder filled to the brim with gallstones (cholesterol, if anyone’s wondering). The gallbladder was the only thing that legitimately disgusted me that day. I am pretty sure I gagged. Obesity is absolutely awful for your body. Thank you for listening to my TED Talk.
My family is overweight, and I definitely became concerned about my sister since she’d dropped a lot of weight and wouldn’t eat around us claiming it “made her feel sick recently”. I felt bad harping* on her especially given I am obese, but during the summer she admitted to me that at the time she did have an eating disorder. I think there are two sides to these things, not everyone is doing it because they’re going through weight loss jealousy.
*Mostly asking her to please eat something, even if it’s just a small meal, and letting her know that if she’s going through something she can tell me and I’ll try to help her.
My mum isn’t an insane parent, she’s actually super super caring and generous but she is Thai and it is just the culture there to call people fat if you think they are anything other than skinny. This really affected me growing up. She kinda learned to adapt to the western country we grew up in but it’s funny the comments I’ve just become used to. When I was “chubby” in my early 20s (about 60kg at 5’6) she constantly said I was fat. When I lost the weight, she said I was too skinny. I once said “you’ll never be happy with my weight and she narrowed her eyes and said ‘I could be...’”. Implying I needed to be this perfect size to her...
Now I’m a normal size but last year I lost some weight and she sat me down very concerned to ask if I had been buying illegal weight loss pills off the internet lol. I didn’t know whether to be flattered or offended! Sorry, not sure the point of my comment but Asian mums can really mess with your self esteem!
Same thing happened to me, my dad sat me down and told me I might want to lose some weight before I start high school.
I lost loads of weight and then he wouldn't stop making cracks about me having an eating disorder
Honestly, I haven't lost a significant amount of weight, and I still get the comments. After years of working out and being active, I finally decided to just be for a couple of months. Keep in mind, I could still wear all the same clothes- I was just squishier. My mom bought me size 22 jeans (I usually wear size 8-10) because I'd "put on so much weight". :/
Great job on the weight loss, though! You've come a long way, and your body will thank you for it in the future.
Keep it going, you'll get there! Godspeed👍
Same. Every fucking Christmas.
Insane and obviously enormously jealous
I think enormous decribes her family perfectly in all negative aspects.
She looks amazing. Her family sound like jealous arseholes.
Yeah no shit. That girl went from good looking to downright gorgous. (However ya spell it)
Right? She doesn't have an unreasonable thigh Gap (from how she's standing, it appears she has little to none, in fact), meaning she has a healthy, not excessive or lack thereof, and she has a visibly strong core and upper body. No visible rib cage in her chest, a pronounced but not protruding collar bone. It's way past a stretch to accuse her of being unhealthy.
I'm 120lbs and used to hear from my overweight mother that I was too fat. I developed an eating disorder and dropped to 107lbs. Been working hard and lifting heavy things to try and get strong again. This woman is awesome!
Good job you! Not an easy thing to overcome, any of it! Make your goals and reach them and don't let anyone take away from what you've done! Proud of you
Isn’t 120lbs underweight?
My dad’s cousin tells me my hair is too short. Just this week she said my uncle’s girlfriend’s hair is too long. Some people just like to complain.
Everyone must look the same and also worse than me!!!1!
I like to turn to folks like that at say, "oh yeah? Like how you are too miserable and ugly to criticize how people look? The nerve of some people, eh?"
Usually shuts em up. Sometimes starts a hissy fit. But that's funny, too.
Yeah one of my cousins Ex's was like that. Complained that my wifes hair was too short and not feminine when she got a bob, then when she grew it out complained that it wasn't as cute as her old cut.
Same bitch kept telling me I should dye my hair (I went white in my 20s) because I'd look better, "that I should just do it and surprise my wife". No? Im also not paying that much money.
My family is constantly complaining about my weight, whether I’m skinny or fat. My aunt called me fat during brunch, then criticized me for not eating enough making HER feel self conscious about her eating habits in one sentence.
Yeah my mom both tells me i'm 'getting fat' one day and then the next week 'aren't you getting too thin' . Tf woman
she needs to lose another 400 lbs or so
without that negative family she'd finally feel perfect
I have a feeling they’re a lot more than 400lbs if they’re this jealous, but totally agree
They had us in the first half not gonna lie
Oh, I know this. I went from nearly 300lbs to 200lbs whilst being berated by my family for being "too fat", and was bullied in to changing my eating habits by them because I was "too thin".
Anyone reading this, fuck them. You do you.
Reminds me of a family in my hometown that used their daughter to advertise their weight loss product. Actual scum.
Like they used her as the “before” picture?! Not cool. Well, not cool either way, but...
It never was about her weight, it was about tearing her down. I’m glad she has gotten a healthy lifestyle and hope the trash stays gone.
Some cut ties with her? Isn’t it great when the trash takes itself out
Shout out to GR. Her family sucks.
I actually came here to say that I am a New Yorker who spent 15 years of my adult life in Grand Rapids, and this doesn’t surprise me for that town...nor does it shock me that she found Jesus...
Link to article-
Thanks, more OPs need to do this
I read the whole article and am too lazy to register and comment there, but she said that her weight put her at risk for Type 1 AND Type 2 Diabetes. As far as I know, Type 1 (where your pancreas just stops working) is entirely auto-immune and has nothing to do with what you eat.
As a fitness professional, I regularly encounter this happening to clients, though most often with “friends” and coworkers. It’s super sad and disappointing.
My mother did this. I've always been full-figured, but I was active and healthy. She was fond of reminding me that I didn't get my figure from her (despite my showing her my hefty grandmother's--her mother's--wedding picture to differ). I then lost some weight and was working out, so I was toned (but my bust didn't deflate). My mother asked me IN FRONT OF COMPANY if I had developed anorexia. Oh my good lord. She never believed me that I was eating healthier and exercising. Yeah, she did that my whole life. Needless to say, I was a lot closer to my dad.
almost like commenting on someone’s weight/body is a form of control. i hope this woman has a good support system and hopefully access to therapy.
My extended family is like this, but instead of outright going NC, they just talk shit about you. My mom lost down from 200lbs to 115lbs (shes 5’1) and they haven’t liked her since. And one time she planned to go walking with my great aunts (all around 400lbs) and one didn’t even show up because she didn’t want to walk with “that skinny bitch.”
They're jealous assholes
You can never please anyone. Especially friends and family. I had wls and lost over 100kgs, it was the same as this...before they said I was too big, now I’m getting too small. Only way I win is to only care about how I feel. I just don’t give a fuck about their opinions anymore.
I only see some of my friends once every two years. Last time I saw them a lot had lost weight. I was among them. I was so excited for them and made a big fuss over how awesome they're doing. Most of the time people just don't notice when others lose weight as they see them often or they'll be cruel about it. We were all so nice to each other. One guy who was still huge, took my advice from the previous year and could walk around without getting out of breath this time. I was incredibly happy for him as he scared me last time. He could barely finish the half mile walk we went on. I actually sat him down and told him he had to walk every single day and push himself to go further slowly because I was so worried about him.
Sounds like real unconditional love of a parent for their child.
Ugh, I eventually had to just stop talking about my weight loss to all but a few people. A lot of my family is overweight/obese, but unhealthy and they know it, so my weight loss was applauded at first. Then the jealousy hit. Hard. I couldn’t say anything without my “gloating” or “bragging” about being “skinny”. (Mind you, I was 5’7”, 165... still overweight for my height, still having weight-related health issues)
Then I was told I was getting “too thin” (see above re:still overweight) and that I could do with eating an extra hamburger. And that was all BEFORE I started fitness classes and yoga. Now I just can’t say anything without a “hmph” or a disapproving “hmmmm”.
Poor girl. Her family is a toxic bunch of assholes, and clearly jealous and not capable of love. So sad. It’s crazy.. if we can’t harass you for being overweight, then we’ll harass you and even ‘cut ties’ for being too thin and adopting a healthy lifestyle. I hope she distances herself from them and has a happy, healthy life!!!
A spiteful family. She is a beautiful girl, but I hope she sees that they are mentally abusing her.
Remember guys: the facts don't matter to the bully. Even if you feel like they are right about you, it won't matter to them if you change. They will still be a bully. So change for yourself and not for other people.
Her name is gessica? Her family is shitty for multiple reasons.
Oh wow her and I must have the same family 😂.
Mom: "your sister is the thin pretty one. You and me are just cursed with being big"
Me: loses 30 lbs (still overweight but lost a couple dress sizes so far)
Mom: "you are being so unhealthy I bet you are not feeding your kids appropriately ..."
Me; 😑 I guess someone didn't like being confronted with the fact their unhealthy habits were changeable...
Fit shamming
”Hah, lose weight you fatass!”
Loses weight
”You weren’t supposed to do that. Now who am I gonna make fun of? You’re a selfish prick!”
Dead on!
unfortunately you see lots of stories like this on
"I'm better! Not good, but much better!" "NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Just leave and never talk to those fuckin cunts again
They are jealous af!
I wish her nothing but happiness. This is a fantastic accomplishment and the people who try and destroy her should feel horrible.
My mom is the same way lol
Happy cake day
Making people feel like they're always wrong no matter what they do is a pretty common form of abuse. I hope she takes care of herself and knows that this isn't a healthy support system to rely on.
Are you kidding me? 252 was an issue? Have these people never watched my 600lb life? 250 is still a muscular healthy. I hope she continues her success & feels better. The trash took it self out.
I'm not even from a family of obese people and they still have this weird jealousy whenever I or someone else in the family mention having lost some weight. Especially one aunt who lost a ton of weight herself, it's crazy.
This girl: So if I lose weight you guys will finally love me?
Her family: Well yes, but actually no.
Her fucking name is Gessica? Yup parents are crazy
One that never expected her to actually lose the weight, just wanted to abuse her.
I’m glad that she’s seemingly happy
Literally had the same dumb shit happen with my own family when losing a ton of weight and finally getting healthy in my late 20s. Some people are just toxic, regardless of the occasion.
Sounds like Mexican parents. "Estas muy gorda, ponte en dieta." "Estás muy flaca, come mas."
Oh god that make me remember my family when I lost weight. My cousin saw me after I lost 24 pounds and she was so mad she didn’t talk to me. Funny thing is, she was pretty skinny, but she couldn’t stand the fact that I got skinny, too. Narcissistic people don’t just want to be better than anyone, they also want everyone to be miserable.
This👏 causes 👏eating 👏disorders 👏
My cousin was "too skinny" for years according to my grandmother. She finally put on a little bit of weight and now my grandmother mentions how fat she's gotten.
It's not uncommon in Spanish culture to make remarks of other womens bodies and often be quite negative. Oddly enough, nudity on TV seems to illicit no response.
This one hurts. What kind of sick parents would do this crap? Also, she’s in incredible shape. Good for her!
“No no no no no! I don’t think you understand!! We want a quiet punching bag, not someone who actually goes through a lifestyle change. How are we supposed to feel good about ourselves now? Being better people and minding our own business? Jeez! So inconsiderate.”
Sounds like she lost a whole hell of a lot more than 122 pounds if you ask me. Good riddance to judgey fam.
Hey, I’m from Grand Rapids. Nice
That family can fuck straight off.
If you are from her family and you are reading this, suck my dick. If you have a problem, dm me and perhaps we can arrange a meet and greet.
This sounds like something my mom would do if I lost weight. I'm heavier and my mom always makes comments. As soon as she sees me eat a salad, she'll tell me I should enjoy life and eat what I want. It's never ending.
Local woman loses a collective 1000lbs. 125lbs weight loss from diet and exercise, 875lbs dropping a toxic family.
It’s because they didn’t actually want her to lose weight or care about her wellbeing, they just liked bullying her for it and now they can’t.
I did the same thing in opposite direction. I was very skinny growing up and constantly caught shit from my mom. I moved out and went to the gym every day for years and gained 50 pounds and when I came home my mom kept calling me fat.
Insecure people are going to tear you down no matter what you look like.
This is America
Wow jealous much
Some people just can’t handle the success of others or have the urge to bring others down. Doesn’t matter if they’re friends, family or some stranger in the internet.
In my experience, literally 50% of people will do this to some extent. I lost 65lbs and am now just 5lbs inside the "healthy" range for my height and get told by family that I'm too thin and need to eat. And that's a normal, well adjusted family. If people have any kind of baggage at all, for some reason seeing someone get healthy brings it all out.
I’m crying for her, she is probably a really cool person inside her skin. Fuck her family, they didn’t need to be ugly to her. She should live for herself not their opinions.
It took me two years to go from 310 lbs to 170 lbs. I was vegetarian during these two years. I stopped being a vegetarian when I found out my mom was asking my brother and my friends to help her put together an intervention because she thought I was on heroin or meth. That was 6 years ago and on New Year’s Day I weighed myself and I was 272 lbs. crazy.
This is an extreme example of how those hyper critical people will never truly be happy ,therefore never worth listening to. After you manage to change something they're unhappy about they will just move onto a new thing.
Single = I'm a loser or gay Married = why no kids Unemployed = lazy Employed = jobs not good enough Fat = Disgusting Lost weight = I don't eat right
The list goes on. If you're young and reading this, look for the people that are nice to you regardless of your situation.
When I was 12, I was a little fat. Not terrible, just a bit chubby prior to a major grow spurt. Mom told me if stayed like that I "might as well get a gun and shoot myself now".
Flash forward to age 17. I'm 2 feet taller and thin as a rail. I eat double cheeseburgers all the time, 4 meals a day. Typical boy stuff. Mom sends me to psychologist and a barrage of intrusive medical tests (barium ultrasounds, investigating my innards), because she thinks I am sick.
I don't resent my mom because she was doing what she thought was right, but damn has it fucked up my sense of self image.
This dame thing happened to me. I went from 300 to 230. I think I still need to lose weight but now they're telling me I don't need to lose more. It's very frustrating. They went from supportive to part of the struggle
Awesome! She can now lose the rest of the deadweight in her life
It’s amazing how much emotional weight you lose during weight loss on physical weight. Toxic people love seeing people fail because they themselves fail. I lost a lot of toxic friends just because I started eating healthier.
My family is similar, my dad and his mother have been over 300 pounds for the last 20 years or so, my older brother topped out at around 250 and my little brother is currently around 250 as well. My older brother got himself together, and now both him and his wife workout all the time and are physically in pretty good shape. I’ve never really been big, at 16 I was a chubby 215 but Now at 24 I’m at 180, working out, eating as best as I know how to. My dad and grandma regularly talk about how I, my older brother and his wife are too skinny, anorexic, in bondage to looking good, all that Jazz. The frustrating thing is my dad loves to talk about how he’s healthier on the inside because of how he understands health better, regularly takes various supplements, and drinks a 32oz cup of Metamucil after each meal. They also literally never drink water lol, all diet sodas.
I'm so glad my obese mother was thrilled when she found out I dropped 100lbs. That entire side of my family is larger, and I'm the thinnest of them all. No one does anything but compliment me. (The other side is super thin so I'm the chubbiest lol)
Back like 10 years ago my older bro was pretty overweight. 5'6 and over 200lbs which at like 15-16 is really not good. He eventually picked up lifting and a better diet which now hese like 180lbs but pretty jacked. Family members always have negative things to say abour his "diet" and how he never eats the food they make.... i get it now... jealousy.
STFU mom.
"we likes you better with low self esteem dear"
I witnessed this happening to a friend. Her siblings were making fun of the fact that she used to be overweight, then the next minute they said she looks anorexic now that she’s lost it. Some people are just assholes who will criticize you no matter what, and unfortunately sometimes those assholes are family.
How is that too thin?
She's lean, yes, but also muscular.
Not only did she lose the weight, but also the toxicity in her life
What a bunch of small minded losers her family are. I'd say she's better off without them in her life but losing your family over anything is horrible and traumatic. I hope she has a decent support system that have all the facts and she doesn't fall out of her good habits due to stress, which is probably what her whole family hopes will happen.
While she was overweight the family members had control over her, using her weight to keep her in her place in the pecking order. Now that she has taken control over her own life they don’t have that as a lever anymore so are trying to create a new one by using her weight-loss against her. It’s all about control. I hope she sees this toxicity for what it is and cuts free of their manipulative tactics. The kind of family that does this is the kind of family that you go no-contact with because they will destroy any joy or peace or happiness in your life no matter what you do. She looks beautiful and she is amazing. If she ever reads this I I would like to say well done! Stay strong! (Edit extra words)
Crazy story. She wasn't even wildly obese nor she became sickly skinny.
The fact that her family was bullying her for being too fat and then too skinny is crazy to me.
I hope she can handle this shit show well. Bottom line is: if she's a good person, fat or skinny doesn't matter. Obesity and anorexia are medically relevant so you should try stay healthy (which she seems to be very).
I think there's a lot of wiggle room between anorexic and obese where one can be and is attractive to someone out there, so as long as she's happy with her body, I'm at peace.
And while it's easy to wish her family to be shunned away, I hope this whole deal makes them see the error in their ways and sort out their family dynamics. Much better than a broken family in the long run
This just screams controlling assholes
America. The land where you will be shunned for having a healthy weight. I had a friend from Florida that was quite skinny but that was just her build. She would get discriminated against a lot just because of that.
Some of the family cut ties? That's sad, all of the family should have cut ties. This girl deserves better company.
This shouldnt be under
I guess they couldnt handle the neutron style.
This reminds me of when people started complaining about my hunchback in highschool. Then I joined a sport and it fixed up well. But then people started complaining "why do you walk so straight and stiff". Brah. In all honesty, you can NEVER satisfy everyone.
As someone in recovery from one I really really hope she doesn’t develop an eating disorder from this.
Her family is abusive
You know what if they want to cut ties with her good. Now she doesn’t have to bring her hot bf home to meet her psychotic family and thin shame both of them
Agreed OP, what parent could ever name their kid 'Gessica'? They showed a complete hatred for her the moment she was born.
That’s so fucked up you have done well for yourself and just cut lines with them
Sounds like she dropped way more weight than 122 pounds.
Sounds like she lost way more than 122 pounds. (Her shitty family that she's better off without, incase of that inevitable person who doesn't get jokes. )
She might have lost 122 lb in bodyweight, but she lost so many more from the trash that took itself out, weight straight off her shoulders.
You lost weight? NOW GET FATTER
She was a scapegoat to make themselves feel better. Now she isn't and they're upset.
Now I feel good that my parents defended me when the rest of the family accused me of having anorexia when I got hardcore focused on fitness.
Smells like some thick jealousy~ props to that girl, she did awesome
She’s better off without her family. Talk about dropping dead weight.
YES!!!! first thing i thought "she must be hispanic!" haha
edit: guess i should clarify before i get downvoted lol hispanic families tend to be very judgmental
I went from 305lbs to around 120lbs.
My family went from calling me overweight and nicknaming me “Big M” to telling me I’m too thin and telling me I need to gain some weight.
Sometimes you just can’t “win”.
Jealous much? My family was so excited about my weight loss until I started getting smaller and fitter than some of them - and then the fucking jealousy comes out and you get accused of taking meth cos you couldn’t possibly have done it on your own. True story.
what kind? abusive assholes
"You're always sitting fun your room playing video games, you should go out with friends more."
Asks if I can go out with friends on a day that we have nothing going on
Why does anyone think it's okay to ever comment on body weight? There's a compassionate way to do it if someone is unhealthy and needs to lose/gain weight to survive, but for fucks sake. I've had girlfriends say "you're so skinny," I've gotten it once or twice from my mother. It's fucking ridiculous. Even when it's not malicious, no one in their right mind would tell someone a bit overweight "You're so fat!"
They liked making fun of her more than they wanted her to lose the weight, it seems
I’ve lost 70 pounds and got down to a healthy weight and my family started calling me skeleton instead of fat. Just goes to show that the only person you need validation from should be yourself. Unhappy people will always try to bring others down to their level.
This is from experience and some serious advice to anyone trying to get healthy...
When it comes to eating healthy, no one will try to sabotage you more than your own family and friends.
And yes, I have seen this before. "You are too thin now. Eat some chips." It is even mentioned here about diet saboteurs on webmd:
The people who care about what you are doing, are the ones who say nothing at all.
I learned I had to establish boundaries. I developed a new rule for interactions that if I had to say "no" more than two times, I reserve the right to be rude. Because at that point, that person is being rude. Sometimes to the point of: what part of "no" don't you understand?
This isn't just for dieters either. I ended up popping off at a coworker at a house party because she wouldn't stop pushing my then husband to drink. She had no idea why he couldn't drink, but she wouldn't lay off of it. He may not be able to drink because of recovery, medications, enzyme inhibitions. It wasn't her business.
People will push. I had a coworker who was having a birthday party. She kept pushing cake on me. After multiple times of saying no thank you, she actually got snippy and said: It is bad luck not to eat birthday cake. I said it is bad for me to eat it.
Family: oh come on it is Thanksgiving! IT is a birthday! But you rarely see Aunt Bertha! You can have just a little, you have been good all day!
If you gave in every time there is an occasion, you pretty much will have to give up on the diet. BUT I MADE YOU YOUR FAVORITE DESERT! They will use guilt, manipulation, coercion, etc.
Is this a cross over episode between
She’s just as beautiful before as she is after.... her parents need to chill out
The kind where they didn’t actually wanted her to get thinner/be healthier. They just wanted to shame her.
Would smash both
One of those families you just can’t win with.
Idiots can become biological parents, too.
Would bet my last $5 this woman had weight issues as a child due to her narcissistic parents. They were the people responsible for her meals, nutrition and health (for the first 18 year of her life), of she ended up with weight issues, it's most likely their dang fault.
Can happen a lot in Hispanic households, sometimes you can't just win
Damn this belongs in
Her family is just fucking jelly. Get over it. Your daughter made you eat your words.
She looks incredible! What a transformation! Fuck those family members
If shes too thin than what am i
I discovered my mother putting spoons of sugar into my protein shakes when I started taking gym seriously. People are crazy.
A sociopathic one.
Envy can corrupt anyone, even your own parents.
One that will never be pleased
Too thin? She is fucking buff!
Just wow!!! Seriously wtf!!!
I'll be her new family.
My dad did the same. All my life I’ve been told I was too fat, you could roll me down a hill (please note while I was a little chubby, I was far from being obese or anything). This really fucked me over, I started starving myself and had binge eating sessions.
I moved abroad for my studies, and due to my mental health I lost a fair amount of weight. I was the skinniest I’ve ever been, while still being in a normal weight range (not underweight). I went home for a summer, first thing my dad said “You’re too thin”. I was flabbergasted. All my life you ass tell me I’m too fat, and then I have a healthy weight you tell me I’m too thin? Duck you man, I still have serious problems with my weight because of you.
I just had weight loss surgery and this kinda thing is way more common than you’d think. Subconscious (or totally conscious) sabotage is also quite common, where family/friends who see you eating better and exercising and being disciplined will constantly try to over feed you, feed you unhealthy stuff, disrupt your routine, etc. The psychologist I saw before my surgery was very frank about the fact that I will need to be aware after surgery that people will not be as happy for me as I am about losing weight, and that when relationship dynamics start to shift (ie. you’re no longer the fat friend, the fat sibling, the fat one at work, etc.) people really don’t like it and will act out. A lot of people lose friends they’ve had for years after WLS, the divorce rate for people who’ve had WLS is way higher than the national average, etc. People might seem happy for you at first, or on the surface, but cracks do start to show over time, I’ve already started to experience that.
Some family members will never be happy.