I didn’t experience high school apparently :(

if u didn’t have atleast 2 kids before 15 u didn’t experience high school 👌🏻😎
LMAO these fuckin losers were prob still virgins in 7th grade too 😂💯✊🏽
I will get pregnant on this hill
2? Fucking noob if you don't have 8 kids, a mortgage and a full time job by 11 you can go ahead and die 😎😎😎😎
I apparently didn’t experience high school either. Oh well. Too late now.
They say you can always go back to school my friend
My group of friends didn't show up one day (minus 1 other) se we went patrolling with the campus cop and actually busted a dude a chick trying to get it on. Was quite hilarious
Does it count if I got caught jerking off in my car?
With the guy next to you just watching?
You never experienced an elementary school if you didn't
Please I got caught fucking the 7 hot, sexy, hot female police officers at the same time on my principals desk, she got mad because we didn’t invite her into our octosum. You truly haven’t experienced high school, did I mention they were hot?
As a person whom this has happened to, I would not be proud of it like this. If anything, it's one of those memories I wish I could forget about. Absolutely embarrassing 🤦🏻‍♂️
Yeah, i was like 23 and got lights flashed on me on my girlfriend. I got out of the car holding my pants up and the cop got nervous obviously, shouting at me to put my hands up and then he figured out what was going on.
My girlfriend at the time had a panic attack immediately after the cop left us with a verbal warning (trespassing) and we were both paranoid for a good week afterwards cause the cop knew her parents so yeah I've gotta agree that it's not a good time
Embarrassing AND panic inducing
Same. I had this happen to me with a guy I really liked and it ended up ruining our relationship because of how paranoid we were in that moment. I wish it never happened.
Not high school but early 20s yes.
Happened to me too. I was sixteen at the time, and I was hooking up with my at the time girlfriend, and a police car pulled up, and we both just started panicking our minds out. They just said you can't do that here and just left. Total cockblocker though
I'm marrying the girl I got caught with. Life is weird lol
i got caught as well by my mother. definitely not proud of it, i was so embarrassed, paranoid and ashamed i got sent to a psychiatric hospital and got diagnosed with severe depression. DEFINITELY wish i could forget about it
This has unfortunately happened to me twice. Both times we went with the “we were just... talking” (while half naked).
I don’t think the cops bought it.
I haven't even finished highschool yet but I can tell you for a fucking fact I'm not gonna "experience" it
We got interrupted by a cop while waiting for our windows to defrost after work one night. I’ve lived baby.
God I still have flashbacks to the cop shining his flashlight in the foggy window. Horrible experience. 0/10
Nothing compares to that level of fear. Making out in your car and then a flashlight and a knock on the window. I wish I could forget how terrified I felt
Apparently the majority of men never experienced high school
High school gate keeping at its finest apparently
I read this as gatekeeping women not men. I believe it’s directed at girls who didn’t get caught hooking up with guys in cars.
What a sad hill to choose to die on.
Not everyone was popular or attractive enough to be doing that at that time in their lives but go off I guess
Yeah, some of us developped crippling addictions through casual experimentation with various drugs instead
Lol this means most people in my country didn't experience high school because we can't get a drivers licence before 18.
On the other hand we don't do car sex because we have homes where we can have sex and parents will usually make sure there are condoms and stuff at home.
Wow you mean you have a healthy culture surrounding sex that doesn’t just repress young peoples natural exploration of their own bodies and enforce punishment and shame for anything other than abstinence and has limited education on birth control and health sexual activity and relationships? As an American that sure sounds nice. Yeah I’m exaggerating a bit but birth control methods and safe sex still aren’t really prevalent in a lot of this country.
Let me guess, Sweden?
Had this happen once. The realization that there was a cop right there and not knowing how long he was there was terrifying, but luckily he was pretty cool about it.
Wait, you guys had a car in high school?
Still don't have one
This really was the worst heart attack
car sex is terrible.
I believe the point is to not get caught
i guess now this has to happen because im in high school or i will not have experienced high school, amirite guys
Hell i never had sex in high school
Never got caught but now that I think about it, a pretty high percentage of times I had sex in high school was in cars. Having been there, cars are much better for getting around than having sex in.
One time me and a female friend of mine pulled off by a popular make out spot. A little back story. We had hooked up a couple times, but she was in love with someone else, and we decided to just be friends. Anyway she needed someone to talk to, so we went there to not be bothered. It was cold, so our windows fogged you naturally. We get a knock on the window, which damn near made me crap my pants. An officer had driven by and saw the foggy windows. He thought he was gonna roll up and catch me balls deep, which he did, I was just balls deep in our friendly conversation. He was stunned lol.
"No son, we do not go up that hill. That's the Stupid Hill, where we send idiots to die."
This actually happened to me sadly and this is not something this person should be proud of. To make matters worse; my dad was also a cop and when I got home that night he already knew everything that happened. I was in so much trouble..
In trouble for what??
Just because you fucked your teacher in the parking lot doesn't make you special Felicia.
Well we got caught by the cop but we were actually rolling a joint (at night in a parked car in the HS lot,cos I was smart apparently) and when I saw the cop I immediately jumped on the dude so it looked like we got caught just making out. It actually worked.
The cop didn’t smell the weed?
Got caught by a female officer, who immediately jumped to the conclusion that it might have been a rape situation. Got my girlfriend out of the car and asked things like "are you sure you want to be here?" Her response was "it was my idea" lol. A week later we got cuaght by like 6 of my best friends. The windows were foggy and i didnt notice them all line their cars up in the parking lot, facing the side of my car, until they all put their high beams on and started honking. Never pulled my pants up so fast in my life!
lol someone wasnt sneaky in high school.
All straight dudes never experienced high school 😔
Seeing as the average age to lose your viginity is arould 17 to 18 years old it is kinda common for seniors in high school to have sex anywhere that's not their house and is out of eyesight from the public. So going to some random place and doing it in the car which leads to a cop knocking on your window probably has happened more times than people would care to admit. I thought this sub was about people bragging about their sex life, not someone making a joke about something cringy that happened to them and lots of other people as well.
Tl:dr they're poking fun at themselves and others, just because they mention sex doesn't mean they're bragging about it
I doubt that's the actual age; most people are probably lying. Average age is probably mid 20s.
Fond memories was fun annie, you were good in my life and I'll remember our time for the rest of my life, I'm sorry i hurt you.
you need to talk about it?
this girl’s whole twitter is fuuuuull of stuff like this lol
I was a virgin all my school life.
As is the majority of students 👏 congrats, wanna cookie?
Are they seriously gatekeeping people WHO WENT TO HIGH SCHOOL?!
Didn't know I had to be gay to experience high school.
If you didn’t go to high school you didn’t experience high school
Well damn that explains alot.
If you didn’t almost possibly get registered on a sex offenders list than you didn’t experience highschool💯🥵
I didn’t experience this in high school but I definitely did in college... so I guess I didn’t experience high school until I went to college? 🤔
Guess I gotta go back to high school.
Me too, but am guy, so will need to face some tough choices
Someone call the coroner and tell them to be sure to wear their hiking boots, I guess.
No argument from me
What if it was on a scaffolding and your gf almost got arrested
Reminds me of that Live Pd episode
You only had this happen to you once??
I got banned from a McDonald's in highschool
99% of you nefs on Reddit
Where I live fucking isn't illegal so I don't understand why some perv cop should get involved
Because fucking in public usually is...I guess?
Why specifically with a guy, am I supposted to hook up with a guy to truly experience high school even though I'm a dude
I'm a straight dude so I guess I didn't experience high school at all
I’m confused were you in the cops car or just some dudes?
Damn, I only got education :(( where did I go wrong
I also didn’t she?
As an ace, can confirm, I died before I could finish high school 👌
Imagine telling everyone that your parents didn't care about you like this
That’s right, there is literally no straight man that has ever experienced high school.
This actually happened to me. Entirely my fault... I went to a park after hours that was well known for hooking up and cops patrolling for people hooking up.
In hindsight it was funny, but getting chewed out by some old cop who just saw my gf naked while his partner laughs his ass off behind him is not a fun experience.
A shame I’m a lesbian
It's so hard to upvote when I actually want to downvote
Why would a cop interrupt people "hooking up" in a car?
Maybe the cop shot them and they really did die on a hill in their car
Prime example of someone who peaked in high school right here
Apparently ever single straight guy didn't experience high school...
Pretty sure the girl in my high school who banged three guys in the back of a pick-up truck died of embarrassment on that hill. She didn't even get caught by the cops. It just made the rounds in a day and it was all anyone knew her for.
Don't worry, OP. No one will even show up to that hill because nobody cares enough about it to kill someone over.
Apparently us straight dudes didn’t experience high school
Than perish
Oh, so I had to be gay to experience high school? Missed that opportunity.
My gf and I were arguing in a parked car one time and a cop pulls up and taps on the window. I cracked the window and he's got his faces turned away and says, "are you both clothed?"
I got caught and arrested.
me neither
You didnt experience high school if you weren't tried as a sex offender
In the cop’s car or the dudes car?
This screams 'I peaked in high school'
For me it was w a girl but yes. Many times.
Well, going back to get my HS degree is gonna be interesting at 40 years old now.
this actually happened to me one time (i went to high school in a rich, white-flight city—our cops are vigilant, especially for a black guy with a white girl), i then got pulled over that same night. somehow got out of trouble both times but i was a mess in high school
I didn’t realize I had to be gay to experience high school.
Ah those were the days , going up in the woods behind the track feild it was always the best when you just wanted a bj but they were just like fuck me
Damn all straight dudes didn’t experience school.
Neither did I. :(
I had an appalling lack of sex in high school but this did actually happen to me... weird
This happened to me the worst part is that 4 months later I got a job at a local pharmacy and low and behold the same cop works there during closing time and to walk everyone out to their cars at was an awkward first few walks.
On god hah
She'll die on the hill that she peaked in high school.
I got caught by a pastor in a church parking lot once, we threw our clothes on and started looking at papers from our backpacks, pretending to be studying.
this happened recently to my girlfriend and I and we were in the local park, i shit myself. I could've ruined my entire life from that decision, because i could've became a sex offender. It's been a week and Im still shooken up by it, and im afraid to tell my girlfriend.
I didn't either! never had a gay moment... In high school.
Lol she obviously didn't know the right places to go xD we were all horny teenagers once, not everyone was dumb enough to get caught
Imagine not living in the US ...
Looks more like a valley to me
If I had a dime for every time that happened I’d have exactly 0
I live in Manhattan. This was impossible to do.
I live in the country and its impossible not to do. World is funny like that.
Never happened to me in high school, but that’s probably because my parents would let me have girls over when I wanted to. Bless them.
Man... hope you doin alright Chloe.
Shit I gotta mention I didn't do highschool in my resume now
Are high schoolers even legally allowed to get their own cars and a driving licence?
Most of them.
I have to be gay to experience high school? Well this escalated quickly.
Did I go to highschool if a cop caught me fooling around with a girl in my car?
I had a pretty pleasant experience. Cop drove by and tapped to top of my car with his baton and left. We were on a pretty secluded street, someone in the neighbourhood must of called it in. We didn't see him coming though so it scared the shit out of us. 10/10 would do it again.
It happened a few times. Then we realized we needed to find a better place.
If you were never enrolled in a school and never attended any classes then you never really experienced high school. I'm dying on this hill.
Of course a cop is going to interrupt you if you hook up in his car
It’s harder to experience high school when you’re a straight dude
Why would you brag about that? It's mortifying
This happened to me when I was 23 and it was more embarrassing than anything
I'm betting "will die on this hill" didn't "really experience high school" either.
Is it too late for me?! There's a highschool nearby me
Cops only came to my school when shootings/bomb threats happened. We were known as "the school with the guns."
In reality, we were the school with the shittiest parenting and least amount of adult supervision.
Well its clear she has no idea what "die on this hill" term means.
Hey, I'll tell y'all same thing I've been saying my entire adult life: I was not a good kid in high school. I was just damn good at not getting caught.
I guess I didn’t, I only got stopped with a girl.
If you never got tickled by a doctor while u were under anaesthesia, u never experienced kindergarten. I will die on this hill.
Bold of you to assume I had any sex at all in high school.
That would bei pretty gay
Then perish.
Sorry, straight men. You didn’t go to high school!
If you never fucked a cop u didn’t experience high school
So only the gay guys experienced high school
Lesbians cant experience high school
Guess I was boring. I made it out of high school not pregnant and no record.
If you haven't gotten 20 STDs, u didn't experienced high school.
Why would you have sex in a car?
I guess me and my gf haven’t done it before so I wouldn’t know but still
If you didn’t have at least four abortions before the age of 16, you didn’t experience high school bruh
I got interrupted by an old guy who's parking spot I was in 😎😎😎😎
I had this happen. Horrifying.
I mean it’ll be a little awkward but not horrifying. You ain’t getting arrested
This happened to me, and the cop tried to hit on the girl I was with. We were 17, he was a full grown man. Smh
I mean, you were with a 17 year old too, so pot, meet kettle?
Sorry it's unbelievable uncomfy and I even owned a station wagon back then. If you're just too embarrassed to bring your hook up back to your mattress then sex maybe isn't the thing you're looking for. I recommend playing Lego for another year or two until you're feeling ready
Well some of us are ugly, Karen
How is this worthy of
Seems like a lighthearted joke to me. Doesn't really fit this sub.