Would you expect anything less from somebody wearing pink shoes?

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That was a laser beam considering it was backhanded
It only looks relatively fast because they’re ten feet away. You can see they’re playing on half a b-ball court
ESPN 8: The Ocho
I've heard of the NDL, which I believe is hard ground, however,
The sport is currently growing! The Dodgeball community plays with multiple different ball types. Although rules and regulations are spread through out, USA Dodgeball is considered the sole representative of all things dodgeball in the United States. However if you're looking for dodgeball like the movie, look into Elite Dodgeball. It's all professionally regulated and taken seriously. In terms of media, the entities are currently using live streaming services (e.g. Youtube and Facebook Live) for their live media.
Links for the lazy:
[USA Dodgeball: Home Site] (
[USA Dodgeball Facebook Page] (
[Elite Dodgeball: Home Site] (
[Elite Dodgeball Facebook Page] (
just watch hxh
Not pros that Im aware of but I used to play in the NCDA (National College Dodgeball Association) their facebook page has streams of the matches every time there is a tournament, which is atleast 2 or 3 Saturdays a month. I also play in Elite dodgeball, not as many tournaments but that is high level dodgeball as well.
The World Dodgeball Championship is taking place in Cancun this year November 22nd - 25th I believe. They normally stream on YouTube. You can also search for Elite dodgeball" which is the national competition scene.
Feel free to PM me if you want more info.
Not exactly pro but this site has frequent quality content.
It gets smoother every time I watch it
The jump dodge before the throw is just...* does Italian hand * mmmmwwaaaa!
Seriously, this is so smooth! As someone who plays dodgeball on a weekly basis, I honestly don’t think I could even halfway pull this move off. His finesse, his ability to throw and not even look back to see if he made contact, and that jump in the first place are all absolutely stunning. Well played, King Dodgeball!
Edit: In my city there’s a recreational adult dodgeball league. Im on a team and have been playing for a couple of years now. If you’re in a city, see if there’s one around. If you’re not, try to build a league! See if there’s a community gymnasium you can use for free or cheap as a community group, buy some dodgeballs (the soft foam ones with a pleather-ish outside, don’t do rubber balls! Ouch!) and get some people together to throw balls at each other!
Dude knew the shot was good without looking.
It gets harder every time I watch it
Real life 180° no scope
She even collapses like she's been murdered.
Kids didn’t realize there was a trickshotter in the lobby
And she was full 360° no hope.
"Better luck next time"
That’s what happens when you don’t follow the five Ds of dodgeball....
She forgot to dodge. Duck, dip, dive, and dodge dont apply since it was a below the waist hit.
Dodge duck dip dive and dodge
Fleeing, fighting, feeding, and mating.
If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!
Devour, Destroy, Decapitate, Desecrate. Right, what's the fifth one?
Why does this appear to be a team of people who play together (with uniforms) against Linda from Accounting?
EXACTLY what I was thinking lmfaoo
It took several views before i realized she threw a ball. I thought he was just being extra fabulous.
Thanks for that. I was a little conflicted thinking this dude was being awfully showboaty to just take out one remaining person!
Collapses in shame.
I would too honestly
This guy has better aim then me if that lady was standing still and he's backwards while not looking.
She had no chance, you can't even get called for traveling in dodgeball
That would be interesting though. You only have three steps before you throw the ball (passing or throwing)
He needs to be playing for the Purple Cobras.
Skillz that Killz
Clap clap tssss
Reminds me of this absolute classic. Action is at about 0:35
Absolute legend
99 overall
put her on suicide watch
Seppuku really is the only option after this.
This is one of those shames where you just have to move ... 😂
He threw that ball harder backwards than I could throw it forwards.
Cram it up your cramhole, LaFleur!
The utter disrepect
I’m so glad I found this sub
He didn’t even look
Ninja level
As kids the money takeout used to be to lob one ball up in the air as an easy catch, then pelt the kid who went to catch it with a second throw just before they caught the lob dodgeball.
Leonard part 6 remake coming soon
But why butter?
this mofo is the Patrick Mahomes of dodgeball. that was so slick, i didn't really understand what happened the first time i watched it. his situational awareness is mad impressive.
Average joe.
Who’s joe
nice move by number 9
The backwards snap in that throw gets me everytime.
bitch jumped a whole inch off the ground
Probably as baggy clothes getting hit still counts so tight close = smaller hitbox
Probably a lot easier to move around in
If I had a butt like the guy in white leggings that's all I would wear all the time
He's Styloning her
How light are those balls, that he's able to generate so much backwards momentum
That's a 7" foam ball, very light. We've clocked throws in the high 80 mph on those with the speed gun. The guy throwing is Vince Marchbanks, a member of the national team.
Its all in the forearm and wrist. It takes a huge amount of practice to do it as clean and precise as him, youre able to do it with normal 8.5 inch playground balls
That was a really good shot and probably would have taken down a normal human being.
Oh shit, it's the real Patches O'Houlihan!
That is just cruel!
Those dudes are dressed like they mean business.
Damn that was smooth
I see the cobras have gone from purple to red...
Lol he notices he’s about to peg the shit out of her but decides not to at the last second. Am I the only 1 to notice?
Are they even playing the same game?
That’ll be on the next And1 mixtape
My favorite color, I smile into sleep tonight..
I thought it was cool
! You fucking killed her dude!
Damn the disrespect
The level of disrespect, I love it.
Bro why you gotta do her like that
The most gangster shit I’ve seen.
It almost seems like the fake throw wasn’t even strategy, just like them thinking “nah nah that’s way too hard, let me ease up”
ESPN8 The Ocho - “Play of the Year.”
He could've ended that ladys life but instead he opts for the respectful swag
what a fucking clip that was amazing
Why didn't you?
how dare these mortals enter my realm- Mike Tyson
did she fucking die?
OP for president 2020, he will run against Yesuz
so that's what they do with the fingers from fingerless gloves
I love how he easily could have hit her the first time but chose to completely annihilate her
Sorry if I'm being ignorant but is this a televised sport? (yes I know what dodgeball is but is it a "competetive" sport?). Where would I watch it? *UK based.
This is way too smooth
Drippin in Swagu
I used to play in a dodgeball League and this is a common play. Although that was executed very impressively
He throws backwards better than most people throw forward
i like how she just lies down and takes the L
You gotta be pretty sweet with the pickle juice to wear pink shoes in a testosterone heavy environment.
insert Jontron meme here
In every sport the dude with the colorful shoes is either raw af or trash
Another win for breast cancer awareness.
I aspire to be this level of cool
That is some Globo Gym black magic fuckery right there.
professional dodgeball
Only hyper-athletic guys can wear pink shoes.
Can you imagine an unathletic guy wearing shoes like these?
When you fight that boss for the first time in Dark Souls.
Somebody at globogym gettin benched for this dude
I can almost hear this video.
Why are they wearing uniforms and all that gear? Isn't this a middle school gym class thing?
I feel like that's something Joseph Joestar would do
I wanna be like him when I grow up. And I'm 26.
“Do you have Nike/Adidas shoes as well?
Awesome bro Legendary pink
It gets better and better everytime i watch it.
Bro was that a nut shot? Damnnnnnnn!
That was legendary. Lmao extra savage
The girl going down is funny as hell too
It's the shoes. They give him power.
Is it just me or does she hit his foot with the ball? The trajectory changes as it intersects with him and then hits the floor. I can't see that he defeated with his ball either. Help?
I wear pink pumas all the time and there is no way I could be that smooth. Something tells me it’s not the shoes
Looks like he’s mastered how to play this game. Very smooth shot.
I miss playing dodgeball and wrecking normies
Got eem
The balls to pimp a no look behind the back missile to finish the game. Didn't know it was possible but i'm here for it folks
Man the hunter x hunter episode is really good
What about the dude with tights, fingers taped and covered with KT tape? I wanna see what he does
I could watch this all day.
They're all wearing spandex and knee pads ... I didn't know dodgeball was so serious