HMF...while I throw a perfect game

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Lol idk if fat people (not even fat btw big surprise for this sub) piss me off, but it drives me insane when I see someone so unbelievably uncoordinated. How do you not have any kind of a feel for where it’s going to go? My gf can’t even throw a cat toy and it drives me fucking insane lol she’ll go to throw it and she’ll let go too late and throw it backwards or spike it into the ground like she doesn’t have voluntary use of her hands.
I’ve told my husband that if we ever find ourselves in a situation where our survival depends on me throwing or catching anything, we’ll die.
Those 6 pound balls are for youth 12 and under at my bowling alley, partly because of the finger holes being so small. Looks like her hot dogs of fingers got stuck
As an avid bowler I can tell you that a good portion of the bowling community is overweight. One of the leagues I am in is at least 40% obese. Every single one of them is coordinated and can bowl well. Coordination isn't a size thing. Some of the goofiest looking bowlers I've seen are skinny people.
I know I feel like it shouldn’t infuriate me but wtf is wrong with this idiot. Then the way she turns, I just hate everything about her.
Chill, Bishop.
She's at least overweight so it still fits. I don't think this sub is only about the obese
Did you just call your gf fat?
My best friend is built like a bodybuilder and has no coordination. It's hilarious watching him try and catch a ball.
She’s big. Your perception of fat is skewed.
I think she grabbed a ball with holes too small. Her finger probably got stuck.
Some people are naturally coordinated. Some people are naturally uncoordinated. They can practice and (usually) improve, but some people’s brains have a hard cap on their coordination potential.
I can't throw, catch and run. I have two left feet, I trip even while walking. It's not due to lack of practice. It's not easy for some people.
Ask her if she started to walk earlier than usual, when she was a kid I mean.
Hahahahaha I’m totally picturing that
I predict a broken dick in your future buddy lmao
I just laughed out loud. She sounds awful. So many people are awful, and this is yet another way in which I haven’t thought about.
I’m pretty sure this was a classic case of the finger pop. You know, when the holes are too small for your fingers and one sticks, doesn’t release when planned and everything goes to shit.
She's got fucking muscle bro. To launch a bowling ball that high and far with one arm?!?
You said she’s not fat but she definitely is
Dude they are playing on console
My girl is great at many things, I'm a pro MMA fighter and she was obsessed with WWE... She has legit the worst takedown defense I've ever seen, like, about as good as a toddler or a fainting goat. I have a series of videos of her on the ground, both of us crying laughing usually after one of her "attacks" on me goes poorly for her...the kids also love it in public at the trampoline park or climbing place (matted floors)
Hahaha that reminds me of me. I’m ace at bowling and can curve the ball pretty well, but when I skim stones on the lakes I throw most of them backwards or to the side!!! I don’t know why!!!
She’s a woman lol
Yeah, I was gonna say, if that's fat, then I don't know what a healthy weight is.
What's the problem with her pants ? Is it for hiding the disgusting fact she's barefoot ?
And the from her posture to her throw, I can find anything she did right
Wow I didn’t even notice she was barefoot bc I was so distracted by how terrible that romper fits her. I think she had to get a large size to fit her body but it came in too long for her.
Players at the NBA draft in the 90's had better fitting clothes than her.
Just curious, why is being barefoot in an area where most people will willingly share shoes with countless other people disgusting?
Personally I'd rather bowl barefoot than rent shoes from the counter. I just never knew it was an option
How do you have that little control over your body
Lady, you will have to put your fingers on a diet, or get the next size ball up...
I used to work in a bowling alley. Watching people use the bowling balls meant for kids drives me nuts. Some assholes would overhand throw them and leave dents in the lanes or you get idiot's like this who want to use the lighter balls because it's easier.
Would this lady have to pay for that tv now?
The bowling alley I use to go to would tell you to get another ball. If they caught you using the kids ball again they would tell you to leave.
I can only imagine they don't give warnings to anyone throwing it overhand and probably ban them for life.
I've never seen a ball yeeted so badly and so awkwardly.
Fuck that screen in particular.
Some people........just don't have it.
I really hope she had to pay for that. What a dumb bitch.
What a retard
Just goes to show, never let your third wife go bowling barefoot.
The moment when a cheap sport like bowling becomes expensive.
How can someone be so dumb, I fail to understand seriously.
H...how does one fail so terribly
What's up with that purple ball on the return with 5 finger holes instead of 3?
wow good eyes, didn't notice at first. I wanna try that one
Do you really want to know? Do you really want to know why one might have 5 holes instead of 3? I shutter to think about it.
Why the fuck is she not wearing shoes?!
Holy shit, how many monitors is she going to break???
I used to travel for bowling tournaments for a living. I've seen so many people do shit like this. I saw one guy wreck a lighting rig for late night laser bowling out in Nevada, a lady got her hand stuck in the ball return ( didn't turn out as bad as Woody Harrelson though).
Not one. Not two. Not three. Not four. Not five. Not six. No less than seven repeats of the same 5 seconds clip is necessary for this gif!
This was after she put that hole in the wall.
Holy shit 😂😂😂😂😂
She’s barefoot, too.
Looks staged to me, why were they filming?
Yeah that screen looks like it's fucked up a lil before it gets hit
Hate people throwing a fucking bowling ball destroying the lane. Throw a fucking shot putt you dumb bitch. The clue's in the name with bowling, you bowl it. And no, it's not 2 in the pink, 1 in the stink like your fella told you.
Where are your shoes Karen
Russian women a different breed
she`s brazilian
right on the on-screen display!
She’s not even that fat lol
The sequence of the editing is masterful! Everything I wanted to re-see at the right moment! Well timed slo-mo too
I wonder how many TVs bowling establishments go through a year.
like how the fuck do ypu do that?
And lo, she yote her handsphere into the unholy image, and smote it into ruin.
What a stupid bitch.
Even before it started I knew the tv was getting smashed
I still don't understand how this happens.... Fingers in holes.. roll ball.. done..
Fingers in holes.. I'll hold it.. oh wait should've let go...oh shit...
I dont know why this is on this sub. Not really fat and it didn’t contribute to the fuckery...
People like this are the reason that nearly everything these days require you sign a waiver.
Is there a box or penalty for killing a tv screen?
How did they convince her to try? I mean bowling balls are heavy and she got it dead center in the screen.
Can someone please make a ridiculously catchy tune out of that impact and scream loop?
It’s not that easy to throw a bowling ball that high 🤣
It is when the person is so pathetic that they wont accept a ball that puts any pressure on their fingers.
How do people throw bowling balls like that?
Arm like a cannon
Because you're a dumb bitch and you n your dumb bitch friends planned this out.
Don't want to blame the victims here, but why the hell are the monitors so far out? I don't bowl often, but when I do I always see one or two douche canoes lob the ball.
What a worthless, selfish, cunt. Way to fucking ruin it for everyone else and laugh about it.
Yo, she's not fat. Short and stocky != fat. That's just plain rude.
would be the proper sub. People should be F A T for
I'm here to see fat people failing because they're fat and their fatness impedes their attempt at something. Not some slightly overweight failing because they are uncoordinated.
Loose clothing does a lot to hide it. She's not "my 600lbs life" fat or close to it, but at least in the US we have a really skewed view of what fat it. Her arms are a big indicator.
I agree. She definitely didn’t fuck that up because of her weight. She’s just an idiot. She’s pretty borderline for this sub imo.