HMF while I slide down

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Looks like the occupants of the spaceship from Walll-e have landed.
I think it's behind-the-scenes footage of the filming of the sequel to Heavyweights.
That split before the collision was actually pretty impressive
I thought he was naked and was worried his ball sack was just rumbling across the rock.
Honestly, I’m quite pleased with the ratio of entertainment to no one getting severely injured in this video
I know right!? I think I keep watching it over and over because it is actually funny!
I’m pretty impressed how he went down on his knee without hurting himself.
I'm more curious on how doesn't it burn the skin sliding on cement.
He picked up the spare
Spare ribs maybe.
Hold my tits while I slide down
Not gonna lie. Looks fun.
She’s all grown up.
What state is that in? Dang
Considering their sizes, all of them.
they are speaking arabic so id say middle east
mostly resting state
nice tits.
Red neck bowling!Winner gets a double whopper with cheese!
I like the impact moment that sounded like someone threw a sack of potatoes in a coffin
There're three separate instances that sound and look like the people should be severely hurt but they're all laughing their asses off and seem completely fine. It's a weird contrast.
Thicc Boi BowlingTM
That looks so much fun!
Sumo Bowling
Randy sliding towards 16 half eaten cheeseburgers
Crazy how far down I had to go for a Randy comment
I love the delayed fall the first guy has. He collides with the other two dudes then just topples after a few seconds
How is he sliding se well a pavement? Is it coated with lube?
all that water is just the sweat pouring from these three units trying to make it to the top of the hill.
He went “full Van Damme” at the end
Plot twist its sewage
Anyone else hear blowing pins falling?
NSFW! I can’t have those titties on screen atm!!
Top level moob shake, well done!
Looka dem floppy lil titties.
s t r i k e
Those flap jacks are a flappin
2 tons of tities
It funny cuz he fat
Thought fo sho he was headed for the rhubarb
All fun and games until you slide over a sharp object
Judging by their confidence, this isn’t the first time they’ve done this.
home boy is gonna be sore tomorrow...
wii sports intensifies
He got a spare
Wow so flex
When an irresistible force meets an immovable object!
What even is the point of a white swimsuit? Before he gets up, you can clearly see way too much...
Them wearing whites makes it all the more satisfying.
First glance I thought it was Randy bo Bandy.
Chunk Bowling.
Hit the seven ten split.
Was expecting bowling sound effect 😂
Looks fun
Strike Wii sports theme
That was wholesome.
Love how he prayed before he crashed
2 Pin bowlin
Anyone else hear wii bowling sound effect?
Dey some 🅱ig 🅱ois
lady gaga is pregnant?
Good ol jackass, wonder if Preston is still alive
New Zealanders, judging by the laughing.
The fat west.
Damn, save some pussy for the rest of us
He almost does the splits.
Extreme Bowling!
Why did they all have to wear play in the water..... those shorts look razor thin too
human bowling
I also work with links sent by PM.
I also work with links sent by PM.
They do move in herds.
That laugh just before the guy collides kills me.
Wall-e was a really good film
Guy calls out, "SKINS!"
This is what animals think humans sound like.
Reggie enjoying his retirement
Jackass 2.0?
Looks like one of those physics graphics gifs where jelly people are smushing into each other.
Those flopping man titties need some support.
Bo-Bandy Bowling
I want someone to add the bowling pin sound effect when he hits the people at the end.
Bowling bitches
I like HMFs where they do something well...
Anyone else see Cenk Uygur (Chunk Yogurt) TYT?