HMC as I learn how weak our grips actually are.

The drag from the net tearing probably saved her life.
If she didn’t grab on she would’ve hit that corrugated steel thing that was only like 1-2 meters below her not the ground that was like 5
I'd rather land on the thing with lots of give that's just below me, than the thing with zero give that's not. She did well to keep her head up though.
I dunno. If she had let go she wouldn't of fallen as far. Though that looks like it's just a corigated iron roof so she may of gone through
I just did a job of hanging these the other day in the stairways of this apartment complex. They are secured with staples out of a staple gun.. really not that difficult to see ether. I wouldn’t even set my tools on the net. They aren’t made to hold any sort of weight, only to keep birds from nesting and shitting everywhere.
Actually it's very difficult to see ether.
Sick 540
Is it weird I heard this in a hyped 90s kid voice.
Oh, I lol'd.
Isn't that stuff used to keep birds out.
Well, that bird went right through it, didn't she...
Birds and they also make a version to catch accidentally dropped/decelerate dropped objects on construction sites
Shouldn't worry about your skirt more about your life.
But it was all for the gram though
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Why does the title mention grip? They let go on purpose and then fell
It's a shit title for sure.
The woman tries to hold on to the netting as she's falling and fails immediately.
Looks to me that it's some kind of attempt at virtue signaling.
Wtf is going on here??
She is laying on bird netting and her friend lets go the netting didn't hold.
They cooperatively killed her.
She ded
Are you sure? I didn't see the shoes come off
Where did she land? she must be dead.
When it was originally posted, someone said she was surprisingly fine. Only a few bumps/bruises and continued to party
Looked like an old “Faces of Death” video, before there was the internet.
Fuck...you mentioning that brought back the repressed memory of monkeys getting their skulls bashed in and their brains eaten.
Looks like the suicide net works.
Another candidate for the Darwin award. She very nearly took herself out of the human gene pool.
Whoever held her hand...you also deserve to die.
Well that sucks. It really didn't look like it was ment to hold any weight.
That's one way to separate all the muscles in your abdomin.
Fuck that hurts just to read.
What was the goal here?
To die, apparently
Oh, is my pussy showing? is the most common last thought an Instagramer has before plummeting to her death.
Yeah, that's not a hmc thats a hm goddamn ft...
Is she dead?
I, too, desire to fap to this.
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The Unreal physics engine has really come along way.
......... is she ok?
She dead press f to to pay respec
When the holodeck glitches
Their grip didn't slip. She let go to adjust her pants.
Isn’t this more a “I prefer dying to let you see my panty” thing?
Because covering your gash is more important than your life- Doh!
Some say she is still falling to this day.
Someone should make a Shooting Stars meme
My heart stopped
Hope she enjoyed the ICU.
Enjoy your lifetime of pain for your 10 seconds of stupidity.
Aced it
Snuff film
Considering how easily that net became detached at the wall, that net wasnt going to do shit anyway
It looks like a wine bottle protector that someone just cut and rolled out
Do it for the Vine
bruhhh she ded
That was a big drop
that was a graceful fall.
That ought to hurt
Shit if she didn't hold on she be dead
It has nothing to do with their grips. She let’s go to fix her skirt and the netting gives.
Ouch. It hurt watching this. It is all metal down there.
Did she dieded?
actually her grip was fine, she just wanted to make sure she wasn't flashing everyone
Let me guess, they were trying to get a picture for Instagram
That's "sheet metal" (plate), it can easily cut your skin and muscle and stops at bones. She is lucky
Thank you camera man. Good job at not flinching at all!
Did she just die?
Not sure if it was the grip or beaver that did her in here
Deserved it. Natural selection guys. Idiots weed themselves out.
What was she going for here? I don't understand.
That really couldn’t have gone any worse.
This always gets me in movies. People hand on by their hands to bars or whatever for far too long. Especially when someone else is flailing like crazy off their legs or whatever.
The average person will be lucky to last a minute or two dead hanging off a bar. Maybe 10-15 seconds with someone else attached to them.
Our ability to grip isnt amazing, even with training
I'm an adult man and I tried hanging with straight arms as long as I could and I did 40 seconds. My cousins 12 year old daughter who does MMA did almost 4 minutes on a video. AND she hung with her arms bent and her knuckles up to her chin.
Looks like someone needs to do some pull ups
Edit: tomorrow is the day I do back and biceps, I'll record a dead hang for you since I'll be doing pullups anyway.
This ones back
I love this
A few more spins and she would’ve taken off. The lack of a brain must make her pretty lightweight, so mass isn’t a problem.
Nice ragdoll physics
She ded
The Earth vs. Girl.... the Earth wins
Isn’t that a suicide net? Seems pretty weak, i doubt it would hold up to someone falling on it from height.
No it's to keep birds out.
You just fucking killed her dude
holy shit
Did she died?
I really wish this had sound.
Parkour! Parkour!
She dead dead
Uh, HMC while I try to die. Holy crap, I hope she’s ok.
Avoiding the upskirt was her... downfall
looks like the point was for her to left go and lay on the netting
I'm a badass; watch me do this insane stunt. Oops, my panties are showing.
That’s not a safety net, but a trash net.
Hey grips, I’m a climber 😎
This just keeps getting posted
time to sue the people who installed that "safety net"
Just to protect her pussy from examination. She will...... die!