Time Keeps on Slipping, Slipping, Slipping Into the Thursday

This month has has slipped past so quickly, it is almost February already. So fly like an eagle and make the most of it.

For dinner last night, we had Hello Fresh. One of this trendy online make your meals. We had pork with sauce and fried potatoes. Really good. However, the oldest son who has intestinal issues threw up a lot late night...followed by the middle child early in the morning...thankfully the toddler was just being his usual asshole self. The wife said home with the sick kids while I went to work. As soon as I walked into the building i threw up. So now I am here, teaching with a wonderful case of food poisoning. Thankfully I have a small class today and can't assign group projects.
I don't trust mailed meat.
You're not the only person I know who has gotten food poisoning from one of those mailed make your meal things. This pretty much confirms I will never try them.
Also, I hope you feel better!
Hello “Fresh”.
Throwing up while teaching is the worst. I used to hide in a closet quickly. May you make it through the day, and find someone to watch your class so you can make it to the bathroom!
Dinner tonight is bulgogi-style flat iron steak with roasted brussels sprouts. Yum.
I'm jealous. I have all the leftovers I need to get through so nothing fancy for me. I am saving all that up for this weekend.
What time should we arrive?
There is one woman in my office who wears a lot of perfume - if I'm not mistaken it is that ultimate scent of the 90s, Clinique's Joy. Oh god it makes me want to vomit today, she's been standing by my desk talking for thirty minutes and I am about to lose it.
UGH! This is the worst. There was a lady on my former team who wore the strongest perfume ever. You always knew when she had been somewhere and could smell her before you actually saw her. I was so thankful I sat on the opposite side of the building from her.
I'm allergic to perfume and this kind of thing pisses me off.
There's a woman in my office that wears Obsession. I am 100% sure because I have an aunt that wore it every day of my childhood. She was my most luxurious aunt, but you can buy that shit at CVS now.
Have you ever seen the film, Perfume: Story of a Murderer? I think you'd like it.
At least it's not Vanilla Fields?
At least she isn't a Charlie girl.
One of our kids' teachers wears perfume. He comes home smelling like another woman.
Holy crap that's the absolute worst. I have severe reactions to too much perfume. Headaches, sore throat, nausea, light headedness. I don't have a problem with candles or other types of fragrances usually, it's just those damn cheap perfumes. I swear there something in them that makes me sick. This has made some of my prior jobs unbearable. It got so bad once at my old job that I asked my boss if I could send an email asking people to use fragrances lightly, and I NEVER do that kind of shit. I put up with it and just deal. But every day my coworker, who must have used the whole damn bottle, would waft in making it absolutely unbearable. I couldn't escape. And every day I felt sick and nauseous. It occasionally would happen on subways and I would have to get off and wait for the next train. I feel your pain.
I'm trying to kill some time at work so I can actually getbsome hours this week. Anyone up for a disco pants off dance off in the greeting card section of the Ashland Wal-Mart today?
Someone is bringing us dinner. Unsolicited... Italian maybe? I was told, but I can't remember. I believe there was sausage involved so I'm psyched.
We're still doing our best to find our feet with both of us back at work. This is also crazy-time for me at work, so I'm stretched thin.
Would you say you're having a sausage fest?
Bike ride this weekend. Also some boring house stuff. No Idea what is for dinner tonight.
Tonight we're having chicken with potatoes and carrots en papillote. I'm not sure what we'll be doing this weekend, other than enjoying it. I start my new gig on Monday.
Couch shopping!
Hanging out with friends on Sunday. Probably cleaning the house on Saturday.
No clue about dinner tonight.
Weekend is house projects, I think, and general adult stuff that I've been shamefully putting off (like, um, my expired car registration...). Trying to ride my bike more, so that. Hoping for some nice weather so I can rake the yard!
Sometimes I have to laugh thinking about the differences in my weekends now vs. in my twenties..
We’re all moved in. Still unpacking. There was a bunch of shit left in the crawl space from the last tenant. I went through it today and found a few things I could sell.
Dinner tonight is a chicken enchilada soup. Last night we made a spring roll bowls which were delicious. I sadly didn't have enough for leftovers otherwise we'd be having that again.
This weekend is going to be pretty chill. We really need to clean the house and do some yard work so will probably just work on that. Every single weekend in February is booked up with something followed by some travel in March so a part of me would like to enjoy at least one lazy weekend.
Ohh... what's a spring roll bowl?
I have no plans this weekend which is awesome for me. I always plan way too much. Having dinner with my dad tonight since I'm in Nova. We're getting authentic Italian food at the ~Olive Garden~. (He has a gift card/free food).
Still overpriced.
Dinner tonight? Can of soup unless I get crazy and go up to Galley. Going to try to rejoin the world as a useful, decent person this weekend. Maybe even do some house projects.
I'm glad you're feeling closer to human!
Why isn't it the weekend already? I'm aiming for the perfect Saturday: Force myself to stay in bed until at least 8:30. Drink coffee leisurely. Take the dog on a bike ride. Do laps in the pool, followed by a nice soak in the human soup tub. Brunch at Lucy's. NAP. Drinks and snacks before the Tim Barry show at the Broadberry.
I never hear anyone talk about Lucy's, and I love that place! We could walk there from our apartment downtown, and used to go to brunch all the time.
Tim Barry is awesome.
I like the look of the "Make districts compact while following county borders" option. It still favors the Republicans, because the only purple district would be likely to go GOP. But it's slightly better than what we have.
Probably working at least part of the weekend, blergh. Not sure what else is in store, esp if it rains on Sunday.
Dinner tonight will probably be leftover chili, since we made so much and I swear it's been reproducing in the fridge...
I am in Austin Texas, High likelihood I will be eating tacos. I will be eating so many tacos
Wish we had legit Tex-mex or Cali-mex here. Every time we go visit family out west I’m saddened by the lack of good stuff in our fair city.
so jealous of the taco eating ... like. real tacos.
My parents are coming into town Saturday afternoon so I have a busy weekend planned with them. The plans for Sunday include brunch, VMFA for Terracotta Army, barcade, quilting stores, and finally Laura Lee's for cocktails and dinner.
I think I'm going to need most of Monday just to recover from such a busy day. Going to be a ton of fun though.
Try the pasta carbonara at laura lees. Had it the other night. It was amazing.
What are you cooking up? Maybe I will have some of that.
I'm getting really sick of this part time b.s.. It doesn't matter how hard I work I can't seem to get more hours. Maybe Hallmark likes training people every few months.
I need to work through my leftovers, so bean soup spread on tortillas toasted with some mozzarella. That and mixed veggies that I always seem to have.
The part-time bit does suck. That seems to be the trend though. It is easier to have people halfassing thing and replace them like a revolving door.
you're an ass for getting that song stuck in my head ... /s
also, wife's bday coming up.
I want to hang out with friends outside but I’m afraid to spend too much time out around people before baby gets all his vaccinations. I’m going stir crazy!
Baby will be fine!
I just read that What Did You Eat Poor As a Kid thread, now I'm hungry and want to try out a few of those recipes.
That was a pretty good thread.
Because you're a monster:
This weekend I'm visiting my friends out in Williamsburg again. I am tired of crazy busy weekends, but they want to see me and I am hoping to get my car fixed by one of them. Dinner tonight will probably be my cats if they keep acting up.