We are going to start October in the mid 90s and that is total bullshit.

One of the reasons I love Greenville over Louisiana where I grew up is because of the pleasant Spring and Fall. Winter was wet and miserable, spring was short, and now we are being robbed of autumn.

And give us some rain, my yard and plants are dying for the second time this year.
I don’t want a repeat of last year but I’d like a lil rain.
It has been a toss of the dice as to if you were going to drown in sweat or need sweaters on Halloween for as long as I can remember. Welcome to South Carolina?
That’s exactly what I was thinking, I’ve lived here for the entirety of my 30 years on this planet and it’s always been a toss up, I remember it being in the high 90s in mid October as a small child.
I remember a few years ago when it actually snowed on Halloween.
It doesn’t normally get “cold” until Halloween.
Yeah that's how it's always been as far as I remember.
That’s not true. I’ve lived here over 30 years and the shift in temp has been here since around 2010, but it’s not the way it always was. It certainly was not 90 degrees in October habitually 20-30 years ago. It was always getting breezy and beautiful, then the second to last week of October the leaves would change, then the last week of October/Halloween it would be really cold and your costume would be annoying because it revealed too much for the weather.
Halloween has not even been cold in the last five years. I have always loved fall growing up here. I’ve always had the same events I planned every year to coincide with the leaves changing and temperature drop. It is changing. Global warming is making the weather shitty.
You can see
Downvote all you want, that doesn’t matter. Move that ticker through the years and it becomes very hard to argue with.
I've been here for two Halloweens thus far and both were hot as balls! Really F's with my costumes :)
And it'll only get worse each year as the climate issues continue :(
People only talk about sea levels rising or deveststing storms. What about the fact that parts of the south will be miserably fucking hot to the point where no one even wants to go outside ever.
Doesn’t climate change usually mean more extreme seasons hotter summers and colder winters?
Link for reference
I hate this weather so much! I'm not overweight, but I sweat easily and when it gets over 70º, I'm screwed. I really wish the earth was cooling instead of warming. I hate not having a fall. It used to be my favorite time of year. Now winter is.
Some years it's like this. Sorry. Might be different next year.
I also grew up in Louisiana and have transplanted here. I was visiting Lake Charles last week and can confirm that the weather here is still better at mid 90’s than it is there.
We're getting pretty frustrated. Our dog is getting to senior level and has a really thick coat, so we keep saying when the weather cools off we'll do more hiking. This has been never-ending
The average rate of temperature increase has been .31 degrees Fahrenheit per decade since 1981.
Assuming you moved here from Louisiana in 1980 to escape the heat (which is unlikely given the demographics of Reddit) it would be 1.24 degrees hotter on any given day now than it was then.
Climate change is an issue and it has massive implications for the future of our planet, but it has almost no impact on your day-to-day comfort.
We're going through a heat spell. In a few weeks it'll be highs in the low 70s and lovely here. Relax.
Not an expert in the matter at all, but aren't wider swings in temperatures part of the climate change as well? As in the average moves just a little, but the lows and highs get more extreme?
That may be true but even that one degree has led to 10 fold increase in heatwaves (frequency of 100+ days in certain parts of the country). So even though it may only be one degree it definitely has shifted the seasons.
NY Times article
I think you aren’t giving a full picture of how average temperature works. Climate change is not just every day being a little hotter, it is commonly a pattern of many days being “normal” punctuated by extreme hot spells.
Secondly, global temp increases are not evenly distributed across the globe. Some places may have very little increase while others have very sharp increases.
Anyway, the historic average high temperature in Greenville for September is 81 degrees so don’t try to tell me it’s not hot as hell
Speak for yourself. The rising temperatures have tons of implications on many people’s day to day comfort. If you work outside it’s the difference between heat exhaustion, skin cancer, dehydration, etc. Crime and agitation increases with heat because we actually don’t handle increasing heat well day to day. Once shit really hits the fan, everyone’s day to day is going to be miserable.
It’s called South Carolina...
It hasn't been consistently this hot in last 30 years. For those that say "This is SC", I don't know what you're talking about.
The weather outside is weather.
Kunu, I'm ready
“climate change isn’t real”
You tell em OP!
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Indian Summer. We've had them before but this is a pretty warm one.
It's great if you're a boater/laker/watercrafer!!!!!!!!! Keep the water warmer longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As a lowcountry Georgia transplant I'm familiar with that and shorts weather Christmas
It's always been like this. Fall and spring last about 2 weeks here. The other periods are either really hot or really cold.
Lmao from South Florida... What the heck are you guys even talking about? I'm looking to move there because it's too Damm hot down here!
This is Donald Trumps fault for sure.
Hurr durr
We don’t get that much sunshine in the winter either.
I would take temperatures constantly hovering around 0 degrees in the winter if it meant that there was ample sunshine in the winter.
South Carolinas weather is bullshit anyway, its hot as fuck and nothing interesting ever happens.
We’re not being robbed it’s just how the Earth naturally changes
So weird that this guy’s entire account activity is nothing but go around saying climate change is a hoax
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