The Questions Thread 11/15/19

Ask your shoe related questions.

Looking for ladies winter boot recommendations. Wanted to get my mom a good pair of boots for Christmas that are warm and will last (Ontario, Canada winter). Currently searching the sub for past suggestions, but if anyone can help it would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance :)
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Red wing has a lined women's moc that might work well as a winter boot... I haven't tried them myself but I like the regular 6 inch mocs so it's something I've considered as it gets colder and snowier here!
So the leather insole in my Grant Stones seems to have broken loose from rest of the boot.
This is kinda hard to explain, but up towards the toe on the inside of the boot, it's as if the leather insole has come loose/separated from whatever was securing to the rest of the boot, and has curled up slightly. When I press on it, it lays down flat and when I let go it springs up again. It seems to have come loose from the toe back to the ball area.
I can't notice it while wearing them at all though.
Anyone experienced that? I always thought that with a GYW the insole was a structural part of the boot
The insole is held down by adhesive to the gemming, which is sewn to the welt. It sounds like the adhesive is failing in that spot. A cobbler can fix it during a resole if it isn't bothering you now. I would reach out to Grant Stone just to give them a heads up.
How to fix a tear in chromexcel leather boot. AE higgins mill. I considered using some shoe goo but i cant lift the flap open. When i pinch it the top layer stays put. Any thoughts or experience. Should i even care and live with it.
Edit: forgot to attach
Allem Edmonds Higgins Mill
Huh, that sucks.
Glue the loose flap to the flesh beneath it to make it stay put then hit it with some layers of same colour cream polish to even it out.
the downside is after cream polish application, there won’t be any pull up effects anymore. But since the tear is in the toe (i can see the edge of the toe box in the right side of the shoe) it wouldn’t matter that much anyway.
Pics would help
Besides the Red Wing Iron Ranger are there other boots that are able to fit that good looking boot that you can show up to work in an office one day but spend the next day at the range? Looking at the $200-$350 range
Grant Stone
Strictly RTW or are you open with MTO options?
your typical service boot? mark Albert, Parkhurst.
Wondering if anyone knows where I can get a pair of Red wing round toe 8152. I found some on ebay but the listing ended before I could snag them
Any suggestions for a womens chelsea? Currently looking at Thursdays
I have the red wing Carol boots (short chelseas) and am really into them so far. They have a 6 inch chelsea and a heeled version (Harriet) as well.
rider boots, carmina, meermin
What’s your favorite Wolverine 1000 mile shoe color? Deciding between the rust and the brown. Maybe even the black too. Not sure which one to get. Which one do y’all like?
Cordovan No. 8, Rust, Brown are all quite nice. If you are torn between a brown and black, cordovan might help you to split the difference. I have 5-6 pairs of 1Ks (OG 1Ks, 1940s, Evans) and am satisfied with all the colors. Really comes down to what you want in your wardrobe.
If you want enhanced wear durability, I'd recommend the Evans 1000 Mile line. They have a sewn on Vibram topper. The leather sole does wear on concrete without a toppy.
Smaller. Just get any reasonably priced horsehair brush on Amazon. Get Bick 4 for conditioning. You're not gonna need to condition until way later doe
I've been using coconut oil for years as recommended by this subreddit, but now it seems everyone has changed their minds, what should I be using as a conditioner and how often? (Keeping in mind that however often I'm supposed to, I definitely won't)
If you’ve been using coconut oil for years with no issues, why change?
I used to use coconut oil, switched to obenaufs when I needed something heavier duty. Lexol or bick 4 are cheaper than coconut oil in the long run I think.
If you want to go the extra miles, use saphir renovateur for the formal smooth leathers and saphir dubbin graisse for the casual smooth leathers (could be used for annual deep conditioning for dressy leather too)
Coconut oil can go rancid, so that’s a concern.
Conditioning is covered in the boot care guides. Lexol or Bick4 are great. Depends how often you wear the boots. Condition them when they’re dry. Or loosely, quarterly.
Looking for a slightly cheaper version of
Love the style and slimmer profile.
Any suggestions?
If you wait, they may pop up on Sierra or Nordstrom Rack. The Grant Stone Diesel is kinda similar, too.
Okay so I have a recommendation request for you guys, I own a pair of Sullivan street Allen Edmonds and while I love them they are on the dressier side for me. I'm looking into getting a more rugged workwear style boot and have looked at thousand miles and iron rangers and want something a little sleeker. I don't think I want to go with roughout leather but want a nice dark brown leather that will show a nice patina as it ages and look worn after a while, also preferably a service boot esque style with no cap toe. budget is approximately $200 but will stretch if it's worth it. Size 9.5D in Allen Edmonds if that helps, thanks for any suggestions!
As I stated in my other comment, I absolutely love my thorogood 6" moc toe boots, I've beat the absolute hell out of them for 3 years
Bought crappy Walmart boots because I was broke and my new job required steel toes. The steel toe cuts into my second smallest toe. I have a pair of thorogood moc toes that are 3 years old, resoled once, and I absolutely love them, most comfortable shoes I've ever owned once broken in. I want to get a pair in steel toe, already priced out with my local mom and pop shoe store, but I'm worried about having the same issue. I'm size 12 if it matters, just looking for any input really
You’re just gonna have to try them on, every boot is shaped different. For steel toes you should have plenty of space in the toe box... if your toes are touching the inside at all, you need to size up and/or get a wider boot.
I really like my thorogood steel toes. I got the oil rig boots (brown with black sole) and they are great other than the gussetted tongue which I cut a little out at my inner ankle to relieve pressure. Super heavy duty and durable. They fit my "normal boot size" and are a half size smaller than my normal tennis shoe size.
Just received these wolverine 1000 miles. Should I return them because of this spot?
First pair of nicer suede boots. The nap around the spot doesn't look uniform with the rest of the boot. Thanks.
i'd keep them. looks pretty minor, and consistent with the way the suede will age anyways. suede doesn't stay pristine, especially boots that you wear in inclement weather and the like. you can return them, but your next pair might have the same thing.
It looks like some kind of adhesive. A suede cleaner may work, but it's possible there will still be a darker spot there after you clean it. If it bothers you return it, if you think you can get over it keep them
Occasionally I'll see a couple on Drop (formally massdrop) for a discounted price. You have a wait a couple months to get them, but it's a solid deal.
Do you want shoes with arch support or something more flat inside?
Wesco's jobmaster is an awesome work boot. I have the steel toe version but they do plain toe also. They are extremely sturdy, I dropped a full 50 lb bucket of paint on my foot from chest high and the edge of the bucket didn't even leave a mark on the leather where it hit. They have a slight bit of arch support but not nearly as extreme as Whites.
I got mine straight off the wesco website. They have off the shelf versions or options to customize. Wesco is also great about repairing their products, they will rebuild boots from the ground up if you need to.
I think White's and Nick's got some models around $500. Check
Hi everyone, I'm thinking of buying my first pair of MTO Whites Boots from Kyle at Baker's. I just have a few quick questions:
2-3. Por que no los dos?
1.) Yes have someone else help. Their instructions also indicate this is the correct method.
2.) Personal choice. I prefer the look of the BH as well, but no one can answer that for you.
3.) Buffalo is tough, so is RO. Either would be a great choice, but RO will put up with more overall and will also evolve the most. Again, I think this is also a personal choice, but both are great options and wont make a huge difference unless they are going to see extreme conditions.
Looking for a kinda dressy but versatile chukka. Ideally GYW with some kind of lower profile rubber sole (e.g. dainite). I really like the look of the AE Williamsburg but it might be a bit too dressy and anyway has a leather sole. Budget ~300 USD, willing to go a bit higher.
Carmina 5 eyelet chukka in simpson last is really nice.
Huckberry also has the Rhodes Felix Chukka. It's Blake and not GYW, but I really like the pattern and it's only $200.
If you're up for considering different leathers, these
How are Ace Marks shoes? They're a bit too flamboyant for me, but I'd like your opinion on them.
Hey guys I have a insole question. I got a pair of shoes that is a tad bit too big on one foot. I threw my red wing insoles in there to test and they are too thick. I was wondering if there is a good slim leather insole option. These will be into Alden PCT shell boot. These are also my first shell boots and wondering leather squeaking is normal. Does that just break in and go away?
When you say the boots are too big, what's the size of the boots and what's your Brannock size?
My unglazed Viberg shell still squeeks at the shell tongue rubbing against the lining after 100+ hrs of wear. I try and ignore it now since they've become my most comfortable pair.
I'd look into a different pair of boots if they are uncomfortable enough to start finding ways to deal a missizing. No boots are worth it being uncomfortable...
What kind of squeaking? My shell boots still make a little noise after a dozen or so wears but it’s fading.
Check Pedag on Amazon (and other similar brands). I use the 3/4 inserts that are real leather glued into plastic for a little extra arch support.
Does anyone know where to get Bick #4 conditioner in Toronto?
I had to get mine off eBay from an American seller. The price isn't too bad, just look around.
I took advantage of the Allen Edmonds sale to buy my first shoe trees. My Brannock is 9, but I wear 8.5 in AE Strandmoks, and 8 in Red Wing and Grant Stone.
According to the AE chart, I’m on the cusp between small and medium:
I went with medium, but now I’m worried I should have gone with small. They fit all my shoes without being fully compressed, but I’m worried they may be stretching my shoes too much. Should I replace them?
Here are pics of the two models I got in Grant Stone Diesels, Red Wing Blacksmiths, and Allen Edmonds Strandmoks.
I size up in Woodlore shoe trees. I’m 11.5 and on the cusp. The Larges are almost too small in many shoes. XL isn’t too big in any of them.
Keep in mind these shoes get stretched tightly over a last when being made. It takes effort to stretch them. A spring loaded tree in normal use that’s maybe half a size too big isn’t gonna ruin your shoes unless you’ve got super soft leather.
I’d say if the leather doesn’t look visibly stretched on the outside then it should be fine. I’ve only noticed this happening to me once, with my RM Williams Chelseas. The leather was so soft that I could see the yearling stretching with the L sized tree so I sized down to an M.
Can anyone find pictures of an unstructured toe, White's semi dress? I only see structured and wonder how they will age soft toe.
Looking for my first pair of boots! I want a brown cap toe style boot that I can wear casually and with jeans to the office. I expect to wear them with black jeans, dark blue jeans, and maybe chinos. Budget is $300 maximum.
I like the Thursday Captain but I've heard mixed feedback on here about them. I don't like the rugged look of the Iron Rangers though. Suggestions?
Parkhurst and Mark Albert are in that price. from what I've read, their QC seems better than Thursday.
Look into grant stone, more expensive, yes, but worth it, and maybe they might have a sale this black friday?
My laces on my White’s Semi-Dress snapped this morning. Can anyone recommend a good-quality similar lace? Thanks!
Check out guarded goods!
Follow up question from yesterday.
I have a pair of cordovan boot that I want to start taking care of myself and learning how to condition/polish etc.
I ordered a saphir cordovan cream in neutral because I thought this was the 1 essential item I needed. Turns out some members here was saying I can (should?) use saphir renovateur...I thought it was harmful to use this on cordovan so I didn't order it.
My question is: should I apply the saphir cordovan cream on the boot now or wait until the saphir renovateur arrive?
And just to check my terminology, the renovateur is to condition the leathers and the saphir cordovan cream is to shine right? I thought the cream was a do-it-all type...but it is apparently just for shining...
Straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were:
The renovateur conditions. This is to keep the leather from drying out & cracking. The cream has a conditioning element but also some dye to restore the color. I honestly don't know what a neutral cream does that a conditioner wouldn't, unless it has some wax content.
I condition from time to time as needed but only polish when I want to restore color and, to a lesser extent, shine. Edge dressing is needed more than polish IME.
Are you thinking of Saphir Renomat? That's a pretty intense cleaning product which is entirely different from Renovateur.
Like I said yesterday, any of those products will be fine. You aren't going to ruin your boots using either one so just experiment or pick what you want.
I like cordovan cream better. Saphir renovateur left bloom on my shell even after brushing.
Cordovan creme is fine to apply now. I'm not sure what your concern is?
I think it helps to figure out why you're doing something rather than just buying what others tell you and applying without any rhyme or reason.
Conditioning and polishing are two different things for different purposes.
Just stick with the cordovan cream. It's meant to condition as well. Horween helped Saphir develop the cordovan cream so that's endorsement enough for me
Should I return my shoes or keep them?
I've bought a pair of Carmina Cap Toe on the internet at retail price and I've noticed a little "defect" on the welt of one of the shoes. The material appears to be sticking out a bit in one spot, creating an uneven surface. You can even see something white sticking out.
Here are the photos:
The defect is slightly less visible in reality than on camera, as I was using flash.
I wouldn’t return over that. It appears to be cosmetic and not structural.
looks like its just a thread end from the insole sticking out, you can probably cut it or just put some edge dressing on it and make it black to match the shoe.
I can barely tell what you're trying to show me in photos, and it seems like something that at worst would take a little edge dressing to cover. I wouldn't waste my time returning them.
The part of break in that affects heel slippage is the leather in the soles. I'd think that would be broken in after a couple of weeks of wear. Hard to tell, but I'm not sure if you're going to get less heel slippage from here on out.
How much is your heel moving relative to the shoe? (More than 1/2” probably won’t go away.)
Can you retighten the laces to remove the heel slip once the shoe has warmed up? Or is there not enough extra space to do so?
Generally heel slip means that you can’t tie the vamp (where the laces are) tight enough to press your heel into the boot. For example, if the laces close completely and the boot is still too loose, then the fit isn’t good. You can use tongue pads to help get a tighter fit in this area if you want to keep the shoe.
Does it affect your comfort or how you walk to try and keep your heels in?
If not then a little movement there is fine. There's no way your heel is going to be completely immobile.
It's just a shoe, don't overcomplicate things. You know how a shoe should function. Does it work for you while you wear them?