And she is finally complete!

Those fans are sweet! Love the LED ring fans
Same here man, they were exactly what I wanted for the look on my 1st build!
Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra
Gigabyte Aorus aio 360mm
2x8 G.Skill Trident Z Royal
Gigabyte GeForce Rtx 2070 Super Aorus
Samsung 860 Evo 1TB
Corsair Rmx 850 W Gold
x9 PCCooler Corona case fans
Lian-Li O11 Dynamic Black
i7 2070 860 evo 16gb ram gang
Certainly wasn't in my mind at the time 😅
i did not expect that ref.... brave person you are.
I’m a big FAN
Knowing you're a FAN has BLOWN me away!
Clean bro! I like single color setup! Very nice
Thanks dude!
Love the water cooler!!
Dude, everytime I was ready to buy it on amazon. Sold out. I got incredibly lucky being able to pick it up.
Name it
Hmmm, "Scarlet" pops up in my mind
Yeahhh...... I didn't think much about it till another commenter made the same comparison. 😅😅😅
Maybe more airflow seems your gpu is kinda chocking in there
I plan on getting a vertical gpu mount in the future. That way, hopefully the gpu is getting good airflow to it.
Not sure how the GPU would be getting choked? There's two fans blowing directly onto it.
Just picked up that motherboard and fuck it’s a monster of a board. Had to take off my top fan cause the clearance wasn’t there with the fan on lmao. Damn thing makes me want to get a bigger case now
I just got the same board too, never thought I’d be a “fan” of a motherboard and thought of them more as a utility component but this thing is sweet. It’s totally overkill for my build though.
Dude, it's a beautiful board man. Unfortunatly I haven't had the time to play around with the settings on my computer after building it. 😅 The Lian-Li O11 is a pretty big case. I'd recommend it. There's also an XL version of it too if you're also interested.
are the fans kind of loud? i have 4 system fans in mine and the low pitched hum annoys me lol
For me yeah, it's pretty loud. Especially with 9 of them. Lol But for me I don't mind too much. I usually have music or a podcast in the background so I don't notice the fan noise too much.
What fans are those?
PCCooler Corona 120mm
The kink in the pipe is making me extremely nervous. Nice build.
Hm, it might be the picture but i didn't notice a kink. I'll check it out again once I get home. And thank ya!
Doomguy liked this
That's alot of fans... holy cow
If only I could add more. 😭
I'm wondering where the PSU is located \°
With this case, it's located behind the motherboard.
What about putting the back panel back on?
With this case, the "Lian-Li O11 Dynamic", everything fits. Even with the back plate. Check out GamerNexus and his review of the case, and you'll see what i mean. Lol
If the kamartaj had an arcade
Hmmmm, it would definatly need more magical rings and squares. Then it would be perfect!
You must like blue
Blue is evil! /s
I’m a noob but what is the display on top of the CPU
It's the display from the Gigabyte Aorus Aio. It displays the CPU temp or you can have it set to a custom text.
Looking good
Appreciate it my dude!
Thinking of getting a vertical gpu mount? I’ve got the same model card and the RGB is fun
In the future yes. Probably the Lian Li vertical mount. Feels weird having the bottom fans blowing air into the gpu. Lol And yeeessss, the rgb on the gpu is exactly why I decided to go ring style rgb all around the case. Lol
Looks like the Avengers are about to jump out of your build to fight Thanos
I could even put mini Pop Vinyl figurines to have the scene of it too. Lol
how many human kidneys for that cooler
Your build and mine are really similar. I liked the pccooler fans too!
Awesome! Yeah, the pccooler fans are nice. They fit very well with what i wanted to do in terms of looks. lol
Always good to see a nice pc build
Hey, OP! Your floor PC is lava!
a little overkill on the fans there...
Functionally? Yes. Aesthetically? It ain't enough!
Congrats and your hard work shows.
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Thank ya very much!
Looks hot... Lika a furnace. Does it run hot as well? Ba-dum tsss
Makes for a perfect heater. 😂
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How did you set up the fans? As in exhaust and intake.
Bottom and Side fans are intake. Top fans with the radiator are exhaust
Damn you got bunch fans you must be
To keep components cool, i must!
Gonna need more RGBs
Definatly more rings and rgb
Needs more fans
You sure that's not an oven?
You sure that's not an oven?
You got me! My very fancy, and shiny oven!
I have the same fans and same case(but white) and also in red led, I decided to use different fans for the top because I don't like flashy rgb I also have them dimmed but I almost did a double take when I saw this
And 9 for men
sorry to break it to u but ur pc needs more fans
Like the monochrome theme! Great work.
Where the fuck is the power supply
Behind the motherboard. The case is the Lian-Li PCO11 Dynamic. Check out GamerNexus' review on youtube of the case for a better look.