I was driving when I suddenly saw this truck....

Used to work in MK right next to them. Would see those trucks quite often, and every now and, something like this:
Hmm, interesting tyre choices there
Whoah that's cool
That lad is an absolute UNIT.
Hello fellow MK7’er!
Looks like a valkrie race edition maybe?
Now I want to see these cars actually race on these wheels and tyres.
Holy shit!
Dude that's awesome, if you don't mind me asking what did you do?
The 2020 car’s gonna burst out of the truck Lightning McQueen style lmao
Speed,I am speed.
Did you hijack the truck and take it to a private track to play with the cars in the best Bond manner possible?
Yes I did indeed!
Nah just kidding I was in A car and there were filming at zandvoort and this truck was bringing the cars.
Steering wheel.. Gloves and steering wheel.. COMEON!!
Last year you'll see Aston Martin and Red Bull on the same truck.
Damn why you got me crying in the club
Unless they crash into eachother
We know that top part will be gone for 2021
Looks like a Belgium highway?
Not enough potholes
I live in the netherlands so its A Dutch highway
Well they were in the netherlands last week to film a lot of pr. So it’s possible
Way too smooth for a Belgian highway
Interested as to why you figured Belgian and not, say, French for example
I work close to the Haas building so I see their trucks and also the Mercedes trucks regularly.
I like the pink more
Why the Mercedes Trucks?
i saw a HAAS truck the other day. How strange
My dad and I were driving in Austria on the highway once and we saw 3 McLaren trucks, one Haas truck, one Mercedes truck and 3 F1 trucks all heading from Germany to Hungary and oh boy that Haas truck looked so frickin clean
Oi do ask the driver for an update on their launch date.
So this is how they get Verstappen around. Hmm.
Dont use smartphone while driving
It’s impossible to be sure but this looks to be taken from the passenger seat...
Edit: OP was in a taxi, in the passenger seat.
Ughh. I'm gonna miss that brands together
Legend has it that he then piloted the first flying car.
Could a loser team like Ferrari hire a hobo to drive a van and cut off the RBR truck off the road and have it crash and thus ruin RBR progress on research or whatever’s in the truck?
Sounds like something Ferrari would inadvertently do to their own truck
Probably the most valuable lorry on that stretch of Dutch highway at that time, too.
Doesnt look like dutch highway at all tbf
Don't take photos whilst driving for reddit points.
OP states elsewhere that they were the passenger in a taxi...
Holy shit imagine crashing that.
Edit: I realized they are 100% insured. Holy shit imagine being the insurance company when someone crashes that.
would you believe insurance companies usually insure themselves against having to pay out....
that moment when you realize only a thin layer of aluminium and steel is probably between you and the 2020 red bull car no one outside the team has seen yet
they are probably already bringing the car to the reveal location
only thinkibg about it makes me excited
Did they let Max drive?
Nobody commenting on that he is taking a picture on his phone while driving a car on the highway at speeds of 100 km/h?
He should have his license revoked
I was in A taxi
I have a dash cam. Taking a picture is easier than changing the radio or A/c.
Hey, I wouldn't mind driving some Type Rs.
Quick question, how can you become a truck driver for them?
i don't know at all but i think they don't something like "we are hiring truck driver for red bull"
i think the truck driver task is given just to a normal mechanic or engineer recruited by the team
like when they finish putting the things in the truck some kind of director or something tells someone "hey, you drive" and there he goes
or maybe it's Verstappen driving the truck, who knows
Keep an eye on the job adverts in Autosport magazine and things like that. Truckie jobs for all teams pop up now and again. It’s more than just driving though.
are those rookie stripes?
Better than if you saw it the whole time you were driving, then you're either stuck in bad traffic or a stalker.
Well Melbourne is quite a drive
Y'all, it's time for a heist.
Probably back from their shooting in the Netherlands for the Dutch GP campaign.
Going towards Zandvoort or towards the UK?... Zandvoort could mean they'll retry the photo-op!
Truck racing ,huh... It's a bold move, but could add some great action between races.
What's interesting here?
Is it a Renault?
I mean the truck!
heading to the paint shop
You found the end of the rainbow.
if i had saw that truck, i would ramake a fast and furious scene
Does anyone else see the blush face
On their way to testing?
'The Chain' fades in from nowhere
Gonna miss the aston Martin redbull brand
Its all coming together
Hijacking the truck would cross my mind.
Nice shot
Definitely on a Belgian highway, I've seen these streetlights a bazillion times in my life :')
You were using your phone while driving? Shame on you.
trunk on road
how fast were you driving that you suddenly saw that truck? ;)
Take photos while driving! Great idea!
Well I was in A taxi so yeahhh
Don't pull an Ocon