Fergus reaches 2500 members, to celebrate we took his top 4 pictures of all time to make one of them a coffee mug. To enter just pick your favorite and leave a comment. 3 winners will selected randomly. Good luck to all and thanks for following Fergus and Trotsky.

Top left with Trotsky! Why put 1 awesome dog on a mug when you can put 2!
Edit: Can I also vote for bottom left though?!
Top right photo! Fergus in true glory!
Edit: Autocorrect changed fergus to Ferguson
Seconded. It's like distilled essence of Fergus.
Lower left I think, he looks like he's taking a selfie to get the sunset but has just seen something horrible.
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Lower right. It looks like he is desperately trying to tell you something very important about that tree.
It would also look great in a minimalist style too.
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I remember laughing so hard when I saw the bottom left pic for the first time
Watching your crazy doggos is enough reward for me. I'm partial to the bottom right, but give the mug to someone else.
Lower left! That was the first picture I saw of Fergus and I laughed for 10 minutes straight and fell in love with him! ❤️🐶
Ooo, tough choice! I'm kind of loving the lower right one! (Second favorite is the upper right picture.)
Bottom right would look the best on a mug. My personal fav is the one with Trotsky because they're both good boys.
Top left cause it’s shows normal but cute Trotsky and then Fergus in all his glory
Thank you fergus, and trotsky.
Link to top left
Oh my god this was a really difficult choice because all are great. I agree with the others that say having both boys in there would be a good mug....but if I had to choose just ONE out of all....I'd be going with top right. Or bottom left. Whatever one gets the most votes I'm in for one mug please :)
Love the bottom right pic. What ? You want us to go into the void ?
Torn between top right and bottom right but I'll have to go with top right
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Bottle left. Love the wee bit of his terrified face.
Gotta go top right! Those baby blues are absolutely popping in that shot.
I love the bottom left, he just seems so lost
I'd also say top right would look epic on a t-shirt ;) The picture would have to be huge as well...not just a tiny picture. That face would have to take up almost the entire front of it.
I'm loving the top right! I can totally see Fergus' giant some on a mug.
Runner up is top left fornsur because I love me some Trotsky, but If I'm voting on Fergus, bottom right is a classic selfie and we ALL have that one of ourselves.
Top left. Such a photogenic pair!
You are one of the winners, IM for confirmation. Congratulations
I love the top left one
Hard decision because I love bottom left a lot but I have to go with top left. Best of Fergus, Trotsky, and the beautiful nature.
Bottom left: Fergus sees the apocolypse.
I would live for Fergus and Trotsky. The first pic please.
Top left is my pick! Two adorable dogs, complete with that happy-crazed look on Fergus! Like me whenever I get to do something exciting I really enjoy; I'm like a kid in a candy shop and I get weird looks from people sometimes, lol.
Top left!
Top right! He looks adorably traumatized!
Top left for sure
Top left! Gotta love Trotsky too! A team.
Fergus and Trotsky, I love you both!
Too right. It looks like Simba is telling him ‘Fergus, let’s go hang out at the elephant grave yard my uncle told me about.’
Top right! I love it so much! This is so sweet.
Top right Fergus is pure essence of Fergus.
It's so hard to choose, but I think bottom left 😍
God how can a favorite be chosen...!! Plus I can think of several others I like so much. But I’ll go with bottom left out of these four - it was the last one I looked at and it brought a good chuckle and smile to me. He looks like he’s seen some things in this photo.
Bottom left is what made me subscribe 😂
Bottom left 😳
The top right photo is what brought me to this sub. This sub guarantees me at least one good laugh a day!
Bottom left. It captures the startle the best!
Lower left always makes me giggle❤️
Lower left, something about that desert looming.
Top right, that’s the reaction you have when you walk in on your parents doing the horizontal dance😬
The bottom left! I was introduced that picture of him via a friend and I've fallen in love with it!
Absolutely top right
Bottom right Fergus pic. He has both a look of worry and a relaxed look.
Bottom right!!
Top right... he'd look at home commanding any Star Wars rebel ship.
Bottom right.
Or maybe you’re the death eaters and he was leaving the scene of the crime! Terrified yet content.
God, I love them all. Buttttttt Bottom left
Bottom left for sure, it's a great balance of nature's beauty and Fergus's perpetual confusion. I love how appalled he looks!
You won, congratulations! IM for confirmation
Top left!! Both pupperinos!!
Top Right
Top right! Best bug eyed picture of Fergus out of the lot
Bottom Left!!
Definitely top left for the sibling love.
Aw congrats Fergus! Top right makes me laugh the most.... but I’m gonna say top left because Trotsky and Fergus should both be on a mug!
Bottom left!
Upper left, because Trotsky, but also lower right. And the other two as well. They're all great!
Lower left ftw. Bottom right was a very close second though.
I love the upper left photo - both Fergus and Trotsky in one! :)
As much as Trotsky is a lovely dog too, I think bottom left would be best on a mug.
Obviously #4 is Furgus in all his glory. I vote #4
The bottom right looks like he's making trouble with the clouds and is like hey, watch this shit.
You won, congratulations! IM for confirmation
Bottom right; "What is going on in the sky?! Thanos is coming!"
Top left. Trotsky seems oblivious to Fergus' obvious over-excitement. Plus, two pups for the price of one!
What a wholesome idea. Has to be bottom left for me, classic Fergus.
Bottom left. It’s me in the morning when someone tries to talk to me before I have my coffee. Perfect for a mug.
Top right!
Top right. The whole reason I fell in love with this weirdo is on full display!
Top right is the best
Bottom right
Definitely top right!
bottom left for sure
Lower left! He knows something we don't...
Bottom left.
I pick the first one. The one with Trotsky. Fergus has his beautiful characteristic stare and we can see his fluffyness! ❤️ And seeing Trotsky does not hurt 😉.
Lower left!
Top right by miles
Top right. Fergus looks like our new glorious emperor.
My name is also Fergus and I like the bottom right one
Late to the party but for sure top left! Ferguson AND Trotsky in all their majestic glory!!
I love the bottom left picture. It’s what got me to follow Fergus. He’s so precious.
Top left, always happy when Trotsky makes an appearance.
Top right! He looks possessed by a demon, it's so funny
Top right 😍
Bottom right is pretty great.
Lower left. His existential demeanor is balanced with the skyscape.
Ferguuuuus! You beautiful beast! The bottom left is the OG and my favorite ❤️
Quadruple fish dog
bottom right! thank you fergus!!
Bottom right. The beauty of nature + the beauty of ferg
Fergus in the top right has been my phone wallpaper ever since I first saw that photo. I'm totally in love with it.
Bottom right! Blue eyes AND blue sky!
Top right- point blank, unadulterated Fergus
Bottom left
Looool bottom left for sure
I would go with the lower right. Its a close up of his best assets, like looking into big googly globes.
Bottom right! The color balance is great with his eyes
Bottom right. The colour combo is fabulous.
Top left for sure! The two look like they're about to embark on a beautiful journey where they both learn new lessons on life and inspiring music and conflict, the whole shebang, now on VHS.
I like the bottom right one da best :)
My vote is for bottom left
Bottom right for that close up snoot!
Bottom right. It’s a selfie, but definitely done wrong, like he doesn’t know how to use the phone.