The femme fatale Inspo Album

I've always LOVED these types of women in movies. They are so sexy and badass! So I decided to make an album in honor of the femme fatale, since I will never be confident enough to pull this look off 😂 Hope you enjoy

Man, if only I had the boobs to pull this off....
Yeah same. This album makes me want to get a boob job. (Jk..kind of)
To me, a bra-less tiny titty outfit is a fckin powermove 90% of the time, like more
I wish my boobs were small enough where I could wear those cute bralettes...
Seriously though I still think you could probably pull it off! :)
I've gained and lost so much weight in my life, they've gone from a J to an E that is 99% skin. I cant show any cleavage because it's basically just a wrinkled pile of skin :laughcry:
Yeah, I feel like boobs are a prerequisite for this one. I need an outfit with the boobs included.
Just yet another reminder that I can't be "sexy" and tiny breasted at the same time. ;_;
Friendly reminder that I have very big boobs and a tiny waist (no surgery) and more often than not, sexy dresses make me look vulgar more than beautiful/sexy. So appreciate the small breasts!!
Yesssss. I love it! I usually call my style “spy-chic” but this is much better. I’m really into all black, tight mockneck tops and bodysuits right now.
Yessss spy chic! I always like to feel dangerous even if my life is pretty normal and boring otherwise lol.
My dream aesthetic! The suit with the bralette under it is a goal look for me.
Same. But I can’t think of an appropriate event to wear that?
I'd like to see your album but imgur seems to have it blocked. You have to confirm that you are over 18 (and I am quite a long way over 18) but then doesn't go anywhere :(
Omg. Thanks for letting me know, I'll try to fix it now!
It could be a cookies/privacy thing. I'm encountering the same problem.
I got to see it if I selected open in app
I love the idea of the femme fatale, but this album to me is more Mad Men's Joan Holloway to me. It lacks a true representation of the archetype and only showcases one body type in a skin tight dress instead of the overall attitude and style that makes this type of woman so entrancing and deadly. Femme Fatale is more like
I agree with you. Your album has an element of sexiness, but it's not the main feature. The main feature is dressing like a bad ass bitch. Leather, fur, color, menswear themes, and intensity in the eyes. The album op linked was too heavy on the sex and not enough oomph imo.
I never looked good in this look :( Looked more like a badly dressed secretary more than anything else lol
I always look like a child trying to look like an adult, sigh.
I recently started getting into Kibbe's body type theory because I don't really do femme fatale that well either, turns out that I could still try the secretary or sexy dress vibe just with a more suitable cut for me, Aly Art has some great in depth videos on YouTube if you wanna see what I mean!
This album is so intimidating in the best way. 😍
Have you seen Atomic Blonde? I love all of Lorraine’s wardrobe choices.
I just watched and and I am in love with all the outfits. I definitely don't have the body (yet) to pull them off though.
That red dress on #10...! 😍😍😍
I could probably wear this, but I’d spend my whoooooole night worriedly pulling up the edges of the necklines. Not exactly the sexy confidence required, haha
Don't forget the power of a good
I didn't always have the confidence either, but taking small steps really helped me find my own comfort level. I started out by wearing lingerie under normal clothes, then bumped it up by working velvet and silk/satin into my wardrobe. Style progresses over time. You can totally pull these looks off.
I'm going to a murder mystery party tonight and was assigned this character. This album is exactly what I need as I trawl through my entire closet for the perfect outfit.
Where can you get a dress like #1?
Look for vintage little black dresses. Or else maybe somewhere like Lulu's that just carries hundreds of styles of dresses, maybe even House of CB if you have the budget
Where could I get a dress like #20? What would that neckline be called?
I think that is my favourite outfit of the bunch. Some are very cool as well, but some are pretty eh to me. This dress, though, I would love to wear something like that!
It seem to
Patty Boutique (sp?) on Amazon has a top exactly like that. I ordered it and ended up returning it, it was too uncomfortable for me! Good price tho!
Edit: it's PattyBoutik
Omg I love #20 too! Would love to know where to find it
I would kill for a dress like that! I want to know too.
That was my favorite too, plus that gold tassel belt! 😍
A bunch of this album is clothing from pinupgirlclothing.com - hope that helps!
that's what I'm saying. Pinup is not femme fatale though, and I think the original poster has the two kind of mixed.
I will forever look after a dress like the #4 . If someone knows about a online store that sells something similar pleaaaase tell me!
Honestly, Revolve (online store) probably has dresses like all of these. Can be a bit pricey though.
Lulus has a
The woman in the pic is Yasmeen Ghauri I think, she's a supermodel and her walk is AMAZING , imo better than Naomis and her bone structure is breathtaking.
Which woman?
She’s gorgeous and she makes me so proud as a Pakistani <3
This aesthetic is totally my style even if I could never go out in a sheer top! Work it!
Uuggghhh I love it and now I want black hair
I love this album and style. Wish there were more body diversity though. I’m an apple shape and want to try some of these styles but tenty is better for me
If you're into this album check out House of CB. They basically only clothe femme fatales
Does anyone have specific recommendations for black over-the-knee boots? I've been looking around for a while and have had a hard time deciding. Something under $200 US, since it probably will be something I'd only wear occasionally
I have the body for this (hourglass, full bust), but not the face (if that makes sense) so I always end up looking like a weirdly dressed woman-baby.
You’re getting down voted by jealous non hourglass women
I love this! I’d love to build a small set of my wardrobe to fit this aesthetic. Any idea where to get dresses like #3 and #7?
Seconded! The cut of #3 is divine
Yes!! If only we knew where to find #3?!
I love this but I don’t have the guts to wear this out lol
UGHHHHH. The dream.
i love this op
This is similar to my style and aesthetic, but mix a little edgy metal head in with it. Beautiful album! Fantastic job!
I'm loving the dominatrix vibe in some of these.
Does anyone know where I could buy the first dress? For once my lil titties might look good in something lol
Absolutely love it thanks. I could pull these looks but not too sure where/when.
High waisted black jeans with a kickass belt + bodysuit is like the hourglass standard uniform at this point, and it’s freaking amazing. I add a chunky black or grey cardigan on top to dress it down or heels and a leather jacket to dress it up.
This sounds like something from
Thinks this is something I can get behind, checks album, and I own a few pieces from it. Yes!!
Everything about this is a 10
OH MY GOD that first combination, someone tell me where i can get a dress similar to that,I NEED IT IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW.
I love this album! Finally an album that caters to women with hourglass figures. Some of it’s a little too latexy and lingerie for my taste, but there’s some really cute outfits in here too. This album is an inspiration to stop trying to fit in with the current styles out there and just wear what I feel most comfortable in - stuff that accentuates my hourglass figure. I’m tired of all the tenty styles that just don’t look good on me.
And no this isn’t a diss to all my haters on this forum. Keep dressing the way you like.
I’m pretty sure finding albums that cater to “an hourglass figure” isn’t as hard as you’re making it. That’s literally the western ideal body shape.
Some photos are from Micheline Pitts Vixen and La Femme Noir line. She designs for a range of women’s bodies.
I would love to buy this for my girlfriend when I can (if I ever even have extra money to do so in my life at any point)
How do I find it?