Official: Daily [Anything Goes] Discussion Thread: January 20 2020

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My Horford and Dlo for Butler, ROS
Pick one for ROS (fantasy playoffs).. Huerter, Michael Porter Jr, Marcus Morris Sr.
Yea. And there’s a chance he gets more minutes going forward. But what he can do in 25 minutes is better than what most can do in 33.. if he did get put into the starting lineup his value would be top 60 in my opinion. Up to you though. I’ve heard all this hype on levert and I just don’t get it. If you do drop him, go with saric. Although, he just recently had a six game span of scoring under like 9 FP.. ayton takes away from his production.
Conley or Fultz? What do you all think?
drop Brandon Clarke for either saric or levert
You're dropping Clarke for one of these? I would stick with Clarke personally.. Saric had a hot streak, but hasn't been able to get much done since then. I would definitely not take Levert. He's more of a categ. league player.
12 team, points, h2h... What are we thinking of Eric Bledsoe? I know they limit his minutes in games where they're winning big, but do we expect him to get more production and time as we get closer to playoffs?
Did you guys see the latest Delonte West video? I know it’s not relevant to fantasy, but wow. What an eye opening, terrible situation.
Wow... It's so sad to see this. I hope he hits bottom soon and turns it around without any major long term problems..
Drop Bertans for MPJ? Flair league, I know he’s balling cus everyones out but this has to bode well for his ROS pt
I'm wondering the same thing...
Huerter, sexton, or garland ROS?
Tristan Thompson ROS? my team needs rebs and i can trade for him. Just wondering if he is going to get shutdown.
it seems like you're giving too much.. but both lowry and PG13 had been so injury prone this season... so if you need to win ASAP I'll go with Gobert...
Who would accept in return for Simmons?
Keep 3 League
A: Ayton, Fox, 2020 first round pick
B: Luka
A: Trae(45.6) + Middleton(33)
B: Towns(49)
Points league, opinions for rest of season performance?
It looks like B would need to pick up someone to worth 30 points. In an 8 team league, that's probably not that hard, so I'd go with B.
In a points league, if Oubre is a game time decision and others I can sub in for him play four hours earlier, should I just sub him out for the night then? I can start Elf, Brolo or Kornet
Supposedly he's probable for tonight. Concussions are wild so it's still a big gamble, but i decided to play him
My FVV, Turner and Middleton for his KAT? H2h points
Good ole' 3 for 1. Does the other team that many players?
Mahinmi goes off and outplays Bryant again 🤦🏽‍♂️
Bryant is on a minutes restriction
I have to bench one of these guys today
Jrue, Hayward, Hield, Rozier, or Rubio.
Do we know if Jrue will have a minutes restriction?
I put Jrue on my bench. I don't know if he's playing or how much. Other choices are safer.
Turner, Warren, Graham, or Hield today?
I’m thinking no Turner due to inclement Goberts.
I have Kristaps Porzingis coming back so is it worth dropping one of these other players so I have an open streaming spot?
Punt FG%/Assits
Marcus Smart (his elite STL + he's hot)
I'd go with the top two, but Smart has a better chance to have a down night with the talent around him.. Brooks is a starter, so..
Brooks is probably the most droppable. I just dropped him in my 12 team points league, for reference. I know its different but still. Smart seems way too valuable for his steals but you could try and trade him to someone who wants assists
Going to have to drop someone with Holiday coming off IR. Drop candidates include Huerter, Burks, Turner, Markkannen, Richardson, Smart. Punting TO's and FG%. Who would your drop and why?
Huerter or Burks depending upon what your strengths are
Terry Rozier + Steven Adams vs Derrick Favors + Gallinari. Who wins this trade? 9CAT 10Team
The second side if they stay healthy. But both those guys are always hurt...
Butler owner is frustrated. Should I offer Kyrie?
Yes. I'd rather have Butler
16 Team head to head, punting 3s and fts, the other categories are standard. I can start 2 of these 3:
Robinson, Adams and Rubio.
I'm leaning towards benching Adams cause he's banged up. Any advice?
trade my AD, Jrich for his paul george, JJJ, and CJ McCollum?
I was winning blocks every week, but now want to soft punt blocks & dominate 3s, since Isaac went down.
Which of these disappointing big men should I start?
Mitch Rob or Myles Turner?
The one that isn’t playing Rudy Gobert, i think.
12 team H2H points.
Trying to sell high on Ingles asap. Also need a big man.
Was offered Sabonis and Gallinari for Westbrook and Ingles.
Im tempted, but nervous if Gallinari will hold his value, especially if he's traded. Can afford to give up Russ as i still have Booker, Barton, Lou Williams, Jaylen Brown. Would love some help on this one.
Got offered my Don Mitchell for Curry and Norman Powell. I already have Gasol and FVV but I plan on dropping Gasol for Holmes. Should I accept? Thanks
I'd keep Mitchell unless you wanna gamble on Curry
What is Nurkic's ranking ROS? What kind of numbers will he be putting up in points leagues when he get's back. Will he play limited minutes? Will he be the same player he was before his injury? Will he be severely hampered by Whiteside? Will Whiteside get traded? I want to pick him up but i'll have to drop Richardson or Van Vleet. Should I do it now or hold off?
Sit Bojan or Bledsoe
Should I sit Nunn or hield for Jrue? Apparently he’s gonna play
Start Derrick Favors or JV today? Points league
jv zion coming back.
My brolo for Thomas Bryant?
Have BroLo and I wouldn't
Start: Mikal Bridges or Larry Nance ?
Are any of the bigs out today for the Cavs? If so then I'd roll with Nance but if not it's a toss up
Got offered Drummond for butler 12 team head to head. Punting assist, trade looks good to me any thoughts?
Seems pretty fair for a punt-assist build, but be prepared to start punting FT% too.
McCollum and Aaron Gordon or Oubre and Holmes? 12 team 9 cat
Oubre and Holmes
Brogdon for Jaylen brown ? 9CAt 14 team
start kevin love or john collins?
Mitch rob or b lopez in the post? Im thinkin b oopez cause my opponent is awful at blocks but competitive in 3s
I was offered Lonzo for Jarret Allen. Is their any fear that Zion and Jrue will affect his value when they return
12t 9cat
Lonzo's been averaging over 40 mpg his last three games due to some overtime, leading to some crazy stats for him. Once Jrue comes back, the minutes and production will dip. This is a great opportunity to sell high on Lonzo.
With AD back is it worth holding onto Dwight? He has been big for me with AD out but now I'm concerned he'll go back to a reserved role assuming they don't limit AD's minutes in this game.
His Morant for my John Collins? standard points league
Hold Collins
Trade Kyrie and Steven Adams for KAT?
That's a bit of a gamble imo. Depends how active Kyrie is ROS
Had AD on my IL, gotta drop someone with him being back tonight, should I drop Collin Sexton PJ Washington or Michael Porter Jr? 12 team 9 cat
definitely PJ
I'd probably drop PJ due to only having two games this week.
Start Bagley or Lamb?
Bagley If ruled in
Trade my Morant for their Kyrie. 9 Cat league. Worried about Kyries injuries
12T 9CAT I’m out of a playoff position and I’ve been offered Eric Bledsoe for my steph curry - worth it? I feel like I can package him with another player for someone better but I’m thin at PG and I’m thinking about accepting
If you're out of a playoff position, I like the idea of trading Steph. Personally, I would try to get a better return though. I'd recommend looking into making a deal with one of the top seeds and see what guards they might be willing to depart with.
You can do better than Bledsoe
Trade my D. Graham for Morant? Keeper , 9 CAT league
They're pretty similar except FG% and 3's. Graham gets you 3's but ruins FG%, Morant is a FG% asset, but not a great 3's guy. In a vacuum, I would take Morant because of the long-term upside in a keeper league, but if you have a punt FG% build team, Graham is a stud.
100% yes. morant is going to be a star
Pick one to BENCH:
Culver, Mitch Rob, Bagley, PJW
Bagley is out today dawg
Trade my Kawhi, Hield and drop Levert for Curry, J Butler, and Dejounte Murray? 12 team 8 category. Im in first and I have AD Jokic Vuc and Collins
It's a close call. If you are fighting for a playoff spot, I wouldn't do it, but if you are sitting at the top of the standings, I might take the trade. Murray and Hield are pretty close, so I'm focused on the Butler and Curry for Kawhi aspect. Assuming Curry doesn't take rest games like Draymond when he returns, the Curry and Butler combo should be really solid for playoff time.
Start Dejounte Murray or Sato today???
Close. Give me Murray.
8cat H2H league
Should I bench Hayward or Bojan?
Hayward contributes to more stats but is also going against Lakers and has been inconsistent lately. What are your thoughts?
Smart , D Lee, culver
Who should be my SG today?
Do I bench Jrue for Norman? Or do we think he plays tonight
I’m benching
Points league I gotta start 1 at PF who do I go with Reddit?
Lauri @ Bucks
Bagley @ Heat
JJJ vs Pelicans
How would you rank thes players ROS:
Fultz, Huerter, Levert, Payton, Redick, Sexton
Fultz, Huerter, Redick, Payton, LeVert, Sexton.
Huerter, Fultz, Reddick, Payton, Levert, Sexton
Larry Nance, Mitch Rob, Norm Powell, PJ Washington.
Who would you start between these guys tonight? I have to bench 3 of them. Norm has been on a hot streak but I’m leaning towards Mitch
If you’re tryna play it safe, go Mitch. If otherwise, Norm.
Can I drop Jon Isaac? I haven’t seen any official news that he won’t be coming back this season, and it’s not costing me anything rn to stash him.
Drop him. They filed insurance for his Salary payment. He needs to miss the rest of the season for it to be paid . He’s not coming back I presume.
from ESPN - The Magic recently applied for a Disabled Player Exception for Isaac (knee), implying the team projects him to miss the remainder of the season, Shams Charania of The Athletic reports.
Id drop either. Depends on your spot in the standings and build and all but id make that move.
Should i start josh Richardson or rubio today?
Would you hold Conley over guys like Smart Culver or Dejounte who are all on my WW?
I'm leading right now so I figure it's worth the stash but the way Smart and Culver have been playing lately I'm second guessing myself...
Can someone explain yahoo rankings? How is Dame ranked 6th and Trae ranked 27th for the season in averages , when Trae pretty much beats Dame in every category?
Trae's high turnover average holds him back on rankings
Drop Noel and pick up Oladipo or Holmes?
Noel has been good for 9 cat (not sure what your 10th cat is) even in limited minutes. I'd take Holmes over him but I'd imagine you have someone else worth dropping over Noel in a 12 teamer?
If you have the IR spot available, I would pick up Holmes.
Pick up Nurkic and drop Aaron Gordon?
Start MitchRob or Bryant???
Mitch. Bryant has been afwul and minute restricted.
Trade my beal for his booker ? Yes or no?
Bertan or Huerter for the week? 4 game each
Bertans because of the thursday game.
10 team 9 cat H2H Weekly Lineup punt points and 3s
Need to choose 2 to start:
3 games Dwight Powell- LAC, @ POR @ UTA
4 games Thad Young @ MIL, MIN, SAC, CLE
4 games Ivica Zubac @ DAL, @ ATL, @ MIA @ ORL
4 games Khris Dunn @ MIL, MIN, SAC, CLE
dwight and zubac. because of 2morrows games
Start Kyrie or Middleton this week?
14T H2H punting FT/TO
My Covington for D'lo?
Joe Harris or Duncan Robinson ROS? Need to drop one.
In what order would you rank these players for rest of season value in a category league. Dejounte Murray, Huerter, Culver, Garland.
Murray Garland Huerter Culver.
Huerter, Culver, Garland, Montejunas (is he still in the league?). Culver and Garland are pretty close, so it's very category dependant if you're debating between them.
I’m in a 14T deep league.
Is Reggie Jackson worth owning over someone like Monte Morris, Josh Hart or De’Andre Hunter?
The next best players available are Justin Holiday and Langston Galloway.
Picked up oladipo, if I’m looking to trade for him now what type of player should I expect see in return?? H2H, 15 team
I picked him up too a few weeks back. Also curious what I could get in return
Will I regret dropping Marcus Smart to activate Conley? That age and injury are concerning, but it’s a 10 team league and I have nobody else who’s remotely droppable.
I think you should've just kept Conley on your IL until he starts producing
After how good Smart has been the past two games, you have great sell-high opportunity with a trade. I think it will be regrettable to let him go for nothing.
Buddy Hield or Zion ROS in H2H points league?
Should I start Horford(@bkn) or Bagley (@mia) today?
Al, he will feast
Who would you guys start today in 9CAT between the following 3?
Kris Dunn - Playing vs tough team in the Bucks / have been getting wierd minutes lately
Dejounte Murray - almost didin't play yesterday because was ill, coming off a b2b
Matisse Thybulle - most likely highest playing time, but would probably just get stocks
Who would you bench today? Dinwiddie or Adams? 8CAT
Kyrie is out today so Dinwiddie should hopefully put big up numbers like he was a few weeks ago
Anyone know of a writeup that shows the playoff matchups?? Like a week outlook but for the playoffs?
You could use this and select the weeks of your playoffs to check yourself:
Huerter please no more -4's. I'm begging you.
How do we feel about taking Oladipo off the IR right away when he returns? I would think he's on a very tight minutes limit for a couple weeks or so making him a risky play on weekly basis.
Personally, I'm keeping him on my IR until he can show some promise in the box scores. I'd rather see him go off on my IR than be a dud in my lineup for the first week back.
Prayers for Parsons man 🙏🏽
What are people who have Joe Harris doing? Seems to be lacking a lot this past month...
Who do I play out of these three: huerter, dinwiddie, or Thomas Bryant? Can someone please lmk?
Huerter. He's been balling until the last game
Huerter vs Marcus Morris Sr. ROS
I have both and it’s a close call, but I tend to trust MM Sr’s production more. Huerter kind of needs Trae out there to facilitate whereas Morris can and does feast seemingly at will. Both can give you stinkers now and then though
I like huerter personally more
Making that playoff push!!!!
Could use some help. Punt fg%/punt rebound build
My Kemba for his Brogdon and Brook Lopez?
A pretty tough call imo. I lean the Brogdon and Lopez side because it's not the easiest to find a great source of blocks while being a good contributor to your team with your punt style. Lopez fits that niche. Brogdon is certainly a downgrade in the 3's department, but 3's is one of the easier streaming categories.
Points league
Steven Adams or robert Covington?
Thanks ESPN
JJ Redick is considered probable would you play him this week or Monte Morris? Morris will start in place of Jamal Murray but last game he started he had only 6 ftps, he could still step up tho'. On the other hand I'm sure Redick is fairly sure player and league veteran that brings decent numbers every game (35-40) but could miss one game (he was probable last week and still didn't play).
A: SGA + Collins B: Gobert + Lauri/Love
Need some advice: trade Sabonis & Turner receive, Drummond & Conley. Is Conley worth the risk? I’m also stashing C. Wood in hopes Drummond gets traded.
I would hold onto sabonis.
If you had to sit Andrew Wiggins, Kendrick Nunn, or Gordon Hayward for today’s games which would you choose?
My: Bam LaVine and Tatum His: AD valanciunas and Wiggins
Should I do it points league H2H?
Yup do it
Yes easy
Would you play Fultz or Carmelo today?
Melo definitely he's gonna pop against GSW, specially with McCollum not playing.
12t 9cat h2h troy brown jr or damion lee? i need to drop one
Of course AD comes back the week I’m going up against him.
As a Laker fan I’m stoked. As a fantasy owner Im pissed
Is DeAndre Jordan a drop in 10 team?
Any news on Jabari’s return date? ESPN said 2 weeks, 2 weeks ago but I haven’t seen any news.
I have Collins and am considering dropping Jabari for Fultz in my points league bc I’m stacked at PF/C.
Trade jj redick for tristan thompson or m. Gasol?
Drop MPJ for THJ? Or kleber
I can only play 1 (check flair)
Turner, Bertans or Teague
Trying to figure out who to start in my util positions tonight. Which 3 should I pick?
Ibaka, Rubio, Covington, Bertans, Culver, Burks
Would you gentlemen risk dropping sato or Norman Powell to pick up Nurkic, stash him in IR just to pick up whoever I drop when/if they clear waivers? What’s the likliehood I lose them and is it terrible if I do? I actually have a healthy team right now and I’ve lost my bearings after an injury filled first half.
I have to imagine they’ll ease Nurkic back in with a decent minutes restriction. But it will also depend on whether they’re fighting for a playoff spot or not, it’ll be better if they are (and the trade for Ariza seems to indicate they plan to be)
You might be able to get Sato to clear waivers because his numbers have been a little rough the past two games + guys who are light in the points category can fly under the radar a little easier.
Start Hayward or Oubre today?
12-team 9-cat league
Can’t decide who gets benched for Anthony Davis tonight...
Jarret Culver vs. Den Davis Bertans vs. Det Miles Bridges vs. Orl
Start Middleton (2 games) or Bertans (4 games) this week?
4 vs 2 games is such a difference that if it's not harden vs Jarrett Culver for example I'd always go for the 4 games
Having a hard time choosing between starting T.Bryant and Wood. I’m guessing Bryant will have a hard time against Drummond + having a minute-limit, so Wood should be the go-to for monday?