Why does barely anyone ever bring up The Scribe? A very important random encounter that says a lot about the current state of the Brotherhood of Steel under Maxson.

Because the robot encounters from Automaton make some of the special encounters extremely rare to run into, probably. I've been playing since launch and on my nth file, but haven't ever met this guy myself.
For the similarly uninitiated (lol, Brotherhood pun) the lines above come from his .txt file. I'm part of the crowd who prefer the kinder Brotherhood of the Citadel over the Steel Legion out West, so I'm very glad you brought this guy up!
Yeah I miss Lyons BoS too, I actually really enjoyed the whole duality of the West and East and how the West was "behind the times and actively dying because they weren't willing to change" while the East was prospering because they weren't being total assholes, which Fallout 4 ultimately topples on it's head but I digress, and it's seems a tad silly really that they locked what I would think of as quite honestly a bombshell of lore, even though it's a short encounter, but really, what I would classify as a very important NPC, at least for the player, given the information he holds (not for the character himself, why would the Sole Survivor care?), one in which could very well shape your idea of the current Brotherhood of Steel and what they've become as they hide behind their facade of seeming benevolence, which, has fooled quite a few people (though, from previous experience in Fallout 3, that's what they were like originally, so I can see why the people who don't pay as much attention to the little things might just see them as a slightly more aggressive version of what they knew in Fallout 3), both inside the game and outside, like don't get me wrong, it's not hard to see all of the context clues, but I know of a lot of people who still think of them as the "good guys" and this is the game straight up telling us, no bullshit that they aren't anymore.
And the fact that they made it even harder to encounter him because of Automatron makes me sad.
Thanks for pasting the lines, I have also never once seen this encounter in around 1400hrs of gameplay. It seems he echos my feelings on the BoS as this point in the timeline as well.
I'm using a mod that greatly reduces the chance of Automaton encounters and it feels way better. I enjoy that story and things it introduces, but it infects the entire commonwealth even after you've finished the story and that's no fun.
there's an encounter hotspot near the police station in concord just reload like 3 times you wont miss him i found him my second time trying to summon him
The scribe and a lot of the randomly located unique vendors were extremely rare long before Automatron was released.
Yeah I was pissed when I found this out, I'm playing my latest playtrough with the DLCs disabled.
For me, I have searched searched and searched. Beat the game all the different ways, had hundreds of hours into some playthrough a where I built heavy, did multiple mess around mod playthrough a, and to this day im yet to get him to spawn. Fuck my life.
Do you have automaton installed? It replaces most fluid encounters with rust devils 🙄
Maxson’s Brotherhood isn’t a return to form, but instead an evolution of the faction. Collection of technology, protection of human settlements, the prevention of nuclear condemnation; all have been thrown out in the name of eliminating existential threats and committing genocide.
This isn’t something Maxson from 1 would do, and certainly not Rhombus. It’s not something Lyons or Casdin would do. It’s not something McNamara or Hardin would do. Maxson in 4 has more in common with the Enclave than any of the prior chapters we’ve seen.
Maxson's BoS is a much better and interesting entity than Lyon's BoS. Lyon's BoS wasn't all good itself, but thdy were still generically heroic and kinda boring. Maxson's BoS is more morally ambigious and they play a more interesting role in the world, adding an almost police-like authority that many wastelanders have a problem with, rather than Lyon's BoS that doesn't really interact with the outside world outside of expeditions and shit.
Yeah people forget that the BoS weren't really the good guys in Fallout 1 or 2. So much better to have a morally complex set of factions that just the Good Guys that you're forced to work with.
I always assumed that the blimp was essentially a flying version of river city and that the raw materials were taken from it / converted entirely.
And before anyone says it we don't know if the BOS took the reactor from Rivet City or some other ship. All we know is that the prydwen got an updated reactor from an aircraft carrier.
The materials were taken from the mobile Crawler at Adams Air Force Bass. Captain Kells confirms this when you join.
Yea I have to say I have never encountered him. Shame, that's a nice little tid bit of lore right there
Might be helpful in context to remember that Lyons was an outlier for the BOS. Not really heroic since he largely aided the wasteland out of necessity, but other factions of the BOS died out rather than make alliances (probably New Vegas if you don't save them, and presumably Chicago). And the faction against Lyons was strong enough to stand on its own in the Wasteland. I agree that Lyons was right, but the odds against Maxson might have made regressing his best bet to keep the East Coast BOS alive.
There is a very real probability that Super Mutants or Feral Ghouls killed Sarah Lyons, who Arthur was in love with. Couple that with every Super Mutant and Ghoul Arthur is likely to have met was a killing machine, and it's no surprise he's a hard ass.
The only really murderous thing is that joining the BoS usually requires killing the Railroad if I recall. But that's more because gameplay than the BoS hating human beings.
They certainly don't discriminate over humans, unlike the BoS in NV which I could swear I remember Veronica saying they had a problem with her lesbian relationship.
Synths are not human beings though.
ehh well I still do believe that the brotherhood are good guys just use extremely flawed methods . Lyons brotherhood was definitely better in keeping peace and acting as protectors short term but Maxson’s brotherhood to me seems like long term they’d be more effective. I loved Lyons and his brotherhood and when maxson came I was impressed but I did not think they were the protectors anymore . To me they were just dicks who had a false sense of superiority . But when they destroyed the institute to keep synths from ever returning instead of studying institute tech and keeping it for their own goals I felt as if maxson really did care . Basically I feel like Lyons cared too much and maxson could learn from Lyons
Arthur was the Last Maxon. Of course he wants to honour what his ancestors were about. I still think the SS had what it took to talk him into peace.
I have had like a dozen playthroughs of this game with thousand of hours between all of them, and I never, NEVER, despite actively looking up where he's supposed to appear and seeking him out, met him. Fuck The Scribe.
I've never seen this dude. I usually do not start automatron til way late so the robot spawns dont really override much for me
An excellent point and one that other historians and ...?... not sure what to call those of us who are into the lore - Lorians? Anyway! There is a general group of people who are grateful for this reminder.
The BoS went way off the rails under Maxson. He would be right at home in Trump's administration!
It was one of the ethics test of FO4 that I enjoyed. Without being as aware of the impact, as I am now, of the fact that all the factions have their warts it IS possible to play through to a paladin like ethical end, which is what I realised after the fact. Of course I had to go back and see the other endings which is why on the second and third play through you make choices you're not comfortable with, just to see the end (Liberty Prime was kinda awesome but holy nukes batman what an answer!)
Correction: BoS went on the rails they used to be. Maxson restored Brotherhood in the west to it's strength, without locking the outside world out.
He helps the outsiders, but his first concern is always the Brotherhood.
And really, Trump administration? If his administration was even 1% of the Maxons Brotherhood, his support would tripple.
Just gotta shoehorn him in anywhere you can huh?
It's a mixed bag. Lyons led a more pleasant brotherhood, but his approach to helping others seems to have cost the brotherhood an increasingly large amount of resources, with it slowly crumbling. Sarah Lyons took over when her father died, but strangely died shortly after on a fairly random mission, which is atleast a little suspicious. Various East Coast elders took over but did a mediocre job, until the West Coast sent Arthur Maxson to them to take over and restore it to a previous status quo.
Various NPC's mention that Maxson turned the brotherhood around, making it powerful and sustainable again by practicing more draconian measures. His methods also seem to be popular with the younger brotherhood members, many of whom were recruited from ordinary capable men and women he came across.
All this makes an older brotherhood member such as The Scribe dislike these changes. Given his age he probably saw what the brotherhood was like before Lyons and sees Maxson's more taciturn approach as a threat to what the Brotherhood used to stand for.
I don't understand the hate for the BOS, except for keeping technology away from people. Especially in fo4, it seems like a logical thing to destroy synths. The institute infiltrates with their synths, killing a person, to maintain their lie. If you respond with, "what about the ones the railroad frees", I have to ask, isn't it better to destroy all synths? I mean, if they can be memory wiped and freed, can they not also be reprogrammed for nefarious purposes?
I don't believe the Commonwealth should have to live with that fear. And if you believe all synths can be freed, then why blow up the institute?
I mean, why not? The alternative is to let them go on kidnapping, stealing from, experimenting on, and enslaving people for the rest of eternity.
That kind of brainwashing is shown to also work on non-synth humans, at least in controlled circumstances. Guess we better kill everyone, then, to ensure they can't be turned against us!
There's nothing but game engine limitations to say that everyone wasnt evacuated if you chose to do so, given you have the opportunity to activate the evacuation procedure.
And as others said, "they could be made bad" applies to any normal human anyway, so what's wrong with leaving them alone?
The brotherhood are shown in most games as isolationist that are suffering because of it.
Bos was never the good guys becouse there is no such thing as good guys, or bad guys fr that matter
Oh no, no, there are definitely bad guys in Fallout. Off the top of my head: The Master, The Enclave, The Khans (debatable in NV), Vipers, Jackals, Fiends, the Slavers Guild, Gizmo, etc. Some of these people can have a weak argument made for them, but they are objectively evil. However, "good" is subjective.
Sure, The Followers of The Apocalypse are good, but they are too ideological and incapable of realizing that violence is sometimes necessary in the wasteland. Sure the BoS wants to ensure that the technology from before the war is safeguarded and even improved upon for when humanity is ready for it, but who are they to decide when and why humanity deserves it. The NCR is a democratic federation dedicated to the old world ideologies of democracy, liberty, and justice, but they are expansionist and often roll over people just to obtain new land.
These guys are in a sense just different ideologies. Even in the "absolute good" endings, their answers are never fully perfect, but are still better than others. This is honestly part of why I like Fallout so much.
Under Macdonald they tore down and apart River city as is suggested by Maxson’s terminal on the Prydwen and with the proclamation that Maxson ordered that is repeated by every BoS soldier that any undocumented technology is to either A. Be handed over or B. They bust in and steal it from you. They really have just become raiders with Power Armor.
They didn't tear down River City. At worst they took the reactor, but we do not know if they swapped it for something else or what happened there.