Lets go Chiefs

We’re the only ones who are allowed to joke about it. Everyone else, it’s insulting and I’ll fight you over it.
Giants fan here... can I still make jokes about 18-1?
To be fair... we was there
Gonna get downvoted for it but I feel like both those guys who were on the two teams can joke about it
Kick the damn ball Kyle
Run the damn ball Kyle
It does appear he has learned that lesson...
Eat shit Kyle.
Wouldn't it be fucking great if the 49ers got up to 28 points...and then...something happened
The chiefs is the team that has the best chance to make that comeback if that were to happen
If this happens, the Chiefs will be my #2 team for the rest of my life.
I just imagined the look on my dads face😂😂😂😂
It would be even better if you took that prop bet. 100-1 last I saw.
Sure would be nice to know what it feels like from the outside.
It wasn't quite 28 points but I'll take it!
*29 points
That catch by julio should have won us the game. I hope kyle chokes again on Sunday.
That would have gone down as one of the greatest catches in NFL history
Like, while he’s eating a hotdog or something
Lmao that worked out for you
What? No faith in coach catchphrase?
Does handing the ball off to Moestert count as taking a shot?
Of course Garoppolo would tease him about it.
haha remember that game i watched from the bench?!
If any team is going to pull off a 28-3 comeback this season its gonna be the chiefs
Joking is one thing, but I'm interested in knowing what weird means.
Like did he do it on purpose just to spite Atlanta because he was criticized for treating Roddy like shit?
What the fuck does weird mean, and I hope to God Andy Reid and the Chiefs run the score up on him.
I can't imagine him talking shit about us since he was a huge part of the loss. He's probably just trying to laugh it off so that he can move on with his life and not let it haunt him.
That being said, if the 49ers do win we'll all probably die of envy so it'd probably be better for our franchise if they didn't.
How is this getting upvotes..? Sometimes I shake my head at this sub man. Shanahan is the only coach to ever put Matt and Julio in a position to fully stretch their wings and take this team towards any semblance of greatness. For as much as I love it, our franchise has largely wasted a Hall of Fame QB and one of the 3 best wideouts ever. Shanahan’s year might be the only one where we see them put in that sort of position. Not that it wasn’t clear already, but I think with how the Niners look now we can safely say it was largely because of Kyle. He made a mistake on that playcall and phased a franchise great out because he wasn’t really good enough to be a real guy for us anymore. If those are the two things you take away from his days as our OC, you’re just choosing to put your head in the sand. I’m 24 and have been to well over half of our home games since I was 10 years old, and watched 95+% of games. I don’t think at any point through that time period have I seen the Falcons hold a definitive and consistent advantage in the schematic/coaching department outside of that Shanahan year. You may not like him as a person, but I’m appreciative of the fact that for one year I was able to watch our two best players put in optimal positions to succeed and carry the team to the big game.
Hey wanna know how I got you for only a 2nd?
Atlanta native who's lived in KC since '13, I am 110% behind the Chiefs. This town is electric right now. Chiefs fans want this, bad.
I went to an away game at Arrowhead years ago when the chiefs sucked. The fans were super nice and accommodating, and loyal - the stadium was full despite a losing record at the time. I’m hoping for a win for them
God damn you Shanahan
Fuck shanahan
We all know he blew the game for Jimmy G
Ha I just made a post on here about that
Go Chiefs. Fk Shanahan. How did he get JG in 8 games anyway?
Ironic because if shanny didnt have matt ryan at QB for that game and instead had Jimmy those 28 points never woulda happened and if it did, it woulda gone bye bye in half a quarter
He's literally in the exact same place, with Jimmy, as the first seed and a better record than Atlanta 2016.
I hate Kyle as much as the next guy, but what the hell does this even mean?
Edit: what a shock. Getting downvoted on
Can’t wait until Mahomes drops 50 on their heads and Garoppolo the Game Manager can’t keep up
He's just gonna pass when he should run, then get pushed out of fg range.
I really doubt he’s going to rely on Garoppolo for passing... The guy only threw 8 passes against Green Bay. It’s obvious they are not going to trust him in the biggest game to do much other than hand it off and maybe throw a pass a quarter
The joke is now over since we beat the Panthers 29-3 this season, we one-upped 'em!
If only our OC at the time knew how to run the football. Wait a second.
Tried to tell y’all....
I still think the loss is more on Dan than Kyle. At the end of the day he was just a coordinator, and look at the difference in trajectory since the loss.
It's almost all on Dan Quinn. You cannot convince me that a head coach, who knows/hears the plays that are being given to the offense, does not understand the tempo of the game. I don't care that he is a "defensive" guy and has a "defensive" background and was "coordinating" his defense. He knew his guys were gassed, he knew that they needed time to breathe, he knew that Brady was torching them short and getting them running side to side and he still let Shanahan keep calling his aggressive plays and mismanage the clock.
It's shit like that that I think about when I see people on this subreddit defending Quinn. How he's a good coach and able to adjust himself to the game at-hand. It's patently false and he showed that on the biggest stage of the game.
Well Quinn is 1-0 head to head, so by that metric, clear advantage Chiefs
Thought I was the only one not hating Kyle in this thread.
I trusted you!!!
SF is a proxy for Atlanta. We beat them...
Bay T L
Nah. Fuck that.
Am I the only one on here rooting for the 49ers? I mean, how cool would it be to say that we beat the Super Bowl champs in their home stadium.
I was already a Chiefs fan (as well as a Falcons fan of course), but this makes rooting for them that much more enjoyable.
That son of a bitch
I seem to be in the minority of fans that wants Kyle to succeed in San Fran. He was the best OC that we've had in the 10ish years I've followed the Falcons, and while I wish we would've promoted him to Head Coach instead of letting him get poached, I want to see him redeem himself from the failure that crushed my soul. Let's go Niners.
Yeah fuck off with that. This ain’t it chief
Dude we had Matt LaFleur that we could have promoted
I didn't have anything against Kyle until this playoff run. For me it would be painful to see him succeed with the 49ers after blowing it with us. That probably makes me petty but so be it.
Same. While Kyle should've run the ball more, our defense blew the lead too. Letting all those 2 pt conversions go is bullshit. Go Niners
From afar I thought it was Tony G! Go Chiefs!
If the niners somehow win. There will be dark days ahead for falcon fans..
I want the Niners to win so Coleman can get a ring
Shanny doesn’t deserve it. I want Andy to get one.
Do people hate Shanahan that much? The falcons wouldn’t have had the chance to have the 28-3 if he wasn’t the OC. Their offense was unreal that season, specifically the post season. I just want to see a good game, but I wouldn’t mind him redeeming himself. We already saw him learn from his mistake and pound the run this post season.
I'm actually pulling for the 49ers, because 2 of their RBs went to my school.
I want Shanahan to win and redeem himself so our misery can be complete. "Embrace the suck" as Q likes to say.