Why do you talk about Islam?

I consider myself a Muslim alhamdulillah, previously agnostic when I was in my teens. Then started learning more about Islam and started practising. I feel fulfilled and have found the truth.

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Most people here can’t come out whether it be by family pressure or society (“whoever leaves Islam, kill them”) and this is their only place to vent and have someone to talk to. If you’re so happy as a Muslim, why are you even here? Why don’t you just “move on with your life”?
I just came to ask because I've seen the sudden rise of ex-muslim youtubers and others for instance. So I was just wondering. This isn't meant to offend anyone.
So people can't have the freedom to criticise religions? They can talk and discuss anything they want. Islam is not as perfect as you think it is, it has flaws upon flaws covered by this vague hadith or Sura from a few verses.
Muslims will be happy if you criticise Christianity or Judaism.But they don't want anyone to criticise them.Muslims never think about what Christian think when Muslims say bible is corrupted or trinity is a joke.
To you your religion and to me mine.
Well, if there was a death cult ordering you and people like you to be killed in its scripture, you would talk about it too.
Have a nice day.
What do you mean? Is this in regards to homosexuals?
Most Muslim majority countries are at the bottom of the scale on most progress indicators and their state is dire economically, politically and socially. This status quo is not something to keep silent about.
Further, ex Muslims are subjected to severe penalties and persecution in most Muslim majority countries. How about you get concerned about people's freedom of religion and expression instead of trying to silence them.
[I won't comment on the 'Islam does not represent the actions of ...' part].
In Iran if I move on with my life and apostatize I will be killed. At least I'm a man and I don't have to wear hijab just imagine female apostates who have to wear hijab. So no we can't move on with our lives as long as there is islam. Islam wants us dead (apostasy punishment iz death) so we stand against this bullshit and we'll destroy it if we can. Maybe now it's your turn to move on with your life and leave us alone there are some subreddits made for you muslims. Bye bye
Because we can.
Good for you.
I'd say that the vast majority leave Islam because Islam is filled with illogical mistakes and laws and customs that are morally wrong. Being brought up in toxic families may be the catalyst for them questioning Islam and finding these errors, but if Islam really was without these faults, most would leave their families but remain Muslims.
Another sizeable cause for leaving Islam is simply people intentionally learning more about the religion, out of curiosity, devoutness or a need to answer nagging questions or defend their faith from critics. But the more they learn the more holes they find.
Anyways, people talk about Islam so much here because it has impacted their lives (and maybe still does because of Muslim relatives etc) and they need to unload. And indeed, ex-Muslims who have gotten over it (and don't want to become activists etc) may simply leave this subreddit and get on with their lives.
Aaaand another Muzzie who thinks we left due to our family 🤦‍♀️
That's funny. 'Muzzie' is what non Muslim racists call us to belittle us. Haha. I see. Do you feel white now? Good job.
For many folks, interacting with supportive, non-judgmental people here can be a big part of the process of moving on while letting go of the hold of religious indoctrination. It seems you want apostates to stay quiet.
No I don't. I don't care what you do, it just seems most of you have become hostile towards Islam and Muslims. What's the difference between racist Islamophobia and ex-muslims? Hmm...
Though a toxic religious upbringing can have its effects, many also leave the religion simply due to the problematic aspects of the religion and just not being convinced by its truth claims.
Ask the one that created you to guide you what is the truth.
Would you smugly ask rape victims why they keep meeting up to share stories, advice and still feeling trapped by their rapist who they once trusted but were gaslighted and betrayed by?
Islam, especially for exmuslims who used to really have faith and trust in it's "logic" is mental, emotional,psychological, spiritual and in some cases, actual physical rape.
And many sensitive exmuslims, unable to leave for a wide variety of reasons not least from fear of leaving the religion because murder laws for murtads , continue to feel that rape everyday.
Can you blame us who have seen the truth and escaped to find validation among ourselves in this world that wants to appear un-islamophobic, when our experiences are gaslighted by folks like you ( geeeez why are those whiny murtads making such a big deal out of leaving and being religiously raped, teehee) ?
Because I spent my childhood believing in lies., believing in Allah who did jack shit for me. Now I want heal from religion and live.
My biggest wish is to heal and not think about the purity rules all the time. But years of brainwashing do not leave easily. I wish to base my mindset on something other than halal-haram axis but after more than a decade of Islamic education it isn't easy.
Islam claims the quran is the final revelation from Allah to mankind and is true in every time and place
well, the bigger the claim the bigger the criticism its deserves
and ...
I collected few objections, just a few ...
We speak about Islam because we weren't allowed to do so because our families would kill us if we opened up about this, here on this platform we get to discuss it openly, so yeah you do you thing and we do our thing.
Right, so you wake up one day and realise for the past 20-something years of your existence you were led to believe the sky is red, but you just found out it's actually blue. Whatever, no biggie, moving on... /s
How don't you see the huge shift that occurs when you leave a religion like Islam that has its tentacles buried into every single aspect of your life? You go from every little thing you do being controlled by arbitrary rules that you might not even believe in deep down, but you do them anyway to appease this hypersensitive, insecure and angry god. Then you realise it's all bullshit and you're finally able to do things on your own terms, the way YOU want. You finally get to experience being yourself and not another carbon copy dancing to the same tune. You can't expect people to bottle up such a huge change in lifestyle and beliefs just because it offends your entitled self. Another point is that just because we leave the religion, it doesn't mean that we're entirely free of its effects. A lot of us still have to pretend to be one of you for fear of ostracisation from our own families. Inb4 "that has nuthen 2 do with islam, u just got bad family's" because it has everything to do with Islam, since according to sharia we should be executed, so by their logic, cutting us off is a much tamer sentence.
Why are converts allowed to talk about their conversion journey? Why don't they just accept Islam and move on? Why talk about their haram past?
Here we go again with the "strict parents" bullshit.
There are 123 verses in the Quran concerning fighting and killing for the cause of Allah Here are but a few passages:
-Muslims are encouraged to be wholly occupied (Sura 2:273) with fighting for Allah's cause.
We keep talking about leaving Islam because it’s not as accepted as becoming Muslim. We want to make it normal to chose to be Muslim or not to be Muslim.
Leaving Islam is a lonely, isolating and scary process.
A lot of apostates have an emotional trauma. People become suicidal.
We have to talk about Islam so new apostates don’t face the same problems as us.
You can believe in a god that created humans just to go to hell dont whitewash here please I am sure you know the verse too
I'm not a Muslim, and have never been one. I have had a lot of runins with islam and muslims though, some very serious ones too. So I started to look into the religion. I actually used to be a bit of an apologetic, but that faded quickly once I started to read the quran and hadith.
I think many read the Quran with a judgmental ready to criticise. How many times is the word mercy and forgiveness mentioned in the Koran?! There are rules for war of course but our Creator emphasises that He is a God that is merciful, forgiving and that is hope.
Why do ex-Muslims talk about a religion which wants to murder them?
Because my parents still force me
Why do people talk about the oppression of Palestinians?
Because they see problems there.
Also I and most if not all exmuslims I know let because of logical or moral issues with Islam.
Or the lack of evidence that the Quran is thr word of God.
are you a convert?
This question confuses me so much, because the answer should be obvious to anyone. People who have lived under bad ideologies talk about them to spread awareness. Uyghurs who escaped talk about Chinese authoritarianism. Nazis who escaped talk about fascism. Palestinians who escaped talk about zionism. This is why exmuslims talk about Islam. Because we have experienced it first hand and know how it affects society. If you want to question why we talk about Islam, you are questioning anyone who talks about any ideology. People are passionate about topics that have a personal effect on their lives. It's human nature to be like that. How is that difficult to understand?