[EMSK] A Beginner's Guide To Wine

EMSK that you don't trust a wine guide that spells champagne wrong 3 times.
It also doesn't mention that it's only champagne if it comes from the Champagne region of France. Otherwise it's just sparkling white wine.
Also puts it down as a dessert wine. lol
Also, that doesn't have South African wines on the list...
This is an absolutely garbage guide. I was about to vent in
Not to mention it has left out Spain with it's grapes out, or Chile (A big producer of Cabernet Sauvignon. They really actually listed it under France.) or Austria.
Best advice I can give? Go and try. There is no "Best brand for under 15€". It's so up to taste. I bet a 500€ bottle of some old ass red wine will taste like a dog's arse to someone, whilst a 15€ one will be super delicious.
Price means nothing to average consumer. Everyone describes a wine differently, meaning that a review may or may not have anything to do with how much you will like it. I got thrown straight into a wine bar when I started my bartending and waitering, and after all these years, I STILL don't know what sort of wine I actually like.
Pairing is always the same. Tannins dilute(or whatever it is in English) fat in foods, which is why cheese and meat are very nice to eat with it.
P.S I would deffo not list Merlot as easiest to drink.
Thanks for mentioning Austria! I was gonna complain, that Germany was mentioned and Austria wasn't but I didn't want to fuel the stereotype of Austrians having a bit of an inferiority complex when being compared to Germany :D
Spanish Wine; underrated but so, so good. Tempranillo is my favorite.
Just because no else is mentioning it, the whole dessert section is B.S. Champagne is not a dessert wine. Most sherry is not sweet and is not a dessert wine either.
You don't read guides about wine to find out which one tastes the best. You do it so you can be pretentious about wine, or at least not be made fun of by people who are pretentious about wine.
This is awful! Doesn't mention South Africa or South America in the country breakdowns, somehow thinks Chilean cab sauv and shiraz are worth a mention, but disregards Chilean merlot....
No doubt. Argentinian Malbec is my go-to if my favorite Italian (Montepulciano) is unavailable. As guides go, this was the dumbest of dummies.
But American excel in almost all cepages...
Not denying they are good. But "best". Come on...
Left France of the list for Merlot and Cabs ..... where Merlot and Cabs originated.... wtf. Emsk this list is wildly innacurte
I mean it made no mention of Bordeaux at all, even. This isn't just a garbage list from an opinion standpoint, it's actively bad information somehow. Really weird..
Well this is a generally terrible guide.
And not one mention of Mad Dog 20/20... Damn shame.
Or wild irish rose smh
Italy is known for... moscato and pinot grigio? Who got away with this garbage?
How is South Africa not on this list?
TIL that every fucking wine is best from California...
To be fair, if you live in California, the best wines for under $15 will be Californian wines most of the time.
Local wine is usually cheaper, and certainly cheapest where it originates. So the good wine will be possibly affordable if you live where it's made.
Did you know that Napa is literally the only region in California?
I'm from Argentina and I don't approve, where's Malbec? Same with Chile, great great wines in South America too.
Where's the Rose
no malbec?
Can someone make a non-shite one for whiskeys?
Probably need to make a non-shite one for wine first.
Reads that it lists 'champange', port, and sherry as dessert wines.
stops reading
So nothing pairs well with pizza eh..
Try Sangiovese. Or this guide:
Beer does.
No boxed wine in this guide so I know it's bullshit. Drunk enough of that and I can murder an entire Little Caesars hot and ready.
Pair to your toppings my friend! Either that or Rose!
Wine is a red liquid that comes from France.
I actually learned more about wine from that corny wine tasting Dick Tremayne did in that one episode of Twin Peaks than I did from this guide
"I think we can agree that all wine tastes the same. And if you spend more than $5 on wine, you are very stupid." -April Ludgate
This list is trash
It doesn't even talk about the fucking main wines that every winery has!
Wheres the Rose? Semillon? Jesus christ they didnt even list Riesling!
I get that its a beginner guide so maybe they wont list some of the lesser known blends, but Cab Merlot is getting HUGE right now [ France and Australia]
Plus Champagne vs sparkling[same thing, different regions] and other sparkly wines like Prosecco and Sparkling Shiraz.
This is not great guide.
It does list Riesling (middle of the whites section)
Doesn't mention the recent 2.0.3 releaselinuxsomethingsomething
I don't want to sound like a hozer, but what about the Okanagan, eh?
Or Ontario? Can we get a little ice wine representation here!?
Wine is delicious
...This is why I drink beer.
Please...some beer snob equivalent can easily make the same thing.
But which one is best to make get my girlfriend a bit frisky?
Cheap, sweet white or Rose.
“Pairs well with: Salmon, Chicken, Japanese” WTF? Like the entirety of Japanese cuisine goes well with that wine? GTFO!
Oak Leaf Vineyards. $3 at walmart, great shit.
Bit of an advertisement for my home town, Adelaide. It has several wine regions within an hour, or so's drive. Barossa has the best Shiraz in the world. Coonawarra?Limestone Coast is renowned for Cabernet Sauvignon, The Clare Valley has exceptional Rieslings, Eden Valley is just plain beautiful with good, strong whites, McLaren Vale is home to all kinds of good things and the Hills are nestled in among our German villages, so expect Oktoberfest-type activities year-round.
Adelaide: come for the Fringe Festival, stay for the wine.
This comment made less sense than the post.
If you're looking for a decent, cheap wine option, I've had really good results with the Syrah (Grenache, Syrah Mourvedre or "GSM") from Hahn. Can't remember the exact price, but it's between $10-$15 and available from Safeway. Tastes great - definitely like a much more expensive bottle. I've even received questions from dates and dinner parties asking if it was a $40-$100 bottle. Granted, I have absolutely no knowledge of wine, nor do the women I date or my idiot friends who throw parties, so take that as you will.
Edit: Side note - I uploaded a
three buck chucks has a fucking fantastic cabernet for under $15
Let's not go overboard
While it won't blow your mind, three wishes from whole foods (3$) actually has a drinkable chardonnay that's much better than other 9-15 dollar chards I've had.
Hard to beat that kind of value. I think being 3$ makes it taste better, knowing how awful it COULD taste at that price point.
Where does a Sangiovese fit in here? That and a Chambourcin are my favorite reds. Then again I’m fir some reason have a taste for cheap wine despite being an utter beer snob.
Not defending this guide at all, as it it terrible, but Riesling is correct in the white wine category. Riesling runs the gamut from being over the top rich and sweet, to bone dry, the latter of which is very common in regions like Alsace where the majority of Riesling produced is dry. As someone claiming to know the region, this is something I would think you'd be aware of. Bottom line, Riesling is NOT a dessert wine.
EMSK that wine is for suckers. stay away from the red wine.
I’m all about that Yellowtail
Better image quality than OP's piece of shit upload.
OP's upload is a piece of shit, but it has nothing to do with the picture quality and everything to do with the idiocy in this "wine guide" in the first place.