New Emails Reveal that the Trump Administration Manipulated Wildfire Science to Promote Logging

I find it shocking, SHOCKING I TELL YOU, that anyone would dare suggest that Trump and his troop of very best people would sacrifice the public good to make a quick buck fitty.
I'm an American. I'm dug in. And I'll never change
Edit: Let me pop a quick /s so no confusion
I find it shocking that you back this corrupt administration, & deny physical evidence as strong as this.
I was going to say shot into space, to sound less murderous, but there’s a carbon footprint issue with my version..edited for typos
Nah, this is why we left Guantanamo open. Image the entire Trump admin, plus McConnel and Graham and Nunez chillin in Cuba waiting on “trials”.
If you listen to that 1 hour long video released by Parnas lawyer you'll realize they don't give a shit about the environment. They were talking about making natural gas cars to make more money.
He is a shit stain.
I think I like shit stains better, they have less of an environmental impact.
Trump is a symptom, the GOP and right wingers around the world are the issue.
I'm reminded of this quote:
"Why I do what I do- defending the defenseless, protecting the disenfranchised corporations that have been abandoned by their very own consumers-"
where is that from??
It’s like every decision Trump admin makes about the environment is determined by “will this fuck up the environment worse?” Ok, let’s do it! Supremely short sighted greedy selfish ignorant dipshit assholes
Can someone please mention one thing the government has done to improve the environment? Just one thing! I hope I'm not asking for too much!
This administration? Absolutely nothing.
that’s a flagrant violation of the fifth tenet of satanism:
“beliefs should conform to one's best scientific understanding of the world. one should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit one's beliefs.”
these people are all going to heaven.
Nah, there is the whole - He will destroy those destroying the Earth.
What makes you think Laveyan autism belongs in
Per usual there will be no one held to account for this.
What will people do with this information? Can they take the administration to court? Can they reserve the laws that they’re stripping away? I can’t believe it’s 2020 and the world is going up in flames and they really don’t give a fuck.
Execute order 66 on this admin
Can’t be forest fires if there’s not forest to set fire to. Big brain logic guys.
Manipulated or... and stay with me... went with a different set of analysis that is actually valid?
It's a simple formula for this President:
He'll do anything that adds even the slightest amount to GDP growth.
(Excluding what he does stupidly, like tariffs.)
No, either him or his cronies are making money off this.
Trump doesn't know or care what GDP is.
Sounds about right
Abuse of power
That's what "raking the floors" was all about. He'll always blab about what his intentions are, you just have to listen.
Is anyone surprised?
If only we were raking the forests more.
But like what else is new? Water is wet, more at 11.
make me think of the show "The Newsroom".
Logging is very good for the environment! It helps prevent wild fires, wildlife deaths, and habitat destruction. Congratulations President Trump for your wise ecological, environmental, and forest policies.
Maybe if we could of forced California to clean up all of the deadfall and cut back on planting more trees than the land could support they would have been sparred the horrible wild fires.
Weird... people can manipulate science to promote something like climate change? Am I right guys?
Did we all already forget the massive fire that just swept across the whole Western half of the us
Cherry picking data to achieve a goal. The Republicans invented this?
That’s the claim here?
No, the claim here is that they cherry-picked wildfire data. The rest of that is you being hyperbolic.
Off topic but research shows that forests are clear cut to make way for coffee plantations. Meanwhile environmental activists sip their coffee while complaining about others cutting down trees.
Welcome to a world where you need to make personal sacrifices rather than criticize others.
I’m for voluntarily giving up smoking, weed, coffee, etc., addictive and popular substances that hurt our environment. Who else looks at all the environmental activists drinking their coffee and smoking weed at rallies like their morons?
What the fuck are you on about? What exactly are you trying to accomplish here? Defending dear leader?