Trump Eases Pollution Controls on Streams and Wetlands: This will be the biggest loss of clean water protection the country has ever seen

What a guy?!
Thanks republicans
All that voted for this crazy buzzard. Thanks. I will never forget you.
Karma never forgets an address.
Thanks Trumpers
He needs to leave office.
The senate votes on that later this week. Call your Senators and let them know how you feel
What a great guy! Put in office by great people! Fucking IDIOTS. I’ll be glad to be dead.
I won't even look at them and I'm sure not going to speak. 75 in my family voted for him.
Drink up, America! Taste the forever chemicals!
Then we are shocked with high cancer rates. WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING?!
Making america great again one carcinogen at a time
Sorry been drinking forever chemical for a while now in my water. We now only shower with the water, and cook and drink with bottled water. It’s not fun. But at least I have a huge supply of jugs for winter sowing :)
Why don’t we start protesting companies that clearly don’t care about the public health and welfare? If the government won’t do its job we need to take matters into our own hands.
Because most people are to lazy to stop using them or don't have another option. I haven't been to Walmart in a decade but if everyone else still goes it doesn't matter.
At this point, I'm pretty sure we need to do more than complain. Things arnt going to get better until its literally the law.
Or suing them.
What an asshole.
Brawndo has what plants need.
But...plants don’t grown in the toilet
And I got ridiculed when i said trump would be bad for the environment back in 2017.. i hate this timeline.
Edit: changed O to I.
Wait...who would ridicule you for that? That's one of the most reasonable takes, even in 2017.
I got ridiculed for not like trump then I gave reasons and that when I got ridiculed for be a hippy. This timeline blows dick
Didn’t Trump brag about the clean water numbers like 2-3 days ago?!?
That's exactly how you know he's doing the opposite
We live in a post-truth era. This asshole does what he pleases.
He did but he pissed himself off by saying Ms. Greta Thunberg beat him for Time's person of the year. So to get back at her he is fucking the environment. Sometimes I feel like I am just a small fish in an ever polluting sea.
Capitalism will sort it, people won't take advantage of this to produce goods quicker or with cheaper materials to increase profits. They will definitely keep working to produce cleaner more environmentally friendly goods and services, they promise.
ThE FrEe mArKEt!!1
Cue the cheering Trump supporters. Yaaaass to dirty toxic water!
Deregulation is making 'Murica polluted great again!
I guess they don't remember what pollution was like 30 or 40 years ago. It was like China in our cities. Look up photos of NYC, LA and Pittsburgh.
Lol looks like someone finally got around to “draining the swamp”
How does he have this much power? Isn't there meant to be stop checks in place to prevent such decisions?
Im also puzzled how he can set aside law except he just does likely lawsuits will need stop this like so much of his other agenda
2/3 of the “checks and balances are GOP. one of the greatest motors of the GOP “Party over country”. Didn’t matte how bad it will make things for average joes like you and I as long as it gets something for someone with an “R” next to their name.
Steven Harper did this to Canada to help out his tar sands buddies... The hardest part will be explaining to our kids that politicians allowed companies to destroy every for profit.
It's almost like he's being paid by another government to destroy America.
I'm sure all those people who love to fish and voted for him will be ok with toxic or dead fish.
Someone stop this man before he destroys the planet! There will be no clean water to drink!
Why do this? No one benefits from this long term. We need leadership and government that will not harm us.
Farmers, construction developers, oil & gas companies, etc. The environment is only something to be used to make money to conservatives, and these pesky rules are just government overreach hurting their ability to profit easily.
Shit stain
Do you want birth defects and cancer? Because this is how you get birth defects and cancer...
Really? Ask the residents of Flint how they got their current tap water situation.
Fuck Trump
I'm so sick of this crusty dusty mango man
Giving states more control is GOP speak for ‘let’s screw over people in states we control by weakening regulations and opening up public lands for extraction industry corporate masters’
Fuck this administration
VOTE democrat - or watch life on planet Earth die...
Eight Deadly Sins
Oh look. Evangelical Republicans elected the Anti-Christ. Christians have been warning about the Antichrist for 2000 years. So when he finally shows up, they vote for him.
Just because one stupid rich guy says its ok, DOESN'T mean the people should do it.
The people who he called the dumbest in the country, nearly 30 years ago, will make him the first POTUS to be re-elected even after being impeached.
Not if we stop him.
Why would he care? He drinks bottles water.
He is clearly not on the side of the American people. How is this being allowed?
So I guess he was being literal with the whole "drain the swamp" thing.
Just waiting on his ***********on
This government/trump/republicans seem to deliberately be as big as a dick they can be to the planet and humanity. At a time where we need as much action as we can to save the planet and ourselves they are pushing relentlessly and full throttle in the other direction. Ffin depressing this is..
Trump just told a crowd US water has “record numbers”
I’m so tired from being constantly dumbfounded by him I don’t even know how else to comment.
Why can't we string them up? At the very least tar and feather them
Because you've got a bunch of
Somebody post this on T_D so we can marvel over how they tell us this is a good thing actually.
I got banned because rule 1 is everyone must praise the lord inside the safe space, if you post this you have to title it "hahah this is triggering the libs".
So, won't this undo our "great environmental numbers" that he was bragging about a few days ago?
The presidential election is Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Please vote.
His idea of "great environmental numbers" is to
Do more than vote. You can:
Charge the companies responsible with chemical warfare.
Won't courts step in and stop this?
Well keeps packing the courts with his conservative friends, so....
If there was only one reason to vote against Trump and Republicans (and there are so many) and for ANY Democratic candidate, this is it.
The BEST loss of clean water protection the Country has ever seen! s
Says who ?
Public men have responsibilities as well as privilages
How is this happening in 2020?
Trumps a piece of shit🤷🏻‍♂️
From June 2019
"Something I want to make clear to the media: We have among the cleanest and sharpest - crystal clean, you've heard me say, I want crystal clean - air and water anywhere on Earth," Trump said during his rally in Florida on Tuesday.
Watch out for the “sharpest” water
What does Trump care? He knows he and his family will have clean water. So what if Joe Schmo has to drink arsenic and benzene?
The bigger question is why Joe Schmo would celebrate this news? Perhaps the heavy metals have already taken effect on Joe's brain...
He is all about himself and the profits he can make. He doesn't care about the planet and the people. We don't have a true EPA anymore because of him.
Like the fellow once said, ain't that a kick in the head? (5 Rad./Sec.)
Most of DJT’s deregulations are geared so states have more control over their land. So, once this occurs it will would allow states to enact the protections better suited to their waterways. (Especially in desert states). This has been done with success in a Florida after the repeal of Waters of the US rule. So, if you are upset by this, be sure to be involved in local environmental issues. And for Floridians, please support Captains for Clean Water who work closely with our governor to ensure the environment is being supported and not abused.
Can I have a source on that please? My Father in Law and my environmental law prof both work for florida wastewater management/city stormwater and they've never mentioned this.
Florida is a peninsula, that makes sense. Ask smaller landlocked states how they feel about this shit. Fuck Trump fuck all Republicans and fuck anyone who votes for them.
What it actually means is that controls go back to the states and local governments. So, it's not the end of the world. It's not as if the federal government had the resources to even enforce these controls effectively in the first place.
The problem with putting it in state's control is that many rivers, streams and other bodies of water touch multiple states.
One state might have great water pollution regulations but if a state that is up river from it lets manufacturers, farmers or fossil fuel companies pollute at will, then the down stream state's regulations don't do a god dam thing.
In a big chunk of the US, the states don't do clean water or clean air regulation.
No. He rolled back stupid obama policies that turned any standing water on farms into government controlled bodies of water and several other draconian regulations. Dont believe what you read from these propaganda sites. Read the bill itself.
That's not true!
Not the case at all. Standing water on agricultural land has been exempt for a long time.
Look, no question we need to protect our waters, but this obama policy was tied up in court from day 1, and never actually got its feet on the ground and is now rescinded. It was paper pushing and money grabbing by lawyers and little else.
Yeah, who needs ecologically functional streams and wetlands?
Any large scale work to distill plant and AG waste into fuel or are just casting blame?
What? You want to pollute the ground water and turn that into a fuel source
Are you suggesting we shouldn't blame anyone who rolls back environmental regulations?
Correcting Obamas egregious over reach that defined every stream in the us as a 'navigable waterway' is not a bad thing.
That's not true, they were not classified as navigable waterways. Navigable waterways are a component, see number 1 below. I work directly in river construction permitting, there are relatively few navigable waterways in my state. You sound like Trump who falsely claimed that the rule classified puddles as lakes, maybe try to get your facts straight. But who am I kidding, you post on
Here is the definition of Waters of the US: [Link] (
You clearly don't understand the danger that Americans and their families are already in from major polluters like livestock farms. For example: High levels if nitrates in drinking water already endangers American infants with potentially fatal conditions like
Trump is endangering countless American lives by letting companies make clean water undrinkable, just so that he can personally profit! The fact that his supporters can't see it is sad.