First Day on the WeeWoo truck after being certified for over a year.

Just so you know, it is customary to piss on the floor of the ambulace.
Not until you do your first desk pop though.
Me: *unzips pants
Medic on board: Bro what the fuck!
Yes. Something they dont tell you in school.
By doing so you assert both dominance and territory.
(Pro tip, piss in the cab and your partner has to attend all the calls)
Forget what you learned in class. Every medic loves it when do BP's from the neck, it's the strongest pulse on the body so it gives the best readings and it shows your co-workers you know advanced vital taking.
The neck is also the universal tourniquet location. Put one on the neck and you won't be worrying about blood loss at all. Spurting arterial bleed? Not for long!
Funny story - there was once a medic student doing a ride-along and they were paged out to a rollover up rural NE. They load and go, and while in the back the student goes ahead and removes the C-collar (I have no clue what his justification was). The FD he was with immediately send him home once the patient was dropped off. Medic student never became a medic.
Welcome to weewoo world
Thanks, Glad to be a member of the big family!
The way that your monitor is put away is stressing me out.
Yeah not going to lie the trucks here are in disarray and kinda filthy. I am somewhat surprised because the director is somewhat particular about things.
Rub up on that O2 tank the wrong way and you might need a tetanus shot.
Lol I live in a big city and have done ride time with bigger services however, I work for a very rural service. herefor it is low budgeted.
Edit: changed subsequently to herefor
I'd bet you're more likely to get tetanus from the shiny steak knife in your kitchen than that O2 tank.
Welcome to the wide world of emergency medicine secretly disguised as IFT. Now sponsored by falls and concerning lab values.
Shouldn’t it be IFT secretly disguised as emergency medicine?
Just wrap that bariatric BP cuff around their neck huh.
eyes turn black ONE OF US. Congratulations, and good luck on the weewoo wagon!
Bilateral Dilation!?!?!?!
that’s the way it happened for me too! had my cert sitting around for a year before i decided to do something with it and go volly. had to brush up on a lot but it feels good to be putting it to use. congrats!
God speed hero
Ah, the majestic wild hospital pillow. It's rare to see one contained as such.
This footage is part of a Nat Geo special once in a lifetime footage right there!
So great was his shock at finding one he forgot a pillow case
What were you doing before that while certified
Loadmaster training with the USAF I got my cert. while I was stationed at LRAFB and then I started school at UKY for a degree in Neuroscience. It’s been busy to say the least!
Weewoo weewoo
He’s at the corner of.... conch.... and coral!!!!
You ain’t about it unless you lick the ambulance floor.
I was actually told I needed to vacuum the floor using only a straw and my mouth!
Man, I hate it when the tank is at the head. Too much wiggling in my opinion.
Hmmm... this one doesn’t seem to wiggle? I haven’t spent much time on the other trucks but I will have to check into that.
Hmm nice congratulations man. Don't let it drive u crazy and I hope u have fun and get in alot of good experience. Rig looks pretty nice. That's awesome bro welcome to the slightly mentally unstable people's club it's fun over here.
Excuse me sir, the correct term is boo-boo bus
This gives me hope I can do the same soon. I've been certified for 6 months and just haven't landed anything yet. Not many openings in my area for EMTs
I picked a literal 4 stoplight town an hour and a half away for $9/hr, and after 6 months had enough “experience “ to get on in my home town, where I could literally walk to one of our stations.
I wouldn’t...but I could.
Yeah you’ll catch your break soon I can feel it for you. Living in a big city I had to network out to find an opening that fit my part time schedule. Keep trying and don’t get discouraged!
Rigs nicer than your grandmas RV
Congrats! I’m looking forward to starting as well! Just passed 6 months with my certification
Solid ZOLL. Check your RFU.
And check your lead view before sending it in for no ecg signal. ZOLL always says the device is fine and blames it on the cables you don't send in. And the loaner you get is kind of like the philosophy major in college who spends all her time in the all guys dorm.
Man I absolutely hate the way that thing is designed. The big block at the end makes it look so narrow and claustrophobic. That would drive me nuts lol.
Dude hell yeah.
Your weewoo box is so spacious! You have access to both arms for a BP! 😭😭
Took me 2 years to finally work system. Keep your head up!
Sick, only 1 more year of inter-facility transports to go. C-Diff Rules!!!
Don’t forget to ask the CNA’s to thank you for your service and take many selfies with a stethoscope and captions about tough calls.
This is the way
It looks huge!
I apologise in advance... that’s what she said!
If you get overwhelmed remember EMS is a waltz. There’s always three more things to do. Hx Rx Allergies, B/P pulse RR, IV O2 Monitor (although in my service area, Oxygen with a SpO2>95% is normally contraindicated now.) If you’re stumped for a field impression do another one of these while you’re thinking. If you’re still stumped transport.
I know you were probably taught a certain way but I get a lot of success asking things in this order. What’s going on, What’s different about today. When did it start, like when was the last time you were perfectly okay and then what happened, How bad is it now. Did it get a whole lot worse all of a sudden or has it gradually gotten to the point where it’s intolerable. What prescription medications do you take? Why do you take that? And that? And that? Anything else you don’t take medications for? Any major surgeries? Any overnight hospitalizations in the last few years? Starting with medications is my favorite way to get a story out of a poor historian. If you start and end with “do you have any medical problems” they’re not going to tell you about the Metoprolol they’re on for their HTN they were diagnosed with after their MI a few years ago requiring a cath and the Metformin for their sugar diabetes. But they sure will tell the nurse you turn them over to, after you told them “no medical history.” So starting with “do you have any medical problems” is a waste of everyone’s time. Pay attention to the providers who start with that. Maybe make a note of their other behaviors. Like not securing that monitor gah it’s making me anxious please post an update picture with it secured.
I’m looking forward to having what i’ve said picked apart and argued because they’re right but also i’m right welcome to EMS don’t make private EMS a long term plan (it sounds like you haven’t.)
Oh also never wait to pee or poop. I make sure to drink a bunch of strong coffee first thing in the morning so I can clear everything out with an emergency shit before starting shift. Invest in a nice cooler of decent size and pack a lunch. You’ll get fat and poor(er) eating takeout.
Here’s some more OCD shit I do, it’s weird but. When refilling my gloves pocket I hold two gloves together at the wrist and do a half turn inside out before putting them in my pocket. That way when I reach in I know i’m pulling out two and I know I have at least two left.
Ok well i’mma keep going. When sheet transferring a patient, bunch up the sheets to make handles, one juuuust superior to the shoulder and one juuuust inferior to the knee. Don’t hold sheets with just the inside of your fingers, fully use the inside of your palm. Ideally, get up under the patient, not a hammock six inches away from your patient. Don’t be afraid to stand on the bed if you need to and can, just make sure you do a quick decon in the truck. Don’t wanna bring bedbugs or MRSA home. When you buy boots, buy two pair and make sure you get the zipper up the side kind. I’ve had great experiences with Danners, the medical model. Rotate boots every morning and keep a spray bottle of alcohol near them, spray the insides liberally after wear. When your sup chews you out for dumb shit, and they will, shut up and nod. You’re not going to change their mind. Arguing brings ego into it and you’re goona lose. They’re idiots, that’s why they’ve worked long enough in private EMS to be a supervisor. They’re not real, they’re your imagination. If it’s something real like hey fill your paperwork out this way or hey not so much soap we’re private EMS or hey your shirts untucked you look like you work for private EMS then correct it. Nod at the dumb shit they’re nagging you about, put forth a token effort, they’ll move on and leave you alone. Don’t let them get to you, they all have weak chins. You’ll be making more than them in 7 years if you play your cards right.
Congratulations! Just a piece of advice (I wish someone had told me when I first started)
I don’t know how your service is but EMS has this weird status quo that the new guy is always scary to everyone. You will get picked on and people will treat you like shit first starting.
BUT.... once you prove you are a competent health care provider who won’t kill them driving the truck, it will get better.
My service was particularly harsh in the beginning because I didn’t have the best FTO, but after a couple months of proving myself I am one of the family. This is such a rewarding field of work but it will thicken your skin tremendously in the first few months. Hang in there. Xoxo
Right, I definitely understand that. Luckily in this small town service I got the job through my best friend medic of 13 years and so luckily I already know most of them so it’s been the easiest new guy transition I’ve had at a job! Thank you!
This truck's filth and arrangement was stressing me out. Then I remembered, I'm a retired medic, stress relieved
Congratulations and have a great time as a new medic, it's a blast!!
May the vitals ever be in your favor
Im on a similar boat, I got my medic license in 2018 but I havent worked as one yet. It'll likely happen soon after I'm done with my fire science degree. Unless I win the lottery and get taken on as a FF/PM lol
Are your working with a lefty medic? Shouldn't that monitor be on the other side so you can use it for vitals/4 or 12 leads while your partner starts an IV?
That would make a lot of sense but our medic usually sits on the left side all of our IV stuff is over there hanging on the wall anyhow.
Ooo, youve got a Zoll. Though break
Lots of really good advice here! Thanks for the tips and pointers!
Dam, is that cardiac monitor running on dialup?:)
Believe it or not we run Verizon Jetpack Hotspots on all of our trucks. For Surface Pro connectivity.
Your O2 bottle is empty.
Ew fix the sheets and tighten those straps wtf is this
Please don't call it a wee woo truck.
Please enlighten me on the sound that these large square machines make with their beep bop lights?