Facebook plunges, wiping out more than $50 billion in market value

As Elon Musk's power grows, he will start to consume the power of the other billionaires. There can be only one!
Final battle will be Musk vs Bezos in space.
He’s like a Zombiellionaire !
Is this a reference to the Jet Li movie The One?
Why doesn't the bigger billionaire just eats the smaller ones?
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if it's actually related to privacy and security improvements like the article says, good shit.
Exactly. Wonder if anyone even read the article. The fact that they are investing so much towards privacy and security is a good thing. Its not like they did not know this will result in reduced profits and lowered stock price. This was all factored in months ago when these decision were made.
It absolutely will not be no matter what marketing they put around it.
Short $FB
Whomp whomp
How about building a reputation on not fucking elections???
How about this is a non-story and it has nothing to do with how you feel about Facebook and elections.
Fucking elections? Are you people that dense?
Is this sub serious, what's with the lame clickbait headlines? It had slightly higher expenses this quarter and it fell like 6%, from which it'll recover in a couple of days. The current price is LITERALLY what Facebook traded for TWO WEEKS AGO.
It's Facebook, it's the "F" in "FAANG". It's giant. It moves up and down a dozen billion on an average day you mouthbreathing typewriter monkeys.
Thank You. This is a non story and it definitely doesn't belong here. I wish the mods would remove posts like this.
You shill. Facebook just lost all of its gains YTD and you don’t think that’s a big deal? Within $1 of its 2019 values. Wake the fuck up. Facebook is over. FAANG is dead. Buy gold. /s
I enjoyed this
To be fair, it’s CNBC, so it’s really as expected.
Also almost nothing in this sub is related to the economy or economics
Do you think this will wipe the smile from Zucks face.. oh wait
<wait> <wait> smile blink smile <wait> <end_routine>
Lol what a click bait headline
Mark - “cannot compute beep boop”
Love to see Facebook flatline. Their new slogan should be, “Facebook. Look, we destroyed America.”
Couldn't happen to a better company. If you haven't yet, delete your Facebook account!!
I need it for marketing purposes 😢
Thoughts and prayers
And womp womps.
The whole social media bubble is gonna pop and tank our entire economy
Wonder what Zukie’s face will look like after adolescence?
Well this is the best news of the day!!! Down with FAKEBOOK
Big yikes
Probably was that ratchet video I was forced to see while scrolling through news feed
Womp womp
Facebook expenses rise. Hmm, maybe. Where's news link to news created by Facebook about itself?
So it’s now at the same price it was less than a month ago. This is just a blip.
So is it time to buy?
Good! *uses Facebook still
🇺🇸 President Thomas Jefferson — “The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.”
It recovers in no time
Mark Zuckerberg sure seems to be aging fast these days! This certainly won’t help. I do think that he takes himself too seriously. Most people, who I have interacted with on Facebook, have expressed disappointment in Facebook’s support of political ads, in which misinformation, and outright lies are frequent, and tolerated. Especially, since the Russian government has made it known that they are back spreading disinformation to influence the 2020 election.
Dealing with stock I’m baffled how many people buy facebook. Sometimes the best analysis is just asking yourself “is this something that I’m using more and more because it’s enriching my life?”. Abandon ship. I can’t see what they will do to save the platform. It’s not even about “fixing” since we live online differently today. I’d only get onboard if I saw new clear user value.
MySpace part duex. FB is garbage used by old people
Fuckin good.
-3.52 is a plunge?
Good, fuck them and fuck Mark Zuckerberg.
people still use Facebook?
It’ll go back up. They’re still growing pretty fast and the PE is only 30x. Hardly overvalued for a differentiated oligopoly member in advertising.
Eh, that's not that bad, but it might be an early warning indicator since a lot of Facebook's wealth is in stocks.
Zuckerberg’s face seems to get more punchable every year.
I can’t wait for MySpace to make a comeback.
Good. Terrible company that harvests privacy for profit, run by a sociopath.
Facebook should have diversified a long time ago. They have Facebook, they have Instagram, and both are monetized by ads. That model is similar to Google, with the exception that Facebook is entertainment, Google is information. People can get bored of Facebook, people probably aren't going to stop having questions.
Note: This is not an endorsement of Google either, just comparing their business models. Join us at
Allow me to start the healing process. Ahhhahahahahahahhahahahaha
Fuck Facebook
Article says $30 Billion, OP says $50 billion
Top richest person alive and he has a shit haircut! Wtf?
This should be on investment or stock market sub. Individual stocks don't belong here.