Had no clue where the word “Stan” originated

Where else would "Stan" come from?
People think it's a portmanteau of stalker & fan.
Paki, Afghani, Kurdi, Uzbeki and Kazakh?
Honestly all this time I thought it was a shortening of “Understand”
I’ve been very confused
American Dad?
It sounds like Stand without the D. It sounds pretty dumb.
edit: Just my opinion
My great great grandfather was called Stan. But no, it was probably invented in the 90s.
TIL stan was Devon sawa
Same! I watched that clip a million times growing up and I never made the connection lol.
Me too!
Til also I had a huge crush on him in the 90s!
Yeah I feel like he was supposed to blow up way more than he did, and Final Destination just had him stuck.
How does anyone use Twitter with such convoluted reply/comment trees...
Yep. At least Facebook comment chains follow a logical flow
To be honest, it's exactly like if somebody posts a screenshot to reddit. The middle post in the box is what was originally said, what's above it is the title/response, called a quote tweet on Twitter. Then everything below is the comments
I don’t understand it at all. It’s very frustrating when trying to follow the plot.
Maybe it’s just because I’m 41 and don’t use Twitter because it’s fanboy garbage.
You can do quote tweets, which kind of just starts a new thread, and then all replies will be underneath. It’s worse when you see them out of context on reddit, I guess, but I’d say works well when you’re actually on twitter
By just getting used to it I guess. It’s perfectly fine for me but when you point out how convoluted it is I wonder how I did it when I first started lol
I'm pretty baked right now and I'd have a better time trying to decode the rosetta stone than understand what order these messages should be read in
edit: shit ok I think I figured it out. At first I thought it was the devon dude being dumb but I read a comment saying he stan so...the middle message is the first, the first is the second, and the last is the last? What is this shit?
It’s really not difficult...
I just imagine it's a room of people, all talking at once.
It's seriously so terribly designed.
Ugh I know. Not as bad as 4chan though.
It's not as bad as it seems... picture it like facebook: you share a post and say something about it, and people post replies... the thing you're quoting appears in a frame below the commentary you're adding, but inside the frame of your post, and replies to your post come below the frame of your post...
The post is a retweet "quoting" a tweet. Very much like a reddit cross post actually.
It's not a comment, it's a quote..
If you actually use it, it’s really simple. The screen shots are garbage, but the middle box is a quoted tweet that you can click on. It’s called a retweet with a comment, similar to posting a picture here that you comment on, except you can click through directly to the original.
So, let me break it down with examples from this tweet.
Also, I’m sorry, but sometimes Reddit is garbage for conversation. I can’t even upload pics directly. Then they don’t even show in line—you have to click on them . I had to first upload to Imgur and then copy each individual link. On twitter, I would’ve finished my reply to you 10 minutes ago.
Haha like Reddit is any better, I remember when I first came to this site I didn't know how to post a comment because the reply button is so tiny
Fairly easily, its only the messed up quoting somebody did and screenshot to get JUST that conversation vs all the other replies that makes it confusing
Instagram is a mess as well
And how do people write in Chinese with all those squiggles and lines, it's so convoluted!!!
He's trying to defend what he said on Twitter by saying Stan is a portmanteau of "Stalker + fan" now. I guess hoping everyone forgets the part where he attributed it to the black community, because that still doesn't make any sense. Cringetastic.
Gotta keep moving those goalposts.
I mean, they're not wrong, I remember reading that's why Eminem used Stan in the song instead of another name. But his song was also the origin of it so the logic behind the name is completely irrelevant here.
Wait, who is trying to defend what he said? The first guy?
To be fair I think most people know who Stan is, I mean he did write Spider-Man. /s
It's a song by Eminem from 2000. In the song, Stan was an obsessive fan of his. Somehow it become an actual word that meant an obsessive fan of a celebrity. I've never actually heard someone use it in a sentence though.
Edit: Sorry I misread the last bit of your post.
This is literally the first time I have heard of the word being used this way.
how is gaming relevant to your familiarity with rap lol
The fact that the dude trying to own Devon is white himself makes it so much more cringeworthy
Nothing worse than a self hating and yet also self righteous person.
Classic virtue signalling
I swear most of the people that are offended are white people being offended for other groups of people. This is coming from another white person.
Now THIS is
It's really not, though. None of the people in this picture are Eminem, the guy who "invented" Stan. It's more
You're an idiot
This guy also added “hurt Casper’s feelings” to his bio so I think he thought he owned Devon.
He’s white as fuck..??? Nothing makes sense
Devon doesn’t have Casper in his name though?
Even if I could it would all be gray
But you picture on my wall
I don't understand this comment chain at all. Barnett's reply just doesn't make sense to me unless he already knew Sawa played Stan. How is "People making this reference weren't even born when the thing they were referencing came out." making it 'about you'?
Plus white guys complaining about 'white guys' is the tackiest shit. puts hand on black guy's shirt "FEAR NOT, BROTHER. I SHALL TEACH THIS FOUL CRACKER HIS PLACE!"
Let people speak for themselves you absolute tit.
How the fuck does somebody mess that up?!
lol @ contemporary history revisionism
If Devon Sawa played both characters, what if Stan is a prequel to Casper? He got ghost amnesia in the crash!
I hate when somebody calls someone else out on something they are no different on, like a white guy saying "wHiTe PeOpLe ArE sO dUmB" its like...... why you gotta be so EXTRA man..
Wait Casper was in the Stan video?
Casper was Stan.
Virtue signaling at its core. It honestly pisses me off, like we can’t speak for ourselves or some shit smh
So you know for absolute certain they're not racist.
Sigh. I'm about to get a little backlashy.
You are not extra "woke" by being a white person complaining about <insert activity here> for a minority group while vilifying them silly ol' entitled whities and simultaneously being completely ignorant of the topic.
The slang might be popular in the black community... because of a song written and performed by a white dude, and portrayed by a white dude in the music video.
Sit down and shut up.
After reading urban dictionary, I am now enlightened on the intent of Stan (despite likely listening to the song many moons ago).
What utilisation of the word is being implied in the first post?
People use Stan as either slang for "stalker fan" or for insulting people that like Eminem. So I'm assuming it was the second usage here, I only ever really see the first when people talk about kpop
I never connect the dots until I read this post.
My tea's gone cold, I’m wondering why I got out of bed at all. The morning rain clouds up my window, and I can't see at all. And even if I could it'd all be grey, but your picture on my wall.
Thank god the black community has Dave Barnett to speak for them
What the fuck is stan
I was wondering the same thing. I've literally never heard it used as a word before, but if you type it into google, it gives you a definition. It's just an obsessive fan, like Stan from the song.
To be fair, that song came out in 2000. I don't remember anyone being called a Stan in the ten or so years after the song was released. In fact I don't remember that happening in the 15 years after the song was released. So even to me, the word seemed to come out of nowhere.
Can someone explain what's happening here?
Where did this black community making up the word Stan come from?
Not just black people but queer black folk from Twitter. They popularized that term and pretty much every other trendy thing that is being said on the internet. Which is why there is so much confusion on what the term actually means.
Because most people assume if it comes from Hip-Hop, it's a black thing.
Do people still remember Dido?
I’m wondering why I got out of bed at all.
Eminem was the first artist I ever “staned” (is that how this works now?) and I remember a few years back when everyone started saying “I stan this person” or “i Stan that person” and just being like, “do you really wanna be that? Do you know how that song ends??”
Why are there so many self hating white people on the internet...
That's a term I never use since I found out where it came from. Way too disturbing a history for me to use.
Confuses the fuck out of me. When I hear anyone irl say it, I legit will ask them do they know what song it's from.
Why? That's like saying you'll never say the name "Kim" because that song traumatized you.
I don't use Twitter and i find their way of showing information pretty intuitive,
The first texts is basically a title where the body is the original tweet, and at the bottom you have a reply section for the post
I don't fucking get it.
Almost my entire vocabulary is words that were used before I was born.
Not only does the Twitter layout confuse me, but the context does as well.
Cultural appropriation? Gate keeping? Both done
I don't know the order to read this. Twitter is garbage if it's not easy to read
"Another white guy" , says the white soylent chin.
Here I thought it was a name
Ah that makes sense. (The origin of the word)
I thought it was short for Stanley.
Ewww, that's where that comes from? Lord
Dude Stan is a name
I have no idea what this guy is trying to say. Why did he bring up the black community?
Clear up your notifications, goddamnit.
I....never realised this is where Stan comes from but it makes so so much sense
This whole thing is a plot to get attention by eminem
I'm incredibly confused. People use the word "Stan" as slang for something?
UHM I never realized that was Devon Sawa in the Stan music video.
... I don't see why Barnett made it about race.
I have no idea what's happening here, and not just because reading tweets is confusing. Neat!
That song came out waaaay before it became a euphemism so I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say it means “stalker fan” like other ppl have said
I Casper Devon Sawa
I what context do you even say that?
The black community came up with...
Oh yeah, it's from that one song by the famous rap artist... All rappers are black, right?
white virtue signalers like in the OP pic are absolutely insufferable.
MUH White PeOplE! Reeeeee!
WHAT ABOUT THE LEGEND THAT IS STAN LEE?????????????????????????? WHAT ABOUT HIM????????????
He was still better in Final Destination lol
David arnett’s pfp look like an incel
I liked that song
Didn't it originate on ONTD? Like, using it as a term that way (because of the song)?
I’m guessing Barnett is a millennial.
Excuse me, is "Stan" meant to be some kind of slang, used in contexts other than talking about the song?
People have used "Stan" in conversations for decades... when they're talking about the name "Stan".
What's meant by "The word 'Stan' became popular"? Who's going around saying "Stan" to everyone?
People use it to show they like a person and are a fan of them. For example, someone would ‘stan’ Eminem, as in, they like Eminem.
I forget the exact root, but "Stan" means "the land of". Pakistan. kazhakstan. etc.
devon appears to be