Unlucky parking spot

It's usualy a good idea to put the windows up during a rain storm.
Or.. you know, put the windows up when you're not in the car so you don't get robbed. Either way it's the owners fault.
....probably wasn't raining when it was parked
I shall downvote this post with the full fury of my single downvote.
I mean... how is a bystander supposed to even help here?
I'd probably see if there was a plank or something nearby to put in front of it, certainly not just stand there and laugh.
Move the pipe in a different direction.
Put their thumb in it.
Exactly what I thought
Pretty sure the vehicle doesn't have power windows; they could roll the window up. I've opened strangers' unlocked vehicles to put windows up or turn off headlights before.
Close the window, move the pipe, put an elbow on the pipe, put a flat piece of plastic, cardboard, etc in front of the window, yell for the owner...
If the idiot leaves their windows down unattended, be happy only that happened.
Not everyone lives in a shithole
More of a bad decision
It should be fine though. Those trucks are built to be sprayed out, Especially if they are fleet Cars. You can always hose down the interior
Who the fuck parks their car WITH THE GODDAMN WINDOW OPEN!?????
You would be suprised. People do it all the time. I know a lot of people are fine but 1 guy got his brand new car hotwired almost instantly once so not the best idea
Yeah it's either gone or there's a smackhead routing through your shit for a couple pennies
If you're stupid enough to leave your Windows down you deserve it.
Jokes on you, he was trying to fill the car with water
Rain water harvesting
Put a sock over the pipe...
What you mean? He’s taking it to go.
God her laugh is annoying
Fill er up.