where my undead boys at?

What Warrior is Running Around 2nd fear? :D
Deathwish - Takes care of the 2nd and 3rd fear
Berserker Rage: Takes care of 4th fear
Recklesness - 5th fear
Berserker Rage - 6th fear.
Now the running starts.
Really, if you're running into more than maybe 4 fears even on a split run, it's time to rethink the group you're running with. You should be eating fear number one anyway since dpsing during that time is the equivalent of six-bullet Russian Roulette, so you're covered plenty when you want to dps.
If u use rage early u can use it on 2 of em
Reck + DW popped at same time at 70%...Most warriors get caught in a 2nd fear. DW doesn't come back up before ony is dead for me.
Ya this guy (OP) is a dingus
Me an intellectual : /cast fear ward.
Smorc warriors, well warriors in general should not try to think just soak damage and look buff.
Funny ways to spell Fear Ward but okay
Ehm are tanks speccing into deathwish?
Rogue here. Dwarf priest in guild is my mate so I always get fear ward. FeelsGoodMan but he better do it when i helped him farm all his alchemy recipies and helped him level the priest (he mained warrior but gave up cause of competition for loot and SGC not dropping in 700 runs).
When you’d rather level a completely new alt and farm prebis than do another arena run
Dwarf priest here. Fear ward has a 30 second CD and lets you use it on multiple targets. I start fear warding raid at beginning. By the time phase three drops I have 1/2-2/3 of my raid fear warded. Then I just ward tank. ;)
Seven fucking hundred oh lordy
Is savage gladiator chain just bis pre raid, post raid, and if post raid through what phase? Some of the material I've gone over makes it seem like spending that much time on one piece is just a waste.
(i) berserker rage and (ii) death wish though? and usually berserker rage is back up by the 3rd fear
Also as a horde Warrior you should definitely be in a shaman group for WF and Tremor.
Right? I never understood this as a warrior. Pop BS right as ony is coming down and doing her first fear. Save your Death Wish, and give the tanks some time to regain threat and get her into position. Use Death Wish before the second fear and go ham after the tanks are settled in. You've got BS back again for the next fear.
Not only is there death wish but if you pre pop zuker r rage it will be up again for second fear or within 1 or 2 seconds of the fear.
And (iii) recklessness
How is no one mentioning goddamn tremor totem?
Ticks every 5s. Poor timing with the fear and it ticking means you might as well not have tremor.
Because we are civilized members of the alliance that don’t live in mud huts and shove sticks in the ground or whatever this tremor totem is that you speak of
I'm a Nelf that has never experienced Ony's p2 fear. There are at least 3 CDs I have that I can rotate to never get feared. And that's not counting other shit like my BS trinket that I never use but remains in my bags permanently just to confuse Warlocks.
3 abilities to break fear *and* tremor totem? Who is running around during the fear?
ps: it's sunday don't remove it
Fear Ward the first, Deathwish should be up for the 2nd and Zerker rage if needed for the third.
Legit question, I usually save deathwish for execute phase along with recklessness. Is this not the ideal way to maximize dps? I find that I usually can manage the fears with zerker rage other then maybe 1 fear.
Laughs in shaman totems
Pops will of forsaken and picks up Ony.
Healers still running around like apes.
Warlock who HAD to get max dots in draws threat and wipes half the raid.
You join them on the 4th fear.
Fear ward first or berserker rage, death wish second, berserker rage 3rd or will of the forsaken, recklessness 4th and berserker rage 5th
Don't break the first fear and let the tank build some threat. Then just Berserker and Deathwish until she is dead.
Never have this problem. Zerker rage 1st dw 2nd. Zerk rage is rdy for 3rd
If you're not cutting edge it doesn't make a difference.
Made that mistake rolling human first time around because of racials. Got stuck with a dork that I hated the look of
Made that mistake rolling night elf because of looks. Got stuck with crappy racials everyone makes fun of.
(Doesn't help that I forgot to customize appearance. Barber shop when?)
Yeah humans look dopey as hell
Laughs in Tremor totem
Me, laughing maniacally as a blacksmith with an additional fear immunity.
B rage, death wish, b rage and you"re covered
out range first fear, wotf second fear, tremor third fear, dies before fourth fear
Can you actually outrange ony fear? It seems like everyone in the room is feared.
I am running feared to drop off aggro
I'm the only non-orc warrior in my raid group.
Skelly boi's represent
You warriors don't have berserk rage ?
Ye boiii
*laughs in warlock, standing up on the ledge on the right side*
zerker rage, death wish, recklessness
Wait wut
You know warriors get berserker rage and death wish right??
Other classes , maybe, but it's a waste being UD warrior imo
Undead Warrior here. No Regrets.
PvP trinkets?
You know warriors have 3 fear breaks before having to use WoTF right? No warrior should ever get feared on Ony.
He doesn't know. He made this post rofl
My brother!
Imagine having to carry food with you instead of just eating dead guys pfft!
as undead mage wtf is ony fear
Undead priest here, usually on MT healing duties. I keep mine for when I see other healers aren't being tremor totemmed fast enough to keep up the tank.
I'm leveling an UD mage and i keep forgetting i have it on the bar, made for some fun moments in that one room in ST
Am orc deep prot tank. I only have berserker rage. Nightbane taught me well. I WILL stance-dance the fear, like it is nothing. And i WILL shake my head at DPS warriors who not only have at least 2 dispels, but also are presumably in the right stance to use it, at all times. How it happens, i don't understand.
deleted 0.9047
Only seen a few stupid enough to roll undead warriors.
She fears twice?
Love being an Undead MT.
Whats your weapon plan? Daggers all the way to KT?
Edit: fellow ud tank. All i've heard is ud is the worst PvE warrior class
Split into more raids then. Can't have too many bags.
Not really how this meme is used, but still funny.
Then deathbringers drop and you miss out that sweet axe, or pay 2k gold for edgemasters.
But you do you bud
Why are you like this
Or you just get 9% hit and don’t worry about it? I dunno, seems hard. Oh wait, I already have 12% hit and 27% crit, nvm.
Lol feelsbamman rolling undead war
you're a warrior, learn to stance dance