It is so fucking frustrating to know that Reddit just has an active Nazi population. Like, it's a thing you just expect at this point.

Like, fucking hell, on a site for hobbies and subcultures, fandoms and communities, users have to actively curb fucking Nazi communities. They just exist. There's next to nothing to do about them, you just have to tell people "oh don't go there that's where the neo-fascists hang out" like, come the fuck on.

It reminds me of a
"Oh, that? That's the bile-pile. Just give it some space, and mob up some of the bile if it leaks out too much."
Missing stair
Missing stair is a term used to describe a sexual predator whom many people know cannot be trusted, but who, rather than shunning, they work around by trying to quietly warn others. The analogy is to a structural fault in a house, such as a missing stair, that everyone who lives in the house has gotten used to and warns newcomers about, rather than fixing.
"Reddit? It's great! Just be prepared to ignore some of the comments on anything involving someone who's black, trans, female, etc."
It’s not even “don’t go there”. They actively try to recruit and “””redpill””” otherwise wholesome communities. And Reddit pays for them.
The Red Pill is 120 thousand fit college educated middle class men. If we really wanted to we could invade New Zealand and install a new government. We definitely have the manpower. There are plenty of veterans here. Plus everyone here knows where the magazine release is on an M16, from years of playing Call Of Duty.
Realistically the Red Pill Reaction Force would be far more effective than half the world's militaries. The Afghan military is fucked up on opium. The Iraqi army cant even do jumping jacks. . Plus New Zealand has only 8 thousand military personnel the majority of whom are useless paper pushers.
I don't actually support the violent overthrow of New Zealand. I just think its kind of a fun idea conceptualy.
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Stormfront does a really good job subverting communities from the inside.
They've also been doing it for upwards of 4 years. We are finally really feeling the effects now.
young, impressionable men were taught how to think by gradually introducing them to progressively more hateful, yet similar, ideas
kia -> fph -> trp -> t_d -> altright -> white nationalism
It's very eerie to see how much it's grown in so short a time.
Wolfenstein: The New Colossus got a lot of flak because a bunch of morons felt personally attacked by it's message of 'the only good Nazi is a dead Nazi'. I can't recall Wolfenstein: The New Order to get quite as much backlash even though it came out only a couple of years ago.
Yeah, I know. 'Vidya games' example.
I just had a good laugh imagining anyone making these complaints in 1992 when Wolfenstein 3D was released. As a culture we've moved dramatically to the left in the decades since and yet we've also fostered this newly accepted belief that extreme right-wing views must be provided space on everyone else's platforms if we something something free speech.
That game portrayed white American southerners ( who fought actual Nazis ) as "nazis". No one has a problem with portraying actual Nazis in negative light, but what do you expect when you call trump and even Romney a Nazi?
Wasn't that pretty much a fake controversy, though? There were a lot of articles about the "backlash" but I don't think I ever saw any evidence of anyone actually being upset about killing nazis.
I may be wrong, but I remember the lack of evidence being pointed out on
I mean, the world has an active nazi population.
The world doesn't have owners who have the ability with the push of a button to remove Nazi populations. Reddit does. It has no reason to allow it.
The admins have made their stance clear, so the only thing to do at this point is to just not go to the site anymore. The subreddits that I frequent don't typically have any crossover with them, so I don't really care that much.
Wanting them gone about it means you hate free speech, because free speech means we have to respect their right to spew their hatred on every social media platform.
To sum up recent conversations I've had.
Oh and apparently I'm an sjw. Feels like a badge of honor to be called that at this point.
Reddit also has an active American population and it does this website zero favors...
This is news to me but I'm semi lucky to steer clear of subreddits that have them.
It's not just online, these are real people that live places. There's a girl at church who was raised by Nazis and ended up marrying a Pakistani guy.
That's what an open forum is. I think it's stupid and I'm obviously not a Nazi but you have to allow true free speech. Remember how mad people got when
Yes, but then we fall on the free speech paradox, where we allow nazis to roam free and spread their toxicity because we are tolerating it. You cannot tolerate someone who is openly intolerant because then you are not respecting your own ideas for the sake of not offending other people. Your freedom ends when the other's begin, and that applies for everyone.
People got mad it got deleted but it also diluted a lot of toxic activity on the site in its removal.
Are we just completely watering down the term and applying it to anyone who is right-leaning (i.e. all of T_D is an "active nazi population") or is there an actual active Nazi population?
This is a serious question. I've never actually come across an "active Nazi" on this site but apparently they're everywhere.
Well, as they say, "If the Jackboot fits..."
Nazis and communists need to go
Yes, whether your goal is to murder everyone who isn't like you or you're focused on the evolution of our economic structures to meet human needs, you're an equally dangerous person.
Why all the downvotes? Capitalism is without a doubt the best system we’ve come up with so far and has driven america to the top in most fields and made it the greatest country there is.
By do troll accounts not even try anymore?
lmao the downvotes
That's bullshit. How about you stop enabling them under the pretend premise that "debate" will actually convince of any them. We're past that point. You stop them from having a public platform. You stop giving them the opportunity to interact with normal communities. If they're underground, that's good. They can exist in their own stagnant communities instead of having any real effect on active ones. Stop giving them opportunities to expand while simultaneously saying you don't want them to.
Would you rather people with the flu lurk around their homes with their symptoms hidden or out in public where we can keep an eye on them?
The latter.
Anyone who's even willing to consider "black people aren't fully human" is already over the line, and they're not coming back. So yeah, the best thing is to suppress them outright so they can't hurt anyone.