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Last month we implemented a new policy with the referral threads, one which saw users with 0 karma have their comments removed from the referral threads.
This policy had a lot of positive feedback and we plan on keeping it moving forward. A couple of notes:
Thank you for taking the initiative to do this!
Good initiative. But how do we determine how much karma we have so we know when to not post to prevent comments from being deleted? I don't see anything obvious that indicates this. Thanks.
Thank you. Looks like it has really helped out the referral thread.
5 karma in the last month?
What time does the referral thread usually drop? Or is it just random?
So what number do you have in mind in the future, for this 'good balance point' as you mentioned? Would be good to know so we can all work towards this number. Any estimate? Thanks.
How does the tool account for the downvote mobs? Also does the tool consider upvotes you get for posting threads?
And I quote my 8 year old
"Daddy you are so awesome at getting those points for our trips. Can you get enough points so I can go to the moon?"
Any thoughts on which points?
Virgin Atlantic I think should be able to do a Virgin Galactic redemption somewhere down the line.
If you input your travel history into
Tesla referrals maybe?
Never know by the time your 8 year old becomes an adult there might be a possibility. Mine is already hooked on points and talking about travelling more when he's an adult on points. I've got his mindset open to churning if it still exists in a few years, as he hears me talking about it all the time. Never thought I'd have the chance to go on J trips nevermind my kids. After our first J trip my kid is already making comments like my back will be sore when I fly on Y for our next summer's trip. So easy to get spoiled. Haha.
There's a
I don't know why nobody talked about this :O #supreme
That must be a hot redemption item for sure
Ohhh, now I can finally do something with my RBC points!
Is that a Big Mac?
go order your burger!
LOL thats ugly
Such an awesome deal but I already ordered it last week when it cost way more RBC rewards. :(
For all those Big Mac fans? 😂
I know you’re joking, but I actually really like it lol.
Thanks but I'll pass, it's so ugly! Notwithstanding the fact that it's like $120+ worth of points for a simple hoodie. I was hoping for a nice red one with the golden arch. I would wear it every time I go get my free fries.
Maybe it has good resale value.
The BMO World Elite offers were expiring October 31 I believe? They're renewed again: now the date is January 15, 2020.
They were renewed even before Oct 31st
is this new or did it get a refresh?
$499 AF ($200,000.00 INCOME REQUIRED)
It's new! Nice find.
Just came here to ask about infinite privilege; had a long wait at YUL security and it would have helped.
My business revenue is over $200,000. Profit is about $110,000. Would this be enough to qualify for those cards? And can they be churned, at a rate of one a year or so, so that you always get the benefits but get a welcome bonus each year to compensate for the high AF?
Edit: cibc aeroplan visa infinite privilege is 50,000 AP currently, $399 annual fee.
CIBC aerogold for biz has 35k Aeroplan miles for 3k msr + fyf again! Solid offer.
Good luck actually obtaining those miles.
Of all the cards i've applied for over the past few years, that aerogold biz was BY FAR the biggest pain in the ass. Reams of documents, tax returns, financial statements. Problems with equifax. Problems with where the card was sent. Oh sorry you're not eligible for the bonus because you had a personal aerogold like 2 years before. What no we never offered 35k only 10k. We have no record of that offer. Bah. I fought and fought and finally got the full bonus after 8 months and cancelled one nanosecond later. Jerks
I also had a horrible time getting the card. Multiple visits to the branch because they have never received my T1 forms and notice of assessment. When I inquired about the offer for 35k and FYF they said there is nothing in their system. At least I got 20k and FYF after escalating it to a supervisor but definitely not a pleasant experience.
Does anyone have DPs of a similar biz offer from CIBC being straight-forward? There are a couple cautionary DPs here already, and I'm wondering if it's YMMV or it's always a PITA
I tried applying for this card in branch and over the phone and was told that the minimum income requirement ($35k) isn’t for personal income but rather for business income. And when I tried to apply online it always times out and gives me a hard check...
I product switched to a no fee biz card awhile back. Anyone with any experience in switching back to the CIBC Aeroplan for BIZ card with receiving the WB again?
DP: Applied for biz gold in October. Applied for biz edge yesterday that went into 10 days. But was told I could call in. So I did and got instantly approved! I'm also holding the bonvoy biz at the same time as well.
CSR never asked me anything about the business at all.
I think Amex is trying to get as many people into this card as they can. If you've been on the fence about starting with business cards, this is a no-brainer.
I have a similar DP:
Applied for the business edge that went into 10 days. Called immediately and was approved after verifying my identity.
I currently hold the biz plat (opened 6 months ago) and the biz gold (opened 2 months ago), for anyone still spooked about the 90-day thing.
Similar DP: Applied and instant approval for personal plat on Oct 21. Applied for the Edge yesterday and received the pop up that they needed more time (similar to the biz charge cards) and has the reference number to phone in. I thought I was going to be denied and had no intentions on phoning in but, after reading your post this morning, I just called in and the CSR said that i was approved yesterday and sometimes the system does this if the processing was not complete in a certain time frame, even if you are approved shortly after.
Just another DP on how horrendous the process is for getting a CIBC Biz card.
Applied for an Aventura biz card late July online (sole proprietor, no business number), then got a letter 2 weeks later that I need to visit a branch because they needed further details. I was leaving on a trip and wanted to get it done quickly, so I painstakingly took half-day off work to go in. Spend an hour with the rep and thought I got everything done.
During my trip, got another email saying they needed more info (like WTF?). Went into a brance again only to be told "I don't know what they want from you other than perhaps a business number". Since I didn't have one, I just told the rep to cancel the application. Another hour of my life wasted
A few weeks later, I actually registered my business (yes I do have a small legit one). So armed with a business number, I spent yet another hour of my life trying to get a biz card, and it was promising this time since the rep was able to get a hold of someone in the visa department to walk thru the application. This time I applied for the Aeroplan biz card.
A few days later, got a call from CIBC apologizing for the hassle I got while applying for the Aventura card and was willing to push it through. I told them not to worry since I already CANCELLED that app and I already reapplied for another product in-branch. A week later, I got an email saying "Congrats, you're approved for a business aventura card!", and got the card in the mail.......Another WTF!? moment.
I called and ask them if my app for the biz Aeroplan card was still being processed and was told yes. FML, now I have the prospect of having to MSR $6K in the next 3 months. Meanwhile, I was told that I will have to go into the branch YET AGAIN for "more information".
ANOTHER hour of my life gone going through absolutely everything in person with TWO reps in-branch and was told "it should be fine now". Now two weeks later, no email, no card in the mail. Can't wait to see what happens next. FML and F-CIBC business cards
Ugh the absolute worst, I had a terrible experience trying to get a biz card from CIBC as well. Ended up giving up and taking a hard hit for nothing. Just the worst. And I have 2 legit businesses!
I'd say I spent over 3 hours for 2 applications with 2 phone calls and 1 branch visit. Really freaking annoying as I called the number left by a rep. I call back nobody knows why I'm calling and no one knows the person's name whom had left a message. And rep that left a message said I can talk to anyone. Didn't even leave a message with a reference number. Still wondering if I need to spend more time on it. With cibc, nothing is sure until I have the cards. Even rep at branch admitted it's a big PITA to apply online as it has many issues, time out etc you name it. Rep said easier to go apply in branch as they can be sure to use the right online profile they have for me. Their system is really set up to fail as I had many so called 'customer profiles'. I think he's right as I did 2 earlier biz applications this year in branch and it was in and out of branch literally in 30 min with an efficient rep. Just silly, if you make an appt just to see a rep it creates a stupid needless profile as the cibc rep told me which causes online applications to fail as there are too many profiles for one customer. In turn that looks like fraud to them. CIBC is a PITA similar in line with HSBC. I never bother with HSBC. Really need that mental preparation and patience before tackling these applications.
Any experience with BMO Biz cards?
Just a DP here: none of the Bonvoy points I had earned last few months had transferred over to my Bonvoy account. I had called around a month ago to ask and they had told me "Marriott is having problems, just wait and they will show up." I called back today as they still had not appeared, and the rep told me Marriott had denied the transfer. It turned out that AMEX was trying to transfer the points to my old, pre SPG/Bonvoy account combination account number. I gave them my new, post combination number. Will have to wait now til cycle close for the points to be transferred apparently.
So if you are having any trouble with Bonvoy points transferring, ask the rep if they have your correct account number, as the previous rep I spoke to did not notice this problem.
Hi has anyone hit the CIBC Airport kiosk promo for more than one card? I was approved in YYZ for the sweet deal on the infinite aeroplan card, and am travelling through YYZ again on on Sunday and thought I would try applying again. At the very least I guess I should give the Aventura a spin.
Do it. You can apply for both on the same day.
I was planning to apply for both and the agents at the kiosk I was with would have had no problem helping me out with it, but they couldn't take applications for the Aerogold at that kiosk unfortunately.
Those guys are just hungry for the commission or the numbers or whatever. They lied about my income for me on an app lol.
Do you guys know if this is legit?
Outside of the obvious '2020' which is probably a typo, do you think these could be related to Black Friday 2019?
I'd believe it, those bonus points sales happen pretty often with Aeroplan. If you're about to make a big purchase might as well hold off and wait for. 10x points on an Apple store purchase can add up quick.
5k laptop.. geezz
Do biz cards count in the rule about how many AMEX credit cards you can have, or is that rule just personal credit cards? I'd like to get the Edge, but I currently have Blue Sky, Cobalt, Air Miles Plat and Bonvoy Biz. Am I maxed out?
You should be just fine friend.
Also does anyone know if the CIBC Business Aeroplan card requires for you to show any Business documentation?
They do.
They also require you to be able to solve the theory of relativity, and also levitate. Even they they prob will still have you come in to a branch for further information, just to tell you to f*** off. CIBC is just the worst
I didn't need any documentation when I got the Biz Aerogold in February
when does payroll direct deposit post for coast capital?
Payday is today but I'm still not seeing it on my account yet.
Payday was on thursday. Received bonus on monday. This happened last week for me.
That's up to whoever is paying, not Coast Capital. Maybe you gave the wrong account info?
Is anyone still waiting for an application response from Coast Capital? Applied Sept 10 and nothing yet...last email was a few weeks ago saying they were behind and since then nothing.
I applied Sept 10. Approved Oct 11.
Applied Sept 11 and got approved last week so I'm sure they're still making the rounds
Same here. Did you by chance use one of the early referrals on here?
Not much of a data point, but self referred edge from biz plat and got 25,000 before I even found out I was approved.
It is always like this. You received the reference pts before receiving the card.
Quick question for those of you who had experience having your MBNA credit card's credit limit split to get an application pushed through... how long did that take in effect and when did you receive your cards? Thanks in advance and happy weekend
Anyone used Rakuten USA Hotels before ? I’m debating what to do with some upcoming hotel reservations and after hearing Vancouver Hotels honouring nights and points , I also saw that Rakuten hotels will give you back 5% back in MR. Anyone used that service before ?
Rakuten is great when booking direct. I got about $250 back last time they had the 10% Marriott bonus. You’ll get elite benefits, nights, and points too.
Does anyone know if I will get the sign up bonus again when upgrade my HSBC WE to HSBC Premier WE? Thank you,
Yes you should
Can you add yourself as a supplementary cardholder for Amex?
You can add anyone/anything as a supplementary cardholder
Is anyone else finding Aeroplan call center not taking calls?
(Non status AP)
Yes trying since morning, one of my flights opened up in Business
Been difficult trying to get a hold of them lately
I know someone whom called in was told by rep, they are switching over to new systems hence the wait due to training with it.
So I've messed up on my redemption strategy and would appreciate your help in figuring out my options.
Back in April, my plan was to collect MR points (from scratch) in order to transfer them to a FF program to redeem for a round trip journey to Australia in J for 4. After spending some time reading up on this sub, canadianawardtravel, POT, and other blogs, I figured that the cheapest redemptions in J would be 110k on AS, 120k on ANA, or 160k on Aeroplan. I had some AS miles from before and got on the MBNA train to get 1 redemption there. For the remainder, with all the Amex offers, I decided 120k to ANA would be the easiest to meet and started churning since my google search said I can transfer MR to ANA 1:1.
Fast forward to today morning, I was looking at the FF transfer partners on the Amex portal and you can probably imagine my reaction when I didn't see ANA as a partner. Turns out I was looking at a US MR transfer partner list all along and we Canadians aren't treated the same. Lessons learned.
I'm thinking my best option right now is to pick up some of the Amex Biz cards or the new CIBC offers to earn the extra 40k for Aeroplan? Any way to transfer my CDN MR account to a US MR account?
I believe your best best is to just go with AP.
While it is possible to transfer Canadian MR to US MR, it is at the current exchange rate, not 1:1. It is more advanced than I would recommend for you. Especially since after the exchange rate the difference become much lower and you have plenty of other AP earning opportunities.
what do you mean by "from scratch"
Fyi, 4 people in j from Canada to Australia is 55k each way. You'd need 220k AS just to get there one way. Or 440k total for round trip.
Moving your miles to us won't help much since it'll have to be converted to US MR.
Biz Plat new user question.
I applied for the Biz Plat (first application) last Monday and got the "will call you" message. I've read many times that this was just an identity thing so I gave them a call the same day. I got CSR who told me it was with "another department" and they will call.
Wednesday I had to chat with amex about something else and when they asked me if there was anything else I asked if they could update me on the status of the app. They couldn't but gave me a number to call. When I called it seemed to be normal customer service and they said it was still with this other department and they will call me.
Now it's Friday and still no call. I'm hesitant to contact them again frankly. It seems quite unusual for anything from amex to take this long.
I'm been counting all of the things that could make them think twice: TU 812, EQ 835, holding PP 03/19, Pers Gold 05/19, Cobalt 07/19, Amex Airmiles 10/19, all cards in good standing with no late payments. 5 TU hits in the last 6 mos and 3 EQ in the same time frame. Is that too much?
Edit: is anyone else experiencing delays with Amex? Seems the edge is getting approved super fast...
Did you try the “new accounts” department? You can find their number on the “Contact us” page. I’m not sure, but they may be the ones who you’re looking for.
Is this your first time holding biz plat? If so, feel free to call them
I know I have asked this before but has anyone in the last 3 months applied for a 2nd TD Aeroplan VI card whilst still having their 1st card?
Yes, you can hold 2 of the same card. Just make sure that if you're trying to get the WB, that you application is at least 6 months apart.
Not in the last 3 months for me, but I was successful 6 months ago for both getting the card and getting the sign-up bonus (the 1st card is a keeper due to my TD All-Inclusive, account is 3 years old and had been PS'd to Aeroplan about 9 months before signing up for card #2)
Did this back in September. Instant approval.
Not a new app but I had ps’d one card from free td rewards to aeroplan vi in late payment, still have it. Then 2 weeks ago i ps‘d my other card from first class vi to another aeroplan vi. Told i’ll get the bonus.
Quick Question. Amex Cobalt
I would like play the churn game with the Amex Cobalt. My wife has supplementary card currently. As my first year just passed I want to continue get the bonus points
Should I refer her and then cancel mine...
Will she get the points or Amex will consider her a previous user and waive the bonus points on the first year?
Refer your wife and you'll get a bonus plus they will consider her as first time cobalt holder.
If you refer her and she does an application then it will be considered her first account so she should be able to get it no problem. In fact for supplementary card you can use any name doesnt even have to be a real person lol.
I find myself just over 10 nights short of platinum and my local (YEG) hotels haven't been incredibly receptive on meeting scheduling. I've seen a few people mention contacts/specific locations they've had success with. Any chance of some info?
I will PM you.
I did 4 point edmonton south for 125$, that the best I got for meeting around YEG.
With all the Drop offers for RBC accounts (chq'ing, saving, rewards+ CC etc) Does anybody know if you should expect a hard or soft hit for each application or do they combine them together? Or is there a hit at all for the bank accounts? Thanks!
I would like to plan a trip from YYZ to Japan & Bali and maybe another trip to Greece & Italy for next year. What should my strategy be in order to accumulate enough points for myself and P2? Is Aeroplan my best bet? And how much in advance do you usually book your trips?
Aeroplan is a good option, because it’s one of the easiest programs for Canadians. It will work, if your trip and stopover lies within the MPM between your origin and destination (which I think it does). You could plug in a few long layovers as well.
The reason why I’m mentioning the MPM here is because my itinerary (YUL-DME-NRT-YUL, or the reverse) is not good with Aeroplan and I’m considering other programs.
Just did an Italy trip on AP. 2 J tickets via Turkish Airlines there and Swiss Airlines back, 220k points + $123 taxes (for both all in). Flew in and out of Zurich and took the train to Italy. Train was amazing. Would definitely recommend Turkish, and was pretty disappointed with Swiss after the great experience with TK and their IST lounge.
Looking at Japan next so ill be following the replies you get lol.
Greece is nice, watch out in Italy though. The European capital of scams
P2 stands for player 2... if you and someone close to you are both churning and you share referrals, etc...
Can anyone from the YYC meetup on the 30th send me a PM for the whatsapp group?
You might want to delete the repeat posts. Same one 6 times.
I recently qualified for a U.S. cc and have a U.S. bank account with BMO Harris. What is the cheapest/best way to transfer funds from here to the U.S. account? From what I've read Transferwise seems to be a good candidate. Are there others which are better? Apparently I am unable to transfer from my BMO in Canada to the one in the States. Has anyone heard anything different?
Check if it's just a BMO premium plan option, BMO Canada can transfer to BMO Harris for free just using the transfer funds tab in online banking. Technically counts as wire transfer, but any fees get automatically reimbursed.
Takes about a day to show up on BMO Harris side
Transferwise is usually the cheapest if you are doing a bank transfer
If I want to focus on traveling to Asia, HK/Japan on business, probably out of YVR, should I focus more on Asia Miles? so RBC Avion? or is there another option that is better, trying to understand the numerous points system is just crazy
Alaska MBNA is your best bet
Asia Miles will have the most avalibility if you want to fly Cathay.
Aeroplan on EVA is also an option.
What are some of the best use of BMO AirMiles.
And if I cancel my BMO AirMiles card, does/when do the AirMiles expire?
Airmiles can be hard, but not impossible, to redeem for flights. If you book far out and/or have flexible dates it helps. I have used for long and short haul flights. The taxes on Europe flights are quite high, $650-700 pp rt. Caribbean flights around $200pp. I currently have AM flights booked to Aruba for February, on WJ metal so will be able to benefit from the WJ free baggage perk as well (after booking with AM, register the flight on your WJ account)
I find car rentals to be a good use of points. I’m currently on vacay in Florida, 3k AM plus $88 taxes for 15 day rental. There is insurance included if you put the taxes on the AM WE Card.
I’m waiting for the BMO WE card to offer the AM companion rebate offer, now that is the best value you can get out of the miles. It was offered this time last year.
They recently updated their hotel booking portal. Previously it was pretty slim on hotels, now you can pretty much book anything the major booking sites have. Reasonable value, we booked a hotel in NYC last month using airmiles, slightly better return than cash miles return. We were around 11 cpm for our booking.
Flights will get you a better return
I find AM to be best for North American redemptions. I redeemed last-minute tickets from YYZ-YHZ and got around 30cpp. My girlfriend and I are going YYZ-LGA with around 1.2k AP each for US thanksgiving and got around 18cpp.
I'm planning on using it for booking hotels in Europe. Bonvoy points aren't very useful there for families and Airmiles has a surprising number of hotels that can accommodate 4 people.
I've never redeemed AM for flights myself but I know you can potentially find good value for short haul routes, especially if you have Onyx status which gives a further discount. It isn't hard to retain with the BMO AM WE and the MegaMiles promos they hold yearly.
AirMiles don't expire when your close the card, the account is separate from the card like Marriott.
Imo it's almost worth keeping the BMO AM WE for the insurance since charging any portion of your travel ticket on a common carrier (land, air, sea) or related charges (i.e. seat selection) covers you for the trip. So you're covered for points bookings of any type.
I use mine for YYC-YVR or YYC-YYJ flights.
A churn of one card is enough points for three round trips.
Got some big purchases at Apple coming up, any way to maximize points for Amex cobalt on this? Gift cards, looks sketchy i think after they rolled out all those new rules. Will they have like those holiday deals where you get double points if you shop on amazon on a certain date. Similarly for apple too? Any idea. Thanks.
Personally, i wouldnt go the gift card route for expensive electronics. Id definitely pay it directly with the card to get the insurances like the purchase protection plan and the extra year of warranty.
But definitely use the cashback sites or aeroplan estore for additional points.
Pretty much all the online shopping portals (Aeroplan estore, ebates, GCR, Airmiles estore) offer bonus points for Black Friday and Christmas.
Wait for BF to get the 10x Aeroplan points.
Is CIBC lenient as TD on linking other people's Aeroplan account to the card via application? Hoping to see if I can score a quick 40k AP with P2
Yes. My wife’s AP visa is linked to my AP account.
Question about my EQ credit report:
When a new Amex charge card gets reported, my credit score plunges significantly (like 20-30 points) on the EQ website. Borrowell is even worse. Nothing like that on CreditKarma.
Does EQ by any chance count charge cards towards any kind of utilization? I see that charge cards go together with bills like Videotron, and my revolving accounts are separate, but I cannot otherwise explain this.
As far as I can tell, EQ establishes the credit limit of a charge card as the highest amount ever reported on it, so in your first month it will show 100% utilization.
20-30 points is insignificant. A new card getting reported reduces your average length of credit history.
I still get accepted for new cards with an Equifax score around 690 is that can reassure you. It dropped to 667 with my last card. Equifax seems more affected by churning than Transunion, which is about 150 pts higher.
EQ seems to have a weird way of calculating utilization on new charge cards. At least, every time I have a new one, it informs me that despite overall utilization being 2%, "you have one card with utilization above 99%."
I figure it's best to let those new cards get however high they do before payment comes due, so that in future, utilization will be calculated against that high point.
But I dunno. They just seem really strict about stuff. My first churning card was also my first hard pull from EQ in over 3 years, and it dropped 58 points, then another 50+ when the new account first appeared.
It's still dozens of points lower than TU, despite TU getting 2-3* more hits.
Anyone know if you can have both a RBC AVion and BA CC at the same time?
I do have both
Anyone know how the HSBC rewards work? I noticed they now have iPhone 11 max and iwatch in their homepage. Can someone tell me how many points you need and if you can do part points part cash to get a reward. Thanks
Yep. Both at same time.