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Just read that you can earn Hilton Honors points on Lyft rides in the USA and select Canadian cities when you link your accounts. Check it out at
Amex won't transfer my MR points from Biz gold to personal gold. I sent a secured message and they replied saying they won't move the points from a higher tier card to a lower tier card. I want to cancel my biz card soon, and the only reason I got the personal gold was to move the points over.
Has anyone been successful in moving their points that way?
"link" is the key word you want to use. Call them and ask to link the MR accounts to each other. If you get the same answer try again in a couple days until they do it for you. It is possible.
I linked my Personal Gold with Biz Platinum. Rep told me that when I cancel Per Gold, balance of MR points will automatically transfer to Biz Plat.
My remaining bonus 55k points for the HSBC WE MC pre-Christmas 75k offer just posted today
Received card on 7th December
Reached $10k spend on 27th February
My statements post between 15th and 17th each month
My 55k bonus points posted for me too today. I expect it has to do with statements posting as I applied towards the end of December.
It was a long wait for points but I am going to put them to good use!!!
Thanks for this DP. I've been waiting for mine - this week will be my 4th statement. I've called them twice in the last month and they finally said the points will post on my statement this month, in about 3 days. So good to hear I'm not the only one.
I had an issue with a redemption recently, the points were gone but the credit never posted, and after contacting them I learned that the redemption was rejected because I had already claimed points against the same expense (why did the system allow me?...).
Anyway, I was told I would get my points back with the next statement, but I got them back today. They seem to have an odd system with very specific dates at which they post points.
Hi All,
I'm a little confused here and helping someone can help me out. Back in Aug, I did the following itinerary on an Aeroplan mRTW
I'm looking at doing another mRTW and am going through MPMs.
Have MPMs changed since I booked this about 14 months ago? The MPM now for SIN is 13,095. Somehow I manged to do this itinerary with the return leg from SIN back to YYZ coming in at 15,259. Well over 13,095.
So has MPM changed, or I have I forgotten how it's calculated?
Not sure how you are looking It up but it appears to be 15,441 miles when I just checked, Are you sure you are doing it the right way?
Check your Amex Offers: there's an new offer for HelloFresh (a cook-your-meal delivery service) for $20 off 4 purchases. You can stack this with a $40 referral code or coupon code and $22.50 cashback from eBates.
The regular price for 2 people x 3 meals on the "Pronto Plan" is $80+tax. Combining all this together and you're essentially getting it for free.
EDIT: OK, my original example sucked because you need to spend $80 minimum to get the Amex offer. So: the regular price for 4 people x 3 meals on the "Family Plan" is $130 (and no tax). Combining all this together = $130 - $20 - $40 - $22.50 = $47.50. Only the $40 off affects the eligibility of the $20 Amex offer, since the $22.50 is a after-sale rebate.
(OK the bad news: DPs say HelloFresh doesn't get 5X points on the Cobalt. :( But if enough of us complain, maybe they'll fix it.)
Pretty sure the Amex credit is based on the amount that actually gets charged to your card, ie you wouldn’t get a $20 credit if you only spend $40. Also unsure about eBates but I’m skeptical of it working on top of their generic referral/coupon codes.
Added this and a bunch of other new offers that appear to have come yesterday to the thread. Keep in mind there is an $80 spend required to get the Amex credit.
I'm looking for the $22.50 on eBates but can't see it. Seems like the best deal is $7.50 now. Am I missing anything?
saw a DP for TD product switch on RFD: Had FCT a year ago, product switched from some other card to FCT for the current promo, was only awarded 60k spending bonus and not the 20k first time purchase bonus.
Anyone else have DPs regarding PS to a card you previous held with that number? I thought it was going to be gimped in some form but surprised it was the first time purchase bonus and not the spending bonus.
At this rate product switch doesn't seem so hot vs new application.
EDIT: To be fair, 60k is still higher than the usual 40-50k (TOTAL WB) offer.
I can confirm to that. Had FCT previously about 6 months ago and the rep mentioned i cant get the 20,000 welcome bonus but can get 60,000 and AF waived.
Have 2 TD cards, the VI FCT and free td rewards, the FCT was product switched from VI Aeroplan last November which got me the FCT bonus of I think 55,000 at the time. The free TD Rewards was split from the original VI Aeroplan about a year ago. Called yesterday and they product switched the free Rewards to VI Aeroplan and will give the FYF and 30,000 bonus.
Can also confirm no First Purchase Bonus; only minimum spend bonus.
I was told the same over the phone when I did a PS from TD AP to TD FCT. Her reason was because I got the offer in the last 12 months (it was about 7 months since the last time I got a WB)
She also mentioned I needed to go through a minimum spend of 1,000$ (I'm from Quebec, our offer is to simply hold the card for 90 days) so I figured she might not be well informed on the subject.
As of today, I have not received any WB but I have not gotten charged an annual fee either and the first statement has posted. I'm just going to sit, wait and see what happens.
I have never held the FCT before. I product switched to it, from the IV AP a couple of weeks ago, after holding the card for over 6 months. I had also applied and was approved for the plat AP within the last month. The rep said i would only get the 20,000 bonus and no AF rebate because of the recent plat AP card. I have the account with one free card, so the fee wasn’t an issue but the lack of points was a disappointment, as most of my research lead me to believe that i would be okay with different products.
Has anyone redeemed Qantas FF points? I have 29k of them, I have a chance to use 28k of them on a one-way flight now and get 1.3c / point out of them. It doesn't sound like great value, but the opportunities to earn Qantas FF are limited, the only way I could add to this balance would be to transfer from Mariott points which would be poor value I think. The main sweet spots seem to be domestic travel within Australia which I won't be doing any time soon. Has anyone examples of using these points and the value they got from them?
Seems like a good opportunity to use them up at a decent rate or else they will just waste away.
I booked an itinerary in J with Aeroplan but on the inbound leg one of the flights was only available in Y. I see now that it became available in J, can I call and ask for it to be changed for free? I think that was doable a few years ago but it's been a while, so if anyone can confirme it'd be kind :)
Yes, it's a free upgrade, go go go.
Wait you can call in to get full J flights after the tickets have been booked?
A bit of a weird experience today; I applied for both the Biz Gold and the Cobalt yesterday. I usually call in, but read recently someone did a control with a Player 2, and calling in doesn’t speed up the process at all. Less eyes on my account, the better, right.
I received a call from Amex at 9:00 this morning confirming my ID. Then they said “the reason we are calling is to confirm your occupation.” Weird, since I completed it on the application, using the exact same wording I always use.
I repeated it. He asked if he could put me on hold. After a few minutes on hold he asked “what I ‘really’ do as a job.” I didn’t know what to say so I just described my job in depth and he said “oh so like a job x” which is exactly what I wrote on the application.
Not sure if I just had a poorly trained rep, but a strange experience and never had Amex confirm my occupation, even when I’ve called in. If that’s the end of it I don’t really care, just hoping it’s not a precursor to a FR. has anyone had a similar experience?
I recently applied for the Bonvuoy biz and had a very similar phone call. asking both what my business was and my existing job was. I went into great detail and it was very confusing for him (my job is somewhat specialized).
In the end he seemed satisfied and he then gave me the approval for the card.
I chalked it up to I am a newer account holder. In short order I had received the PP, Bonvoy pers and was now applying for the bonvoy biz. About 2 weeks later I applied for the Gold and was auto approved. My guess is they were trying to just have a chat with me to see if I actually am a real person with a real income.
Confirming my occupation is always the reason Amex calls me after I don’t get auto-approved and I’ve never had an FR, so I wouldn’t be too concerned.
They called me regarding a recent Biz Plat application, all they wanted was to confirm my title. They put me on hold then confirmed I was approved. I'm thinking that when we put in "other", perhaps they still have to fit us into a neat little box?
This isn't the first time I apply for an Amex card and they call with that same question.
Anyone have issues with getting their marriot points from hitting their limit with the personal bonvoy card? My wife has been getting the runaround where they haven’t moved her marriot points to her bonvoy account.
She hit her limit before the first statement. Called in as nothing posted and they said there was an error where her membership number didn’t apply to her account even though she called in to have it added. Then a month later we were just told that she won’t get the points until month 3 because she is a new member.
Is this normal practice? I have the same bonvoy personal Amex and never had an issue.
There has been DPs with similar issues and points were eventually there..
If I was to book a mini RTW trip with a dummy return leg (to secure the 1st leg) as a couple segment has not been released yet, for example, book on Air Canada since Swiss direct award hasn't been released that date.
When I call to change it ($100), will the difference in taxes and fees be refunded?
Yes difference in tax and fees would be refunded, as long as you call them before your first flight.
Have mega miles posted for anyone? I had the 100 for 3 offers post in March but I haven't go my points for 5 offers yet. I believe those were the criteria
Nope. Probably much, much later.
Won't post til June at the earliest
Over at RFD someone said around June 13 or 14 is the date we can expect to see it post. Last time this person guessed right for Feb 14 for STB to post. Looks all of my partner shops posted. I might save time this time around not having to chat in. Just need to help a friend chat in.
I have some bills I need to pay soon, and I want to figure out what card I should get to pay them with.
I already hold the AMEX Gold and RBC Avion and have received the bonuses for each. I was declined for the MBNA as well as the TD Aeroplan card.
I'm not in a position to meet the MSR on the AMEX Platinum cards, nor would I be able to get the best value from the Cobalt as I am not spending 500 on food per month.
I am also not in a position to meet the MSR on the BMO cards. I don't think I'll get another RBC card while I hold the Avion (was declined for a no fee MasterCard, even though they had no problem giving me the Avion). I also don't expect to ever get any TD product.
Don't want to go for a CIBC Aeroplan card as I'm holding out for the next promotion.
So that leaves one of the AMEX hotel cards, CIBC Aventura, or one one of the non TD/RBC cards.
Or maybe I should just keep using my existing cards while waiting for a better promotion to come along.
Would love to hear your thoughts.
Well, the Amex Bonvoy card are great if you're interested in collecting some hotel points.
It does sound like you've had quite a few declined applications recently though. All those hard-pulls on your credit report will make it harder and harder for you to get approved. You might want to just wait a bit.
Have you checked your score recently?
What's the fastest way to get 25k and 15k AP for my SO and myself? We had the Amex Gold last year through Perkopolis and we currently have the TD AP VI. Hoping to get enough points by Nov to book two J tickets to Asia.
Few ideas:
30k - Re-apply for the TD AP VI if you've held it for >6 months.
15k - TD aeroplan platinum.
25k - Amex Bonvoy, then convert 60k bonvoy points to 25k AP.
15K - CIBC aerogold
TD AP Platinum will get you 15k easily (yes you can get it on top of the TD AP VI). AMEX Bonvoy will get you 60k bonvoy pts which will get you 20k + 5k Aeroplan miles upon transfer. There's also CIBC Aerogold VI which currently is offering 15k WB.
DP - I product switched from TD AP VI to TD FCT on May 6th after a PS from FCT to AP VI on Nov 2nd. CSR stated that I may not be eligible for WB due to not holding for 12 months (or some reason). She wanted me to apply for new FCT, I decided to PS and wait and see. Noticed today that the 20,000 bonus points are in my TD Rewards account. Will have to see about the 60,000 once MS is met.
Now to apply for a new AP VI card before June 2nd.
I've seen DP for 20k posting and not the 60k, and vice versa. Will be interested to see how this unravels too since I'll probably do the same with my card.
Does Amex do credit checks for subsequent cards you apply to? I only have one Amex card, but am looking into applying to my second one, but not sure if my credit score will be affected if I apply to more and more. Thanks!
Technically they are allowed to, but they don't. I applied for my first card in November '16 and never had another hard check.
Not exactly a question, but I signed up for a Biz Platinum in March (1st time Amex), then when the new metal card came out, I ordered one late last week, and it was delivered on Sunday (I signed for it, so I assume they know I got it).
Now I didn't activate it, or use my old card until Monday evening when I tried to make a purchase at
It was denied, and on calling in I was transferred to the fraud department who said my card was being investigated for fraud and I should hear from them within 24 hours.
Would that be because I was still using the old card? Seems a bit harsh, and hasty.
Why would you use your old card instead of the new one? It could be as simple as them assuming you applied for a new one because your old card was lost, damaged or stolen which would raise suspicion when it was used?
They should have told you that the new card will have a new number, and to destroy your old card. Basically they're following the same procedure as if you reported your original card as lost/stolen.
Do you have a max/preferred # of new credit applications per month ?
Previously it was way more but I’m down to less than one a month at this point.
When you start there are many good offers so it can be overwhelming.
But realistically 1 card per month (12 per year) should be more than enough.
Depends on promo and MSR of cards. I can get by $1000 MSR without having to perform any "artificial" spendings (not MS since I don't get money back to repeat) so can apply for those without worries but anything higher ($1500 and beyond) I time it with any expense coming up.
As soon as I finish a standard $1k spending on the last card. Short of any special major expenses, this usually takes 1-1.5 months, maybe 2 in slow times. If I could spend faster, I'd probably just routinely get more higher-minimum-spend cards which would drag the process out the same way.
Ok so for the Amex Marriott card, at my 1 year anniversary, where can I found the annual 35k voucher? I think I may have used it for a booking that I recently cancelled but I can't find any vouchers anywhere in my account.
It takes 8-10 weeks after annual fees are paid to show in account. On Marriott’s app it will show on front page below Promotions (if you don’t have any certificate, the « certificate » button won’t appear).
On desktop, click on « Account Activity ». It’s under « earned award ». Again nothing will show if you have none.
I have one coming soon I think. I just paid the AF on my personal Bonvoy ( payment was due in a few days) and will likely wait about a month before I see it. DPs are spotty on getting a repeat bonus on the personal Bonvoy so I figure I can get value from the 35k certificate.
Would love to fly on the Dreamliner. Any way of knowing which route/flight it flies on with Air Canada? Would do Vancouver to Toronto or Toronto to Vancouver. Thanks!
Montreal - YVR has two dreamliners per day. Not entirely sure about YYZ-YVR, but
Google flights tells you which plane is scheduled for the route.
As of recently also YYZ-YEG AC 175 periodically
I hope you're flying it in PE or J. I flew it yesterday on YYZ - YVR and economy is crap. The plane was built for 8 seats abreast in economy, 2-4-2. AC has shoehorned 9 across into economy so it is just an uncomfortable squeeze in the back.
For domestic I've seen AC dreamliners on
Might also want to check
Possibly a dumb question - does getting declined for a card hurt your credit score? Or is it just a wasted hard pull?
Just the pull
I cancelled my Scotia passport last month due to the upcoming annual fee, but when I check my Priority Pass account it renewed and showed that I still have 6 passes. Anyone know if it's safe to use or will I get charged? And how do they charge me if I already cancelled my card?
Hi guys, i have a question. If i apply for TD Airmiles and FCT cards togather, will i get the WB for both or any one? Is it a good idea to apply for both cards together (to avoid Credit check twice)?
TD doesn't have airmiles program, you're referring to Aeroplan.
As long as you haven't opened either of those cards in the last 6 months you're ok.
Silly question but here it goes:
On a mini-rtw, you can have two additional stop overs
If I book a one way flight, can I have one additional stop over?
I ask this because I want to travel for a few months with no end date in mind but still maximize my trip
What you could do is book a round-trip with a return date (dummy) in multiple months (you can go as far as 12 months out) and then pay 100$ fees to change the return whenever you know where you want to go. That way, you could still use both stopovers and keep the flexibility for "minimal" fees.
No you can't book a stop over on a one way award with Aeroplan, but you can with Alaska Air redemptions.
I believe I’ve seen DPs suggesting this would work but just to clarify- My dad gave me the go ahead to apply for the TD AP infinite card for the 30,000 AP in his name. He lives at the same address and same last name as me. I will be able to put my Aeroplan number on his application and take his points right? Even though I have already got points from this same card/offer. Thank you
YMMV. It’s worked for some, but it’s officially supposed to be that the names match.
Is there a way to transfer Avion points to someone who isn't a secondary cardholder?
On Expertflyer looking for availability for a flight in Aug on Swiss J and it shows 9 open seats but none on Aeroplan. Can I assume as it gets closer to the travel date, these will open up? I'll be creating a alert regardless but I thought it was odd that I couldn't find any seats on Y on the same flight on Aeroplan either
You have to look for open award seats, not just open seats. You need a paid ExpertFlyer account for this. Swiss tends to release additional award seats 1-3 days before travel.
Yes I have both and I got the bonus on both. Got the AP Visa in March and TD FCT in April.
Yes. The 6-month account opening relates to the same product type i.e. can't get Aeroplan within 6 months of getting Aeroplan. FCT is separate product, separate timers
I have had a TD first class visa and am thinking about going to TD aeroplan visa to get welcome there offered bonus. Is there something I should do to save my first class visa points before I transfer? Or should I just cash points out for gift cards before I switch to aeoplan?
Apply for a new TD AP VI card
Are you going to product switch or do a new application for the AP VI?
Trying to book Business class from YYZ >> DEL, no options on United or Aeroplan.
What else can I do?
Look at other dates or piece together a more complicated itinerary with layovers on flights that are available.
Bunch of flights got cancelled from YYZ to Delhi and back, I got rerouted through Vancouver but then that flight also got cancelled and so now I'm connecting through Zurich , not sure if all this would affect available seats but it's possible
See different routes getting to del. Get creative! Or find a positioning flight through an American airport.
not churning exactly but Aeroplan related but Air Canada has earn 2000 Bonus for flying 2 segments when you book today - june 14 for travel by end of october. now i was going to book a flight today for a friend to join me in mid june for a trip i already booked before the promo wonder if its worth the $60 change name fee to change the name on my original booking (Flex) and book again for my self getting the promo points. should mention the friend is from europe and doesn't earn Aeroplan but Miles and More so no bonus 2k for them
I guess it's not impossible to come out on top spending $60 to earn 2,000 AP ... but personally, I wouldn't bother.
Has anyone applied for the TD Aeroplan Business Visa Infinite card during the current promotion? If so, how long did it take you to receive the card (Ottawa here) and when do they post the $149 rebate on the annual fee?
Yes, applied in branch, didnt hear anything for a few days until after the weekend. Had to go in to sign documents, got a call a couple of weeks after that to pick up the card. Long process...Annual fee and rebate posted within a couple of weeks of activating it, my first statement date hasnt passed but I noticed the fee and rebate online this week
YVR - received card about 2 weeks after it showed number online. AF posted Apr 5, rebate posted Apr 5. Had put a couple small transactions on it.
The rebate posted before I could even make a transaction on the card. The physical card took about 2.5 weeks after a branch visit. The first purchase bonus posted almost 5-6 weeks after the first purchase along with the extra 5000 for having qualifying TD product. Have not reached MS but would expect that to post after statement.
I applied in branch (also Ottawa) and was approved on April 23. My first statement, along with the annual fee, posted on May 6. I received the card on May 9. The rebate has not yet posted, but my first transaction only posted yesterday, so perhaps the rebate is just a bit late.
Looking for DP: any successful second time Marriott cardholder that received the WB in the last month or so? I'm not planning to go through GCR if that makes a difference.
I applied to SPG Personal and Biz back in April '18 and cancelled Nov '18.
If you were successful, please share details! Thank you
Not as recent as you were asking for but applied for Bonvoy Biz March 20th via GCR. 4th time with the card, last one cancelled 3 months earlier, first thru GCR. Received the WB after minimum spend made before the first statement.
I would think, based on random DPs, that it best to apply for the biz card over the personal card.
Redemption value proposition:
Use TD Points (26,200) or BW Rewards (20,000) to pay for a hotel in ORD next week.
I'm thinking the BW Rewards points is better since the hotel I'm desiring is a BW hotel, and the TD points are more flexible than that.
Cash price is about $130 CAD
I’d go with the BW if that hotel looks good to you. It’s not a stellar redemption for 20k points but the points came free (or at a profit if you went through GCR!) and the BW Card is quite churnable so you can get more!
Best Western points since these can only be redeemed for Best Western hotels. TD is much more flexible so if you have an opportunity to use BW points, go for it.
Nope. If you go online to United's site, you can look up your reservation and make the change to one or both flights online pretty easily.
For those with Westjet account + RBC Westjet WE MC, if you plan on booking a flight + use WJD + Companion voucher, can you pay with a different card or are you forced to use the WJ WE MC? Thinking of pairing it with a TD FCT to further subsidize a flight.
I believe you can use any card. And if I’ve read the T&Cs correctly, you can use the free bag perk as long as your member number is on the booking.
You can pay with any card! You may want to pay attention to any insurance coverage you are hoping to get with a cc if that is an issue for you.
Couple questions...
I cancelled my Scotia passport last month due to the upcoming annual fee, but when I check my Priority Pass account it renewed and showed that I still have 6 passes. Anyone know if it's safe to use or will I get charged? And how do they charge me if I already cancelled my card?
So I have done the same before. I used the passes with a cancelled visa. I was able to get the first couple through and then I tried again, my PP was accepted at the lounge and then I got a letter from Texas saying I owed $27 and to call a number in the US to pay it. So I shredded it, then I got one more letter and I shredded that too. They never contacted me again... Weak IT as i have since received two more PP cards with the exact same address for new Visa cards... They issued the new PP cards with no question.
As follow up to my post about WestJet yesterday, I wrote a post on my travel blog about Onex’s takeover.
If you’re interested in my rambling take a look at
Is Westjet joining SkyTeam confirmed or your prediction/wish ?
Keeping WestJet Dollars and integrating into the SkyTeam frequent flyer programs would be a challenge. It would add complexity.
If there are seats available on Expertflyer Pro (under Award & Upgrade Availability Results) but not seen on Aeroplan, is it still possible to book if you call in?
If you are looking at the seating plan and see empty seats, that does not necessarily mean they are available.
Is it possible to hold the Td AeroPlatinum card and the TD aeroplan infinite card at the same time?
Yes it is as they are seperate accounts.
I know that you can remove an Amex card from a profile. When you add it to a new (aka existing) profile, does all the information follow through, such as MR points and statements?
Is it possible to get the GCR + Perkopolis bonuses at the same time for Amex Personal Gold?