Chelsea announces Three as new official shirt partner

Omygoddd. How i miss Samsung
Such a clean logo.
Yokohama wasn't too bad, definitely behind Samsung.
Can’t wait for all the memes when we lose a game 3-0
It'll be 0-3
We prefer losing at Home games now /s
Hate three as a network, shite coverage throughout all of London.
Think their logo looks naff as well.
But won't mind much if it's more than Yokohama for us.
Lol, I just switched to them (cheapest contract for the phone I wanted)
I work in the City, and live in North London and the coverage is equally bad in both places.
It's like, shockingly bad, I can barely stream a song, web browsing is impossible. 100 useless gigs..
heard it's comparable to the Yokohama deal
Any chance we get the block letter “Three.” rather than the comic sans 3? It looks like a child drew it.
The last Ireland kit was released in November and they were still using their disgusting number logo then, so I doubt it.
I can't believe we've done this, couldn't have picked a worse sponsor.
This is going to be fucking awful. The Irish jerseys have been shite for so long with the 3 logo. Just as Ireland get rid of them, Chelsea get them. Fuck sake.
Ive just seen it. If our jersey is going to look like that i am not going to buy a new jersey.
I feel ya. I was getting excited about buying our current kit without the logo. But it’s not on sale.
Fucking glad I got an FA cup shirt, as it doesn't look like I'll be buying one with a squiggly fucking 3 on it.
Thinking the same thing....looks like it'll be the FA Cup kit for the 20/21 season for me. Now what I'm going to do about the 21/22 season is another question (just take really good care of this FA Cup kit I guess).
A big fucking 3 on the front of our jerseys. Yay
3rd place confirmed
I mean fine. If it's for more money I'd much rather it be a phone network (admittedly one with shite connection in London, but now I've moved to Bristol its pretty decent and its cheaper than most) than a bookies or a repressive state owned airline.
Not sure this is going to look great on a kit, looked at Republic of Ireland’s and just think it’s a bit of an eye sore
God damn you weren’t lying. That logo looks atrocious on those ROI kits.
It's too big and it cracks and what not fair quick like
Why the hell does a national team have a sponsor on their shirt?
holy shit that looks awful! Glad I got one with Yokohama
i'm sure it's going to look awful
As an American I've never heard of Three before but wow, I didn't expect that to be their logo. I wouldn't mind if they could come up with a URL logo for three.co.uk or something.
They're gonna use the logo, no one will buy shirts anymore, it's fucking horrendous.
Time to sit back and wait for a few mock ups of how Three could look on future shirts.
Jesus christ as an ireland supporter i thought we had got rid of that awful logo
Dear God... it is hideous.
As an Irish fan I was happy to see them drop our national team.
Annnnnnd they are back.
I just don’t like their logo tbh. Also found them pretty shite here in Ireland.
Treble incoming
Looks like I'll continue wearing my Samsung kits
I used Three when I was studying in the UK, and their unlimited plan for £15 a month saved me from using the school's crappy stop-start internet.
That said, I sincerely hope they don't emphasize the logo too much and instead put it beside their web address (something like ['3' three.co.uk]). Their Comic Sans logo is going to look ass.
Oh boy. I just saw the Ireland kits and it looks fucking horrible. I thought Yokohama was shit but this is next level crap. Good God I miss Samsung.
I didn’t mind yokohama. Clean and not very invasive. Tires arent sexy but there’s plenty of worse sponsors out there
Same here. Samsung might pay less but it might just compensate with sales of the kit. Im not gonna walk around with that ugly 3.
They should sell all kits without the sponsor, unless they want to pay us for wearing their brand too.
I'm hearing its the same money as what Yokohama were paying us, around 40m a year. Not sure how many years the contract is, but compared to some other teams I was hoping we would get more money from this and not just 40m
3 year contract. my guess is due to the unfavourable investment climate they're going for a shorter deal to keep options open in the near future
Guess I better buy that FA Cup shirt ASAP
that logo will ruin the look of the shirt. no thanks
I'd gladly put that shit on the sleeve and move hyundai to the front. This is not looking good right now. But it probably just needs time to get used to. And after 3 years the switch is going to be sweet because it can't get much worse that this.
Thank fuck it’s not another betting company.
Well done Chelsea, stay classy 👍
Just hoping we never concede three goals!
With the current defence, there’s a high chance of that happening every week
I just switched contract away from three because of their awful coverage and retention deals, probably one of the worst companies to deal with as a returning customer. Either way, I'd be happy if this helps the club financially more than the current deal we have
Gonna look jokes on Alonso- 3 on the front and back haha
Three is the magic number - De La Soul
Meh, terrible logo but importantly they're a decent company with a fine reputation. I'd rather the shitty logo than to have a betting company on the shirts.
I see someone never had to deal with their horrendous service
Their customer service is dog shit.
It would be better if they switched logo placements with Hyundai. Hyundai would look good on the front and 3 wouldn't be such an eyesore on the arm
Hyundai on the front, and "Three." on the sleeve would be primo.
Martin Tyler after every game: "Looks like the Three's get the three points here at Stamford Bridge". End me now fam
Is it a bigger deal than the previous one?
Similar to it.
I always got pretty good coverage on Three. In London and on the south coast
Fucking awful network.
This... was a bad decision.
Can I get free Chelsea shit on 3Plus now? I better be able to.
What about the money?
It is really really really hard to mess up a Chelsea shirt ............... and they've done it.
Hahahahaha a fucking number for a logo lmao this is the dumbest shit I have ever seen. Guess I’ll just wait before buying a kit.
Wow. That logo is disgusting...
Yaaaay! More money that we won’t use!
Just when tifo football made a video about us seeking new shirt partners
is it too much to fantasize about having samsung again?
Hope they don't just feature a plain '3' on the front, that would be absolutely laughable. Well, I mean, it's not too much of a deal, but the shirt wouldn't be pretty at all.
American here, what is 3?
They're a (quite shit) phone network. They've sponsored the Irish national team for years, and it's always looked weird.
This is a terribly disappointing deal no matter what aspect of it you look at.
2 is obviously subjective and ultimately doesn't matter, but the other two are objective facts that you can't really sugarcoat. Three is the kind of company a midtable team should be getting as a sponsor.
It's really worrying that this is the best deal our commercial team, which for years was at forefront of getting cutting edge sponsorship deals, was able to sign.
That's what happens when the people who are actually good at their jobs get ousted and it's left up to people who are being spread too thin and aren't really that great at what they're doing. Why was Purselow let go/allowed to leave anyway? We inked several good deals while he was in charge of the commercial aspects.
How much?
3 fiddy
"Comparable in value to Yokohama (£40m)"
Not enough
I mean 60 million a year I can tolerate it.
You wait 24 days for a signing and then Three come along at once
yeah that tweet disgusted me
This mock up on Twitter of what the logo would look like on this season's home kit.
Thanks I hate it
Not a fan of the logo. Like as others said, God I miss Samsung.
Holy hell that's ugly!
I fucking hope not cause that looks diabolical 🤣
That's disgusting
Fucking awful, bleurgh
That's a terrible mockup the logo will clearly be outlined and not filled in when it's on the shirt. Yall need to relax.
From a global brand to a domestic brand, a big step down
TBF Three Telecommunications is not a domestic brand
No mention on the value in the official statement so may not be that lucrative. Shame.
These deals never get cheaper, Yokohama paid 40 million a year... Nike is paying 73 million a year, Hyundai pays 6 million just for one sleeve... You’ve just made up a scenario based on the team not revealing a number? Shame
Here me out, that 3 Logo is clean as fuck, and on a similarly clean kit will look immense
I wonder if Nike is brought in to do renderings of kits with potential logo sponsors. Or if the aesthetic is even a consideration. No way only 3 was bidding for this.
Christ, this sub is overly negative.