All I want for Christmas is cannabis consumption lounges

I want this because of how lonely weed smoking is at home. Back in the day everybody was smoking and chilling then 3/4 stopped and now I vape alone. If I could have a hang out with like-minded people inside... That's the dream.
I don't go to bars because I don't really drink but i would go to a weed bar
I would so love to have a place to smoke where i can just relax and drink coffee. Maybe play some board games.
Here in Kingston, ON., we had a shop called 420 Kingston that had an upstairs lounge with movies, couches, snacks, raffles, volcanos free to use, and you could rent some seriously killer bongs for like $10/sesh.
The best part is the cops never gave a shit. But then they moved to the other side of town and no longer have a lounge. It was a sad day.
Went to one in Vancouver and the smoke was so thick I had to walk out...I long for a nice atmosphere!
in vancouver we have Cannabis Culture Lounge and the New Amsterdam Cafe, both places I like to go in lieu of a bar, though the $5 cost just to sit down is a bit gross.
lets play monopoly. wana pay $20 a gram at a lounge?
Ontario cannabis lounges still in operation:
Instagram @glclbrampton @hotboxcafe @planetparadiseto @vaporcentral @yongesterdam_lounge
Since cannabis is regulated with the same rules as tobacco in Ontario, are all these places breaking the law or do you have to go outside 12 meters from the door to toke before entering?
Pretty sure tagging illegal lounges on this sub isn’t cool for obvious reasons, same goes for moms and such, there cool to use but don’t call them out on social media
It makes a lot of sense to have designated vape lounges.
Yeah smoking lounges will be tricky but vape lounges will actually be plausible
I just want 100$ ozs if my old guy can do it the government sure as shit should be able to do it.
Not quite, but if you're in BC they just stocked the HEXO oz for $125. Not terrible price imo. From what I read it's pretty mediocre, but not awful. Not sure if it's worth tbh
At the very least a place where you can use quality equipment, to make edibles and press rosin. A half gram bud in a rosin press reeks up the entire house.
Reeks implies bad smell. Wouldn't this smell so good??
Check out if you are in Ontario. Never used them myself just lurked on the site.
I would think Labour Laws are going to prevent this. Unless they have some sort of enclosed area with a filter (like you see in some airports) or an outdoor patio for toking.
This. Unfortunately intersecting legislation at both the provincial and municipal levels will be a major challenge for opening vape lounges. Beverages will probably be the path of least resistance.
What about if you made it like a "private club" arent there shisha bars where you can smoke inside because they're private clubs?
We have Stogies Cigar Lounges here in Montreal. If we can have those, we should be able to have them for cannabis.
We can learn a lot from south korea with their enclosed smoking areas l. It’s incredible. Almost every major restrauant, store has a dedicated enclosed smoking area.
back in the day we used to call them trees. you'd meet at one and get stoned. it was great.
We call that "Le garage" around these parts. I ran into this same issue with cigar lounges. Finally one opened nearby and because it's on indigenous land so they get more freedom to operate. I hope they open a cannabis lounge next because I'm not buying any of this stuff sight unseen.
I think it would be great to have these readily available to the public. If I had the funds and the time, I would love to operate my own. As the laws change and reform the more into legislation that we get into, I think it could be completely plausible for lounges to operate just like a bar would. I had watched a video about a weed B&B in the USA and that also intrigued me quite a bit.
A cannabis friendly B&B is a far more viable business idea than any form of lounge right now. The only real limit is not being able to sell or gift cannabis to guests. Compliance with smoking rules takes a bit of navigating, but that is not unique to cannabis.
got one in my living room thanks.
I think this would be cool but the way the laws are there could be no alcohol which some people would like. I feel like the they'd quash any idea of this with indoor smoking laws. I mean...I wouldn't want to work there and be exposed to a hotbox for my entire shift that couldn't be good for you. Remember what you'd smell like after coming home from the bars when they allowed smoking? Yeah it was nasty.
So you want weed coffee shops?
Hell yea
Blame the provinces as I believe we’re entitled to them under the Cannabis Act.
Originally Ontario only allowed consumption in privately owned homes. It was not allowed anywhere in public. They changed the law after legalization due to overwhelming public outcry
That’s like the last thing most stoners won’t. 90% of people who smoke, smoke by them selves in there basement
Well I guess that's because it was illegal back then? some of us want to network meet people that share the interest etc..