The camera is buffering (x-post r/perfectfit)

Is that you John Wayne? Is this me?
And I read these all in the characters voices. I’m gonna rewatch this.
Fun fact: The gunner from this scene (played by Tom Colceri) was originally cast to play the role of the drill sergeant, which was ultimately played by R. Lee Ermey.
Rafterman finally getting into “the shit”
Why is this tilted?
Asking the real questions
Because they took a picture of a computer screen with their phone.
It’s not even on the center of the image.
Probably because it was buffering so they had limited time to pull out their phone and snap a pic before it ended.
Because OP thinks that's artsy...
It is also a perfect fit because it is the most perfect movie of all time
Thank you!
I respect your opinion but Barry Lyndon > Full Metal Jacket fite me irl
If anyone is wondering, it's a Nikon F camera with an FTn Photomic prism.
Fellow film boye I see
On of the only SLRs I’ve considered buying because it’s so damn pretty and very affordable.
Indeed! I use the Nikon F4. It's miles ahead of the original F, naturally, but I still love it.
Nikon F don't need no buffering.
Got my F3HP with a MD. 2 FPS!
Raptor man!
Edit: I’m an idiot. It’s Rafterman.
Join the club.
Join the club.
Well it looks like I’m not the only one on Kodi with ridiculous buffering issues.
Neptune uprising has just flopped on me
Try terrerium
Just get a 2 TB hard drive and put your shows on it. I haven't bothered with Kodi streams in 2 years and I actually prefer kodi to Plex as a media center.
Even with an ethernet cable it can lag, but it's definitely better!
What are you running it on? I've just started streaming 4K content to it a Fire TV and haven't had any issues yet.
My Dads friend was the corpse that was made fun of in this scene.
For real??
“This is my Bro”
He's the guest of honor.
What is this some kinda sick joke!? You wrote born to kill on your helmet yet you wear a peace sign.
Now answer my question or you'll be standing tall before the man.
So does this mean Ann-Margret’s not coming?
You're thinking too hard, Rafterman, it's just business.
Is he a life taker and a heartbreaker?!
I Uploaded The Original.... Why is it here
Because Of your Random capitalization.
For mobile and non-RES users |
What movie/tv show is this?
Full Metal Jacket
Yeah, clearly they were watching a DVD rip of the film. Because that's what people are supposed to do with Kodi.
In case you didn’t know, the Film is based on the novella The Short Timers by Gustav Hasford. It’s a great, easy read and remains one of my favorites for cross-country flights.
i know this is Kodi's UI because it buffers all the damn time
Depends on what add-ons you're using.
Works great if you dont use third party crap
Fuck me i was the one that linked to here on the other post
Why is it on the wonk?
Oh man, I just started watching this for the first time the other night and also had buffering problems.
Ayyy Kodi
This guy is still a photographer:
Fuckin' Rafterman, man.
Movie name?
M.I.C.K.E.Y em oh you ess eeee
He looks just like Dexter
Gotta be one of my favourite films ever.
'we're jolly green giants walking the earth...With guns'