And TheRock did it again. #JumanjiTheNextLevel overcame #TheRiseOfSkywalker daily gross on its 6th FRI: 2.2M v 2M. Same happened with #JumanjiWelcomeToTheJungle v #TheLastJedi after holiday boost was over. Cume is 263.1M. Eyeing a 8-10M 4-day holiday weekend at the BoxOffice.

Seems like December is the sweet spot for Rock. People are overreacting for Black Adam, itwill be fine against Avatar. Even Sherlock Holmes 500mill+ , and that chipmunks movie was also big, against the first one.
You think anybody's memory on this site stretches back to 2009? Ha! People who talk about "we did it Reddit" don't even know it's about the witch-hunt for the Boston Bomber, who ended with Reddit users harassing the family of a guy who committed suicide around the time of the bombings.
Las time The Rock went up against Avatar (Tooth Fairy), he crashed hard.
I personally couldn’t care less about avatar 2
It’s Complicated also grossed 200 mil+ and opened against Avatar’s second weekend.
To be fair though, Avatar 2 will surely open to more than double what Avatar 1 opened to, and I’d expect its second weekend will also be bonkers. I don’t think we can compare Avatar’s run to what we project the sequel to do domestically.
I'm honestly more hyped for Black Adam than Avatar.
Why do people even care about avatar at this point.
time is a flat circle
Finally The Rock has returned to top position. It doesn’t matter what your name is. If ya smell what The Rock. Is. Cookin’.
Funny part is a lot of people I know went to see it particularly because of Jack Black’s performance in the last film.
There's only one true superstar in the decade. True superstar of the millennia. And you know who that is? The Rock will tell you who that is. That isss, the jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eye brow raising, stronger than a bear, faster than a buck, the biggest thing to hit Star Wars since the Rise of Skywalker sucks.
I still want a cooking show staring the rock.
Jack Black does it again!
Can’t wait for Black Adam vs Avatar 2 haha
More impressive this time because this movie opened before star wars whereas the last Jumanji opened after TLJ.
TLJ = The Last Jumanji
Just wanted to let you all know I have eaten the paper and recorded the video. Will be posting sometime this weekend.
How did it taste?
What was the bet on this one?
Dwayne: It's over Rise of Skywalker, I have the high ground!
Uh excuse me, this is what we call the Danny DeVito effect thank you very much /s
$2.18M FRI for Jumanji
+199% from THU (best jump in top 10)
-35% from last FRI (2nd best hold in top 10, behind Little Women's -25%)
The Rock is a BoxOffice monster. Really looking how Black Adam will perform against Avatar.
Edit: Disney fanplebs downvoting me lol
Edit: your comment is +53
I really think they move Black Adam.
Avatar is gonna be on another level it seems.
I think Black Adam will be moved to early December, but yeah I feel it is going to be a beast.
Kathleen Kennedy: "Run! IT'S A STAMPEDE!"
Never to be seen again.
Star Wars is getting removed from theaters now.
It's a huge part of Star Wars' decline.
Jumanji holding onto its theaters well.
Decline for the new movies certainly. Decline for the property as a whole?
Maybe it’s being removed due to its huge underperformance?
Is it that unusual to lose theaters in the fifth week of release?
Anecdotal I know but last night I took my son and his friends to see it and it was probably about half full. More people than I thought there would be.
That is not true
The Rock is such a draw but it's easy to forget that basically everyone in this cast is too
Karen Gillan was the real star in this one!
Danny Fuckin Devito!
The Rock!
The last Star Wars was a travesty with bad acting, forced humor, highly predictable plot holes.so much was wrong with it.
I think people are underestimating how much the box office had changed since 2009 in regards to avatar
Jumanji has just been weirdly popular. I don't think anyone expected the reboot of it to do this well. Bizarre, but good for them.
Though this one did do far worse than the first one, so there's that to think about.
How much by Sunday for jumanji 2 and TROS ?
Can this get to 300?
Imagine if Disney put anywhere near the effort and care into their tRiLoGy that The Rock put into Jumanji.
It's such a fucking bummer.
James Cameron is already scared
Why did this do so much less world wide than the first film? Reception for both was strong.
It's basically the same film again is my guess.
Previous film didn't respect the franchise, ignored canon, diminished Alan Parrish's legacy!
oh wait wrong franchise
Nobody wanted the sequel but it's new and is the least stinky pile of feces on the box office
I can't wait for another Jumanji film!
Kevin Hart is just as much a draw as the Rock is imo
More like $8-10M over the three-day weekend.
The Rock is solid in getting ratings
Can’t wait for Black Adam vs Avatar 2 haha
Can't wait for Black Adam vs Avatar 2 haha
Black Adam won’t move two movies can coexist
i mean that last Starwars movie wasnt good, but Jumanji was even worse
Can't wait for Black Adam vs Avatar 2 haha
Can’t wait for Black Adam vs Avatar 2 haha?
Can’t wait for Black Adam vs Avatar 2 haha
You just commented the same thing twice
Is this domestic or worldwide?
Edit: It’s domestic!
I can’t understand how this garbage can make that much money 😒
Yeah $1.1b for this trash is a lot.
Look at the new Star Wars movies - same garbage, same money, eh?
It did
...what? Yes it did.