STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER $3.98M Tuesday (ACTUAL) $458.54M Total (North America)

My prediction was 950 to 1.05 billion, I think I'm still in the ballpark. Victory shall be mine 💪
I thought I was being overly pessimistic and biased guessing $1.1 billion.
It slowly but surely moving towards the upper end of your ballpark..
There’s a good chance it might exceed it.
I am a fan of star wars and went to watch Episode 1 as a child, and there was no excitement on my part to watch this movie. It was more of an obligation. Don't get wrong; I like to watch star wars movie but I didn't feel attached to this trilogy at all.
I did, it made the experience of TROS much worse.
Same, this is the second movie I didn't see in theaters. I'm ready for Disney to stop producing mediocre movies.
Same here! Huge SW fan, have a Kylo Ren funko pop figure sitting near my keyboard, and I had literally 0 interest in watching this. I didn't even have the interest to pirate it, I just read the leaks, watched a few clips from
That being said, I am highly excited for the future SW content, be it Feige or Filoni/Fav. or Rian. I am 100% sure that SW cannot get worse than the sequels/prequels.
I think the problem is, these new Star Wars movies are more like Marvel than they are Star Wars. From the crazy new “superpowers” to the action to the storytelling—it feels like the MCU set in a Galaxy Far Far Away. And that’s the biggest issue imo.
Rise of Skywalker was pretty good. Rogue One was the best one though-IMO
I've been a fan since the '80s and actively avoided this one.
I saw the last two and that was enough.
That was me for Revenge of the Sith.
I got so geared up for episode I and II just to be let down so hard that by the time III hit I didn’t care. I saw it at midnight and have never watched it again.
If you said TROS would make less than R1 domestically and maybe even worldwide you have been thumbed down to oblivion and told you were crazy
Now that it is doing just that we see people using this “it’s run is just boring, not bad” talking point. Very interesting
The first week of it release this sub was all over the place.
At some point you would get downvoted into oblivion and other day you would get upvoted into the sky..
"This run is fine, it's just boring" is by far the biggest case of moving goalposts I have ever seen on this sub. I'm so glad we made those threads to decide what would be the case for disappointing-successful that we can look back on but still.
Best GOT season ever
I said it in the other thread; the real performance has been ST defenders gaslighting everyone into the idea that ~1 billion isn't a catastrophe or that it wasn't seen as impossible a month ago but instead "boring".
The notion that it's run went from "failure" to "boring" because it will cross the arbitrary 1 billion mark is a complete fantasy propagated by these people. Limping out that extra 20 million isn't going to stop heads from rolling at LFL.
"If you told me x would make less than y z months ago, people would've said you were crazy"
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I said that in the last couple days and got some comments from naysayers but look how it's trending...
You’re right, it’s very disappointing. But also pretty boring. It’s not flopping, or making 700M DOM/1.5B WW like many thought. Do you want people that thought it would make a lot more to be talking about how disappointing it is in every SW post or something?
Another SW thread, another "people hurt my feelings" post from Mr. Chip on the Shoulder.
Just because you want it to be apocalyptic doesn't make it so. It is, indeed, doing boringly badly.
"talking point" y'all are way to invested in this. Very few people actually care that much on how the film is doing. You're not losing money because of the film
this will just make a billion but its still a disaster it it cant beat Rogue one.
I enjoyed the movie, but I just felt like after I saw it I had nothing good to say about it. It’s rushed, it’s not very well put together, I just had fun seeing it just because it’s a Star Wars movie.
What a shitshow
Almost dead on with the $4M estimate from earlier, damn. Yeah, I think
EDIT: Would love to hear why this one’s being downvoted.
Because it won't.
Right now it sits at $936,302,411 worldwide... that is a 63,697,589 difference. Considering it made 35mil last weekend their 3rd weekend, TLJ dropped out of the top spot in their 3rd weekend. So I expect, the 4th weekend totals are going to be low, and continually drop after that... and its currently making about half of what TFA made in the same time frame.
The only way this movie makes a bil+ is because TFA, TLJ, Rogue One had 54 week runs.. and TROS is on par with Rogue One as far as opening weekend..
That’s only 20K below estimates
Nah but I'm disappointed in this run. It seemed set up to be one of the most hilarious underperformances of the past year and then it just...wasn't.
ITT comments that wouldn’t feel out of place on
That subreddit has infinitely more respectful conversations with people that have different opinions than the main SW subreddit does. And it certainly doesn’t ban people that have different opinions unlike some others.