‘Star Wars’ Leads Box Office With Disappointing $175.5 Million

This guy must be meming
A masochist or a Star Trek fan who's trolling Star Wars fans? Jar Jar Binks?
[WSJ] Michael Taylor on what’s better: The Rise of Skywalker or The Phantom Menace. “I don’t compare trilogies with other trilogies,” Then he rolled up his sleeve and showed a tattoo of Jar Jar Binks. “I’ll let you interpret that however you want,” Taylor said.
Oh my goodness is that
That’s about what I expect
It must be Darth Jar Jar, thats a worthy tattoo
If the person that likes it liked Jar Jar enough to get a tattoo that’s a really bad sign
I have a friend who has posted like ten times this weekend something to the tune of:
There's a huge part of the fandom that literally doesn't care what is in the Star Wars they will just buy it
Now this is what you call ‘nostalgia glasses’
Warehouse worker Michael Taylor was asked who was the biggest Star Wars fan. Taylor answered "I don't compare myself with anybody", rolled up his sleeve to show a tattoo of Jar Jar Binks and continued "I'll let you interpret that however you want".
God is dead and no one cares. If there is a hell, I'll see you there.
Its honestly really interesting to see the different types of disappointment regarding this movie. On reddit, the STC narrative of "TLJ ruined any hype for the series" is dominant, with the notable exception of
Its a fascinating dichotomy, and frankly, both groups are right in different ways.
Agree 100%, and that brings us back to the original criticism: How the hell do you go into what should've been a $5 billion trilogy without a plan to tie them all together and avoid this kind of mess?
For me, the worst crime of the ST is how it undermined the accomplishments of the OT heroes. The EU certainly wasn't perfect, but I loved how Luke, Han and Leia all had many more adventures, continued to be great heroes, and they all had families of their own.
In the ST, Han goes back to being a smuggler and gets killed by his own son. Luke fails to restore the Jedi Order, never has a family of his own, and dies alone on an island. Leia loses her husband and only son within a year's time. It's all really depressing to me.
I can't look at RotJ's happy ending the same way anymore, knowing the fates of these characters.
Quite a Christmas miracle. Abrams makes TFA, Johnson kills plot points while making TLJ, Abrams returns the favor with ROS. Pretty epic 4 billion dollar pissing match. At the same time it appears that Abrams may have just made a bad final film.
This trilogy was dead the moment they decided to rehash the OT by resetting the status quo back to ANH. No amount of nostalgia could've fixed anything if you don't have a story to tell.
It's like classic Game of Thrones. People were willing to forgive season 7 thinking it's setting the stage for season 8 to knock it out of the park, but realized that nothing of that sorts was going to happen only after S08E03.
Same here. People were willing to accept TFA, and even TLJ to some extent. But it was pretty clear in TLJ that these movies had no idea what they were doing.
In my opinion the Disney trilogy was dead in the water before filming even began on TFA. Not having an outline of where this trilogy was going to go while also splitting the films up between directors who have total control over their films is a recipe for disaster.
Well, besides that, TRoS has problems in its execution. It runs at breakneck pace for the entire movie, not giving anyone a chance to absorb any events. And there's this bad "video game" quest aspect, where you have to find this to find that to open this to unlock that, ... WTF was JJ thinking?
I have to say that I don’t understand why the theme that “anyone can be a hero” is supposed to be some revelatory narrative breakthrough. Star Wars products (movies, books, comics, etc.) have introduced audiences to countless non-Skywalker Jedi for decades. We see plenty of them in the prequels alone. I don’t think that Star Wars has ever espoused the idea that the only heroes are those who come from the Skywalker family tree. As such, why is retreading a well-known lesson a huge deal?
I mean, TFA smashed opening and had great legs.
Then Rogue One surprised everyone with how successful it was.
TLJ opened strong then had a record setting drop coupled with being super contentious for fans.
Then Solo bombed.
Up until TLJ and including TLJ’s opening Star Wars is box office gold, subsequent to TLJ there’s questions about “how much trouble is the brand in”, but Baby Yoda became a pop culture icon within 45 minutes of episode 1’s release.
I really don’t understand how anyone can fail to see that TLJ was just that big of a cock up for this trilogy and Solo.
And most people that hated TLJ don't seem to like this RoS either. Amazing that they managed to piss off both groups.
One thing I find fascinating is some people keep yelling "Rian Johnson made Star Wars good because it broke new ground!!" while willfully ignore that he merely teased us the idea of breaking new ground then BAM! It's good versus evil again! Expectations subverted.
Honestly I'd be OK with all those messy story progressions and nonexistent character development if he just went all-in with ReyLo, at least we would've gotten something really different. Instead he wrote everything into a dead end. Actually I suspect Collin Trevorrow just fired himself after seeing Rian's script because htf do you pickup the story after TLJ?
Eh, it's a mix of everything. To begin with they didn't have a plan. They were just kids messing around with expensive toys. Then we got the first movie which was a worse version of A New Hope with characters nobody cared about and some ineffective nostalgia. Instead of trying to gain audiences with quality they just spent money on expensive actors for nostalgia.
Then we got the interesting but plot-ruining TLJ. In a trilogy it is absolutely a terrible movie. If it was a standalone it would still be bad for all its anticlimactic endings but watchable.
Finally because of how stupid TLJ was, we get the second season 8 of GoT of the year. It does a 180 and ignores most of the shit that happened in the past and now somehow the villain was never Snoke whom was just a weak nobody and could've been swapped with a storm tropper but the same villain from the other 2 trilogies. They just can't leave the past behind uh?
It's all just a shitty mess because they were all unprofessional, stupid, overwhelmed and selfish. They went on to do their thing like they never talked to each other. Thank god I'm not a fan otherwise I'd be really pissed. I'm just disappointed they fucked up something with as much potential as this. The prequels are so much better for their story alone.
Twitter folks are in their own bubble if they think not enough Rose is why this movie is failing financially.
I can never forgive TLJ and RJ for what he did to Luke. That alone makes me not want to watch ROS.
I really did like TFA despite it being a blatant ripoff of a ANH. I thought that the sequel would be able to knock it out of the park despite a mediocre a setup.
Instead TLJ just broke my interest in Star Wars. I didn’t see Solo because of TLJ and because Miller and Lord were fired. I’m also not seeing TROS because of TLJ. My interest is shaken. Only reason why I’m getting Fallen Order is because it looks incredible from the few Let’s Plays I’ve seen on YouTube.
I’m not the only one who was broken by TLJ. There is millions of us.
TLJ left JJ with literally nothing to work on.
Snoke was dead, Hux was comic relief and Kylo was an emotional mess. There was no villain left for JJ to use so he had to bring back Palpatine.
And the characters? Luke got tossed aside, Rey had no growth and Finn and Poe are left with no purpose for the third movie.
The entire resistance was reduced to 12 people ok the Millennium Falcon.
There was honestly nothing he could have done to salvage this, he did his best.
If Johnson had left us with a big hook or some exciting revelations for the future then people would have been hyped. But in reality the hype was barely noticeable even before the bad reviews.
Honestly TLJ left such a sore taste in my mouth, I have no real desire to watch this movie. I bet that's why the numbers are so low.
I think the TLJ haters are mostly right. People are just seeing the movie, most people finding out the plot through that. I think its drop-off would be a better indicator of losing its TLJ fans.
Yup. RJ ran the trilogy into the ground, and JJ somehow managed to make it so much worse.
The twitter narrative might become vindicated by the movie's legs, but openings like this are based on hype. If the twitter people were right, this would open fantastically and then drop like crazy.
More likely that people just werent as excited to watch star wars as they used to
It's funny how they managed to alienate everyone this time. Imo, TFA was a bad movie. It felt like a small and cheap rip off of ANH. TLJ on the other hand was fucking abysmal. The plot went nowhere and did not fit into the lore at all. Now add a bunch of moronic stuff like an overpowered mary sue, preachy bullshit about the casino world, a funny black sidekick (the character was a wasted opportunity) and a universe that makes no fucking sense at all, and you got a disaster at your hands.
It's all Kathleen Kennedy's fault. She is the leader. Instead of focusing on making sure the overall narrative was sound and that each movie was great, she focused on making sure the lead was female and the films were all filled with strong females that didn't need a man. That seemed to be the only thing she focused on and it shows, from a leadership standpoint. it's her fault jj and Rian are fighting with dueling movies like this. Her fault that cast members are out there openly questioning so many decisions. We can't be afraid to say the most powerful woman in Hollywood fucked this up. People will point to numbers, but star wars will do decent numbers no matter what. you just rename Cats as Star Wars: Cats and instant financial success. But none of this Disney trilogy is actually good, imo. And for me, that's all about the leadership. Her directors gave her what she wanted.
it's a bit of both The last Jedi did ruin the hype and JJ did abandon the The Last Jedi story lines, sidelined rose etc...
I'm no fan of the Last Jedi but ignoring it leave this one oddly disconnected from the trilogy to it's detriment.
The Trilogy is a fucking mess, they needed someone to guide all three rather than allowing the directors to do whatever they wanted
I love how within 24 hours the articles went from Star Wars soaring to it disappointing
Anything between catastrophe and triumph just isn’t click worthy. So, it’s gotta be one or the other.
Because it’s very good box office for a run of the mill movie but below industry expectations for a Star Wars movie.
The media spin is crazy. Like all of them are Disney cheerleaders pumping up the #s or just spinning disappointing ticket sales with takes like record-breaking December. The headline of this WSJ article was the most objective one, but even the article is filled with excuses like franchise fatigue and The Mandalorian stealing some of its viewers. If anything, The Mandalorian got fans interested in the Star Wars brand again.
"“Skywalker” is Disney’s fifth Star Wars movie in four years, and the onslaught has depleted enthusiasm among some fans, many of whom thought the trilogy’s story line went in surprising and upsetting directions in the second installment, released in 2017. Disney’s own “The Mandalorian,” which premiered on the company’s new streaming service last month, may have also sucked up some of the fan appetite for more Star Wars stories."
Different outlets. This is the Wall Street Journal, while these other ones were Variety, Deadline, Hollywood Reporter.
The WSJ tends to be much more matter-of-fact than most media outlets
Even 200 would be disappointing. TFA opened at $250 and TLJ opened at $220. You don’t want to see openings trend down, no matter how big they are.
Very catty. Love it!
All things considered... My friends enjoyed Cats more than Star Wars. Not sure if that's a + to Cats or a major - to Star Wars. Cats is certainly a special movie and has left me mentally affected, seriously. No movie has caused so much issue in my mind for so long after seeing it
If you think about it, Rey’s parents did a really shitty job of hiding her
Yeah, they hid her a 5 minute walk from the Millenium Falcon.
Could be worse... Could have "Hid" her with her aunt and uncle. ;-)
I’ve seen it twice with friends then family. Still couldn’t make sense of that. [removed for spoilers].
I just hope Disney draws the correct conclusion from the movie’s failure and don’t think it’s because the public is tired of Star Wars. The public is tired of lazy “story” telling and flat characters. The mandalorian proves that people like good Star Wars content
The Mandalorian is clearly making it known people still like Star Wars as a IP but when it's done well.
I don't think we have to worry about that one, the huge initial investment would mean they will be very reluctant to draw that particular conclusion.
Venom made $856 million.
Lets get real for a second here. The Mandalorian has an amazing cast of characters that keeps me watching. The story however, is extremely lazy. Every single episode is him taking a job, someone goes after baby Yoda, he finishes the job and flies somewhere else. Even the first few episodes had a theme going where his ship broke down and he was stranded somewhere.
Whelp, we had no game plan, insulted the fan base and made a series of bad mistakes, I guess people just don’t like Star Wars anymore.
Lol “failure”
Edit: you’re an STC member. Man I should have guessed lol
...are we really out here pretending the Mandalorian has a good story and not flat characters?
It’s literally an episodic weekly 90s fantasy/western with archetypes for “chracters” an action figure main character and a heavily group tested, marketable, memeable mascot with incredible visuals.
It’s a fun show and it is entirely candy with a bare bones, serviceable story so far.
It opened only $20 million more than Captain Marvel.
Captain Marvel was a big success!
“There’s no source material to draw on.”
We could’ve had the Zhan trilogy.
Ugh. Don't remind me.
Fuck did Kathleen Kennedy really say that?
Not even just that, Lucas had a sequel trilogy.
Either that or the X-Wing series made into movies. Either one of those could have been amazing.
I honestly think something along the lines of the X-Wing books would have been perfect if they wanted to get away from everything being about the Skywalkers. They had good characters that brushed shoulders with legendary characters without losing the spotlight. And the story had everything: interesting characters, spies, double-agents, love triangle, generational rivalry that's overcome, humor, tragedy, engaging villains, epic battles (space, ground, and urban), and so on.
Could’ve made the Old Republic. They have more material to draw from than they can even adapt, and this lady is out there spewing nonsense.
That statement, in itself, should be disqualifying.
Oh god, that would've been so good.
Then again, given what they did to Thrawn in Rebels im not sure I'd want to see what they would do with the material from Heir to the Empire.
Ouch. Anyone know of a worse Thursday preview to OW ratio than tRoS?
Harry Potter DH2. $43.5M previews to $169M opening. But the previews were midnight only showings.
Please don’t gross a billion. My body is not physically ready to eat a picture of JJ Abrams.
You should get one of those fancy "print a picture on the icing" cakes... if it comes down to that.
Can we start a petition to tattoo “a good question for another time” on JJ’s forehead
Because we’re all watching CATS
That's a pretty big "oof" right there
Legs will be terrible. 800-900M
Sub 1bill would be a dream outcome. That would be a catastrophic outcome for LF.
oh damn only that much?
These movies lately have been so disappointing.
Here’s to 1917 hopefully being a masterpiece of film.
1917 is a ride. Its like Gravity. No story. No character development. Its a ride in real time through a 6 mile dash in the war. Its pretty relentless and surprisingly not gory for a war film.
This can make less than Endgame DOM total.
Imagine if this ends up with BvS legs
It was co-written by the same guy, so I think it’s more than likely. Plus, TROS has to deal with more than competition than BvS did.
FA was terrible too. It was honestly the least creative movie of all time. Nothing remotely original. Should of just recast 4 and did it again. Everyone ate it up because yay Star Wars again, but it was the same movie a second time. Ruined the trilogy
Yea I’ve been saying this since it released. Force Awakens set up the entire trilogy to be a boring retread of the originals since day 1. Rian tried to set it off in a different direction, but JJ just came back to retread ROTJ instead.
I was still thinking it will be around 180 yesterday. But man this one is quite underwhelming.
Honestly the entire trilogy was a complete mess. Not even going to bother caring about it.
Two problems: 1. TLJ backlash. 2. TRoS is a bad movie, easily the worst of the new SW movies, IMO.
But now that the trilogy has been made, it's clear to me the root of the problem was TFA itself, which reset everything back to the original SW narrative.
Agreed - I always thought that it was a terrible foundation for the new trilogy.
TFA was what turned me away. This is a galaxy far far away with endless possibilities and opportunities. But we get a soft reboot of the OT. Anything that’s good about the ST outside of the effects is based off either nostalgic moments or straight plagerism of the OT
While I agree The Force Awakens was a mistake, it was a reasonable set up for a fairly generic and audience pleasing trilogy. The Last Jedi then undid everything and returned the galaxy far far away to a point where you could begin a new trilogy, but destroyed the ability to make a satisfactory ending to this trilogy.
Basically, having two students of the last Jedi master be the representatives of good and evil in a divided galaxy where evil has (essentially) defeated good is the good starting point for an epic series; but it is a shitty place to start the final chapter.
3: Total lack of overall direction and oversight in the trilogy
4: Rian Johnson, while a capable director, wrote JJ into a corner in the final film by closing all the open plot threads in TLJ.
100% this. I didn’t have a huge problem with TFA when it came out but now I see how it created a huge problem for the next 2 movies.
Yea, this was a bad movie that tries to disguise that fact with fan service.
Saw the movie 2 days ago, I have already forgotten most of the plot, it was like watching a Michael Bay movie
Nah, TLJ is still worse. It's worse than every other Star Wars movie though
Well that’s what happens when you refuse to fire Kathleen Kennedy when she repeatedly messes up.
I don’t care how much Disney would’ve had to pay to end their contract early with her over the years after they started noticing her failures. So long as it wasn’t several hundred million dollars, it would’ve been a better choice financially than to allow her to continue her rampage unabated like in the current timeline
Especially after she said they dont have source material for sequel.
People can go on all day about Rian or JJ, but the truth is that most of the fault falls on the executives for sure. With the amount of people fired from film to film alone, it tells you that they were micromanaging. Big issue was that they themselves had no idea where they wanted to go with the franchise.
Dave Filoni needs to be in charge of Lucasfilm.
The good thing now is, all other studios understand her brutal incompetence. If she's lucky, she'll end up at the Hallmark channel. If she's lucky.
So basically BVS performance but in December
I saw it Thursday night at 9:45. Theater was half empty, me and my friends showed up an hour early to get good seats, we could’ve showed up at 9:45 and still gotten pretty good seats
I saw it Saturday night at 10:00. Theater was full. Me and my friends showed up at 10 o'clock and we ended seated in the first row. Adam Driver has a very big nose.
Personal experiences are not interesting data to draw conclusions.
Man, I’ve been defending the Sequels since they started getting shit on, mostly because I loved the Force Awakens and liked parts of the Last Jedi, but this movie was just...a mess. I can’t call it good, but I can’t really call it bad either because I still don’t understand what in hell the film was going for. I guess I would have to watch it again to really grasp it.
The thing about the first two is that they’re pretty good on their own. They don’t really connect though, and this last one is no exception. This is a “trilogy” of decent standalone movies that are made worse because they don’t actually bridge to the other ones. For as long as I live I’ll never understand how one of the biggest undertakings in film history didn’t even have a plan in place before making this trilogy.
This is pretty much my point, you can rewatch TFA and TLJ; and even though I feel positively towards TLJ I agree that it didn’t feel as much like Star Wars I guess, although in a way I liked that contrast to TFA
This film just felt like a petty rewrite, ranging from Reys whole Deal to Poes backstory (they did him so dirty, I really wanted him to become the new general but it felt empty when it happened) and it did not at all explore hux and his demotion and bullying leading him to either actually become petty or hatch some crazy plan to get back at Ren....
I really don't understand why they thought working with no story plan was going to work.
Each director was just supposed to do whatever and somehow they would manage to write a coherent 3 movie story arc? It's ridiculous a studio like Lucasfilm would run things that way.
They had a story outline, Michael Arndt did one. But they threw it out. Total disrespect to George's ideas.
I'm not against a sort of OT retread, after all history repeats itself (WW2 wasn't that long after WW1 despite it being "the war to end all wars". People don't learn). Technology wouldn't have advanced significantly in 30 years for there to be a whole bunch of new ships, just modified designs of the current ones which is what we got.
I think it would have worked if they had set up Palpatine's return earlier and put some of the stuff from TROS in TLJ. Plus hire a director with balls to carry on with the stuff RJ did instead of playing safe to try and please everyone like JJ did.
I hope LFL learn from this, they could have done much better. Now Star Wars' reputation isn't that much improved as it was after the Prequels. The TV stuff will hopefully distract fans a while
it'll be lower on actuals
The trilogy needed a blueprint from the get go. It’s an incoherent mess. Also, RJ is a very capable guy, but his particular story choices did not set in place anything exciting to look forward to or get invested in. Back when I saw the first few trailers of TLJ, I was anticipating that RJ would do something drastic like have Luke turn out to be the villain. But TLJ dad just a deflating experience.
Either Rian Johnson should have made the entire trilogy or JJ should have. The lack of cohesion is worse than the controversial trilogy we would have gotten from RJ or the safe reboot from JJ.
TLJ was too disappointing for me to justify shelling out money for a ticket. Think I'll just rewatch Clone Wars.
Meh really is the word to describe it. I nearly fell asleep watching it yesterday... my brothers are all insisting it's the best SW movie ever and one of them "works" as a camera man and is a "movie nerd" so of course my opinion is invalid over his despite having probably watched 20 times more movies than him, if not more. This trilogy fucking sucked and it was TLJ that ruined it.
My husband and I went to a 7:30pm showing last night and there were 16 people total in the theater! Was totally not expecting that.
We did 11AM Sunday morning and had about the same audience. We kinda expected it, though, because we were able to buy tickets/choose seats at 9AM.
"Disappointing $175 million opening".
Man, times have changed.
Consider TFA made
TLJ made
So for ROS to make $175M on 4400 screens is major under performance. That is only 40K/screen and using the previous movie percentages represents prospective gross of $525M-to-$700M.
It highlights the decline of the franchises performance in the last 4 years and considering modern standards for
If you wanted an apt comparison the logical choice is Endgame. Huge movie event ending an expansive saga. Endgame made $357M on 4600 screens or $77K/screen for its opening weekend.
I haven't seen the rise of Skywalker yet and I think I'm just going to wait until it comes out on Disney Plus or something because I don't want to pay extra money to see it.
In my opinion, this new trilogy should have never have been made. There was no room for organic storytelling to continue. There was nothing left to expand on. Everything was nicely tied up in return of the Jedi. The main villain was dead, the other main villain had been given a satisfying redemption Arc, the main hero of the story had come to peace with his internal struggles, the evil entity that they had been fighting against was no more.
How can you possibly make movies that take place after the fact that can scale up to the precedent set by the original trilogy organically? You can't. You just can't do it. At some point you're going to have to write very unbelievable plot points and force new characters down people's throats where they don't make sense to prop up the razorfin facade of the plot. You're going to have to rehash old concepts and plot points to prop up the razor-thin facade of the story.
You could have expanded upon the original trilogy by making the sequels smaller in scale which might have been decent in its own right but it's not going to be satisfying as a box-office Blockbuster.
The breaking bad universe is a perfect example of how to do prequel and sequel storytelling. The original TV show left plenty of organic storytelling to be had on both accounts. Saul is an interesting enough character to focus on for a TV show because of the way he does work and the different people that he comes into contact with in his criminal and personal endeavors. In the original show, Saul is just kind of thrown out there and it makes you kind of wonder how he got to where he is. How does he know all of these criminals? Did he start off as the morally bankrupt lawyer that he is today or did certain events in his life slowly twist him into what he has become? in Star Wars, this same concept is applied when it comes to Darth Vader and the rise of the empire. In the original trilogy, we are just kind of left wondering where did Darth Vader, Obi Wan, and the Empire come from? That leaves PLENTY a room for organic storytelling. We got one terrible movie, one halfway decent movie, and one very decent movie out of that notion. it was also very cool to see the Star Wars universe in a time where everything was more orderly and organized instead of just a ragtag group of rebels running around.
You couldn't have really asked for a better lead up to a sequel than what the original show gave us. everything that the show was working towards came to a head in the last episode and everybody wanted to know what happened to Jesse after he escaped. Not even Vince Gilligan knew where Jesse was going. If you read the script for the last episode, Vince Gilligan says in his commentary "it's up to us to decide where he's going. I like like to call it 'somewhere better' and leave it at that" but that nagging question persisted which gave us El Camino.
Disney has fucked the franchise.
I think this is the first movie I've ever been happy to see do poorly
Sunday night. Date with my SO. As many of the comments here say, it's just a bad movie. Tho the visual are pretty sweet.
I liked it tbh. My only complaint is that they had to spend 30ish minutes jumping around in order to write themselves out of Rian's corner.
I don't hate that they made shitty movies. I hate that they massacred the value of the OT. If the DT stays canon, it severely lowers the character of the old movies. Insane. They RAVAGED this IP. They USED you.
Agree 100% Return of the Jedi was a perfect ending
Or just ignore them. Problem solved.
I hope they're wrong and it drops another million with actuals since I predicted 174. This was obviously gonna flop and now with only 373m OW it might not even break the billion which is a disaster.
Good maybe now they will stop their shit
God, that stiff competition from Cats must have really hit it hard.
Because Disney is after cash, not creativity. At least Lucas had an imaginative, creative vision. Disney messily threw it all together as fast as possible. Nobody should be surprised that it was all garbage.
Good, this movie doesn’t deserve a box office home run.
It’s the equivalent of a college babe who is only there to party because dad is fucking loaded.
It’s an abomination of Star Wars.
Rian Johnson calls me names and boudmouths me how am I gonna support the follow up to his film 🤦🏻‍♂️
Yeah didn’t you know? Anyone who didn’t like the last Jedi obviously is a man baby, and probably hates all women and black people too because reasons. Who cares that one of your biggest gripes with the last Jedi is that you hate that Finns character arc was shafted, or that you love characters like Leia, Padme, Ashoka, and Ventress.
Clearly still just a big dumb racist sexist manbaby duh hoyyy
-probably Rian Johnson
Wtf are you talking about lol
Hopefully this is the end of the Kathleen Kennedy era.
I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm sick of Star Wars. I can't help but see it as lazy pandering to an old, pre-established IP. I can't help but see it for the money grab that it is.
Even if the movies are decent or even good, there's just this cynical doubt in the back of my mind.
Can't help but wonder if people feel the same way as me somehow
I agree with you now, but there was a time when I wanted to give it a chance and keep an open mind. “Maybe they’ll take things in a new exciting direction?” I thought. Nope.
I totally agree.
Watch the Mandalorian. You will understand why Star Wars IS Star Wars and why is so enjoyable as a franchise ... But these movies are shit
It makes perfect sense as an adaptation of the
It's not making a billion. I knew it wouldn't happen right after TLJ's second weekend.
As a cinematic, choreography, set design, gfx, the movie is solid. 8/10.
As the culmination of a 40 year saga, the cornerstone of my childhood, and probably the most anticipated movie of my life (for me)? Absolute train wreck. 3/10.
Obviously it will still sell tickets, it’s not like we won’t go see it. But by golly am I gonna be disappointed.
That is the problem with most movies nowadays. They'll throw a great director at the film, a great studio to do the CG, but they back it up with the shittiest script they can get their hands on thinking it doesn't matter because 'Cinematography sells everything'.
The legacy of TLJ is failure.
But people in the Star Wars reddit told me it’s a masterpiece and will be remembered as one of the best movies of all time.
It was so bad
Wait, people dislike the movie? I haven't kept up with it at all, and I was pretty disappointed by the last two movies originally, but I absolutely loved this one. Why don't people like it?
Remember when we used to just enjoy movies
Before the dark times. Before the internet.
What they did in TLJ was unforgivable and ruined the franchise.
They clearly didn’t plan this trilogy out. I feel that the fucked up the franchise before TLJ.
While TLJ was the one to ruin most chances the trilogy had, TFA already planted the seeds of disaster. JJ set up a dozen mysteries and questions without having a planned answer to them, leaving Rian blind to answer for those (which he handled terribly). But even so, the premise of TFA was already stupid. Are we supposed to believe that after the Empire was destroyed, somehow a few remaining members of it managed to get back in control of the entire galaxy, pushing our heroes back into rebel status, AND build a Death Star that's 10 times larger, can swallow suns, and teleport at will?
Is it time Disney finally admits the damage Rian Johnson caused?
It's really impossible to deny at this point, though of course many will try anyway.
It was a dull movie.
Man way too much star wars shit now
TPM was disappointing to me so I never bothered seeing the rest including sequels. Though I’ll check out The Mandalorian
TCW and Revenge of the Sith are worth seeing, tbh.
(TCW season 1 and 2 are pretty meh, but seasons 3-6 are some of the best SW content out there)
Just like the movie
Yeah I'm starting to think I'm no the only one who decided to skip this one after TLJ
They really needed to make a plan for this trilogy. All of this just seems to be a quick turn around for profit and that was the dumbest thing they could have done.
My mom took our entire family yesterday as a combined Christmas/ birthday thing for me (I’m officially 37 and super old today).
Honestly I was high and barely absorbed any of it
I wanted to see a movie yesterday
4 options. "Star Wars", Last Christmas, Idk what, Frozen 2. Frozen 2 didnt even have a screening past 5pm so I literally had 3 options.
Ultimately went to see Last Christmas with some friends because Emilia was in it.
Like how can fucking STAR WARS be that bad against literally no competition
Stop making star wars movies ffs
Cause the movie sucks! Crap keeps getting worse and worse. RIP Star Wars.
Maybe they should have made a better movie.
Maybe stop milking the franchise
Will it even hit $500 million domestic over the next month? This is so upsetting...
I dunno I’m having a blast with it
Glad I didn't have to pay money to see this.
It stinks.
What a shitty movie :(
I’ve defended Star Wars all through this but ya know what? I’m sitting this one out, I’m waiting for home release. I just don’t care anymore. I’d much rather go see a smaller original film. I just saw Uncut Gems at an advanced screening and you could feel the tension and anxiety in that audience. It was a very unique experience. Seeing Star Wars for this sequel trilogy has been the opposite. Over priced ticket, over priced food, people talking and too many kids. Just not worth it .
The last Jedi was a letdown for a lot of people. That, and mandalorian is a more preferred thing to watch right now, along with Witcher, and the game being free on game pass. This trilogy end isn’t really high on my to do list. I’m still excited though.
Forgettable movie.
The writing was so so terrible, I just could not believe it. The "they're just... people" line almost had me walk out. And this is disregarding every terrible choice they made in the film. I could go on and on about that but my heart is far too heavy with sadness.
Well to be fair Disney has just treated star wars as a cash grab and has absolutely no vision about what to do with the entire fucking franchise. Fans dont know what they want so dont listen to em and having multiple directors each with different visions leads to a muddle which is exactly what we got.
Wow, 175 million opening is disappointing. The times have surely changed.
Help us Jon Favreau, you're our only hope
Why did they even feel motivated to make a trilogy in the first place?
Rian Johnson seemingly would've had the freedom he needed, had he been given a stand-alone film.
I'm not sure if JJ could make a good stand alone since his specialty is in setting up never-explained mysteries.
I was a huge fan of the originals, thought the prequels were ok, hated the last two and LOVED this one 🤷🏽‍♂️
Also I feel the Mandalorian is a classic
In a way this is good news because hopefully they will learn and make a better movie next time. Nah who am I kidding instead of making a new better movie they are just gonna stop making them at all :/
I'm as big a star wars fan as they come, honestly I didn't even know this out and found the last 2 incredibly "meh" and it's clear they are just milking the franchise at this point. So many things in the first 2 made zero sense. I don't think i've ever seen Disney this out of touch before to be honest. Everything they touch is usually gold.
It's really sad that Disney really decided to fuck up this franchise up with their pretentious politics and only course corrected after the movies started to bomb.
Jeez, I have to imagine heads will roll if it doesn’t clear a billion. It would take a sharp drop off though.
i mean we are Toxic Russian troll Manbaby! ...
Worst star wars movie of them all. Garbage storyline
It is objectively a terrible movie. There is no character or plot development, and they make up random shit when it's convenient to progress the plot.
Yeah that's because there was Zero cohesion between the movies. Disney had no roadmap, it's like they locked the directors and writers for each movie in separate rooms and they weren't allowed to talk to each other. but make a Trilogy they said
That's what happens when you start shitting out movies.
I won't be going to see it. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me four times, something something.
This is better than I thought it would do, TBH.
Considering Solo flopping, Galaxy's Edge doing horribly, TLJ toy sales being awful, the general lack of ST merch in pop culture stores, and the massive drop in interest on Google search statistics from TLJ to TRoS, I thought we may very well be looking at a sub-$150 mil opening weekend.
I think it will drop off dramatically from here. 750 million to 900 ww
I don’t know what Disney was thinking with Galaxy’s Edge. It opened with one ride, and only has a plan of two. The cantina is dope, though, but it’s just a tiny bar that has a time limit on how long you can stay. The decorations are alright but a drab mostly desert planet ends up looking like a drab desert, which is pretty boring visually. Compared to something like Pandora, which looks amazing and glows and shit.
Smuggler’s Run was cool, and the new ride is supposedly good too, but the land felt boring and empty to me. The diabetes milks were pretty tasty and the bar was fun.
There's been a lot of positivity recently about The Mandalorian, that probably helped.