NEXT DAY THREAD: Celtics bounce back for a win over the Heats behind Jaylen and Gordon's amazing performances

Who said Jaylen and Gordon can't play together?

Brad played eight guys in a big game again - even without Tatum or Kanter
I feel really good about our playoff rotation
Man, our 8 man rotation in the playoffs is going to be fucking filthy.
They all look relaxed AF out there. Kind like they are just playing to have fun again. Makes a huge difference compared to last year when everyone was pressing the issue all the time.
I was surprised that there wasn't a little 3rd quarter sandbox time for Romeo Langford and Carsen Edwards. I guess that, since we were pretty fresh, Brad must have wanted to use this game to feel Miami out for the playoffs.
I miss Robert Williams more and more every week. Theis is a rock-- it has nothing to do with him. I just love having that first rotation where Robert comes in and we find out if he's going to be trick or treat. On the treat nights there are impossible, magical things that can happen.
The longer he's out, the less hopeful we get to be that Robert will shore up the weaknesses in his game enough to bring some of that magic in the playoffs.
That was a Doc rotation
If we played like we did last night we can beat anyone in the league in a 7 game series. What stood out to me the most was I think in the second quarter JB was feeling it and they got him the ball for like 3 or 4 possessions in a row and he got 7 straight points. Then with around 1 minute to go kemba wasn't great offensively and in a crucial possession he defers to Gordon to make a play and he gets to the line. If they play that way trusting each other and defering to the hot hand wen they need buckets they are a really scary team. We essentially have 4 guys that can get it going drop 30 and on nights they aren't other teams still have to respect them because they are that good.
Ps I think october hayward is back
That 3 possession stretch for Jaylen was beautiful. It was in the third quarter and he had a driving layup, a beautiful 3 over top Myers Leonard and then a 20 foot pull up jumper. And the first 2 came off passes from Kemba. Really great to see them feeding the hot hand and Jaylen playing so well.
Crazy to think that you could make the case he is our 4th best player. (I know most would say 2nd or 3rd but a case can be made for 4th).
When JB decides he’s driving for the dunk, it’s happening.
The only thing holding him back is wear and tear from all that inside contact. He doesn’t have LBJs size to mitigate the bigs whacking him
We went from having no guy who can create his own shot a few seasons ago to having 4. Feels good.
I thought Gordon sucked????
Basically Nic Batum. Wonder if Hawks will agree to Hayward and Grizzlies pick for Parsons expiring.
We should trade him for an overpriced redundant big like Drummond 🤡
ugh every time with this
He never sucked. Just wasn't really playing to his potential. Right now it looks like he's trending in the direction he was to begin the season which is great.
I'm gonna pistol whip the next person that says trade Gordon.
Yeah but we could’ve flipped him for Robin Lopez’a corpse or Wiggins and 2nd rd picks tho 🤡
we need a sticky thread where folks can scream about Hayward haters every time he has a good game
This is why I said the lack of energy against the pelicans didn't bother me something terrible happened terrible that day the guys were on the road and clearly unfocused. Not counting the pelicans game this was the third game in a row the energy has been great from the first quarter on. Jaylen and Gordon were huge last night both stepped up with Kemba struggling and no Jayson. 2 other guys who really stepped up were Grant and Semi. They both played good defense had hustle plays to get us extra possessions, and knocked down timely shots overall another good win.
Plus the pelicans had the emotional boost of Zion playing more. We’ve seen that team with Zion is just different. The Boston media killed the C’s for that loss which I thought was a bit unfair and completely overblown.
It should worry u about all the other games jb has taken off.. you can’t just pick and choose when his lack of effort or focus matters.. it should be there all the time at this point
Flash Gordo Good. Jaylen Brown is impossible to not consider.
It’s confirmed, I am gayward for the Hayward
We trading him for Dwayne Dedmond and filler any day now confirmed by some nephews
Gordon seems to be back to where he was prior to breaking his hand earlier in the season. The emphasis on getting to the rim and embracing contact totally unlocks his game.
He completely tortured Tyler Herro. Hayward played Herro the way your dad could do to you, if he wanted to, when you were a kid.
Trade him for Olynyk 😹
That bum waiters missed some momentum swinging threes for the heat last night, I loved it. Grant Williams with great defense, won without Tatums scoring and kanters boards, Hayward dropping 29, theis is a tough bastard, smart with a huge steal late and three, Wanamaker with 2 hugeeee threes. Jaylen being Jaylen. Kemba kemba. Let’s fuckin go C’s when we play top talent we show the fuck up. Short handed took the dub against the number 2 in the East
Dude so at the game last night anytime grant got scored on, missed a rebound, or blew a defensive assignment. He was visibly upset at himself. Not in a bad way. Like it upset him so much he worked super super hard to redeem himself. It was really awesome to see the fire he had for the little things.
That was a very good win. They showed a lot, and to think we have Tatum, Kanter, and the mysterious ‘Rorbet Wiliamls’ coming back too, whoever that is.
What you weren’t penning him in as an all star 3 games into the season?
Yesterday was my first ever Celtics game, was such a cool and awesome experience. Makes me crave the rush for going to the TD Garden. Had an amazing time.
I don’t know if it was super evident on the broadcast but man the Celtics were funneling everything through Hayward even with Kemba, even having him take the ball up with Kemba and Smart on the floor as well. Also when he passed up the ball everyone looked back at him to see what he wanted out of the play or how to get the ball back to him. That was really awesome to see him get that respect from his teammates.
Secondly, he looked so fast and quick yesterday. Like on TV I felt like he was a step slow all season. But maybe not, he looked so quick and decisive and in control, it looked awesome to see him so confident.
Side Note: Bam Adebayo is one BIGGG DUDE never noticed in previous games, but had good seats today. And was just blown away at how much bigger he was than every body
Missed the game, so can anyone tell me what's up with 8-player rotation without Romeo on court at all?
Close game after the 1st quarter and the rook ain’t ready.
Brad played the guys that were ready to play. Two mainstays in the rotation out due to injury. Poirier doesn’t warrant more than a couple minutes a game. Was a little surprised we didn’t see him some. Neither Edwards or Romeo are ready for a team like Miami. This was a game that the C’s couldn’t take a chance on. Not a conference game against a team that was just above you in the standings. Had this been Atlanta at home I think you would have seen the rooks get a little burn. My guess is we see them some on Thursday against GState
We clearly wanted to win this one. I think it was just too tight of a game and we needed to set up our very shorthanded front court for success.
Gordon Hayward getting Finals MVP would be pretty cool
Theis should get credit for the W as well, he worked hard for it.
Does anyone have theories as to why Hayward is sometimes (quite often actually) completely ignored on offense? Hottest hand in the game last night and didn’t touch the ball like 5 possessions straight in the third. Is it Brad calling plays for other people? Just seems so strange there must be a reason for it.
Sometimes you move the ball for the sake of the offense, and it just doesn’t find it’s way back to you. There’s a difference in being a focal point of the action and relying on someone else to set you up. The good thing is that Gordon is able and willing to do both. The offense gets good looks when he’s in the game
I thought it was the Heat making adjustments, actually. At least when Miami wasn't in zone.
In general, the Celtics were staying away from Butler's side of the floor and successfully hunting Tyler Herro (Leonard, too, when he was on the floor). When he got the ball on the left wing with the Herro matchup, Hayward squished him like a sorry little bug.
I think that those patches where it seemed like Hayward was getting frozen out probably had more to do with him being lined up opposite a competent defender like Butler/Jones/Dragic.
I feel Hayward and Brown consistently get iced out in offense, Brown I can understand at times because he still has boneheaded moments occasionally but Hayward tends to make the right play more often than not and is our best overall player.
I genuinely dislike how Stevens coaches this team from an offensive standpoint.
I think this is partially due to a hole in the playmaking vision of Kemba, JB and sometimes even Smart. There's a tendency to drive into the lane, and while they can see a pass to be made in the paint (to Theis or whoever) or even to the corners, they can't get the ball back out otherwise. So when Gordon floats to the top of the key or out on the wings and is wide open, those players simply can't see him after they drive.
Finally a good road win.
You’re getting downvoted but this isn’t a bad take. The Celtics are currently 3-6 on the road against teams with winning records. The two wins before last night were at Toronto without Siakam and Gasol and at Dallas without Luka. So it was the first win against a healthy great team.
That said I think all road wins are good road wins. The Orlando win was real good.
10 of Jimmy Butler’s 18 came from the ft line. 10 of 23 for Dragic from the line as well.
Dragic benefitted from a few very particular calls. Jimmy Butler seemed to me to earn his, though. There was also at least one push-off foul called on him that was unfair- a lot of that thing where the defender links inside arms on the drive and gets tangled up.
Any updates on Robert Williams? I was so excited for him this season. A young kid with a hip problem? I hope it doesn’t keep bugging him through out his career. Any one have info on him or how serious and injury like this is?
My guy G. Will looked really good out there last night.
Yeah he actually looked like he belonged in the NBA last night. Along with semi. He impressed me last night.
What I took from this game is that Gordon’s usage needs to be way higher. Dudes the best playmaker on our team but instead of having the ball in his hands we have him in the corner doing nothing
Hayward is looking a lot like he did at the start of the season. Guessing that residual discomfort from the broken hand and the foot thing are minimal. Coupled with a more assertive approach with guys out, looking more for his offense again, especially in the first quarter. It isn't just that he was attacking the basket more, he was finding victims on defensive rotations to exploit, smart stuff going on there. Feels like an injury-free Hayward would have been very much in all star consideration right now.
One of my favorite moments in this game was Tyler Herro trying to drive on Hayward, who has like 3 inches and about 25 pounds of muscle on him, kinda going noooooope and doing a 180 back to the perimeter.
Good game today. Gordon is starting to play like he used to before his hand injury. Really good minutes of Semi and Grant, both doing the little things but helping a lot.
Hope we can mantain this and hope we win against fucking Philly.
Yes please!!! 0-3 vs Philly is gross.
Can’t lie..that was a impressive W last night. Hopefully, we rest Tatum next game as well. I wouldn’t want him back until Saturday when we play Philly
Four outta five, baby.
Idk if anyone else feels this way but it feels like our guys, if their shots are falling, will always get there’s. Besides Jaylen who can sometimes be defended out of games, I can’t really think of anyone who can lock our guys down. It feels like the only way we’ll lose in the playoffs with this tight rotation is if we don’t hit our open shots or if someone goes off on us from the perimeter. Barring the Pelicans game the defense has really turned it up a notch with ball pressure, deflections and what not, and I can see that continuing in the postseason.
The team also has a tendency to ice each other out. And that has me worried come playoff time.
Kemba will be our first option on offense. And he gets the benefit of the doubt anytime he takes those threes off of screens. Now, the Jays on the other hand, get tunnel vision at times. And they opt for iso-ball even when their shots aren't falling. One bad game and the team starts forcing the situation, then that could spell disaster in the playoffs.
I'm counting on them wising up and start moving the ball whenever the shots aren't falling. But I've seen it a lot of times in the regular season to know that there's a high chance that it still happens in the playoffs.
I miss Jae Crowder and his female tendencies
Hayward Romeo and picks for Drummond and Snell who says no???????????