Post Game Thread: Hertha BSC (Buli#13)

Another bright side of the game? Zagadou starts two games in a row against Dusseldorf
watch favre play weigl next game.
Zagadou better play or I’ll lose my shit
Really liked seeing Axel and Akanji celebrating that win. Need morale up. Worried about Sancho just walking past Favre and it seems like Gotze is gone in January
Mine too. It was so pleasing to watch. We as fans watch from distance. But the players are the ones who go thru it all and they are humans too. I was very happy to see that :)
so what exactly is this sub? favre celebrates the win and shows emotions and he gets shit on for it (see game thread comment with a lot of upvotes supporting it). now we like akanji and witsel for doing exactly the same and they are celebrated for it!?
How many more games does Reus have to be invisible until favre benches him once?
Just once, we’ll see how it goes.
Can you really blame Reus this time around though? red card resulted in almost no attacking for a good chunk of the game, and just lots of clearances that went back to the opposition
Well, we've juuuust about managed this win today. Only just. I admittedly missed the first 10 minutes due to sleeping through my alarm and then the next 5-10 (including our two goals) were consumed in a mildly incoherent state during my morning ritual.
Glad we really pulled the old smash and grab during that brief strong phase we had.
The second half was pretty much a necessary circling of the wagons. Aside from the beginning when VAR was our last man against the villainous Selke, we kept the game in front of us at all times. Very disciplined to keep the lead intact.
We probably could have had a third goal with a bit better play in the box, but it's harder with a man down.
Not sure what the future holds for Favre. Three points are always nice though and with a bit of luck sprinkled in to sauce it up, we deserved them too. Klinsmann let us off easy today.
Who's your MOTM guys? Sancho, Hazard, Witsel, a defender?
Also, I hope we don't miss Hummels too much against Düsseldorf, but there's no guarantees. At least it's a home game.
Edit: Shout-out to Bayern dropping points today as well.
I'm looking forward to Hummel's not playing. He is our best defender but we need to think to the future and start getting Akanji and DAZ playing well together. Hummel's for big games (and taking out attackers) and DAZ for the future
Motm big Zag. Very good performance from the defender today. I dont want to see Weigl as a CB again unless players are hurt. Zagadou is clearly a better option. Overall, the team did well enough in the second half to hold on to the lead. Obviously, hummels red card screwed up any normal play we might have had. But it was great to see the players motivate themselves to defend.
But can someone explain to me why Favre is so slow with his substitutions? He's insufferable. Why was Reus on the field for the entire second half? Why not bring on Wiegl, and play a 4-5-0 with Sancho/Hazard floating up during the counter? I just dont get it.
Anyway, it doesn't matter. Important win today!
Who should he have taken off earlier in your oppinion? Weigl was not on the bench btw.
Just depends how comfortable hummels is playing right center back. I thought we had chances during international breaks and friendlies early in the season to try it out, but haven’t seem to done so. That’s an error on favres part in my opinion. Hummels will be suspended a match and we will see Akanji/zagadou but after that I don’t know if favre will deviate away from Akanji/weigl and hummels left preferred side.
I agree that he should have dropped Reus, but please not with Weigl. Weigl is just so awkward and has little composure. He would have caused unnecessary messes in midfield, I think.
Easy peasy win! MOTM: my cardiovascular system and DAZ.
Can’t believe we made it through 45 min without Matts
MOTM 2nd Half offside VAR.
Don't forget Burki for that save at the end
Also god I miss Sven Bender
With the way the team looked throughout the season, is there any reason to be optimistic about the title chances?
MoTM Schmelzer for making a instant difference and securing us the win
Praised be
our lord and saviour
We have terrific wing backs, so three back formation can be a great option. But we really need a striker or center forward in this kind of system,
Exactly my thought in the first 20 Minutes: 'just imagine this with an actual striker up front'
motm übrigens Schmelle
Keine Sekunde gezweifelt
If we had any good alternatives, Favre would probably still be gone after that game. I actually liked his formation change, but in the end it was the same old story. 20 min of good football, 70 minutes of disappointment. Just with the good part at the beginning today. I know Hummels' dismissal hurt us, but we stopped playing well way before that. If we maintain control these yellows are way less likely to happen.
In the end this will be seen and presented as a show of character etc. and save Favre's job. Probably at least until winter, or until the club finds a coach they like. But in my opinion this was far form the turnaround that I hoped for.
I think Zaga and Hazard were the best on the pitch. Zaga won so many long balls out of the air. Hazard worked his ass off. Witsel and Hakimi were strong second half. Brandt and Guerreiro solid as well. Reus very poor.
Whats sad though is this year the League is there for the taking and we decide to have an off season again
...same with last year
No idea how we didn’t concede at the end but I’ll take it 🤝
OMG we held on to a 1-goal lead.
I almost feel like we defended better while a man down purely because the players realized they had to put in more effort. More of this plz. Zags was great. Akanji was still a little shaky, but was bailed out a few times. Witsel definitely helped out the back line.
Determined, disciplined performance in the second half for vital 3 points. I think we played very well when we had 11 players but Hertha were very poor. Any other team would have taken advantage of an extra man, but Hertha were poorly coached.
Good performances by Hakimi, Toto, Witsel, Zagadou and Rapha. On the other hand, Reus was poor and our lack of a 9 really showed with the final third movement. Akanji has looked garbage for basically this entire year, but he wasn't too bad today.
Huge win, more of this please.
Hakimi played very well defensively, too. He is already very good but is growing into a truly world class player.
Wish I could tell Götze that he doesn't deserve what he's been given. The man deserves so much more time on the pitch
Does he though? I don't see him getting ahead of Reus, so where should he play? He is not a striker.
Glad and proud we held together and saw it through, though there were some glaring moments where Hertha should have at least leveled. Was proper clenching when Kalou showed up. 10/10 shithouse sub use from Favre to waste the 4 minutes btw. Hertha deserved that.
it was a win but still a shitshow of a game
I'm convinced the club wants to continue with Favre. The players like to work with him and Watzke and Zorc would probably love to continue to work with him for another couple of years. That's what Watzke and Zorc communicated in the shareholders assembly and the pre match presser respectively.
I enjoyed two things about the match today: We scored in the first half and the players actually showed some presence on the pitch. There were lots of situation where even Sancho tracked back and won the ball.
There is still work to do and of course we were a bit lucky with the offside call, but I'm happy with a lot of what I've seen today.
The way Akanji was letting himself being hugged from behind like that was embarrassing
Needed result, expected performance.
Some tactical changes, not a lot of improvement but players giving themselves more (except Reus, wtf is he doing)
Hope this doesn't save Favre's ass, because we still have a couple of important games this year, and I don't think he has it. Maybe interim coach could do more, and in the winter we look for a better replacement.
Also, it has to be said, what an awful team Hertha has, hope they are relegated; I don't like a single one of their players, and they just couldn't do anything in the pitch. Losing 4-0 to Augsburg should make us not be to euphoric about this win as well, they don't know what they are doing on the pitch.
Haven’t seen the players this motived in time, actually happy for this win!
Teams are always a wild card after they get a new manager and while I don't think Klinsmann has much to offer tactically anymore, I do think that his ability to motivate really plays into that effect. Add to that the red card after 45 of our best defender and the hostile atmosphere and I think we should be happy with this win.
I'm only judging the team based on the recent performances, so definitely positive. Probably Hummels' red card made it more difficult.
How were more yellow cards not given to hertha... super dirty/overly physical and reckless play
Zagadou MOTM
Am I happy with the win?
Am I happy with performance?
Will this kind of performance win us the league?
Do I still want Favre to be sacked?
The only problem is a viable candidate.
Agree with everything except "We have all the players we need". I feel like the lack of a backup striker has actually been a problem throughout several matches
That was too much struggling for so little showz but we won. Somehow.
Favre's subs today have absolutely left me confused. What? Why then? Why now? Just ...
I think he was coaching with absolute fear. He went full panic mode... Against a relegation candidate. A relegation candidate with Klinsmann at the helm. He was afraid of that.
I am more confused than when I watched a Buñuel film
The subs were brilliant because they wasted the maximum amount of time and stabilized the defense.
What a shit game but I take the three points. Put Reus in the bench. We are Brandt who always looks good on the 10 and Götze who is at least as good as a false nine as Reus is. And by God scrap one or two fancy tactics sessions for training of the basics.
A shaky win against a relegation team shouldn’t be enough to save Favres job
I've lost my voice from yelling at the television and I think my neighbors all believe I'm a violent schizophrenic at this point.
Hope Leverkusen holds on...
MOTM Peter Bosz?
Red card for Leverkusen. We all know how these things end...
They did!
Zagadou MOTM We looked to have the bite in our attack that we’d been missing.
Would like to see zagadou play more.
Yay? I guess
Couldn't catch the first half, what happened to Hummels?
Cant remember the first, but his second challenge was just clumsy.
Does anyone have the clip of the overruled goal?
have this on twitter, but currently failing to export to streamable:
e: wait no
I think they played decent after being down to 10 men. Didn't allow that much and had enough relief going on with unfortunately just missing the final product several times. The timeframe from the 20th to the 45th is definitely the one to critisize though.
Honestly the fact that we where able to win is pretty good. I believe we have a good team and I think that favre can lead the team to success (i mean he almost did so last year). I just think mentality is the problem, despite what Reus says. In most of the matches we played this season, and even the matches we played in the latter part of last seasons, the players just sort of stop playing, we gotta fucking stop that. Question is if Favre is able to bring that mentallity into the players, which looking at how this season is going thats unlikely