Where are you today and where do you want to be one year from now?

The end of the year seems like a good time to set goals for the next year.

My goal from last year was to go from being completely out of shape (like not exercising at all as an adult except for a few months here and there) to being able to do a pullup.
Now, I can do 2-3 pullups unassisted (I've been using pullup bands during workouts). Also, I can actually run a mile and not be dead for a week and a half.
My goal for next year is to get to 10 pullups unassisted and hold a handstand for, like, a second.
I was in the same boat as you! I'm at around 4 pull ups and want to be able to do ten too! Keep up the good work and I know that we will both get there!
Check out
Awesome work. I can't do a single pullup yet, so I'm envious! Cheers!
Work on some funky variations! I’m a big fan of L-sit pull-ups!
Male, 36yo 5'8, 152lb
Current skills are:
2020 Short Term Goals (over the next few months):
2020 Long Term Goals( by the end of the year)
For 2019 I decided to keep my goals relatively minimal. My son was born at the end of 2018 and I knew it was going to be a tough year to make time to train. However I achieved my primary goal which was a 5 second Full Planche. I also got close to my secondary goal for the year which was to put on 10lbs of lean mass, which I gained 7lbs.
For 2020 I'm going to be a little more ambitious with my fitness goals. My son is older, I'm getting better sleep and I'm getting to the gym more regularly. I've resolved to cut all the beer out of my diet, which will help me to drop back to below 10% BF. I'm also planning to be more productive at home to make time for Handstand work. All the work in 2019 has been done as a foundation for 2020, so I'm really looking forward to seeing it pay off.
Impressive start and end ... cheers to that. 👍🏼
I may focus on getting my iron cross for 2020 - Dunno yet.
Awesome. Question for you as a fellow 30 year old. How old were you when your fitness journey began? Reason I ask is, well I haven’t really had anybody to compare myself to. Not that it actually matters because everyone is different blah blah. But I see all these young guys getting into Cali and learning amazing skills in 2-3 years - sometimes even quicker! I’m finding it taking a little longer for myself. I’m relatively fit when I began but lacked muscle development. In a year at 30yo I bulked from 137 lbs to 165 lbs(I’m 5’11). Now wondering if my body isn’t used to the extra weight but I was able to achieve handstand, tuck planche, wall HSPU for reps & a solid adv tuck FL. Curious if my goal for 2020 (straddle planche, full FL, free standing HSPU) is achievable. Either way that’s what I’m aiming for.
Right now I can't do a single push up. I want to be able to at least do 10 by the end of next year. I'm hoping that if I stick with the recommended routine I will be able to do more than 10. I bought a pull up bar and som rings and band. I have just lost 30 kg so it's time to go from fat -> wimp -> normal body -> ???
0 - 10
Hope its achievable
at least to me it sounds absolutely doable :)
fat -> wimp -> normal body -> GREEK GOD
Just follow the
Post form checks and ask questions in the Daily thread if you get stuck.
Definitely achievable. If you have a plan and get the work done, I would be surprised if it takes more than a few months (unless you are still very overweight after losing 30 kg - respect for that btw.)
Highly unlikely
Male, 36, 5'10", 169lbs
Where am I today (today's gym visit):
Last year's goals
My goals a year ago were simple: exercise consistently, sleep better, grow stronger. I think I achieved them, though I didn't define them concretely.
2020 Goals
I think I can achieve these by end of 2020. Maybe I should aim higher.
as of now i can do:
1-2 full front lever pulls 6 adv tuck pull ups/ adv tuck touch tuck planche push ups 5-8 second adv tuck planche 41 second handstand
next years goals: right now i am working adv tuck planche push ups with a medium band and front lever pulls in progressions. along with that i am doing dumbbell presses such as zanetti, seated planche press, victorian-reverse planche, front lever-reverse planche, and front lever to victorian. my plan is to work down in band to do adv tuck planche push ups with no assistance. by then i also hope to have zanetti and seated plp with 15kg dumbbells. by that time i should have straddle for a few seconds. for front lever i am doing one foot on ankle front lever pulls with light band; my goal for that is 6 reps in that progression. in total for 2020 i want full planche 15 second, maltese 3-5 seconds, one full planche push up, 3 planche presses, 20 second front lever and 5 full front lever pull ups.
I started pulling up a month ago and I was really happy about it, but due to losing immense weight a wind gust threw me off and snapped my rotor cuff. I hike a lot lately so the only goal is to improve my cardio and rip my legs. No chances to improve my torso and hands when I can barely get dressed without painful thrusts in my cuff
I quit doing BWF three years ago because I started a life-consuming academic program. (I even used to be in the banner here!)... I graduated last week, so I should probably, uh, get back to it.
Did you substitute BWF with another form of exercise?
Just curious how people navigate those challenges. I'm afraid of incoming changes in my life and I want to keep at it...
What were you studying?
I was 95kg in June 2019. I'm currently 80kg in December 2019. My goal is to reach 75kg by summer 2020 but all muscle. I'm 25 and 173cm. Keep me in your thoughts bruhs.
That progress is amazing!
You got this 💪🏻
I want to be the same weight that I am today, but with a 5-lb recomp
To do pull ups without assistance. To loss 40 pounds ( to get rid of unwanted baby fat)
Me too man.
I started 2017 weighing 275 lbs. All fat. Today I weigh 201. I want to transition out of cardio into bwf. Pull ups without assistance is a great goal for 2020.
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Id like to achieve an Iron cross
Can currently do: straddle planche, front lever and back lever
Male, 34. 290 lbs at 5'7. I don't workout at all and up until 2015 I was just fat but hiked a lot and walked a lot. I just ate too much food. 2015 igot my first sedentary job and since then I've out on 50 lbs and have had to go on blood pressure.
my goal is to be 120 lbs lighter and consistently able to do a basic well rounded calisthenics regimen. Ideally I'd like to be hitting a few strict pullups.
You got this.
Knocking out sets of 30 pushups.
I'd like to be doing sets of 100 ring pushups, half planche on the rings, and skin the cat.
I’m 17 years old, 5’6 ft, 125 lbs
My current set of skills is, L sit, Muscle up, one handed pushup, pistol squat, handstand (still learning it), L sit to handstand, 90 degree planche, frog hold, elbow lever, and human flag.
My goals for next year would be to be able to hold the human flag for atleast 10 seconds right now I can hold it for like a solid 3 seconds, my second goal is to do handstand push-ups (I’m a sucker for this exercise since my favorite super heroes rep these out like crazy). And my third and last goal is to try to stay lean with aesthetic abs. since I started fitness like 6 months ago I got really ripped, but these last 4 days I crap you not I’ve gained like 4 pounds thanks to the holidays. Hopefully next month I burn all this garbage off my body and get stronger! When I do calisthenics I feel like the hero of my own story it just feels better than doing weights idk why
Currently 220lbs 50 pushups 9 pull ups 10 dips I can get to the summit of Ousel peak in about 3.5 hours
Goal. 180lbs 100 pushups 20 pull ups 30 dips Summit of Ousel peak in less than 2 hours.
As of right now my skills are -
Front Lever 5 seconds
Back lever 10 seconds
1 OAP each arm
Iron cross 5 seconds
Cross pulls x1
Advance tuck planche (on rings)
I'd like to be at this by end 2020.. the pulling should be very doable in the first half of the year, planche on rings and Maltese is daunting but doable i think -
Front Lever 15 seconds
Back lever 20 seconds
1 OAP + 10kg
Iron cross 30 seconds
Cross pulls x5
Full planche (on rings) 5 seconds
Maltese 5 seconds
I've been plagued by injury the second half of the year and really struggling to improve. But I'm hoping to drop some weight and have a light next month before hitting it hard again. Also hoping to put down a couple v11s at my crag this year
Before anything else, I just wanted to give you big kudos on specifying SMART objectives. These are the type of objectives used in business & other important endeavors when people actually want to get shit done.
Current Strength & Skills
2020 Fitness SMART Goals*
*I'd like to be able to do these exercises everyday or at least 3x/week, but I don't know if I can control my body's recovery time, so I'll leave it off the SMART goals.
EDIT: Added frequency to push ups & walking goals. Added HIIT & LISS details to swimming goal. Added Beat Saber goal.
This is absolutely not to hate, but meant constructively: your 2020 goals are not SMART formulated. Walking: if you go once a month, that’s a whole different output than if you go 3x per week. Similarly, for swimming, just going to the pool is not specific. This way, it’s difficult to break them down into smaller sub-goals.
A suggestion for your swimming goal: “by the end of 2020, I am able to”:
See how this one is more measurable? Also, there’s at least 2 variables you can use to break it down: you could set smaller subgoals in terms of consecutive laps, but also in shorter laps (half pool, for instance).
6'1.5" ~175-180 lbs
I got my one arm pull up this past year. I'd like to complete the front lever and be able to lock off on a 3cm ledge. Maybe deadhang from a 2cm ledge with ~100lbs. Basically become a 6 foot freak of nature.
Been doing Bw-fitness sporadically this year, went from 0 pull-ups to 7 and 20 push-ups to 30. I can tuck lever for about 10s, 5 good form pike push-ups and do some assisted pistol squats. My goals for the coming year: 20 pull-ups 1 arm chin-up (if I can get even one per arm I'm happy) 1 arm push-up Front lever 5s 5 handstand pushups 5 pistol squats per leg
For me 2019 was a year where I wanted to start working out my aim was to go from: 3 pull-ups to 15 5 second lsit on dip bars to 15 seconds lsit on the floor And to do kipping muscle up.
Successfully got to 13 pull-ups 10 second lsit on the floor 5 kipping muscle ups
2020 I want 30 second floor lsit 5 strict muscle ups A half marathon 10 second Straddle planche
I got from +20% BW pullups, to +50%. Still going for the OAC...
I got from ~20s HS to ~60s HS. Still going for OAHS.
Still hanging around a 2s planche - need to train more and would like to hit 10s.
Front lever still garbage (2s straddle). I'm going to bring it to 10s this year by actually training it ~3x/week by mixing in IceCreamMakers and other FL trainings into the regular rotation.
In other news - very significantly improved dynamic movements (kipping pullup, glide kip, front roll, rollover to planche, etc.), and they really look showy nowadays. Dropped to 10% bf momentarily before the holidays and will be back in that territory mid-January (Christmas is for eating!).
Bumping along.
191cm 82kg This year I went from +35kg weighted chin/pull ups to +55kg weighed chin/pull ups and I learned no kipping muscle up, back lever and almost front lever. I also gained 3kg muscle mass. I don't care about my musculature or aesthetics, I want to achieve +70kg chin/pull by the end of 2020 and a one arm chin up. Also perfect the front lever and atleast start progressing with the planche push up. That would be a successful year for me. Cheers. Good luck all
I work out 6 days a week. I can do one arm pushups, pistol squads, about 15 pullups, and wall assisted hand-stand pushups. My goal for this year is to improve my handstand so that I can stop using the wall for handstand pushups, and work up to front-lever and planche. I'm doing some static hold progressions for front-lever and planche, and also some dynamic stuff for front-lever. I'm not sure what to do about handstands though.
I am 5ft8 and was in quite good shape in November, 142lbs at ~13%BF, trained weighted pull ups and dips with +20kg and could do 3-4 fairly clean muscle ups on a row. Unfortunately I had to have ACL surgery (2nd time in my life) two and a half weeks ago. I am now at around 135lbs and dropping weight really quickly (both fat and muscle, hoping I don't drop too much more)
My goal is to recomp and be at ~142lbs at 10-11% BF in July at the end of next year be at around 148lbs at 10-11% BF. Exercise wise for now my roughly my aim would be to be able to do dips and pull ups with +30kg, 5 strict muscle ups, 1 freestanding handstand pushup.
Will get back to training mid-January/February so really looking forward to the new year fitness wise! Best of luck everyone else!
Right now I have definite imbalances, specifically in the legs and core, that hinder my weightlifting progress.
So far I’ve done basic stuff to work on my imbalances.
I’d definitely like to keep using certain aspects of BWF to work on strengthening those weak areas, and being able to get stronger under the barbell (this includes you too, deadlifts).
I had no fitness goals for this year really but next year I’d like to be down to 137 pounds and get my abs back. 😩
Get back to old new self.
6 years ago i couldnt do one pullup and was 155 lbs 5’7”
4 years ago 3reps 10 pullups and run 8 miles 4x/week, 165 lbs 6’0”
Plateaued and got lazy two years ago, that was a special fat tuesday (day before mardi gras), and while ive become a much better cook since then, ive gravitated (literally) to rich fatty decadent meals and drinks. I also hurt my lower back and have been wallowing for too long!
Now at 190lbs 6’0” and one pullup, 1 rep. Run 1 mile before conking out. Resting heart rate around 70bpm. No abdominal strength 😂
Next year, december 23, 2020, i’ll be back to 170, 3reps of 10 pullups, 8miles 4x/week, quit smoking, and hopefully some other exercises from this forum. Thanks!
Ok, so I know I work out, but I definitely have a problem with staying committed to a routine. For next year I will exercise more frequently and start exercising other body parts which I are less developed.
Excited to start thinking about SMART GOALS for next year! YAY! Here goes to new Beginnings ! 👍🏻
60 push-ups in a set / 20 pull-ups in a set. Used to be able to do it in high school, a decade plus later and a no-exercise lifestyle, I can barely do 35 push ups (and wilt after that) and can barely do 12 pull ups.
I figure if I try at all, I can increase my volume by less than 100% easily.
At the end of 2020, I plan to complete the recommended routine an average of 2.5 times per week and complete a running workout 2.5 times per week. With this latter part, 2.5 workouts may not be enough so I intent to sprinkle in additional running workouts as the year progresses, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my goal of 4 stretching session per week.
Ran my first marathon and qualified for Boston with a 3:23 hoping to get as close to 3:00 as I can by the end of the year!
I only did 3 -20 mile runs during training and during my first marathon, after mile 20 I hit the wall. I think getting a lot more long runs in will help.
Doing a couple fun half marathons to work on speed.
I’m also a full time nurse so I want to get my ACLS certification soon!
i started doing calisthenics in august, bought my pullup bar and rings.
I've never tried finding my maxes or anything, but
i know i got about 20 pullups, which i'm fine with.
i can do muscle ups on rings and bar, i might start adding weight to them.
i can do back lever on bar, but not rings, so that's definitely a goal of mine that i'll hopefully get early in the year.
I can do one leg tucked front lever, with my tucked leg out to my knee, so full front lever is definitely a goal for next year, specifically concentric, i'd like to do reps and get a full 360 pull.
after i get my levers, my skill focus will be planche.
Other than that, i'm working on weighted pullups/chinups, pushups, and occasionally dips. minor goal for next year would be to get one hand pushup and hopefully by the end of the year pullup/chinup (is one hand dip a thing?).
Broken wrist. Would love to do a chin-up again in a year.
I gonna set my goal like this year n forget about it and set it again in 2020. Wish me luck lmao
I did my first muscle up days before getting a non calisthenics injury. I'll be out 3 months. Hope I can do sets of 3 or 4 muscle ups in a year
Switched to fully bodyweight fitness and started working on being able to do a one handed chin up and a handstand push up this year, so hopefully by next year's end, I'll be able to do both with good form. I've also switched to a keto diet this year which has its own fitness challenges, so hopefully I can continue being strict with it and still build muscle and strength throughout the year.
Short and simple goal: keep up with the routine and don't fall back onto bad habits. As long as I'm pushing my limits with every workout, I know the outcome will be positive.
6'2 guy, 180lbs. Around 7 months into a strict scheduled workout. Push up game is very strong atm, dips going very well but pull ups suffered a lot due to my lazy ass not buying a bar after moving to a new apartment 3 months ago.
For next year my main goal is to be able to say that I've been consistent. While I do enjoy bwf I'd like to spend next year using weights and machines. By next Christmas I hope to gain around 15lbs of clean weight.
My goals for the year are to be able to do a pull up unassisted and to be able to run 5k without stopping. I’m pretty much not fit at all right now but I think those things are achievable if I put in some work right?
I’ve just started this month, my main goal is to be in shape and be able to do a pull-up for the first time in my life lol, I don’t even have the strength to do them assisted lol
Todays- wake up at 10, no exercise whatsoever. Next year - Follow a proper workout routine for myself. To have a fit body ( health wise) and be comfortable in my body. 😊
Currently (some highlights):
Chinup 3x8 with 6Kg/13lbs
Ring dips 3x8 (sometimes I'll do PB dips with weights)
L-sit 3x20s (had stopped doing it, but restarted and it's going well)
The rest is mostly the RR weighted with 7Kg/15lbs
Finally working in some ring skin the cat.
Goals: Work more on skills! It wasn't my focus at all until here but 2020 is the year I achieve more on it. Maybe the Front lever and V-sit are achievable in a year? I'll try!
Improve my weighted exercises as much as I can. I'm not sure how far I'll go but 30Kg chinup would be sweeeet. (maybe higher... who knows)
Oh yes, I had some goals from last year and unfortunately currently I am nowhere near those goals.
I wanted to achieve handstand pushup along with adv tucked FL and planche in a year but couldn't do it
Instead shifted to 50% weightlifting 50% BWF. This helped me to put on more muscle and I got leaner in the process
For the next year, I think I will keep on doing what I have been doing this year. As a middle aged guy, even a gradual increase in performance is a success.
So I will be very happy if I can go
Last year I wanted to get the OAP. Same with the year before that. But I feel it. This year is the year.
I’m 140lbs and can do weighted pullups +50x5. I figure once I hit +65x5 I should have the raw strength to do a OAP, and just need to nail down the skill.
Currently not doing anything outside of cycling and running. I know core strength (and some upper body strength) would greatly increase my cycling performance (I race XC mountain biking). I would like to improve my overall strength and stamina on the bike and look a little more refined for my wife. 90% of it is figuring out a routine that is effective, not ridiculously time consuming, and can be done with little to no equipment.
In 2018 I went from mostly sedentary to a once-weekly gym habit. In 2019 I started making real progress, and upped my routine to 3 different workouts per week. By the end of 2020 I want to be unambiguously in the best shape of my life in all areas. To accomplish this I'll maintain my schedule but increase volume by doing a second round of calisthenics on my strength day and short routines on other days.
Got my goals for last year. In a year I want: (@190cm, 85kg)
My main goal for the year is to get from 70 to 80kg so then I can reduce it back to 70 and be ripped af.
F 21 5'10 75kg
I want happy shoulders mostly. I spent the entirety of 2019 recovering from shoulder injuries. This month I started adding in overhead pressing for the first time all year, finally feeling delt pump before stability goes out the window - pressing 5kg dumbbells does absolutely nothing for my ego though lol.
Also get my handstands more solid - which should come with happy shoulders, practice & hip mobility- currently have an almost straddle but adductors start pulling before I'm parallel, would be cool to get this sorted & potentially get a press to handstand.
Also, generally just keep on building strength, I want a super solid foundation before moving further into any skills, especially when considering my shoulders. I've seen masses of progress in the past few months since I've really hammered down on strength, I'd love to carry this through to 2020. Things that would be cool but I don't want to put numbers on or I'll get stressed: -confident ring dips (current: 5x6 bar dips) -weighted pushups (current bw max: 18) -increase chin up reps, maybe get pull ups if my shoulder allows (current chin max = 1) -box pike push ups (currently almost getting full reps of floor pike push up) -keep bossing bar rows because I love them so much. -Not bw but would love to get a 150kg deadlift this year
Male, 31yr, 92kg, 1,92cm. Actually mostly weightlifting at the moment, but here’s where Im roughly at with the BW-skills I do occasionally:
Will set out to achieve in 2020:
At least one full pull up in the next 3 months.
I can do currently do a couple of reps of standing ab wheel rollouts at ~80% ROM, I'd like to be able to do 5 reps at full ROM by the end of next year.
I'd also like to improve my chin-ups from 5x8 to 5x16.
Non-BWF goals: Achieve 1100 lb calculated S/B/D total, pass a 15 in Stepmania (recently passed a 13), improve my easy running pace to 10 min/mile (from 12min/mile).
Male 27, 185cm 72 kg. My goals are mostly yoga-related with bwf as an addon. (Progressing into a handstand being one of them)
I do however have 1 specific goal: pullups. I want to be able to do 5 controlled pullups, as I have never been able to do 1 full always falling short of doing the second one properly! Started recently again with just active and passive hangs.
Today: -3 HS push ups (nose to floor) -one legged front lever about 10 seconds -lock offs about 5 seconds each arm and negative one arm chin ups pretty good form -negative pistol squats
Goals for a year: -5 HS push ups -Full front lever 3-5 seconds -At least 1 one arm pull up (form doesn't need to be good yet) -2 or 3 seconds straddle plache -5 consecutive pistol squats per leg
Current skills look like this: Straddle planche, OAPU, front lever, dragon flags with 5lbs between ankles on a decline bench, back lever, partial ROM back lever pull ups, iron cross, handstand pushups, ring and bar muscle ups.
I had a good first year of working out. Second year is only gonna get harder.
I want a full maltese. I want weighted OAPUs.... maybe like 45lbs? I want a full dragon press. I want a human flag (pisses me off I still can't do it when I can do a OAPU). I want a one arm ab standing ab wheel. I want impossible dips. I want full planche push ups. I want to start working on my ringe felge skills. I'd like to start working towards a victorian once I achieve a dragon press. I'd like side splits. I'd like to get to a V10 in climbing by next December.
I had zero goals set for myself last year. I just wanted to be in shape. I started going to the gym frequently from an already decent strength base. I saw rapid results in some areas (back lever) and slow progress in others (front lever). I saw my greatest gains past newbie gains once I focused solely on one push skill and one pull skill at a time. Training specific things breeds specific adaptation.
Wow! That's pretty amazing progress. You goals seems really ambitious. Good luck.
I’m not very stronk today, in a year, I want to be stronk.
My goal is to get a solid one handed tuck planche. I believe these are among the easiest one handed things to do (except for elbow levers, or maybe l-sits, of course). Right now, I can do with the other hand on two fingers, or a hand resting on the wall. I can also do one with the other hand grasping the wrist, for about 5 seconds.
But I know from experience that progress is slow for me (I'm virtually an old man-45!). This goal may be over ambitious.....
I also want to master the one armed, ring grip push up. (I learned recently no one here seems to like these things!). I think I am 70% there with it already. I think I need to get leaner and stronger (and younger!)
Actually sticking to any kind of fitness routine for once. I'll turn 30 in April.
Out of the ghetto
Currently can run 6 miles. I used to do 15 mile long runs on the weekends, with single digit mile weekday runs. Injury and laziness prevented that from happening. Its always been a goal of mine to be "full marathon ready 24/7", meaning i want to be able to choose any upcoming marathon and run it with very little additional training.
I know this is totally doable in 2020, and have already started getting back into the swing of things. No waiting around until its officially 2020
This year I was alive. Next year I hope to be alive with feeling.
Beginning of this year, i was barely able to do a single pull up on my door frame(i know this is dangerous,but my frame is very tiny its pretty strong), and no i can do full ROM for 10 reps. I wasn’t very good at push ups either because id always hurt my wrist, but i learnt proper form and now i can do at least 40. Doesn’t sound amazing, but its progress. Id like for 2020 to be about balancing upper body strength with lower body, as i seem to always skip leg day.
a fucking muscle up and a freestanding handstand
I've been doing this for a year and I'm still not there and I'm salty about it lol
My goal is to be 145 pounds (have been 115-125 since high school) and more muscular. I've always had a lightning fast metabolism but I love being active. Did gymnastics as a kid, soccer, basketball, in high school I did dance every day which was amazing for my legs and core strength, and now I go to the gym but after about 3 weeks the routine drops. I end up taking a week off of protein surplus which is essentially like Mario going from big Mario to small Mario when he hits an enemy.
My immediate gains are impressive and I love the extra energy and confidence I have just walking around. I am 24 and it's the best time to get buff.
My problem is continued motivation.
Oh I should also mention, I'm at the last step before scheduling MEPS to find out jobs the Navy has for 2020. I NEED to work on all of this.
I am 51 years old, 5’10” and weigh 194lbs. My weight has fluctuated up and down for the past 10 years, but I am at my most comfortable and fit wise around 175.
I hike, but not as often as I’d like so my goal is at least once a month. I’m also going to do daily walks a minimum of 5 days a week.
I need to eat better and incorporate more veggies into my daily diet. I’ve tried this before, but my protein levels always drop. I need to find a way to keep my protein up while eating healthier. It probably sounds outdated, but I want to dig out my P90X dvds and start that regimen to start my weight loss.
I want to be healthier and more fit for myself and my four sons because I want to be around to see their life journeys.
I wan bout tree fiddy muscel ups
Hey, my goal is to be able to do the following advanced movements/statics: -Straddle Planche -Front and Back Lever -Human Flag -Muscle Up -HSPU
I'm currently able to do an advanced tuck front lever for ~10s, a straddle back lever for one sec, a tuck Planche for 20s and do 15 pull ups in a row. I started working out about 1.5 years ago on my exchange semester where I had great guidance (17 yrs old).
Merry Christmas everyone!
Last year goal was to do a pull-up
This year want to do 10 in a set.
Also try for planche but that’s a distant dream rn
My goal is to get stronger arms especially the shoulders but I’ve got really no idea on how to start. BWF is great but I’ve got dumbbells and would love a plan. Guess I’ll make it my 2020 goal
My goals going into 2019 - L-sit ✅, visible abs ✅, one arm push up ❌. I initially set out wanting to simply be able to do each, even if only once/for a few seconds. I hit the L-sit pretty quickly and can now hold it for probably 15ish seconds. My abs came through once I really cleaned up my diet and started running (not as defined currently thanks to the holidays, lol, but they're still pretty good). I didn't quite make the one arm push up, but I still made huge progress on push ups in general and will continue working toward that in 2020. I also started running a lot (went from barely being able to run for ten minutes to regularly going for over an hour), mastered shrimp squats, and increased my pull up max (I think I could probably do about 14 if I went all out, started the year at around 8).
Going into 2020, I'll continue working toward the one arm push up. I would also like to achieve pistol squats; I can sort of do them by lowering into a chair, so I guess I'll just use lower and lower supports (e.g. stairs) until I can do it. Third, I'd like to be able to do a handstand (nothing extra for now, just to be able to hold it steadily for say ten seconds). I'm also thinking of training toward a backflip as it's generally something I'd like to do, haha, but I'm not sure how realistic it is to do that in a year as my vertical currently isn't fantastic.
Im squatting 1X my bodyweight and deadlifting a bit less. Im doing 7X3 full, complete pullups.
I want to reach 1.5X and I want to get to 10X3 pullups or more.
My current achievements are best described with
My goals for 2020:
My goals are weight-oriented for the moment. This year I lost about 60 pounds, going from over 250 pounds in february to just over 190 ATM. After the end of the holidays I hope to be able to lose 15 more or whatever it takes to see my lower abs, lol.
I did Intermittent Fasting from which the only benefit I saw (besides being really simple to lose weight) was that it's allowed me to control my hunger much better, on the bad side low blood sugar most of the day = an awfully lousy mood most of the time. A full-body routine designed from Steve Low's template (which in the end looks a lot like the RR) three times a week, and easily-paced 30-minute jogs 3 times a week on recovery days... Can't complain, it's worked.
I am late to the thread but here goes. I am in my early 50s, 5'5 male, 140 lb. I am reasonably fit, worked out at the gym, etc. In September I started with calisthenics training, with the goal of doing a muscle up.
Fast forward to now, four months later. I can still not do the bloody muscle up, but I have started to methodically work my way up the ladder of strength training. I can do a ring front lever with tucked legs for about 5s, and the back lever seems within reach.
A year later, I hope to be able to do both levers 10-15 s each, and the muscle up. Also, I hope to be on my way to doing a planche on the rings.
Best wishes to you all, and happy training!
Today im at but i focused on arms and legs this year for my hiking and climbing. In one year i want to be able to do a complete set of 10 one arm pullups, and do a hanging plank.
I can do wall-assisted kick-ups now, I'd like to be able to hold freestanding handstands.
Being the fat kid while growing up, I really want to get that six pack. I think I am actually closer than ever, despite gaining some mass over the last couple of months (hopefully mostly muscle) so my goal is to get there around March. Other than that, I want to get a straddle fl and straddle planche and freestanding handstand + press but fl is the only one I really expect to get done by the end of the year.
As good a place as any to put down a personal marker.
I'm putting aside bwf for now because I'm focusing on jiujitsu as a brand new white belt, but I want to come back around June 2020 and see what I've gained or lost in bwf, if anything. I'll probably be back in before then as strength training is essential, but there's so much bjj technique to learn first and I find it more fun and interesting than only bwf. bwf for bjj sounds better than what I just did in 2019.
male uk 52 years old 120kg and 5' 8" Goals 40 kg off 4 to 6 " off waiste Fat to muscle on chest 1" on arms 2" ob legs Stomach to see abs nit belly fat
Then my fitness to go through the roof
Wish me luck any tips
male, 16 yo, 71kg 176cm
current skills:
floor L sit: 3 seconds
elbow lever: 8 seconds
tuck front lever: 13 seconds
straddle one arm pushups: 6 clean with right arm, 0 with left
weighted pullups: 5 sets of 6 with 10kg
male 17 72kg 178cm (lol)
fingertips L sit
bent arm planche hold
front lever hold
straight body one arm pushups
typewriter pullups
improve my dynamic movements. cant even skin the cat, wall facing handstand or do kipping muscle ups (even though i can do 13 pullups)
i will work hard for this, specially the typewriter, the finger strength, the front lever and the bent arm planche